Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck & Kerbal Space Program

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A couple of months ago I asked for Rocket Lab flags and logos in Kerbal Space Program, and Rocket Lab agreed! So I sat down with CEO and long time rocket builder Peter Beck to talk about what Rocket Lab is doing and to try to fly Kerbal versions of the Electron and Photon.

You can of course get Kerbal Space Program on PC/Mac/Linux/Playstation/XBox

And you can find out more about Rocket Lab and the Electron launch vehicle at their website:

  1. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    I would bet that nearly nobody entering the space industry these days hasn’t played kerbal.

  2. Roger Stone

    Love the attention to detail – Kerbal visor comes down whilst laser welding.

  3. Grand Gamers Union

    at last ksp scott came up with ksp! but i had never thought scott would invite pete the balck rocket guy!!!

  4. Harsha

    Big Rocket Guy : *MARS*
    Small Rocket Guy : *Venus*

  5. Kayboku

    I felt like it was disrespectful of scott to be distracted and playing ksp while conducting this interview. Peter Beck has so many amazing things to say, and has started a successful rocket launch company in a country that had no history of building rockets!

  6. Anders Kilmark

    This is one of the coolest videos I’ve seen in a while. Thanks to both Scott and Peter for this!

  7. estesmax

    Would love to see a real scale solar system attempt at getting to Venus with Rocket Lab hardware. I’m very curious how they’ll do it.

  8. joinny krause

    Hey Scott,
    could you make a video about the German rocket companies RFA, Isar Aerospace and Hylmpulse?
    I would really love to hear a little bit about them.
    It is also planned to launch rockets of the North Sea
    no later than 2023.

  9. Gururag Kalanidhi

    First time I’ve watched the video within 5 minutes of uploading

  10. Bill Kerr

    Thanks, Peter. You’re a cool dude. Clever rockets.
    Anybody know what percentage of fuel and oxidiser is typically burned in a standard single turbopump?

  11. Philip Gardner

    Would have preferred the interview showing rocket labs achievements and footage and closer focus on Peter, rather than a gaming screen.

  12. Sky R

    You can paint things black with the RP-1 pack’s procedural parts and TU!

  13. wintrparkgrl

    I miss Scott playing ksp.

  14. Chris Bitney

    8:05 may 23 is my Bday

  15. Rabbiturtacorn

    This was really cool. You should do more of these with folks from some of the private space agency’s. I didn’t know anything about Rocket Lab but, I am a big proponent for Venus and hearing Peter say that was really exciting for me!

  16. Jonassoe

    Rocket Lab’s mission control literally uses gaming headset, so why is his audio so bad?

  17. Zach Toms

    Gotta give’m a chance to plug anything at the end, otherwise great interview as always.

  18. dennisd7

    “Veto Has Been Exercised” would make a really good mission name tbh :)

  19. Arioch IV

    Beck seems like a great guy. Seeing this really improved my impression of Rocket Labs.

  20. Peschi

    Thanks for making rockets fun is perfectly said :) (y ) <3

  21. Simon VanDyk

    Great lighthearted but informative interview. We need more like this.

  22. Donna Attewell

    Love hearing our kiwi accent on these vlogs! Awesome

  23. A laughing 747

    we need the “Neutron” rocket

  24. bird up

    Scott’s like showing his creation to his dad and his dad is going “oh hay billy aw you did a great job buddy!”

  25. Fernando Queiroz Popovic

    The old intro is so nostalgic so damn nostalgic

  26. Patrick Potter

    That was a great interview. Really informative and down to earth.

  27. Matt Moloney

    This is an incredible video. Scott performs once again!

  28. Paul Wright

    This really has been RocketLab’s standout year. Thanks for getting him on Scott.

  29. Skippity Blippity

    How cool is this?
    I want to work for this guy some day

  30. Magnus B

    Peter Beck is such a fantastic Ambassadeur for the Space Industry.

  31. methyod

    this is one of the best interviews i’ve ever watched.

