Saving The World, By Moving Mountains In Space

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This video was sponsored By Cosmos: Possible Worlds, which premieres on Fox on September 22nd at 8/7c.

For billions of years life on Earth has been at the mercy of cosmic events which could strike without warning and sometimes caused mass extinctions in the biosphere. However, humanity is now the first species to understand this, and next year a spacecraft is going to demonstrate that not only does humanity understand the problem, we can predict the events and will be able to prevent the events. This spacecraft is called the Double Asteroid Redirect Test, and it will literally move a mountain, just a little bit.

This is a truly profound capability that will ensure humanity has a bright and hopeful future!
Don’t forget to watch the #COSMOSFutureFair Presentation Day, September 21 at 9am PT on the FOXTV YouTube Page for a day of science demonstrations that will give us all hope for humanity.

Includes content from
Universe Sandbox:
European Space Agency

Johns Hopkins University

  1. Wesley Martin

    Scott, I love your videos and stuff, and a long time fan, but please don’t do this premier thing… It does nothing but waste our time and it doesn’t improve or add anything on your videos. It’s not like this video goes with some sort of major announcement or product reveal.

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  2. INERT

    In the year 8,000 astronomers discover that the DART mission was what caused Didymoon to enter a collision course with Earth.

  3. Daniel

    2 sponsored videos. Oh no I guess this is the norm now

  4. Damien Drouart

    Mankind already have the ability to shape its destiny into the universe.

    Goodbye Darth Vader and his planet-destroyer laser, we already are slowly but surely killing an habitable planet!

    Our own.

  5. Raymond Heath

    I’d be more impressed if they would soft land and grapple the moon and then turn on their on thrusters and measure the drift from that. I don’t think the mass of the probe is enough

  6. Dagger Pan

    You didn’t mention how we know that messing with diddymoons orbit isn’t going to change diddymus’s orbit causing it to crash into us on It’s next pass.
    Please excuse my grammar errors I’m on my phone it’s gliychy

  7. supeJC

    I, for one, enjoyed the premier, Scott.

  8. TheRich464

    Thank you Scott and god speed

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    Well, I liked the premier.

  10. Stuart Coutts

    I’ve seen this movie… Paris gets squished and John McClaine dies.

  11. FabricioSTH

    … then nature sends a meteorite to put didymos back in course.

  12. Stinky Monkey

    Oh no i can’t skip the new add from Scott

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    Excellent! Thank you! 😀

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    my only problem with this sponsorship is the lack of the ending music

  16. Richard Ashley

    Had no clue there was a new Cosmos series!

  17. MrGonzonator

    I love the premiere idea, but you need to be present and active in the chat to make it worthwhile.

  18. 1WebWraith

    Did I see a shower stall and shower rod and shower curtain in the extreme left corner? Scott, are you sitting on a toilet?

  19. Xoron

    When in reality, predicting earthquakes would be used to buy construction stock and short insurance stock.

  20. Lignow

    How do you think water got on this small planet ?
    Comets were directed to glance off and the ice was gripped by gravity.
    In Planetary physics, a little nudge in the right place can go a long way.
    Science Fiction – Maybe

  21. Jose Orta

    I think it’s possible to move a rock by aiming a laser at it

  22. theZneb3

    I love the the concept of moving an asteroid but i still have dumb smile on my face when i think of the “masterplan” und thet essentielly its just crashing something in an something biger to slightly move it ^^ we are ao advanced xD (but jokes aside i still finde it so cool and i know that its still hard to do it)

  23. survivaltest 370

    My physics teacher in highschool once talked about that we have to nuke all the asteroids so they sont crash into the moon, making it too heavy and crash down on the earth…
    Was an interesting lesson

  24. gammarayburst

    Wow! Has there ever been a more important flight?

  25. Patrick O’Shea

    It would be funny if aliens lived there and we accidentally started a war.

  26. sulljoh1

    Who doesn’t like Cosmos – but I wonder how long these ads will continue.

    Typically once popular YT channels start doing it, they don’t stop

  27. Use Bitchute

    OK, so we have a first case of demonstrating of our force shown to asteroids, right? ;)

  28. Michael

    second place :(

  29. Helium Road

    Allow my voice to join in the chorus of premier hatred.

  30. David Gould

    Earlyish: “At 9am” Where? In what time zone? Doesn’t help your overseas viewers.

  31. Scott McConnell

    Your data this video was on point! I paused several times to fully take in what you were presenting. Some pretty amazing stuff. Thank you for keeping it upbeat. Staying positive in these times takes effort. This video is a great one.

  32. juan diego

    Dammit scott. Stop making us know the vids we are missing out!

  33. Goutam Panda

    This is first planetary protection projects by UK space agency

  34. Elanman 60

    Surely if it’s Diddy Moon Didymas needs renaming Knotty Ash.
    You have to have been there.

  35. Maeyanie

    And then we find out, asteroids are on rails and can’t be moved, to simplify the universe’s physics calculations.

  36. Kasper Lidegaard

    I love your videos. Thank you for the great content. Come to Copenhagen Denmark when this pandemic is over.

  37. Vincent Cleaver

    We have already changed a world; here’s to a successful mission and hopefully we can save our civilization from our current folly

  38. tocsa120ls

    soo…. is a “russian weather satellite” involved in all of this?

