Nauka & New Shepard Fly To Space – What Do They Have In Common?

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By sheer coincidence a number of long incubating space projects have launched in July – Unity, New Shepard, Nauka and Starliner’s second demo mission expected to round out the month. It’s great to see all these fly, but I have one favourite….

One thing that didn’t show any sign of slowing down was SpaceX’s booster test in Boca Chica, clearly the experience of failures with Starship testing has at least solidified their testing, welding and ground procedures.’s Booster test video.

  1. Joy L

    “grab hold of it and give it the love and attention it needs”
    that made me tear up in laughter!

  2. NCTRenegade

    Well… as a conclusion: That does mean, that every Male has a Rocket in their Pants!

  3. Arioch IV

    I did like how Bezos tried to shake Wally’s hand and she hugged him instead.

  4. Maximiliano Montero

    -“It’s tiny!”
    -“But aerodynamic, fly safe baby”

  5. Zerg

    In the meeting where they discussed the phallic physics… i put it to you, that they’re secretly very pleased by that. If it was my ship, i would have demanded it.

  6. Damien Drouart

    “Yeeee, 5 Gs!”
    This lady is a true badass, of the species we sadly don’t make anymore.

  7. ritta lisa

    “I spend 3 minutes in the high atmosphere playing with a ball, I’m a astronaut!”
    Yeah sure, i spend 2 weeks in a cruise ship but I’m not Christopher Columbus.

  8. Sir Jeffels

    “When you get that amount of angry chemicals, this stuff can’t fail to burn. The trick is just making sure that it burns through the rocket nozzles”

  9. Mirko Hahn

    “Hot staging” aka “spacebar-friendly rocket design”.

  10. Robert Miller

    I haven’t found “it looks like a dong” funny since the 70’s.

  11. Jeremy Hawq

    They wanted to go but didn’t want the negative press and money is clearly no issue

  12. Colin Southern

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term “pocket rocket”.

  13. Murasaki

    “The Proton rocket is ugly.” Yeah, but it’s got a great personality.

  14. Brock Barnhill

    “Grab ahold of it, and give it the attention it needs.”

  15. Draco Nightwalker

    9:30. i have never laughed harder. grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs” how many takes did you have for that one?

  16. Daniel San Pedro

    “Grab hold of this and give it the love and attention that it needs” – Best line ever

  17. PillBox UK

    If that was me in that capsule, I’d spend more time staring out the window.

  18. R0ACH44

    “It’s important that we grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs”

    That’s what she said.

  19. Matt Cline

    Ok, so now Elon, it’s your turn to say, “hold my beer”

  20. David G

    5:50 Comcast must have given him the same time window for service as the spaceflight.
    I mean, haven’t we all canceled other important things to not miss a Comcast appointment?

  21. Douglas Modesto

    “The Proton rocket is ugly”
    C’mon Scott.. really??

  22. DummyJoe

    9:35 “grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs” I LOVE YOU SCOTT I died laughing

  23. History Scope

    Thank you for saying “from the Netherlands” and not “from Holland”

  24. Daniel Tsosie

    So, we’re saying its designed for aerodynamic insertion? :D

  25. kiwivogel

    Nauka seems to be in a bit of a pickle though : / Lots of technical gremlins

  26. Adam Greenhaus

    I wanna be the kind of 82-year-old who can pull 5g and go “woohoo!!” the entire time.

  27. Air Command Rockets

    It was amazing how much time they spent in the capsule looking at each other rather than out the giant windows.

  28. GoodFeller

    9:38 couldn’t help but add that extra bit at the end could you Scout

  29. Fenrir Furry

    “It’a important we grab hold of it and give it the attention it needs” XD

  30. Skougi

    Appropriate use of “odyssey.” Yeeeeeaaaaaaah! Homer would be so proud hehe

  31. Paul Vale

    Wife: giving me her death stare.
    Me: I’m just checking the proportions for science dear.

  32. MonsterSound

    Boeing: “Hey Dragon. Move it! We want that parking spot.”
    SpaceX: “But we were here first.”
    Boeing: “Doesn’t matter. We are Boeing.”
    SpaceX: “OK, we’re moving. No need to call your Senators.”

