OSIRIS REx, New Horizons & Chang’e 4 Make History

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In 3 days we’ve had OSIRIS REx orbit the smallest body ever orbited by a spacecraft, New Horizons made a flyby of the most distant object yet and Chang’e 4 became the first spacecraft to land on the far side of the moon.
I need to find time for sleep :)

  1. Slabsurfer

    Now to spend the weekend trying to do 1 or all three of these in KSP. Thanks Scott, sleep while you can lad 😆

  2. Paul Kirilov

    Amazing Start This Year !!!

  3. melkerart

    Lots of fun and interesting facts and news about space, presented very nicely! Thanks Scott 👍

  4. Anders Thomsen

    Isn’t it supposed to be pronounced “kharon” like the greek mythology ferryman?

  5. Howard Xiao

    forget about putting the silk worm and plant on moon, the Chinese Scientist have done HIV-resisted gene edited baby last year, lol

  6. XavierBetoN

    Reminds me of Animatrix – Final flight of the Osiris. Will we ever reach Titan or AI will make it there? As they’ve already reached Mars before us lol

  7. Nathan Holt

    Something i thought of while watching the video i know how we measure relative velocity but how do we measure velocity when taking into account 1. the speed the solar system moves in the galaxy 2. The speed the galaxy is moving.
    I can see how we can get relative velocity for another galaxy to guess but how accurate could you get the speed we’re moving at accounting for everything on that scale?

  8. Lord Ashbury

    I visited some friends in Xichang back in May which is where the Chinese launched that thing from. Its hidden amongst hills but apparently you can see the launches plain as day from parts of the city when they happen :D

  9. Charles Lambert

    Turns out Chang-E is actually just a cover for Shrimp in a Box part 3.

  10. Scott Johnstone

    I think it’s very interesting that they are using radar to probe beneath the lunar surface, not that we will be given the truth about it.

  11. Dmytro Picky

    again and again TY for metrics and GJ overall

  12. Nick Chan

    Oh ,so cool

  13. Terry Zha


  14. Majorplayer

    Charon is such an awesome looking moon

  15. MickDundee24

    Keep it up Scott.

  16. Viesturs Siliņš

    Thanks for the update Scott!
    I very much enjoy your space news videos (among others) and wanted to share a point of feedback that offten comes to mind, when viewing them. The videos would be markedly improved if you shared links to your sources in the description.
    I didn’t have special dificulty with this one, but there have been cases where I was unable to find the referenced materials on my own for further reading. And besides viewer convienence, it just seams like a good form.

  17. Jacob Jacob

    Great video! Could you please talk about the rings of Saturn?

  18. Johan VonStutenheint

    “Processed” complete surface obliteration… “Processed” Scott Manley don’t gaf.

  19. Upcycle Electronics

    Awesome coverage of the international scene! I sure wish humanity would pivot space to put an axe in Nationalism. We all need each other. No one is capable of doing better alone than they are together. There is no conflict that is impossible to overcome with good communication, reasoning, and diplomacy.

  20. hefe batsen

    The rate at which you produce high quality Videos is insane

  21. Dmytro Picky

    extra extra! Bugs took over the Moon!

  22. Greenthumb Gaming

    I knew it was BB-8 all along haha

  23. funestis

    Ultima Tule looks like something from SCP universe.

  24. F.D. English

    Thank God. I was gonna unsubscribe if I heard Brian Mays name.
    Lol cus I’ve kinda like ya

  25. BSJinx

    12:20 They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonized it. So, technically, the Chinese have colonized the Moon. In your face, Neil Armstrong! (With tongue in cheek and apologies to Andy Weir)

  26. zapfanzapfan

    For my money Ultima Thule looks like BB-8 :-)
    I wonder if the “eyes” are craters that expose subsurface ice that has not been processed by radiation yet.

  27. bombud1

    the double lobe is evidence of the electrical machining of the surface of a planetary body. electric universe ftw.

  28. Bret DeFrain

    David Gilmour and Rodger Waters did it first.

  29. penroc3

    bugs in space what could go wrong……right ripley? or maybe they will hatch a brain bug

  30. Wilfred Brimstone

    no dryer sheets in space STATIC CLING

  31. X00MER

    This is the best way 2019 could begin.

  32. Insanely Me

    Just like KSP… You launch 3 missions months apart from each other to different parts of the system, and they all reach their maneuvers at the same damn time.

  33. jonmiranda93

    Another excellent video Scott! I loved the section talking about how spherical the components or ultimate Thule are. Excellent breakdown even for us non physics people.

  34. nansubuga ester

    looking forward to all the updates

  35. DJ Tan

    Can we put our differences aside, and go conquer space already!…

  36. Pup314

    When people say “dark side of the moon” they use the word dark to mean unknown, unseen, unexplored, as in Deepest Darkest Africa, those places not seen by European explorers back in the 1800s. It is a correct term, though not accurate in regards to lighting. Until the Russians mapped the far side of the moon no one knew what was there, and it certainly doesn’t look like the side facing us either.

