Rocket Fuel Injectors – Things Kerbal Space Program Doesn’t Teach

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Rocket Propellent Injectors are critical parts of the engine design, they take the propellents and mix them so that they can quickly burn in the combustion chamber. Injectors can make or (literally) break a rocket design, and over the years we’ve seen rocket engines move from injector plate designs to more efficient options as engineers have come to understand what works well.

Thanks to Copenhagen Suborbitals for sharing some video of their injectors being tested, I hope get get to see some more flights with these:

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    Thanks for that. I think my garden hose is like a pintal injector.

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    So Scott – wow – soooo would using additive manufacturing simplify things eg ability to put a swirl groove inside injector holes without needing to drill them all?

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    5:38 funnily enough positioning of the baffles was completely down to trial and error since simulations of the combustion chamber where completely impossible back then

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    I look up pintel, and it says it’s a pin usually inserted into a gudgeon. I look up gudgeon, and it says it’s a small fish or gullible person.😣 Poisson!
    Yeah, there’s something there about pivots or hinges, too.

  17. Simon Coles

    would be interested to see what kind of injectors are used in linear aerospikes…

  18. MalfunctionM1Ke

    That was a very informative and interesting video. I would like to see more of these, eapecially on the concepts of staging.

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    THANK YOU! This is one part of the design I always wanted to know more about.

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    What are the considerations for injectors in hybrid rocket engines? I imagine not having the oxidizer gouging divots in the fuel might be important, but how critical is the design?

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    0:23 Whenever I’m leaning over an engine, there’s a guy telling me “the disconvolvulator is confribulated; we’re gonna replace the precursogrieve, which is a $10 part, but the labor is $800, okay?” and I nod.

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  56. Brian Streufert

    Unlike split triplets is the way to go; we’ve been using them for over 20 years. Its a simple design which places the manifolds in relatively easy machine and design locations and gives outstanding performance. Added advantage is its easier to balance out the resultant momentum of the impingement sheets as well as making the injection orifices relatively the same size for the more common LOX/hydrocarbon propellant combinations. This helps with hydraulic losses and makes your pressure drop across the fuel and oxidizer similar if not equal. Really smooths out the injection stream pattern.
    Edit….although there are some interesting versions of the pintle injector as well…..currently designing one now; err for the past year that is. lol
    Interesting meaning specialized variations.

  57. Debapratim Dutta

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  58. David Kearns

    rocket fuel injection sounds a bit like cars, An endless fight to get the optimal mix of fuel and the “air”(in the case of rockets oxidizer)

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  67. Fryguy101

    Combustion instability is a recurring issue with big rocket engines, so I’m curious your thoughts on the Sea Dragon and its proposed single massive first stage engine (Calculated to be 350MN, compared with the Rocketdyne F1’s piddly 6.7MN).
    I think combustion instability would’ve killed it even if they had decided to take the Sea Dragon seriously, but do you think such a large single combustion chambered engine is even possible?

  68. Gandalf Wilson

    “Good propellant injectors can make all the difference between your engine performing excellently, and it exploding due to combustion instability”
    So one part goes wrong and the whole thing blows up. Isn’t that just normal rocket science?

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    When I saw the video title, I thought it was an old video because he hasn’t done a video in this series for a long time!

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  71. Max K

    3:55 That’s actually a best case scenario of impinging jet misalignment. Depending on the impinging pattern used, if one of them misses it’s mark you could be shooting a jet of pure oxidizer straight at the blazing hot wall, which regardless of the material used likely wouldn’t be long for this world.

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  75. Daniel

    I’m a PhD candidate working on rocket propellant atomization and I have to thank you so much for fueling my impostor syndrome with every sigle video.. It’s just great! Seriously, this is great stuff!
    Of course, I have to say though… That the conditions at which liquid behaves like a normal liquid don’t really exist in a rocket. If the engine is already running at high temp and pressure, then it’s transcritical injection. It’s kinda hard to tell the difference between liquid and gas, no one’s sure how much surface tension actually exists to form any droplets. Before ignition conditions are way cooler (ahah). Because in a vacuum everything boils, the propellants flash-atomize, like your garden variety aerosol can. If pressure is below triple point it even freezes (constellation Urion in Apollo 13). We are researching this to improve ignition reliability using cryo without igniter fluids. But I know little about the engineering side. Btw when is a video about future RCS coming? I hope someone comes up with Metha/Hydro-LOx RCS at some point to justify the computational hours I’m wasting.

  76. jesse wilson

    I would like to see colored water used during the tests like yellow and blue, The visibility would be nice

  77. Air Command Rockets

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    Scott Manley is the kind of guy to have a fuel injector as a shower head

  84. Hueson Wong

    Literally my dissertation that I’m working on right here (on swirl coaxial injectors):
    While I can’t be 100% certain, the Raptor engines’ ones would probably be similar to the Copenhagen Suborbital’s ones in that the fuel is swirled by entering the injector tangentially (consider the location of the fuel rich preburner and turbine with respect to the injector face plate), given the location of the oxidiser rich preburner and turbine, the oxidiser should flow more or less in a vertical straight line towards the injector.
    As the oxidiser is entering the injector coaxially, it cannot be swirled like the fuel, although that does not mean it cannot be swirled (here’s the guessing bit) – I reckon the raptors probably pass the oxidiser through swirl vanes to increase or create swirl. The reasons for this are:
    increased shear between fuel and oxidiser creates more intense Kelvin Helmholtz instability which kind of results in folding of the fluid layers more efficient combustion;
    a vortex breakdown can act as a bluff body for the fuel to impinge against;
    the vortex breakdown acts as a recirculation area for more thorough, and complete combustion;
    the recirculation area serves to stabilise combustion;
    the swirl vanes themselves produce a pressure drop, meaning that the injector can be shorter for the same amount of pressure drop;
    shorter injectors mean lighter engines;
    shorter ones are stiffer and are less prone to fatigue and cracking which is key to reusability.
    the only drawback I can come up with is that they’re a bit awkward to make.

  85. Copenhagen Suborbitals

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  93. api9mm

    The 18 injector pot system in the German V2 (A4) combustion chamber was based on the successes they had with the smaller A3, which used a single pot at the head of the chamber. Due to the speed in which they needed to produce the much larger engine as a functional prototype for the war effort, they simply multiplied a system that previously worked,18X. It should be noted that during the development of the A4 starting in 1940, Deputy Director of the Peenemünde Army Research Center, Dr. Walter Thiel, had simultaneously developed a conventional flat injector plate variant of the A4 combustion chamber. Due to instability issues, it was not entirely ready for production. Regardless, in late Dec 1942, Hitler ordered full-scale production, which resulted in the V2 (A4) as we see it today with it’s luminous LOX plumbing to the 18 pot system, with over 5000 having been produced that way. Much to the protest of Dr. Thiel, it was really a production prototype. Thiel’s single LOX feed, to flat plate design, would have looked more like the A6 Redstone engine developed a decade later through the influence of von Braun’s team in the US. Why so long? Thiel and his entire family were incinerated by an RAF bomb in a slit trench in front of his home in Aug 43. Incidentally, a moon crater is named after him on the dark side of the moon.

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