Perseverance Launches, Starship SN5 Fires, Endeavour Is Coming Home & Astra Tries Again

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It’s a busy few days – the Perseverance rover launched for Mars, Starship SN5 performed a successful test fire of its single raptor engine with a flight possibly as soon as Sunday. We have Hurricanes off the short of Florida but we’re sure Endeavour is coming home with Bob & Doug.
And Astra has another rocket on the pad in Alaska and may be trying another launch in the coming days.

  1. norm1124

    Biology please, maybe on a second channel?

  2. Conall

    7:37, What’s that module wrapped in gold foil and solar panals at the bottom of Harmony?

  3. Richie5903

    No mention of the slight communications blip they had with Perseverance .. I was hoping you would have gone into a little more depth so and explained why it was only a little blip.

  4. Sebastian Loessl

    Ya said “crew stage” when talking about the short separation video clip

  5. Joel River Boat

    Thanks Scott. Great stuff

  6. Mike Burch

    Let’s leave it in imperial units. It’s a much faster than metric. :-)

  7. ot44eto

    Exciting times!

  8. The Yellow Dart

    I remember that they found Curiosity’s wheels were getting worn out faster than they had expected. Does anyone know if they made any changes to Persevere’s wheels?

  9. Brian Cutler

    Nuclear Wessels… Scott Manley you’re killing me!!!! Lmbo!!! God love Chekhov

  10. Steven Horne

    How come we couldn’t see the bell of the upper stage, glow red hot while it was burning?

  11. William Almond

    I love your Star trek IV reference!

  12. Salu omnidentidade

    Busy week! I will launch to Duna this weekend as well

  13. Phill M156

    Nuclear Wessiles? Chekhov?

  14. Hayden Archambault

    How long does it take for the dragon capsule to splashdown from the first sign of rentry? I counted eight minutes from first entry coverage to splashdown for dm1.

  15. Eric Melto

    Was the rovers’ final velocity 26,606 mph. Or 10,000 meters per second?

  16. morskojvolk

    Jezero (pronounced YEH zeh roh) literally means “lake” in several slavic languages.

  17. michael eli

    05:38 Please Scott, that would be so interesting!

  18. Avdax7 Sl

    As I’m watching this great video the ariane 5 galaxy 30 mission is 30 min from launch

  19. Mark Rix

    cheers scott, may they fly safe!!

  20. Mikicat

    It’s like, you watch the telemetry, and you’re like… Is this centaur still working?

  21. vidas v

    Another GREAT video, tnx !

  22. Markus Daxamouli

    Public: oh no not again?
    Nasa: oops which mistake did we re re redo.?

  23. l4mb_ch0p

    nuclear wessels :)

  24. MrSCOTTtheSCOT

    I was looking forward to this launch but forgot about it, thankfully a Twitch reminder popped up on my desktop, annoyed with myself I turned over thinking thanks twitch you saved my bacon to then see the timer at 2 mins 24sec into the launch , nice twitch nice.

  25. trung nguyen hoang

    to keep the Intl segment running. Crew 2 must follow up Crew 1 landing so spring 2021?

  26. dgretlein

    I thought the second stage steering (at 02:55 – 03:00 Mark) and vehicle response (could be seen by the position relative the Mother Earth in the background), was very cool!

  27. Elopeous

    This is like spacex 4th flight.
    I hope they succeed and become a worthy opponent to spacex or virgin orbit

  28. Edward Kennedy

    During the live broadcast of the Perseverance launch, there was a simulation video once the rocket was out of camera range. During the orbital coast between TMI1 and TMI2 the vehicle’s orientation seemed to drift uncontrollably. Was the simulation correct and if so why?

  29. Dmytro Picky

    0:40 you forgot about rd180. not it does anything useful ;)

  30. Den Morin

    Good on you for the Alameda Nuclear Wessel reference.

  31. RicardoA BH

    I hope the wheels of the rover will have less issues:)

  32. Eamon Stack

    Scott, big weekend Ariane too, Eamon (Dublin)

  33. Ed Wilson

    loved the ‘trek reference.. noooklear wessels!!