  37. freezatron

    I watched the Ultima Thule press conference and they did say they’re not sure about the density and that they’re hoping it has something orbiting it which will give them a more precise idea of the density, that 0.2 grams per cc is the lowest it could be with a 15/16 hour period :)
    I’d like to know what the gravity profile looks like as you travel from one pole to the other across the surface, especially across the neck valley.
    They also said that with a period of 2 to 4 hours it would break up, (their best guess thus far)
    With a total volume of about 7.5 trillion cubic meters that means a minimum density of about 1.5 trillion tons, I wonder how much gravity there is compared to earth ? – 0.1% ?
    I’m also curious how long it takes to orbit the sun at 44 AU
    I don’t know how to do that calculation ….
    which would make for a great theme for an episode, how to calculate the gravity of a given body of mass :)
    Another thing that amused me is that they said the two spheres came together at about walking speed, the “not enough to claim insurance” speed if two cars bumped together :D

  38. Ana Mesić

    Always number 33 must be somehow included

  39. kampkrieger

    is it not just 2 asteroids that stick together by gravioli and rounded up each other?

  40. Connor Johnson

    Ksp one of the asteroids back to earth with a arcade claw and a parachute

  41. Joe Blazer

    China sent bugs to the moon.
    Have they never seen a scifi movie?

  42. David Hauka

    Thanks, Mr. Manley! Brilliant, as always!

  43. TioKilo

    Will you be showing the landing video once/if it does come to be released?

  44. TrailBlazer

    You da’ man Scott! Thanks again

  45. Brandon SDA

    I love that you’ve turned your channel into space news. I always look forward to hearing your version of the news!

  46. Joshuancsu

    No rest for the weary. Keep it up though! You have the best coverage of all of the exciting space news happening these days.

  47. Keith Lambell

    Thanks for presenting by far the best summary of “Space News” out there … :-)

  48. Agent 008

    67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko! Rolls of the tongue like a triangular cube through butter.

  49. ThePerspexAvenger

    extra terrestrial bug?
    *desire to know more intensifies*

  50. wboyle0

    Milles? I think they meant miles. NEVER convert metric to imperial for space missions or data!

  51. Samuel Churchill

    Nothing excites me more than seeing a new Scott Manley video pop up in my inbox.

  52. Jim F

    The Chinese will never release live footage. This way when it crashes, they have time to produce fake data and film.
    But hey, on a brighter note, we now know the origins of frosty the snowman!

  53. Red Ice

    Extra terrestrial bugs? Well I’m never going to go to Buenos Aires then

  54. Lewis Massie

    I knew as soon as I read the name 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko that people would be butchering it forever so I made sure that I was doing it properly.
    Also my team won a quiz once because I was the only one who could remember the name

  55. Dave Kincla

    Brilliantly informative! Thanks Scott :)

  56. Sami Anttila

    Space bugs. Sound like Starship Troopers scenario.

  57. Leandro Gabriel

    1:00 “is much darker” (it’s a screenshot from a YT video)

  58. OldGamerNoob

    Wow, that lander is huge
    (I thought it was like hip-high, not twice a person’s height)

  59. simio1337

    Holy your comedic timing with the BB-8 joke was spot on!

  60. michaelfink64

    Nice video, Scott. Keep up to good work.

  61. Rapaladude

    I’m with Pink Floyd.
    The Dark Side of the Moon.

  62. esphi LEE

    Scott Manley,
    why QueQiao is stationed at L2? Would the moon block the line of sight? Why not L4 or L5?

  63. Astrostevo

    Excellent summary clip.
    BB-8 – LOL! Love it! ;-)
    Plus the comparison of all objects seen up close by spacecraft already including Ultima at the 4 minute mark and so much more.
    Cheers for this. Sharing.

  64. vivek soley

    Interesting additional information about Ultima Thule and Chang e 4…
    Also thanks for specifying the term ‘far side’ and that it’s not really the ‘dark side’ of the Moon.

  65. aserta

    I think a decent visualization of how a contact is made is to have a wide bowl of water and two clumps of dust, separate from each other. If one then spins a paddle at center fast for a few seconds to create a vortex then lets the water spin down, eventually the two clumps will “meet”. Deformations occur, but, for that initial contact moment, they exist as a sort of 2D contact binary. If one does the spin just right, where the spin ends right when the contact happens, they exist like that for much longer, spinning in the center.

  66. Dante Alighieri

    The amateur estimates on it’s shape just blows my mind. It’s a beautiful thing.

  67. Eexpers

    huh interesting i’d like to hear more about the limits of NASA (and/or other space agencies) working with others.
    also what sorta equipment would amateurs need to see / hear that moon mission stuff? I imagine it can’t be seen at all and probably groups communicating with each other to get a triangulation of radio signals (the variations from different points on earth) is that right? I imagine you could figure out the orbit by its speed and its speed by frequency shift right?

