Raptor Rocket Engine Analysis and Starship Testing Update

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With the 2nd production Raptor engine installed on board the Starship Hopper Protoype we’re expecting a tethered test firing soon, so I decided to take 2 images of the engine and lay out what I can see in the design.
NASA Spaceflight Forum Thread containing some of these images and related information.

Elon Musk Interview

  1. U.K Rail Vids

    Next video could you do the simulation of the Messiah Spacecraft from Deep Impact as well as what could of been reentry of how the crew would have been rescued should they have completed there mission in space properly

  2. Miguel Eduardo Rodríguez Zambrano

    At first I thought the left drawings were rockets, before realizing those were the draw tool symbols!

  3. Warren de Moor

    Lolz I bet the Russians are regretting not selling him that rocket now as they loose their biggest customer.

  4. Helium Road

    In Soviet Russia, missile launches you.

  5. Ross h23

    So excited to be down there in June hopefully I can see a hopper flying

  6. Rich Brotherton

    dude you need to get a green screen so you can do this sort of stuff like a weatherman…

  7. Keldor314

    Looking at the heatshield test, I strongly suspect that there is transpiration cooling going on in addition to the tiles.
    Look at how the cracks between the tiles are emitting much less light than the rest. This means they’re a good deal cooler. But this doesn’t make sense, given that heating is being actively applied. If anything, they should be slightly hotter, with the extra surface area associated with them allowing them to heat up faster!
    You can even see the cool areas associated with the cracks cutting across the hot spots associated with the torches.
    My theory is that the cracks are cold because of the transpiration cooling – the methane passes through pores in the skin beneath the tiles, and comes out through the cracks.

  8. giggleherz

    Scott, I try not to keep up on launches hour by hour because of this exact reason. The launches are covered by so many cameras the replays are always way better then the real thing.
    Speaking of keeping up or not, when did they decide to go back to tile heat-shield from stainless?

  9. The Primal Earth

    and falcon heavy is April 7th so how insane would it be if star hopper and falcon heavy both fly on the same day

  10. Barry P

    Exciting times Scot. Thanks for keeping us across what’s going on in words we can understand…

  11. Stumbling John

    Great show Scott. Thank you for the infotainment

  12. Quinten

    Hey Scott, nice video. I prefer thr old outro music though.

  13. _shifty

    nasa builds rockets over 10 years in a clean room. Eon builds his rocket on a farm in months. that’s a perfect example of government work vs private. capitalism breeds innovation. who would be pulling our species towards the stars if it were left up to the “government” ???

  14. Kevin Street

    Awesome video!!! Thank you for this!

  15. Thomas Ridley

    Sorry russia. We may not need your help anymore.
    Another blow to the russian space economy.
    Being dependant on an adversary for assistance is never a good plan. They could have cut off supplying the ISS at any time they wanted. Forcing the world to abandon the ISS. And with russias turn toward recovering its lost territorial areas. We can not help them by funding anynore projects. Becoming more and more isolated will not help their economy.

  16. Micah Chase

    “Good interview” but terrible audio.

  17. JannisD

    Cool video, love it (as allways xD) ^^ <3 Keep it Up Mr.Internet-Rocket-Scientist :P

  18. Kyle Duncan

    Elon is basically The Astronaut Farmer (redux).

  19. Jeff James

    Really, really love your work Scott, thank you.

  20. Gamer217

    its hard to believe that this tiny engine can lift this behemoth of a monster.
    _it’s amazing_

  21. Kammo Radu

    Weird question: in what types of atmospheres human could live? Excluding earth like (nitrogen – oxygen)

  22. Osman Safian Baharuddin

    Did they disclose the material of the heatshield? Elon did tweet out “testing metallic heatshield at 1100degC” back in January. That was the only mention of it.
    I’m not sure when or if they have reverted to ceramics.

  23. Rick Baum

    You’re my favourite internet rocket scientist! many <3<3<3

  24. Yep Yep

    Now I want to understand how every part of a rocket engine works. Does anyone have a link or a book to recommand?

