Richard Branson Tries To Beat Jeff Bezos To Space, But Jeff’s Final Passenger Is Amazing Choice

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July is going to see both Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin send passengers to space on suborbital hops, and with a last minute tweak to the schedule its looks like Richard Branson is going to be the first founder to fly on their own spacecraft.
However, Blue Origin announced that one of their passengers is aviation legend Wally Funk who was at one point well positioned to be an astronaut, except that NASA’s rules made it impossible for women to qualify.
When she flies she’ll be the oldest astronaut at 82 years old, she’ll also have more flight experience than anyone currently in space.

  1. poobertop

    Scott with the mike drop at the end, legend.

  2. FectacularSpail

    “Because Canada’s cool, and they’re not weird like the US is.” lol

  3. Ryan Hebron

    2 years 86 days and 16 hours of flight time. That is a lot.

  4. Mark Bisson

    “Canada is cool and they’re not weird like the US…” Yep, that about sums it up. 👍

  5. David Duhme

    14:52 Plot Twist: He actually is on that flight…

  6. RogerWilco

    I had to laugh at the attempt of Brandson to one-up Bezos.

  7. Henry Pierce

    Just remember to ask Bezos how many cars he has launched into orbit around the sun?

  8. MrWilliam932 - Games

    6:25 didn’t know young Hold the Pain Harold was going to space

  9. 4one14

    Glad to hear the RCAF weren’t as much pricks as the USAF and let her fly one of our F-86’s, and that she’ll finally get her space wings!

  10. Craig Penfold

    “actually flown by a person” why does that terrify me?

  11. marlboro9tibike

    Plot twist : Stowaway characters will drink all the booze onboard.

  12. Will S

    6:12 — can make even a flight-suit look good at 10 yards.

  13. LiveandLetDrive

    “Spaceflight history? Can you phrase that in the form of a meme?” -Elon Musk

  14. VonPredator

    Watch “For All Mankind” on Apple+ and see Wally Funk reach her full potential!

  15. Chooka

    “A woman’s place is in the cockpit!”

  16. Isambardify

    I love that there is space, by international agreement, and then there’s American space!

  17. Sędziwój

    Jeff Bezos have one thing, he know how marketing works, and have people to find something which get people on his site.

  18. Jugger naut

    oooh, a strong female protagist astronaut, now thats something new

  19. Mike Clarke

    Wally’s going to get Amazon Prime emails after asking “Can you answer this customer’s question”, with questions like: “Did Jeff Bezos cry?”; “Does it use regular or unleaded fuel”; “How much weight will I lose in space”.

  20. James Bowman

    The story we need right now. I wonder if I can send my mother in law?

  21. Mr Random

    Am I the only one to expect Elon to release a statement at any time about launching to space one hour from now?

  22. The Capacitor

    It pains me when I hear news presenters say something along the lines of _”Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are competing to see who can reach orbit first…”_ 🤦‍♂️

  23. Helium Road

    Well, if I were wealthy and funding my own space tourism business, damn straight I’d give myself an early ride. Let the jealous chatterboxes on the internet be damned.

  24. Dalisu Ngobese

    Now I really want Jeff’s rocket to fly nominally for Wally’s sake

  25. zen pro

    yeah Id rather converse with Wally also, especially if Im paying for the flight…lol

  26. Joe Schmuckatelli

    that Virgin suborbital looks like an amazing ride

  27. Kake Rake

    Ugh Jeff is using her for good clout.

    News flash Jeff we all still hate you.

  28. zenmark42

    Yeah, suddenly I feel bad that Wally is going to have to go to space with billionaires instead of people equally as impressive as her.

  29. abhijeettube1

    I think Scott is that “unknown” astronaut for blue origin, “fly safe”.

  30. rpavlik1

    An awareness of space history: isn’t Bezos the one who paid to dredge the Saturn V engines from the seas floor?

  31. Chad Harris

    Elon cried when his idols said it could never be done right? Pretty sure Elon has some pretty good space history knowledge.

  32. Lexi Haley

    Everyone knows space begins when the space music starts and >4x time warp becomes available…..

  33. Dave Hughes

    Bezos isn’t doing thing this for anything other than PR, he got to try something to keep relevant. I’m happy for her and hope it all goes well.