  68. David Parry

    _Never eat the BROWN SNOWMAN…_

  69. Rotoprism

    115 views and 60 likes, that is a pretty good ratio.

  70. Chris Eaton

    This channel is my main source for news.

  71. David Parry

    Bennu… The home-world of the Clangers and also known as ‘the rubble heap’….

  72. Tiberius Maximus

    whoa that landing video was sweet! never seen anything like it, gj China

  73. Mario Verkerk

    Awesome stuff! :D Can’t wait what the results of all these missions are.

  74. C Wel

    BALLER, loved that landing footage.

  75. johnny llooddte

    they drove past a rock ahahah ahaha a rock … and the chinese got lost….life changing…

  76. Core E

    That’ll be Socialist Communist Moon Bug Colony. From here on out okay? 👌😎👍

  77. MonkeyspankO

    Planetary formation, the compound interest of the universe

  78. Hector Keezy

    Hi Scott. Great informative vid’s you produce. Never a dull momemt. You’re the MAN. 👍

  79. Bapo Rapo

    Thank you for making these videos scott this is the type of depth and explanation I want. Loving these talks you give about new discoveries and any topic on space!

  80. Kien D Luu

    Just curious if there is a flat astroid society. Lol

  81. zhenye li

    I’m a Chinese, and I’m very upset beacuse there’s no live coverage about the moon landing.

  82. Seicara

    what a way to start the new year! what launch are you most excited for this year?

  83. Matt Horkan

    Wait wait wait. We kinda glossed over the bugs. If they go through at least one reproductive generation before dying doesnt that make them the first life, or complex life we know of to be born on another world? That’s a pretty big deal

  84. Thunderbolt Lightning

    Yes, the guy that started Chinese space programme, Qian Xuesen, was a student of Theodore von Kármán. Actually Qian himself was one of the six Caltech graduate students that started JPL. The guy certainly had a very interesting life. Somehow in his later years he became quite obsessed with some pseudoscience stuff~

  85. MrVipitis

    I watched the press conference and the geology dude has by far the best data to show and share. Afterall it’s a rock.

  86. DeathbyPixels

    Congratulations to everyone involved in all these missions! I wish we didn’t have to have all these rules against space agencies communicating. We’re all human, we’re all looking up at the same universe. It would be extremely beneficial to science for us to truly work together!

  87. Admiral Bob

    The non-cooperation rules for NASA are stupid. China has already proven ICBM level tech (the first job of any space program). Saving them some time by sharing a study we have already done or vice versa does not make them a more dangerous foe… Nuking anywhere you want anytime is max level and they have already gotten there.

  88. Merlin Tix

    Pareidolia at it’s best. Now I can’t unsee the moon screaming at me.
    @ 9:10

  89. ABaumstumpf

    What is really interesting about both to me is how difficult it is to send the Data that far with so little power.
    And the 2 lobbed round shape:
    That might very well be a result of them “colliding”. If they came into a close orbit that decayed they might as well have scratched each other hundreds of times, just slightly bouncing of each time and slowly grinding them self down to spheres.

  90. Firman Pandi

    You need to be drunk out of vodka to said “Churyumov–Gerasimenko” properly ;D

  91. Gordon Richardson

    The occultation image at 07:45 shows how accurate the technique is, and useful long before space probes were able to visit and take photographs.

  92. thomasfholland

    Comet 67pzdsfrtdsds you know, that one!! 😆

  93. Ben Schofield

    6 cm per second orbital speed!

  94. Domagoj Terzic

    I find it very interesting how it’s impossible to judge height over lunar terrain in that Chang’e 3 landing.

  95. Chandan Sinha

    Totally missed the OSIRIS-Rex part. Why did no one else cover it? Thanks a lot Scott!

  96. Samovar maker

    In 1959, Luna 3 took the first images of the far side of the moon.
    In 2019, Chang’e 4 landed on the far side of the moon.

  97. ApolloAerospace

    Extra terrestrial Bugs ? KSP has a lot of them.

  98. Marcus Tullius Cicero

    “You could not imagine a wider contrast in term of velocities”
    Parker Solar Probe crying in a corner

  99. RedPuma90

    Hey Scott, could you make a video on transmission technologies throughout space? What frequencies the probes are using, what modulation, which error correction modes, what goes into receiving these extremely faint signals with the huge DSN discs, what bitrates can be achieved, which relays we have in space (MRO etc.) and so on?
    I might be biased because of my background in computer science and electronics but I think these are very interesting topics.

  100. Jeffrey Bue

    Your channel is an excellent example of using Youtube to reach a niche audience. I grown so accustomed to waiting on your “take” on these space-news events that I’ve almost quit reading the mainstream news media space related articles. Their reporting on these events is usually not detailed enough for me or they just flat-out get stuff wrong. I really enjoy the channel Scott. Keep doing what you’re doing. This is definitely one of my favorite Youtube channels.

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