  25. Andy Alder

    Stepladders attached to the bottom for the pilots to get out, very KSP ;)

  26. Spacetactic Spacetactic

    Raptor looks like a Convert-O-Tron 125 with a Vector engine beneath it

  27. Sean McDonough

    6:53 – Except hopefully a lot less fragile.

  28. Richard Rester

    Really appreciate your channel, Scott. Fly safe!

  29. Fred Derf

    Thanks for the video, great info despite your artistic talents. :)

  30. Solar Equinox

    Hello Mr. Manley. I like your channel. I am an amateur astronomer, have actually had astronomical photographs published. I watched a video of the Space Shuttle Challenger accident in 1986. I was in my mid twenty’s then. Finishing a college degree, forestry. I remember my parents calling me. They said that I needed to turn on the TV. Any news channel. I did. My jaw dropped from what I saw. Challenger, you are go for throttle up. Copy, go for throttle up. I will always remember that. I was hoping you could speak about it a bit.

  31. Josemaria Lizana Q.

    Thank you, I needed a raptor analysis!

  32. Michael S

    Learnt more about how a rocket engine works from your drawing than from anywhere else…

  33. Bogdan Craciun

    Best comment about Star hopper and Raptor engine BY FAR! Best! Not a rocket scientist, but a scientist in earnest.

  34. P. Ricard

    I was suprised how humble and almost in awe Jim spoke about Elon and SpaceX during the Dragon Test Flight livestream and after been driving around the facility together. Was kind of an inner cherry blossom festival to me.

  35. Andy

    <3 hop baby hop
    the colder it is the better it works :D

  36. SüdAntares Cosmonautics

    MS Paint Space Program delivered by internet rocket scientist Scott Manley.

  37. K. Péter

    Notification crew! ASSEMBLE!

  38. Matthew Newell

    I love your integrity but please just make the video a few seconds longer to reach 10mins next time, if anyone deserves the extra revenue it you! Love these more technical videos

  39. Klaus Gartenstiel

    busted, confirmed, or plausible?

  40. Adam Allman

    Thanks for the informative drawings!

  41. Ted Cameron

    Cool, good info as usual. I’m glad they testing in my county ;~)

  42. 1jeffr

    “Building a rocket in the field” Kinda reminds me of that TV show from the late 1970s, Salvage 1, where a guy (Andy Griffith) builds a rocket in his junkyard and flies it to the Moon and back.

  43. Jaystarz2000 gaming

    That game you can play offline… nice meme…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  44. Hailstorm

    1:36 lol best line to have in CV

  45. matsv201

    Regardless is it fly at 1 of April… That will be the news

  46. Jeff Lowey

    Thanks Scott. Was wondering about the rats-nest myself.

  47. Herbert Miller

    According to this report on MSNBC when Elon Musk was told no by the Russians the person he was speaking to spit on his shoes as a sign of disrespect.
    Having the Russians pushed out of the market by the man you spit on is sweet revenge.

  48. Bob Smith

    Lol. The Russians can be so short sighted at times. If they’d been more reasonable about Soyuz flights, we might be even further behind in getting our own systems set up. And of course, SpaceX has killed the commercial satellite market for them.

  49. likhith km

    Hey Scott,
    Do that sort of an engine review for all rocket engines!!!!

  50. Quack Quark

    Starship Hopper is actually a 4 channel RC using the FlySky protocol.

  51. Bernhard Jordan

    Brazil maby lease Alcantara Base to Americans lunches , how does being almost at the equator can boost launches? how it affects the payload ?

  52. Pete Gas London

    gadzooks lets take your comments off of #666 Erm .. lets say something .. Er, NASA’s engines are shinier !
    And .. It IS Rocket Science ;)
    He’s Scott Manley

  53. Odysseus Rex

    “Successful rocket company which is pretty much, you know, pushing Roscosmos out of the rocket launch business.” Yeah! Pound sand, Ivan!

  54. positron underVolt

    Wait… You’re NOT a rocket scientist??!!??
    My whole internet life has been a lie…. =/

  55. neil u

    scott, could you please do a new Roton kerbal video but with it landing in mars like atmosphere and two counter rotating blades? thanks

  56. Henrique Ourives

    “charged 3x as much…”
    “pushing out Roscosmos from the comercial launch buisness”
    *HAH GOTY*

  57. Archaeopteryx128

    April 1, All Fools Day, is fine.
    It’s the last week of January and the first week of February that rocket operations should avoid.

