Recreating The Air Filter Hack Used By Apollo 13

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It’s almost 50 years since Apollo 13 lifted off onto what would become the definition of the ‘successful failure’, a mission where lives were very much at stake and the teams at mission control had to solve problems they’d not expected to bring the crew home safely.
I wanted to re-create the ‘adapter’ that the crew had to make which would allow the Lithium Hydroxide canisters from the command module to work with the Lunar module’s environmental control system. Using only the things they had on hand the crew had to ‘fit a square peg in a round hole’ so that they atmosphere would have remained breathable for the return

Some good references for this procedure are on NASA’s history site.

I 3D printed my canister prop using a design from Havazik, he was able to put this together in a couple of hours, I’d have taken days.

The 3D printer I use is a Prusa MK3 and it was a gift from Prusa Research, It was able to handle the filament running out and resumed after a power cut during the main print.

  1. Drake Tamer

    I’d certainly have a go at this, if I had a 3D printer or money to get the supplies. At least I get to watch you do it.

  2. Little Star

    I spent the whole vid nervously expecting Scott’s mug would fly off the table with a waving arm!

  3. baltakatei

    Those awkward 40 seconds after Scott introduces himself but before he introduced his partner. 😅

  4. Tactical_Dogmeat

    That wasn’t exactly my definition of “fun with tape with your SO”, but it might work actually

  5. hubert cumberdale

    This scene in the movie is what made me want to be an engineer, and I still use it to reference my favorite type of problems. Thanks Scott for ruining that for me.

  6. Steve Laubach

    That was hilarious when you blew on the hose :)

  7. Chris Bowen

    Your flight manual checklist is amazing in its simplicity and comprehensiveness.

  8. AntiangelRaphael

    Greetings for Ms. Manley.

  9. Bob Stewart

    Anybody got Jim Lovell’s e-mail address? I think he should see this.

  10. Thoran666

    I imagine this build being a scene in a parody movie.
    Astronaut 1: The air is contaminated, we will all die!
    Astronaut 2: Lets breath the fumes from the 3D printed air filter, get high and stop worrying about it!

  11. John Smith

    Gosh the whole thing is just charming!

  12. TheStevenB

    9:50 “Cue dramatic background music and start to blur camera”

  13. David Dean

    Did you watch Blue Peter? I’m sure Valerie made on of those earlier………

  14. Scott Simms

    Yeah, let’s hope for SLS the filters are all interchangeable 😂

  15. ste kra

    I want more Amy. You shud be very grate full she lets you do all of these things. She has to be so patient my family never listed to talking space for more than 15 minutes.

  16. mytube001

    Love it!

    I only wish you’d have put a mic on Amy as well.

  17. Luka Papež

    I would like to see a video on how trajectory calculating programs work or how trajectories are calculated.

  18. michaelantonio

    Bro, DRINK THAT COFFEE! It’s getting cold !!!!

  19. Yeshead

    Scott discovered the musical instrument and I was worried he would start playing “Amazing Grace” with it.

  20. Ghozer

    The whistle is due to the shape of the pipe, and the ends…

    there’s videos’ all over YT about that, I think Action Lab has done one ;)

  21. Mark Jackson

    — And from that day on, our science teachers taught us how to fit a square peg in a round hole.

  22. AndyCallaway

    Lol. Tries to make a life support system, ends up making a new type of bagpipe. 😉

  23. Ricky Balboa

    Duct Tape is like the force. It has a dark side and a light side, that could hold the universe together.

  24. Tard van de clunt productions

    When you reconstruct the innovative air filter that made people suffocating in space, able to breathe again…… and you sound like a kind of alien.
    Bring in the conspiracy nuts!

  25. Wallace

    So, apart from the ‘grey tape’ and scissors, what other tools and spares did they take with them ‘just in case’ ?!?

  26. jds77sam

    During Apollo 13 event: we’re going to need the greatest minds on the planet to get you home safe!
    Now: we’ll send the parts you need to your on-board 3d printer. Bye

    Edit: Maybe we’re not quite there yet, but soon-ish?

  27. nuke mtv

    Now do a fan ‘Prize Question’ where you can win the Canister :p

  28. bingo_fuel

    “ah sh*t i tore it…Houston what if we tear the bag??”

  29. TheStevenB

    Could you imagine if the actual canister made that noise when air passed through it?