  34. Frank Renner

    Thanks fo another good ‘spaceflight’ video – one question regarding Perseverance launch: it seems, that this Atlas V has a very high acceleration rate from the beginning / is this typical for missions w/o humans = max. G-force is higher ?

  35. adbell3364

    I loved the Star Trek IV reference!

  36. PlanetCypher

    Nuclear Wessels 😁

  37. Joshua Ponce

    Thank you for the Star Trek IV reference.

  38. Nolan Friedline

    Your the best man, thanks for the updates!

  39. Prowler Cam

    “China Clipper calling Alameda”.

  40. Earl of Doncaster

    3:02 Isn’t the rocket exceeding escape velocity? Also Musk’s going to recover the samples long before NASA/ESA get around to it.

  41. Marty theMartian

    3:03 Crew Stage ??? o_O

  42. Glasstense

    8:37 well certainly. How else can they keep their reputation as miracle workers.

  43. David Henderson

    has there ever been a more space story packed weekend in the history of mankind? i’m thinking not

  44. Strothy2

    Scotty do the mars rocks video first… :D I think it would be amazing to have to martian material here on earth… I mean we probably have through asteroids and so on but this will be a day that will go into the history books

  45. Gustav Licht

    Scott, your voice seems to have changed. Everything OK?

  46. whotknots

    Nuclear wessiles? “Warp three please Mr Chekov!” :)

  47. Doug InOrlando

    Mega Parsecs per hour! WOW!

  48. atimholt

    Megaparsecs per hour.

    (That’d be hilarious, but apparently megaparsec is “Mpc”.)

  49. Right On Yukon

    Scott! Absolutely love your videos! Have you considered running a little bg music behind your monologue? Sometimes the mic clips in my headphones. Thanks so much for all your super informative videos! Much respect, cheers!

  50. Jay Parikh

    Got excited seeing astra cause I thought it was about VASIMR

  51. Richard Sleep

    Thanks, I was waiting for this update :) Scott’s The Man, like an awesome super-nerd ;)

  52. That one guy

    I can’t believe I missed this! I was camping on the Saco river

  53. jonathanrisen

    I saw Percy launch from the A. Max Brewer Bridge! My first ever live rocket launch and it was perfect! Worth getting up early and driving 3 hours for it

  54. Alpha Orionis 911

    So why keep spent boosters for 42 seconds then shed them?

  55. gavinrfuller

    I love how you refer to Perseverance as crew.

  56. planetsoccer99

    MP/H must have been megaparsecs/hr

  57. Antonio Maglione

    Thank you for your “News from Space”!!!
    It sounds very uplifting, this bunch of Space News in a so warmly familiar format.
    Regards from the UK…

  58. wattsmichaele

    Great work. Thank you. I try and share a lot of your videos with others.
    The “news” used to do a better job of reporting these things and others but I guess those days are over for now.
    None were as good as yours though.

  59. Skul

    This is an exciting time to be a space exploration fan–as this video shows.

  60. Nathan Greenway

    Don’t forget the ksp 2 update today

  61. Paperback Writer

    Will the sample return rover ever meet up with Perseverance? I would really love the rovers to take a picture together!

  62. Witchdoctor

    I dont know how I lived my life without Scott and these updates…. thanks!

  63. Becky Mesarch

    thank you so much for the Star Trek reference!

  64. Vader

    9:24 Nice call out to Star Trek IV


    I’m so mad that I overslept and missed the launch!

  66. Alex Triana

    The spacial exploration is entering in a Golden era

  67. Quincipia

    Does your voice sound deeper than usual, or am I just drunk?
    Great video, loving the updates and commentary as always.

  68. Christopher Rill

    This is ‘Murica!

    We use miles per per hour when we want!

  69. Kevin Street

    “But right now I want to look at a bunch of other things that you should be interested in.”

    I’m interested in anything you tell me! Like literally anything.