  58. Xander Merricks

    what drawing app is that? looks useful

  59. 86gwrhino

    Did i really just see a building that said stargate behind the hopper?
    Pulled it out from cheyanne mt i see

  60. Im1CrazyCow

    with the News last Night of Boeing being Delayed YET AGAIN on Starliner I wonder if its the same old GOV OP rip off BS….
    “OH hey us GOV we blew the money you gave us we need more to make it run ………OH you want it to fly well then you need to pony up more money” The US GOV and Nasa says ummmmmmm NO sorry we gave you almost 2x what Space X got and they have already flown there Crew demo 1 so you fucked up you fix it or we will just move on!!
    I joke BUT we have saw JIM from Nasa Finally GET’S IT that the old way of doing things needs to END ( IE SLS) and the NEW WAY is Commercial Better Cheaper Faster way to the Future!!
    Back to Boeings mess Now they say the first flight might be as early as AuG……….by then Space X will have done the inflight Abort test and sent a HUMAN CREW to ISS……..it looks more & More everyday Boeing Needs to stop BLOAT , WASTE or where ever those EXTRA BILLIONS they waste goes and get lean & mean if they want to compete or they will be an advisory type company who cant build things for a reasonable price any longer BC of fraud and kickbacks .!!
      EDIT: (fixed a date i had wrong) From what I read this will Put the Boeing starliner 1 yrs behind and NASA had already slowed down Space X 2x so Boeing was not so far behind and it did not look so sever but it appears JIM B @ Nasa has said ENOUGH if you cant DO YOU JOB we will find some one who can! For that I APPLAUD JIM B @ NASA…….that’s 20 yrs over due for the head guy to say ENOUGH put up or shut up time!!
     look below for time tables  If Reports are accurate, the current Boeing and SpaceX test regime is as follows:
     SpaceX Pad Abort Test – Completed May 6, 2015SpaceX Demo Flight-1 – Completed March 8, 2019SpaceX In Flight Abort Test – Scheduled for June 2019SpaceX Demo Flight-2 – Scheduled for July 2019Boeing Pad Abort Test – Scheduled for May 2019Boeing Orbital Flight Test 1 – Scheduled for August 2019 (according to Reuters)Boeing In Flight Abort Test – Scheduled for May 2019Boeing Orbital Flight Test-2 – Scheduled for November 2019 (according to Reuters)

  61. Eddie

    Not gonna lie; the preview image for the video looked like you were deconstructing an Infinity Gauntlet, lol! Great video though!

  62. AnatoFIN

    Building a rocket Russian style compared to yankee style, no barn needed :-D

  63. blenderboysteve

    Is it just me, or does this rocket look like it was built by a bunch of drunk sheetmetal workers, welders, and metal polishers?

  64. Jochen Hormes

    Regarding the gaseous return pipes: Never cross the streams!!!

  65. Patrick

    Is martian dust clogging up some holes in the heat shield a concern for starship when it stays there for two years?

  66. Stesilaus

    Question: What is the relationship between the hoppers and the automatic guidance systems? Are the guidance systems more-or-less fully developed, programmed and calibrated by the time they’re installed on the hoppers, or are the hopper flight test results used to direct development and programming of the guidance systems?

  67. Mining 15

    @Scott Manley what drawing software is that??? btw thx for all your videos

  68. Arctic Haze

    Do not worry. Drawing on photographs is no rocket science!

  69. Marc Barrett

    Will you be doing a video about the Starliner test flight being pushed back by SIX MONTHS?

  70. Danil Ulitskiy

    Hey Scott! Love your channel. It’s the 18th anniversary of the death of the mir space station. Do you think you could make a video about it?

  71. Steve Fink

    Elon states that not only did the Russians play hardball on the ICBM sale that faltered, they also treated him poorly on a personal level, twice. Now it’s come back to haunt them. Karma, haha.
    As Peter This says, never bet against Elon.

  72. Sean McDonough

    9:09 – Well, you know what they say: “almost” only counts with horseshoes, hand grenades, and tactical nuclear warfare.