  34. Mostafa Mohammed Ahmed

    When he says fly safe he really makes my day a lot better

  35. john doe

    Perseverance and patience will eventually get you where you want to go.

  36. forresttm

    So bezos is building in the VAB and Branson is using the SPH.

  37. Tristan Morrow

    Client poaching: Virgin/Branson over-promising/under-delivering? Apparently, a decade ago, in 2012, Ms. Funk put money down to be one of the first people to fly into space via Virgin Galactic…

  38. avi8r66

    The US is still weird… And no, it doesnt show bezos is aware of anything, but his woke marketing team is. She’s a great choice though, glad she finally gets her chance.

  39. K B

    I knew she was a retired NTSB Investigator but didn’t know she was one of the original women astronaut candidates in the 60’s.

  40. Kinzie Conrad

    I wonder who the mystery flyer is and starting to look like a full on Dr Evil crew going there.

  41. Michael Openshaw

    Oh, come on, Scott: you’ve GOT to contact Wally and get at least a phone interview with her afterward.

  42. Orange Navels

    Wow, knowing that Wally Funk is finally getting her astronaut wings actually gives me the feels a little bit.

  43. bryant tillman

    “Wally Funk?!” Well played, Bezos, well played.

  44. Slyer

    You should get yourself an interview with Wally Funk. Would be interesting I’m sure.

  45. Satire

    It’s sad that VSS Enterprise was lost during trials. One of these days Enterprise will make it beyond the prototype stage into active service.

  46. Charles McClure

    I agree with that last statement Scott Wally would be an interesting lady to talk to

  47. frollard

    This backstory I’m pretty sure is the real-world fiction used to craft “The Calculating Stars” by Mary Robinette Kowal. It’s a rather good book that really digs into that era.

  48. Knowlege Isgood

    NASASpaceflight just had an interview with Jonathan McDowell today. Funny that Scott also mentioned him.

  49. Ethan Hart

    You win this round bezos, we’ll let you come back just for her

  50. Emsley Wyatt

    Part of me is saying: Yeah, go for it. Another part of me says that if you can afford your own space program you’ve got too much money.

  51. NeonVisual

    Branson and Bezos up the tree, making space ships 1 2 3

  52. C S

    “…because Canada is cool!”

    as a Canadian, I approve.

  53. rajesh koothrappali

    What an incredible human being. Must do more googling on Wally funk

  54. Death Valley Dazed

    Scott Manley is totally into Wally’s world as she is about to fly out of this world. Hats off to all of our amazing space people!

  55. rajesh koothrappali

    Scott the intro is super slick. This one’s a keeper.

  56. Nathan

    Go Pokes! So glad Wally Funk is finally getting her chance to get to space, even if just for a suborbital hop!

  57. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another great video!

    And you’re right, Wally Funk is the one that everybody will try and talk to. She’s the guest you invite to make your party cool.

  58. 68ARpilot

    Having met Wally and knowing her story, I couldn’t be happier for her. She deserves this!!

  59. Mike O'Barr

    This is so cool! I’m super happy for Wally.

  60. Storm Diephuis

    0:40 “launched their rock” and then there are people that think spaceflight is difficult

  61. Bert Blankenstein

    So now it is just a matter of seeing them fly this year. I’ll stay tuned.

  62. Andrew Parris

    Wally is WAAAAAY more interesting that Jeff!

  63. 666Tomato666

    Well, Canada is cool as long as indigenous population isn’t concerned…

  64. 06racecar60

    Honestly I want Virgin to be first because they were trying for so long.

  65. Josef Krakel

    Scott can stowaway, having done the research for Netflix

  66. NorthernSeaWitch

    When Blue Origin comes down will they say, “Lets get the Funk outta here?”

  67. bazoo513

    ~7:50 – I couldn’t stop grinning at your enthusiasm for there actually being pilots in Virgin craft operating fully mechanical controls linked by cables to aerodynamic surfaces :o)

  68. Owen Smith

    And Lyndon Johnson goes down yet further in my estimation. I used to think he was a nice guy, but then I actually learned a few things about him. Nothing I’ve learned has made him go up in my estimation, it’s all down.