  30. Noah Hastings

    Scott invents an Elk Call

  31. Pronto

    Looks like Amy has adopted the, oh so British, “we can’t do anything without a cup of milky tea” habit.

  32. nagualdesign

    There once was a time when they used to say that behind every great man there has to be a great woman.

  33. Lawrence D’Oliveiro

    3:47 “Duck tape”, sometimes changed to “duct tape”. Also “gaffer tape”, because the “gaffer” was the fix-it person on a movie set, who used liberal amounts of said tape to fix things.

  34. Théo Verhelst

    I totally expected the whistling pipe thing, I did that all my childhood haha! Also works by swinging the pipe in circles. Totally unrelated to the air filter tough.

  35. Vladimir Efimov

    Scott finally presenting his wife on camera – more proof that nerds often end up marrying beautiful women ;)

  36. The Kito

    “They had to combine x and y in space to survive ”
    …oh god sounds horrible i wonder how they did it.
    “…and they had duct tapt”
    ….oh its actually easy then

  37. Felix Shih

    @10:16 Was Swigert’s income tax story happened during the air filter hacking?

  38. olsonspeed

    “The Pipes Of Manley”, available on ITunes.

  39. David LaBedz

    This was fun to watch and I appreciate the effort needed to accomplish the task!

  40. GildedBear

    The Mrs. obviously goes by Scott Womanley.

    Also, that sounds like a corrugated tube.

  41. Hicham Mohsen

    Check you stagin
    Fly Safe!

  42. Kevin Jones

    sounds like one of those whistles from a kids carnival

  43. 1d10talert

    i was thinking, “OMG; Scott Manley is getting high right in front of us.” :)

  44. Greg Ewing

    I love conspiracy theories. The are so optimistic about how organized we are. Yet in Apollo, one part had round CO2 filters and the other square!

  45. Stoicswimfish

    15:30- “What the heck is that?” That is similar to homemade Elk calls that hunters use during hunting season.

  46. DelPlays

    Here in Finland people call that “Jesus Tape” because it always saves you when needed.

  47. Yukon

    Oh look! We get to see Mr. And Mrs. Manley

  48. Ícaro Pereira

    You improved the design with Scotish tech, now it is also a bag pipe.

  49. Bengt Lüers

    9:55 Something something toolbox lost in space.

  50. Eben Waterman

    Is this somehow tied to CV19 ventilator shortages? Luv your stuff, always. :)

  51. BlackEpyon

    “Now I can really taste the chemicals!”
    I can HEAR the chemicals! LOL!

  52. pentagramprime

    Hope this is the first time Mrs. Manley heard “We need to make this fit into this using nothing but this.”

    Dare you to make an episode on improvised ventilators.

  53. katie_incredible

    Thought so! Love this brilliant historical hack.

  54. morphman86

    Good ol’ Gene, the man’s a legend. Literally!
    You may know his name from KSP.

    Gene Kranz was the flight director of Apollo 13 and one of the major reasons the mission made it back to Earth safely.

  55. Lunchbox 420

    “we could get really high in our garage.”
    Yes I’m sure you can 😉

  56. MrFluffelufagus

    Clicked on this so quick the algorithm broke lmao

  57. Roonasaur

    “We’ve invented some sort of instrument here!”
    Yes – Instrument. Right. :)

  58. Jeff Knott

    Best hack in history!

  59. Edwin Noorlander

    what about a video about “Hack’s in space “

  60. Thefreakyfreek

    I’m not stuck at home but I have a small cnc macine so I started making electrical turbo pump an rocket engine injector just to make the most noisyest flame trower ever I want some serious punch from it like when you pull the trigger the pump spools up and air get flowing than the main fuel valve opens and than the most amazing flame comes out but mostly because you inspired me that injectors are not so difficult in a video you made thanks for giving me a fun and difficult project to use my cnc machine for it’s going to be glorious to have a rocket engine next to a steam engine that I made when I just got my lathe

  61. Robert Sababady

    Gotta watch this again tomorrow during the day with my kids…… so much to talk about and have fun!