  73. Josh Kaufman

    Scott, could you make a video about the differences of the BE4 and Raptor engine designs?
    You have commented on them before, but it’s a bit confusing when talking about:
    -Staged combustion (Raptor yes, BE4 ?)
    -Closed cycle (Raptor yes, BE4?)
    – GAS/GAS (Raptor yes, BE4?)
    Also, specs could be compared such as projected
    – Specific impulse (Raptor 330-380+)
    – Chamber Pressure (300 Bar?)
    And some advantages/ disadvantages
    i.e. You have stated that BE4 is less complex and therefore easier to develop . .

  74. Green Silver

    I can’t help but wonder if it’ll be ready by April the 1st. 🤔😂

  75. Dans Shade

    Very expensive for an Aprils Fools joke from Elon Musk. But since it involves rocket engines, we’re looking forward to it…

  76. Shubham Ware

    thanx for collecting and putting info. its difficult to comprehend things on twitter but your explanations make it intelligible

  77. Schmoo

    My bad day has been blessed by an upload by Scott himself! My prayers were heard😭

  78. Fulcrum Labs

    Long story short:
    Join him. Don’t even try and beat him.

  79. Josh Kaufman

    @ 8:48 The “Elon Musk” movie is going to be so epic,
    that later generations will not believe these events really happened!

  80. Jerry Rupprecht

    Scott Manley the rocket -scientist- journalist.

  81. likhith km

    That’s how Elon is using his flame throwers??!!🤣🤣

  82. Harrison Wheeler

    The pace at which SpaceX is advancing is astounding. Not since 1960’s Apollo, has so much been done in such a short time. … and took the might of the US Government as well as hundreds of companies, highly motivated, to achieve! It is unbelievable what Musk has been able to accomplish as a single company. I can’t wait for them to light this candle.

  83. Chris Genovese

    Funny how the greed of the Russians that wanted to overcharge Elon for a missle led to SpaceX as we know it and ultimately Crew Dragon, which will now cost Russia billions in lost Soyuz trips.

  84. Matt Horkan

    Elon called the second bfr hopper they are building “orbital class”. Which if true…. Woah.

  85. David Messer

    Starship Hopper really reminds me of the old 1950s science fiction stories like Rocketship Galileo.
    I love it!

  86. Alex Landherr

    This should be renamed “SMANA”, Scott Manley Aerospace News Agency.

  87. Michael Smith

    Scott – don’t worry, your drawing of a turbopump is better than scribbles that Wernher and Gus came up with on a napkin during a late-night snak run to Kenny’s Diner.

  88. Captain_Dorja

    Pushing Roscosmos out of the commercial launch business >: ) Mine is an evil laugh!

  89. RasdenFasden

    Boca Chica sounds like an onomatopoeia for a drum beat

  90. thomasfholland

    Don’t worry about the drawing skills Scott. We love you for your brains!

  91. Upcycle Electronics

    I think he is building a flying minion by the looks of that thing

  92. hoorayimhelping

    “Oh, no missiles for Elon? I’ll just make my own rocket company. With blackjack. And hookers. Ya know what, forget the blackjack and the rocket company.” – Elon Musk, 1998.

  93. John Valerian

    A week in SpaceX time is a year in NASA time. Pretty amazing the engineering involved.

  94. Don Guru de Bro

    Just want to say thank you that you always let us be on the top of the news! :)
    So thank you, keep up that awesome work. <3

  95. zapfanzapfan

    Building a rocket in a field. Elon, the real Astronaut Farmer :-)

  96. Maria Cobretti

    I bet the russians now regret that they didnt sell Elon that rocket a little cheaper

  97. zlozlozlo

    If the Russians had any idea what Elon’s gonna do, they would have just given him the ICBMs :D

  98. René

    6:47 James Webb Space Telescope being destroyed. Launch date pushed back by 20 more years. :O

  99. Adam Carroll

    Elon musk gets price gouged on missiles, make his own and runs them out of business
    Classic Capitalism for the win

  100. Brandon Boynton

    “I’m not a rocket scientist, but I play one on the internet”
    – Scott Manley, Internet Rocket Scientist

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