OTRAG – A Story Of German Rocket Scientists, African Dictators & Commercial Spaceflight

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Orbital Transport und Raketen AG can claim to be the first private company to attempt to develop a commercial orbital launch solution. Founded by Lutz Kayser and counting Wernher von Braun among its advisors it had a novel approach to commoditizing rocket hardware to create a launch solution that could scale to requirements. It also performed most of the testing and launches in African nations ruled by dictators in addition to making France and the Soviet Union unhappy about a German developed rocket.

The 2015 interview with The Guardian is here:

And there is a feature length documentary called ‘Fly Rocket Fly’ which has been shown at film festivals but not released properly in the US http://otrag.com/english-story

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    this reminds me of the crazy bundles of rockets you’d build in kerbal space that would break apart during launch.

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    Fly Rocket Fly (2018)
    Language: German

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    Great topic to cover, with this relatively unknown endeavor from the 1970s (stretching into the 1980s) … Nice explanation of the components, the engineering of which underpinned the efficiencies that they were striving for.

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    Fly Rocket Fly is available on Amazon instant Video and Free to watch if you have Amazon Prime

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    The Movie “Fly Rocket Fly” covers the story very well!

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    I love imagining the subtitles for the post-failure conversation with Mobutu at 6:24.
    General: “Look over there, was it supposed to do that?”
    Designer: “Well, you see, it kind of started flying at an angle, which caused a small problem”
    General: “No, no. I’m sure it’s supposed to go straight up, like this.”

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    Oh yes ! I remember having seen that in the belgian documentary “Mobutu, King of the ZaÏre”

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    I remember reading a pretty positive-sounding (IIRC) article about OTRAG in an issue of OMNI Magazine in late 1980 or early ’81 (again, IIRC on the date).

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    Like a lot of failed projects they were chasing too low a price point and applying cheap solutions that only partly solved a problem. The basic concept of clustering is sound after all that is exactly what soyuz and space X do. It seems like an ideal aplication for HTP/RP1 engines a la the gama used on Black Knight a highly capable design killed by the same politics that sought to peserve the US monopoly of the time. The cold war era just was not the time to develop comercial launch systems. I suspect there are a lot of good engineering solutions hiding in the supressed space programes of may countries.

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    Has there ever been an orbital vehicle that successfully used _only_ differential thrust for steering? To my knowledge the concept has never worked, but correct me if I’m wrong.

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    Now I’m remembering the Mythbusters test where they made a rocket sled to launch Buster through the air that was powered by nothing but Estes motors. That was a nightmare to get working, and that was just one stage – they resorted to putting the tail of the rocket in a pan of black powder just because they knew there was no way that wouldn’t hit all the rockets.
    Now I’m remembering my brush with rocketry as a little boy. Nothing was less reliable than that electric launch system. Sometimes it launched in a few seconds, sometimes after tense minutes…and if you’re anything like me, sometimes the wind kills you before staging can.

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    Remember the Canadian space gun/artillery designer who couldn’t get any work in the west, so he worked for some dubious folk in the ME, and got assassinated?

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    otrag engineers: how many boosters do you want?
    lutz: yes
    ortag: is 50 enough?
    lutz: moar boosters!!!

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    Never heard of this at all, sounds like a similar story to Gerald Bull and his orbital guns. Apart from the end, instead of an island he ended up being assassinated by Mossad… probably.

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    In the Dark Days before Thiokol Rubber.
    @2:30 “Are We Men? No! We Are DEVO!”
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    Yep, that looks like a 70s era automotive windshield wiper motor right in the middle at 2:55

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    Oh that’s interesting, I am from Germany and have already read about the German rocket company on Wikipedia but could not find much about it.

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    There was a design being kicked around McDonnell Douglas back during the Reagan SDI years. They called it the Barbarian.
    It was 12 clustered Delta II 1st stages, 3 Shuttle SRBs, with a 5M Titan IV fairing on top. I don’t recall what was being used as an upper-stage. During that time they would have probably opted for either a Boeing IUS or a Lockheed 2 engine Centaur. One of the managers had a model of it in his office. It was impressive.

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    Lol “We want to build incredibly simple rockets”
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    A strange twist to this story. The journalist of the Guardian article on Lutz was Kim Wall. She was murdered by Peter Madsen, mad inventor who built his own submarine, and now wanted to build rocket and go to space in collaboration with Copenhagen Suborbitals. They called him the RocketMan. He tortured and killed her on board his own submarine and dumped her dismembered body in the ocean. He is now in prison indefinetly. RIP Kim and the Danish Space Program.

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    just wanted to say thank you for starting me on my path to becoming an aerospace engineer about 4 years ago. you’re the best.

  92. Rocketmaster 2016

    Thanks Scott for doing a video about OTRAG! Lutz Kayser actually was my granduncle, although i Never got to See him as He basically lived on the other side of the world…
    The movie is really Good and informative and i recommend watching it , but it only covers the story when they were in Zaire.
    I may still have some original documents lying around, so if you Want i could send some Pictures of them to you.

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    That guy was obsessed with asparagus

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    This design is insane! Like, they are aware of square-cube law, right? And they went against it…
    Also: people are afraid that we might develop weapons, so to elevate their concerns lets work with dictators!

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    I love the progression here. They had to leave Germany, so they went to Zaire and worked with Mobutu. Then they have to leave Zaire and went to Libya and worked with Ghaddafi. Then oh by the way they had an original Hitler painting.
    Great people.

  97. TWX1138

    The largest flying model rocket I ever built used a cluster of seven Estes D engines. I hadn’t realied how badly misalignment of the ganged body-tubes would affect the flight performance of the rocket, it partly broke midair, pitched downward, caught fire while still flying, and crashed right after the engines burned out. Needless to say, I kept it to single-engines per-stage after that.

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    Russian N1 rocket: 30 engines
    SpaceX Starship: 37 engines
    ORTAG: hold my beer

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