  69. Owen Smith

    Note Wally Funk booked a ticket on Virgin Galactic years ago, the flight just hasn’t happened yet. She’s doing her best to get up there on her own initiative.

  70. Gregory Thoman

    I remember in Justice League that Batman was asked what his super power was. He responded, “I’m rich.”

  71. Beardy McBeardface

    I’m with you. Wally Funk would be an amazing dinner guest. The stories she could tell…………where do I send her invite to? 😬

  72. Man on the Range

    finally her dream can come true! after all those years

  73. Loanword Eggcorn

    No doubt Wally Funk has a lot of interesting first hand knowledge of the early days of aviation and space flight.

  74. Penny Lane

    Wow, I’m so happy for Wally! Can’t think of anyone who deserves this more!

  75. zapfanzapfan

    So, Virgin Galactic is using “fly by steel wire” then :-)

  76. Albedo

    Not a Jeff Bezos fan but very happy for Wally. And isn’t Sir Richard a cheeky bugger. He makes me smile. :D

  77. Christian Bay

    80km or 100km both seems meaningless – being an astrounaut or being in space should really be; can you do an orbit without any active populsion. The just is just a hop and then falling down.

  78. Max K

    “flown by a person at the controls” is this supposed to be a benefit? When I fly to space one day I want hard silicon doing the GNC calculations, not a fleshy meat computer.

  79. Myles Willis

    1:30 Hugs are only for Prime members Wally!

  80. Green&Blue Productions

    So many records in so sort a time… it’s like the early days of aviation all over again.

  81. Anthony Kevin Kerr

    How about Elon giving Wally a ride along place on a dragon mission – youngest and oldest women into proper orbital space.

  82. Comrade

    Wally Funk would be way more interested in talking with you than anyone else too

  83. Martinit0

    Scott, why don’t you interview Wally after the flight?

  84. Kaitlyn L

    “Evaluating spaceflight customer experience” is probably the most elaborate and official sounding way they could have put “ah he just wants to come along” TBH.

  85. CJ Carter

    All of the space billionaires have their shortcomings, but I have to give it to Elon that he didn’t schedule himself for a vanity flight (orbital) just to be first (assuming he isn’t the mystery bidder).

  86. harlockmbb

    Suborbital is a fancy bungee jumping. Still waiting real space tourism.

  87. Tired Again

    I’m sure folks will complain about rich boys and their toys, however, the interest generated should benefit all space flight

  88. BenGman

    Virgin Galactic having reversible controls makes a lot of sense. I would want to feel EVERYTHING on the stick if I’m gonna fly to space.

  89. Aluminum Oxide

    Wally would beat John Glenn’s record of the oldest person in space (who was aged 77 in 1998 during STS-95).

  90. Unfolding Ideas

    “I’m Scott Manley,” _Fly Space!_ 🚀👩🏻‍🚀

  91. R4P70R

    Plot Twist: Scott Manley is the surprise passenger

  92. MECO1

    Cheers for another great video Scott. Let’s hope these suborbital flights follow your mantra and Fly Safe!

  93. BDCarrillo

    Just as a very minor clarification, women were allowed in the Air Force at that time, but not in front-line combat (ie, jet fighter) roles.

  94. Tony Here

    No fan of Bezos but I can’t help but smile that Wally finally gets to go up. Look how delighted she is.

  95. Ummdustry

    4:10 I mean it shows Jeff’s PR team has a good awareness of space history…

  96. William Korb

    Read all about the “Mercury 13” women in Amy Shira Teitel’s “Fighting for Space: Two Pilots and Their Historic Battle for Female Spaceflight”. It was a fascinating read.

    Amy’s channel:

  97. Alec Golas

    This woman has been trying to fly to space for 60 years, that’s seriously the meaning of the phrase Never Give Up on Your Dreams

  98. Richard Bowley

    Richard Branson is actually doing his “Superman Returns” cameo for real.

  99. Soren Ingram

    Jeff’s Final Passenger Is Amazing Choice Agreed 100% a truly Class choice

  100. kingzlo

    Hey Scott nice vid. I have a question and I was wondering if you could help me, I’m thinking Of starting a space related ksp channel, do you have any tips? Also, have you considered reviving Kerbal Spaceships are Serious Business in 1.11? Thanks for ur time

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