  62. Michael Skinner

    Scott- you sir are a gentleman and a scholar👌👀

  63. toolenq

    “”We’re the Manleys – Fly Safe “”

  64. Phil Crewson

    15:40 Elk mating call

  65. Culturedropout

    I”m not sure, but judging by how… um… “thrilled” she was to be dragged into your video, I’m guessing you would end up out an airlock. ;D

  66. conor27

    “She’s done a lot of things for a long time”

  67. Davis King

    When I was a kid in the early 80’s they sold a toy that was supposed to be swung over your head almost like a cowboy with a rope except that it was a chunk of hose similar to what you used in the video to make that annoying noise (elk call) until they realized that too many kids were being scarred for life from being whipped in the orbital sockets. I remember all kinds of toys from back then that we would consider insane to give a child these days so now I am going to sit back and remember the good ol’ days. Lol

  68. Johan Ström

    “Tell me this isn’t a government operation…”

  69. Ultimo

    The last time I was this early we were still launching monkeys into space 🚀

  70. Robert Felton

    When your survival depends on your ability to think outside the box.

  71. J H

    By the way, BBC radio has the ’13 Minutes to the Moon’ series 2 podcast on now. It’s about Apollo 13.
    And yes, there’s a series 1 for those that missed it. Should help you get through the isolation period.

  72. Charlie Schuck

    god bless your wife’s soul man, she really puts up with you and your nerdiness haha

  73. Stan Grabowski

    People now who have a minor inconvenience: “I literally can’t even!”
    The Apollo 13 crew and ground control: “We’ve got this.”

  74. Kyouma Hououin

    You’ve invented a space bagpipe!

  75. Ian Hutchison

    Scott’s reaction to his unintentional musical instrument is the greatest thing!

  76. jj182bass

    Wife: what are you watching honey
    Me: a respected space you tuber making a plastic fume bong with his wife

  77. Jack Zimmerman

    Petition to send Scott to the ISS

  78. Dapper Sapper

    top 10 DIY hacks you’ll never believe

  79. qaz qaz

    15:46 Hey Scott all of us who have played with those plastic filter tubes in thoese portable pools already beat you to that ‘instrument’.

  80. arkatub

    respect to the woman behind the man.

  81. Azivegu

    Give him another two weeks and he will try to recreate pooping into a small bag in a confined space with other people. The other people being his wife and kids of course.

  82. BazilRat

    I would, as Tom Scott put it, call it History’s Greatest Bodge.

  83. frankisteve

    15:49 Scott Manley trying an alien bong 2020 colorized

  84. John Smith

    Hey honey, how about I put you in front of an 1.03 Mio.people audience tinkering together a historic moment in spaceflight and human ingenuity to pass the corona virus quarantine time?

  85. Network XIII

    “We need to make this, fit into the hole for this, using nothing but these.”

  86. Andrew Kerr

    Elon Musk be like: “Hey Scott can I have a toke on your space bong?”

  87. Jim MacDonald

    My wife totally enjoyed having your better half on this video… though it created a cascade of unanswerable questions like “how did they meet?” etc.

  88. Gilgwath

    Amy and Scott look like they were made for each other. :-D I just look at them and my brains goes: jup, couple!

  89. Caonabo Javier

    Scott: You should change your show slogan to “Stay home safe” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. Tired Again

    With another month of “stay at home” you can build an entire apollo capsule in your living room!

  91. Viniter

    Hand some scrap to a Scot and he’ll inevitably make bagpipes.

  92. nuke mtv

    You can see things are in dire straits… Scotts haircut is becoming less and less efficient 0_o

  93. masterimbecile

    You made this, fit into a hole for this, using nothing but that.

    You steely-eyed missile-man, you.

  94. Qwertzy

    There were clearly a lot of technicians on the ground: Just fix everything with HUGE amounts of greytape

  95. kirkula

    holy crap, I forgot just how much Skye looks like her mom.

  96. greatsilentwatcher

    That was fun to watch… especially seeing the one who tolerates you every day. :)

  97. David Storch

    Stowaway is an upcoming Sci-Fi movie Scott is the consultant for, so they should use that musical instrument for the soundtrack for Scott’s legacy

  98. Luke Turner

    “Hey why don’t you drills holes in the roof of your rover and hit it as hard as you can with a rock” – The Martian

  99. Slice of Bread

    “now i can really taste the chemicals” proceeds to take another toke.
    fly safe my man, fly safe..

  100. Le Rebel Flagship

    Gene Kranz, the Flight director who saved the mission, was a true hero. I’m so glad they named a Kerbal after him!

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