  39. Antonio Maglione

    Thank you for this video, Mr. Manley. The entire matter of exploration and asteroid impacting is so uplifting and of great inspiration, to the point I say that it would be so nice to work in such a space program. ISS and low Earth orbit missions takes most of the attentions, but the real exploration is this!
    Thanks again,
    Anthony – from the UK…

  40. Tretboot

    Okay, let me stare at this for 38 more Hours…

  41. RKV88 Kanyan

    5:30 🦖: aaaaand… one bother to tell us!🙄

  42. Youtube Vanced

    Change the universe around us?
    Maybe more like change the solar system around us. The greater universe remains unchanged.

  43. alxo82

    Youtube can make everything to piss off its users

  44. Imagine A World

    Bruh 48 of you got a long way to go xD

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    Can you make a video about how rockets actually seperate from each stage

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    Is unsubscribing the only way to remove this ad from my subscription feed?

  47. Kenneth Hicks

    That Apophis Geostat sat orbit anim was great! Where did it come from and is it the current accurate model for 2029?

  48. youkofoxy

    Those asteroids names.
    Sound so similar to Digimon.

  49. Locut0s

    One of the things I think is cool about this is just the targeting accuracy required to hit a target that size, and one in orbit around another!

  50. Rumford Chimpenstein

    why is the premiere chat empty when there are tons of comments? chat got deleted?

  51. L Dewey MD

    Looks great! BUT!! This is happening right at the same time StarLink-13 is supposed to launch!! 😃

  52. calvingreene90

    We need to build mass drivers on the moon to throw rocks at dangerous rocks.

  53. Kyle Kane

    Love your content Scott.. Keep it up buddy 🍀🇮🇪🍀

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    “and the only thing hyperbolic about it is the encounter trajectory the spacecraft will take” god that got me good

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    I don’t understand the advantage of “Premiere” videos. Am I missing something?

  56. Natheria

    The Catch: We could also cause our own destruction by trying to show we can prevent it.

  57. Jack Hagerty

    Oh, it’s a simple impactor. I was sort of hoping for a gravity tug demonstrator.

  58. Rykahnz

    Can we not redo this TV crap please, I hate this. I get such pleasure from seeing a new interesting video I was not expecting. The best things in life are positive surprises.

  59. Kevin Shepardson

    You’ve been waiting to use that “hyperbolic” pun for YEARS, haven’t you?

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    Let’s be real. We’re going to knock that thing straight into the earth somehow.

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    Looking forward to whenever the shoe lands on Netflix.

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    Got my hopes up for a brief second that Scott got his own show on Fox for a second

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    Can we send one to earth, the biggest one they can find please. It’s time for a clean slate.

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    Cant wait new Kerbals and new missions objectives. 😉 “Send probe and safe the world (don’t forget to save before launch)” 🤣

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    Downvoting for premiere bait. If it’s going to actually be live, fine.

  69. Agost

    “Didymos” also means “testicles”, is throwing spacecrafts at this asteroid some kind of space fetish?

  70. Carlos_A_M

    I hope some day we can do a similar mission to this where we actually deorbit Didymoon because why not.

  71. mark munday

    ive never know so many astroids 1 nearly every day and comets ? did we blast atlas

  72. Rigel

    Hey Scott! Where can I get the tower you have for your LEGO Saturn V? I must know

  73. Scott Shepard

    I would have liked this more if Scott had just freestyled the narration.

  74. tuffduty

    that’s what is important ,
    not travel,
    not communicating,
    it’s saving the planet.

  75. Grant Dexter

    The elephant in the room: How does an asteroid gain a moon?

  76. R.C. Whitehead

    What could possibly go wrong? Silly humans. At this point, I’d welcome an asteroid impact as a gift from God.

  77. John Norris

    Earth: Let’s see if we can effect the orbit of this double asteroid.
    Didymos: This means WAR!

  78. Gewoon Frank

    You sound different Scott, weird video…
    Still my favorite channel tough

  79. Adi

    dafuq I thought it was right now and I wasted a few mins of my life LOL

  80. The NotFlat Earth

    Sometimes I just wonder how they keep track of all these asteroids
    “Hmm yes, this rock on this picture that occupies 63 pixels and the other one on this picture that occupies 41 pixels are actually the same rock, just sideways.
    But this other one is completely different from the thousands we have in database.”

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    “The only thing hyperbolic about it is the approach trajectory” – nice 😁

    By the way, we watch this stuff for free. The guy has to make a living somehow…

  87. Виктор Фирсов

    Scott: Volcanoes can’t be world-killers
    * Sad Permian extinction noises *

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    oh it’s in 2 f***ing days from now, I’ll manage to forget about this video 3 times before it premieres.

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    Premiere hype generation is about the lamest thing YouTube has done so far.

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    Hey Scott, commenting for the second time to let you know (for the second time) that premieres suck very badly. It is all downsides from the viewer’s perspective. It’s a video I can’t watch, who in the blazes thought that was a good idea? By the time this has premiered my subscriptions list will have many new videos and yours will probably not be visible. I always like your videos, and I disliked these last 2. Please don’t do premieres anymore. Thank you.

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    Ordovician-Silurian mass extinction event: “Am I a joke to you?”

  94. Niclas Dahl Aabo

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    “Cool, we’ve learned how to prevent asteroids from hitting us.”

    “Wait. That means we’ve learned how to make asteroids hit us…”

  97. T

    Commenting on the 16th of September. If you can read this on the 18th it means the world was not destroyed by an asteroid while it waited for the video on how to stop asteroids to be released on the 18th.

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