  70. Jim's videos

    4:58 I expect to hear “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah”

  71. Dale M

    I really love how well you explain stuff for regular ppl with regular language!
    Great vid, thanks Scott

  72. Randy Moffatt

    Alameda, where they used to keep the “nuclear wessels”. Shout out to Walter Koenig, Commander Chekov, Star Trek IV.

  73. NASASpaceflight

    Mars Rover. Mars Rocket. That was a good day :)

  74. Emperor Billy Ritchie

    6:26 yeah we’re gonna see a flying grain silo

  75. FHM Consulting

    In space no-one can hear you scream: Imperial vs Metric: The Sequel

  76. Transistologic

    I noticed that speedometer error too, thanks for covering that up because I was starting to judge myself :)

  77. WinterHell

    MP/H = Megaparsec per Han. It’s an obscure spacetime unit used only on Corellia.

  78. accountnamewithheld

    “[Crew 2] going up late 2021… There’s a good chance by then Boeing’s Starliner will get its ride to the Space Station!”

    Hah, you wish!

  79. Thomas Nichols

    10:10 send it lmao

  80. Paul Paulson

    It’s not the velocity, it’s the consumption rate of their new fuel called “Soylent”, measured in mega people per hour.

  81. Makkendam

    Would love to see a video on the history of boilerplates, their use, famous examples etc. It was one of the things I always heard people talk about and only recently looked into and found them very interesting!

  82. Tetsujin

    1:14 – MP/H is Mega-Pascals per Hour. I guess as the vessel moves faster through the atmosphere it’s subject to extremely high pressure, and they wanted to express how quickly the pressure was rising.

    Or at least I think that’s what they were going for. Pascals are abbreviated Pa, really MP/H would be Mega Peta per Henry, or 10^21 per Henry. So they’re expressing a really, almost immeasurably small inductance, and using an inverse scale to measure it. And that inductance is getting smaller as they continue flying the rocket.

  83. Lifecraft

    1:10 Finally they managed to have the units-impaired guys do the unimportant stuff, i consider this a good omen.

  84. Fabian Selke

    As far as I know telemetry was not provided by Nasa or ULA. The telemetry people could see was precalculated by people that are not involved in the program. Therefore the mixed up units should not be a problem.

  85. TheEqualsE

    When you say Bob and Doug are coming home I picture Bob and Doug McKenzie from SCTV coming back. When they get the order to disengage the order is “Take off, eh.” To which they reply “Taking off, ya hosers.”

  86. QuantumX YT

    1:15 Million Pistols per Hamburger clearly.

  87. Joseph Raffurty

    9:28 Love that Star Trek IV reference there! I chuckled.

  88. Rose Illo

    It’s members of parliament per hour.

  89. Alexander Kenway

    1:15 Mars Perseverance/ Hour

  90. Meyaka Brown

    “Nuclear Wessels” – Chekov & Scott Manley

  91. Tizio

    Aaah beautiful Juicero crater. If you look to your left after landing, you’ll see where the failed startup ditched all of their $700 bag squeezing machines.

  92. patrick favier

    The software engineer of starliner was fired and repositioned on Atlas stream telemetry data.. that will explain the data mismatch.

  93. Chris Hayes

    “Miles per per hour” 😂 watch that curse this entire mission

  94. OtherTheDave

    1:15 Mile-Pounds per Hour

  95. Gregor Alexander

    That was such a phat “hullo”

  96. Florian Steindl

    Incidently, Jezero actually means “lake” in some slavic languages.

  97. Deqster

    “In Almeada where they used to keep the nuclear WESSELS?” Wessels? Verrry well Mr. Scott! :D

  98. Colonel Graff

    9:28 “Nuclear Wessels” dat Star Trek reference

  99. HylanderSB

    It’s pretty cool that Bob’s wife Meghan is going on Crew-2. She was the arm operator on STS-125, Hubble’s last servicing mission so I have a soft spot for her.

  100. hjalfi

    An MP is a megapoise, which is a rather obscure CMS unit of fluid viscosity. One megapoise is 1e6 kg / m s. Since water at 20°C has a viscosity of one centipoise, presumably someone at NASA thinks the Atlas 5 is flying through solid rock or something?

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