  33. davor

    finally the debate what’s the best shape to penetrate space can be put to rest

  34. Dethmeister

    Oliver had been waiting his whooooole life to get to space.

  35. Anacronian

    Scott is insane, The Proton rocket is goddamn beautiful and elegant.

  36. Robert Ullrich

    My takeaway from the video is that a part of my anatomy is scientifically the ideal shape for getting into space.

  37. Jonesy

    If I had that much to spend I would be looking out the window the whole time taking so pictures, not doing flips and throwing balls around. Save that for the zero g airplane.

  38. b0bom0jo

    Great video, saw that the guardian had some quotes from you in their article about the rockets shape.

  39. Afdch

    “more space on a space station”
    I believe there’s a loooot of space up there ;)

  40. Charlie Hooks

    I like how he talked about new shepherd looking like a wang for longer than he talked about virgin galactic, starliner, and space x combined

  41. Jeremiah

  42. trezapoioiuy

    I glad to hear that a part of me is aerodynamically optimized for reaching apogee.

  43. CERMY - 'Epic' Mobile Gam

    I saw “Nauka” and I thought (for 5 seconds) why the title is in Polish 🤣

  44. Josh

    Interesting thing to note is that Oliver is the first human born in the 21st century to fly into space.

  45. Richard Bowley

    While it might look like Dr. Evil’s “giant p*nis” rocket in “Austin Powers 2”, when separated, the capsule looks more like a gumdrop with parachutes.

  46. N N

    “… but the physics said that it has to be this shape…” – understood, sir!

  47. Marty theMartian

    10:41 Blue Origin studied many different shapes, and chose the one that most looked like Jeff’s head :D

  48. Joshua Simonson

    “grab hold of it and give it the love it needs’ SCOTT NO! XD

  49. Capn Rotbart

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate just how odd looking the Proton 3rd stage engine assembly is.

  50. Xobotun

    Wait, why have I known about Unity and New Shepard couple of weeks prior to their flights and even catched a glimpse of a realtime Youtube streaming, yet I have completely missed that Nauka launch?! That Russian space agency really needs some better PR job. Still, I’m glad it’s finally got to the space it was long aimed at. :3

  51. Lightlydock

    It’s great to see nature inspire technology

  52. Carl Explores

    Grab hold of it…and give it the love it needs!? Hilarious! 😂

  53. J Z

    the kid the oldy and the Bezos billionaire… sounds like a setup for a joke hehe

  54. Richard AhMyT

    I hope Elon buys a ticket and takes a shake weight with him.

  55. Andrew Hart

    If blue origin does not make enough money on the space flights, painting adverts on the side from the porn and sex toys industry should rescue their finances

  56. Prot Eus

    “grab hold of this and give it the love and attention that it needs” – Oh, you went there :P

  57. Vincent Groenewold

    To be honest, with that blanket incident, I wouldn’t trust it one bit.

  58. Grant Oberhauser

    “You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.”
    -Blue Origin

  59. Jason Mendez

    9:42 “Grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs”….Nice!

  60. James Hutto

    Yeah grab it and give it the love it deserves. Alrighty, I’m done.

  61. Ramash440

    “The Proton rocket is a bit ugly”
    The one point I will always disagree with on Scott videos. I just like stubby rockets I guess

  62. J S

    “Grab ahold and give it the love and attention it needs” I almost choked on my lunch from this one. Lmao.

  63. UniTrader

    “Colonel, you better take a look at this Radar.”
    “What is it, Son?”
    “I don’t know Sir, but it looks like a giant….”

  64. Kyle Kane

    “Grab hold of it with both hands”
    Its not about the length.. Its All about the width baby.