  32. Joanne Hart

    Go Rocket Lab! Go Peter Beck! Such exciting time for us space lovers. ❤️❤️

  33. S.E. Sander

    01:38 doing some high aspect stuff there are ya Scott? 😆😆😆

  34. Magic Potato

    “A very cool rocket person”
    Mmm yes

  35. Keith Rushforth

    I wish Scott would do another KSP series.

  36. Rob Speed

    Just casually doing an interview with Peter friggin’ Beck.

  37. Harold Smith

    My late uncle had much the same career path: started off as an apprentice on the shop floor of a big engineering company then worked his way up the drawing office. It builds a very good skill set, because when you get to the point of designing things for manufacture yourself, it’s invaluable to have that experience of actually machining them and putting them together with your own hands at the other end of the process. Sadly, we don’t see enough of it these days: too many companies don’t want to invest in real training, and too many school-leaver are fixated on a university qualification as a fast-track to a high-flying career, and are too impatient to spend years ‘paying their dues’.

  38. KOB

    I’m about 5 minutes in. This is one of the most interesting videos I’ve ever seen on Utube. Thanks Scott, truly entertaining and such a human story. I’m sitting here after spending the day putting wood on the walls of a little cabin and having a little trouble with the precision from time to time… listening to Peter talk about his _incredible_ technology, most of which he and his colleagues invented, leaves me in real awe-like appreciation for Peter, you, and the few dozens of people who did the things you wanted to chat about. My god, man, well done!

  39. redwalsh87

    I got the impression Scott was a little bit giddy with a side of nervousness. But it was Peter Beck, I would be too!

  40. Dovi Feldman

    “secret sauce”

  41. Horseponyhybrid

    Now you should tell elon to put Starship in KSP! great interview btw!

  42. Stretchwings

    Proton rocket: the opposite of the Electron rocket. Love it

  43. EritoKaio

    Oh my! I loved this video. Thanks Scott for bringing the man himself for an interview.

  44. Doug's Messy Garage

    Major kudos to Peter for making himself available to YouTubers like Scott.

  45. Jules E

    Woh, a microphone on Venus ? Mr Beck that’s wonderful :)

  46. JOhn Lau

    the question is, did he eat his hat yet?

  47. Thomas Higgins

    Beck refined his own peroxide rocket fuel in a shed in his back yard.
    That’s kind of awesome. :)

  48. Tim Gleason

    I need that list of vetoed mission names!

  49. Lloyd Share

    self-taught people with experience are the best out there

  50. March_Of_The_Titans Book

    This is so epic.

  51. Zoltán Pósfai

    Making an electron charge the opposite way is a positron, but you managed to turn it into a proton! I’m confused now ;)

  52. ToRe

    This is actually amazing.
    Definitely going to enjoy this one, thanks Scott. :D

  53. William Burns

    Peter, stack three cores horizontally and build an Electron Heavy!

  54. Maeyanie

    First time seeing an interview with this guy, but I like him already.

  55. Boeiend Ookboeie

    Wait wait wait wait, is Peter saying that Rocketlab is aiming to get to Venus with an Electron?
    If so, WOW and HOW!?
    Mr. Manley I demand a video!

  56. ben esterberg

    I never knew who Peter Beck was until this year and I keep liking him more and more now.

  57. SuperPelaro

    The legends say that, to this day, Scott are replaying that exact moment over and over again in his head while mumbling something about safety in flying.

  58. Allen 0

    Great interview with Peter Beck, he seems to be a really down too Earth person .

  59. Gregory Thoman

    I enjoyed this interview.

  60. Pesterenan

    Oh yes Youtube, this is something I want to see! Hullo!

  61. Alex Andresen

    I thought he said “Is that a boat on top?”

  62. random guy

    Alright this is the most fun I’ve ever had watching an interview 😂

  63. A Hannam

    The man always seems so mellow and pleasant., And you do to Scott.

  64. Mark McGuigan

    That was class. How you need to interview Elon in that same format.

  65. Edward Nutter

    Learned rockets by messing around with them. That he’s alive with all appendages and still messing with them is impressive.