  65. Supple ZombieKitten

    I am not surprised that engineering came up with the same shape as evolution. Everybody know that a member has to pass through quite tough environments and stick the landing. There is one thing I am quite thankful for to evolution, that there is no need for separation of the top and bottom parts ;)

  66. TechyBen

    This sounds like most of my DIY… starts 20 years ago, things still forgotten. XD
    The hedge fund manager did not have a scheduling conflict… he was just hedging his bets…

  67. Ma9x

    My girlfriend & I refer to Blue Origin as the Ann Summers Space Agency on account of them launching a design from the ‘battery operated’ section of the catalogue. ;)

  68. Surak of Vulcan

    “Grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs.” -Scott Manley, true Scotsman

  69. Jonathan McD

    I’d be rooted to my seat letting them get on with it as I’d be in it for the view…….just think what they missed out on.

  70. Myles Willis

    “Scheduling conflict” = spouse wont let me go.

  71. Johnny J

    5:40 Scheduling conflict means having a fear of shitting their pants in public.

  72. Skorj Olafsen

    “‘I’m not sure where the price gets before I’m interested” says the man who bought an Eve Online ship worth $30,000.

  73. Tangy Diesel

    All I could think about was “The Dictator” movie, where they’re arguing over the shape of the rocket.

  74. MrOvimik

    “Grab a hold of this and give it the love and attention that it needs!” Best line in this video :D

  75. 221 b

    That stuff around 10 minutes… you’re killing me.

  76. Odysseus

    Probably the best episode of Scott Manley I’ve ever seen

  77. Harrison William

    i love watching hypergolic rockets, the idea of the chemicals that are being used and their reactive power is amazing

  78. VolusRus

    “The Proton rocket is ugly”

    Do not worry little Proton, he doesn’t mean it

  79. Dr Franks

    “schedule conflict” aka Wife put her foot down, and said NO. Kelso got grounded.

  80. theAessaya

    It’s pronounced nah-OOH-kah, Scott ;)

  81. Teck 1015

    So…what you’re saying is the average male junk is aerodynamically stable while ascending, built with maximum volume in mind, and needs to also have a stable descent. Interesting….VERRRRRY interesting….

  82. DJ Straylight

    Thanks Scott! Glad I didn’t have to watch the post flight press conference for blue origin. I did hear that one of Wally’s complaints was the capsule was too small to do backflips in zero-g.

  83. Tee Vee

    Best line ever, “It’s important that we grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it needs” LOL thanks for that!

  84. Rebel N Trains

    I had to stop the video for a few after you said “grab a hold of it and give it the love and attention it needs”. Omg the best comment ever spoken on YouTube!

  85. Cherti

    Blue origin looking into nature to find the shape that defines the best thrust to penetration ratio :D

  86. skullyfromlethal

    Regarding the spin, Blue Origin have said in the past it’s specifically to give a better view of the Earth below (but the spin stabilisation is probably another aspect of it)

  87. Gediminas Bulatovas

    “And I think it’s important that we grab hold of this and give it the love and attention that it needs” :))))

  88. LittleJohnSmith

    Can we all just appreciate “Grab hold of this and give it the love and attention it deserves”

  89. Fred Bloggs

    Wally Funk is 82, and even now she’s probably more dynamic that I’ve ever been in my entire life.

  90. Brian Richman

    Wally Funk… My yard guy used to cut her grass and tend to her garden about 20 years ago! Small world.

  91. Oli S

    9:41 great line considering the previous one 😂😂😂

  92. Emre Çağatay Köse

    10:52 Scott: This is the ideal capsule body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like

  93. Ecto Gaming 20

    nauka finally made it up. ive been eagerly waiting for it

  94. Barack Obama

    Scott, a lot of times when astronauts are removed it’s is worded imperfectly back in the days of NASA when some astronauts were removed due to illness, etc and NASA just initially called it a scheduling conflict on several occasions. We might get more info but if it is a medical thing then it is probably private information.

  95. Piotr Podsiadły

    Nauka means “Science” in Polish 💛

  96. Ayush Kumar

    the rocket has a phallic shape because its ultimate mission is bootes void

  97. Steve Schritz

    “Angry Chemicals” – I can’t think of a better way to describe hypergolic rocket fuels lol

  98. Inside pants

    Was there a year that had no Rockets launched after the first rocket launched?

  99. Barack Obama

    “The proton rocket is ugly”

    *you have provoked a gang war*

  100. SD GAMER

    The NS-16 was amazing!

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