  66. Cnupoc

    2:47 that engine looks really clean indeed. wow

  67. Nige Melville

    Great interview and he is a very down-to-earth intelligent guy

  68. Preproto

    He looks like the villan from incredibles he seems like a great guy

  69. Caleb Maclennan

    Scott talks about space while playing Kerbal? Sure sign me up. … hears Peter’s voice … WHAT‽ Yes please and thank you!

  70. Dennis Corbett

    The last time I was this early to a video, expendable boosters were a thing

  71. Vallabh Kavi

    Scott reaction after he hit retrograde made my day dude lolol

  72. Holy Ravioli

    “Ah Jesus god thats a bit grim” what a brilliant lad

  73. Nerdtronaut

    Next time: SpaceX CEO Elon Musk & Kerbal Space Program

  74. Cody

    Scott trying to impress Peter with KSP. Peter thinking “Mate, I do this stuff for real every day”.

  75. RJ Brown

    Only Scott Manley would play KSP with Peter Beck! Haha Epic!

  76. Peter S

    “Oh jeepers Scott, that’s a bit grim.” ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  77. Reverse Psycho

    Imagine this, but with Elon Musk.
    Rocket: *Starts flying uncontrollably”
    Scott: “Uh oh”
    Elon: “hehehehehehehehehe…..”

  78. SFS Gamer

    Peter Beck is being amazing. Love when he smiled at the part at the beginning when electron flipped

  79. T H

    companies like Rocket Lab makes you believe in humankind

  80. Aubrey Freeman

    KSP Fans: we want Rocket Lab logos!
    Peter Beck: Sure
    KSP Fans: … You will?

  81. Airgeek

    Peter is an absolutely delightful person.

  82. Lord Derpington

    i miss the old days of interstellar quest. Seeing KSP on scott’s channel always brings a smile to my face.

  83. Studio23 Media

    This should be a series. Interview aerospace CEOs while you try to put their rockets into orbit.

  84. TheRedstoneHive

    Scott has been training his entire life playing kerbal for this interview only to press retrograde instead of prograde.

  85. MuhsinFatih

    “you can’t paint things black in kerbal”

  86. Lewis Massie

    16:29 That tweet is Peter replying to me asking if he still had his bike last year lmao

  87. Chad Simplicio

    Maybe a future Rocket Lab Electron mission will be named, “Flying Safe w/ Mr. Manley.”

  88. james mcmillanclyne

    unrelated to the video but my Space Systems lecturer at Uni recommended to us watching Scott Manley videos

  89. (S)-Riley Dunn

    0:57 – “..we can’t paint things black in Kerbal.”
    _Flagspam begs to differ_

  90. XseuguhX

    “There is a lot of secret sauce down there”, Peter Beck, 2020

  91. GargantuanMonster

    Did they add “Peterbeck Kerman” to the list of kerbonaut names?

  92. Ecto Gaming 20

    2 minutes in and he hit retrograde. oh this is glorious

  93. Pronto

    “The ‘point prograde’ button is right next to the ‘point retrograde’ button.”
    Proton guys: “Quick, check we aren’t doing that. … Son of a…”

  94. k1dicarus

    Scott Manley making a noob mistake in KSP in front of a rocket company CEO and drowning in shame is the best moment in gaming 2020.

  95. Yukon

    I really like how interactive Peter Beck is to the space community

  96. UneducatedSeinor

    I’m dead I wonder how Scott was feeling after flipping his rocket

  97. Elijah Wills

    I NEEDED THIS. aerospace company CEO, Scott, and Kerbal Space Program? brilliant.

  98. Kakos Atem

    “We really don’t wanna see that happen” – Peter Beck, after seeing a bald man turn an orbital rocket into a missile

  99. Dan Kirkwood

    The embarassment as you lose control of Peter’s life’s work really makes this video great from the start!

  100. Matt Lowne

    My favourite fact about Peter Beck is that his high school careers counsellor requested a meeting with his parents, because they were concerned that his dream job to build rockets was “absurdly unachievable” 🚀

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