NASA’s OSIRIS REx Mission Ends Up With More Than It Expected

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NASA’s OSIRIS REx spacecraft was supposed to grab a sample of the asteroid Bennu so that it could be returned to Earth for analysis. The spacecraft grabbed the sample on Tuesday, but, it’s taken a few days to actually get photos of the tool and now it’s realized they have a problem with too much material. Larger pieces of regolith have kept the sample head from closing properly, so material is slowly being lost.
As a result, the mission operators are skipping past a number of important tests and going straight to storing the sample for return to avoid losing more.
  1. João de Carvalho

    If the asteroid is a bunch of rocks loosely held together, will it not fall apart when it comes in contact with Earth’s atmosphere?

  2. Edison Bruce

    “So long, Bennu. And thanks for all the gravel.” Needs to be on a t-shirt IMMEDIATELY!

  3. Anna Fraley

    Amazing & Interesting amount a Factual data… Thanks for covering these kind of subjects 😎👍✅

  4. Helium Road

    So this means Bruce Willis just needs a garden shovel to bury the nuke in the asteroid.

  5. HuntingTarg

    _festina lente_ : [Latin, approx.] – ‘make haste at your leisure.’

  6. Khannea


  7. UneducatedSeinor

    Thank you for covering this I was trying to find out how much mats Rex got

  8. Carlos Dlt

    I was trying to go to bed in Florida.. then Manley.

  9. Bill Angell

    Could the lock the canister in then use the nitrogen to clean the sealing surface, or maybe it a qd check connection

  10. David Wishengrad

    That was really nice Scott. Thank you for putting all of this together for us.

  11. tricky1992000

    Sounds like bennu if it was to hit earth would break up in the atmosphere.

  12. Tyler Walter

    No way this just came out 😂 what a coincidence when I was looking for something to watch! Thank you Scott!

  13. Darren AM

    I sure hope they didn’t nudge that thing on an even closer orbit to earth. Amazing stuff though Mr M…peace to ya.

  14. sammo303

    It sort of seems like the design of the sample capturing mechanism is inherently at risk of becoming jammed and therefore the problem should have been foreseen. Maybe it was and dismissed as unlikely or changes made to the design to reduce the risk. I guess the engineering side has much to learn, same as the scientific side. Fascinating footage, what a wonderful time to be alive.

  15. Sir Bader

    Premature excavation. Happens to the best of us.

  16. Andrew Locke

    Amazing. Let’s hope The Andromeda Strain was just fiction!

  17. ben3847

    it‘s like they never made sand cakes in kindergarten, ofc a lid won‘t be able to close when there is debris. the people who designed this are certainly being paid way too much to not think of this

  18. Earl Harewood

    i’m still convinced this mission is more about learning what it’s made of so we can effectively blast this thing into smithereens before it hits us.

  19. Rok Adamlje

    If the asteroid is soo loose, then any contact with atmosphere will just disintegrate it, no matter the size?

  20. rrobertt13

    I don’t see how returning the samples will not fail with all that debris flying around.
    Fortunately, smart people are working on it, so let’s hope.

  21. Ismail Yusof

    Great explanation of the operation to collect Benu’s sample. Thanks Scott Manley. You da man!

  22. mmarlaire

    If an astroid like this were to enter Earth’s atmosphere, would it hold its shape? Or would it basically be like throwing a handful of dry dirt into the air, disintegrating immediately?

  23. Glenn Bevensee

    Went from “Just the tip” to “________ Deep”
    Yeah, I know where HR is, I’ll start walking…

  24. AmoOne

    it was a kiss! love is in the air. by air i mean vacuum

  25. Will Black

    “Touch And Go” Sounds like how a certain former VP operates.

  26. SouthJerseySound

    If it’s such a loose construction that our probe easily penetrated it like that what risks could it pose to earth.

  27. Zeithri

    Return of Bennu
    ” _Gimmie back my Gravel!_ “

  28. Chris Yonk

    Benny: Dont worry lads, you can have it all soon enough.

  29. Eren Jaeger

    Hes my dream uncle

  30. Friday Californiaa

    Next time I see my GF, I’ll tell her about sampling her… 😂

  31. Michael G

    I’ll bet Brian May would love to see some of this.

  32. peter williams

    So can they calculate the change in orbit of Bennu after the spacecraft collision?

  33. Richard Zippler

    Gave a raspberry to a ball of gravel, nice. While I’m happy that the mission has been a success so far I’m still amused by the idea of OSIRIS being accidentally lawn darted into Bennu.

  34. R H

    So it’s a failure that is moving at the speed of a disabled snail. Guess there will be a part 2 then.

  35. Travels of Munch

    I love that parody shirt, I’ve got one with the actual mission patch

  36. Valenorious

    Future-Bennu inbound for Earth: I want my pebbles back!

  37. bandungmee

    Earth citizen: im going to take sample from bennu to avoid it

    Bennu: aghhh, something touched my surface. Now i know that earth exists.

  38. britshell

    “OOPs! All Asteroid” cereal coming to a store near you.

  39. Frik

    So who came up with “Osiris Rex”? Sounds like a villain from the Power Rangers.

  40. Jamie Hardie

    If the asteroid is so weakly packed together possibly, what’s the damage that the spacecraft could have done when leaving?

  41. Daniel Johansson

    Imagine swimming in that sea of rocks. You culd probably drive into the ground like in a pool on earth.

  42. Charles Van Noland

    @1:16 I’m all alone watching this in the dark and it’s almost 2AM, and this part had me feeling like the Langoliers are after me!

  43. Efraim Luyando

    Even if Bennu comes near Earth, it doesn’t seem like a hard asteroid.

  44. Michael Zimmermann

    if the asteroid’s density is that low, would a collision with earth even cause any harm?
    I’d imagine that the atmospheric drag would turn it into a dust cloud.

  45. kippie80

    In talking space with kids the other day, I’d clarifed to them that we actually -are- in space. Yeah, obvious right? Well think about your options for space vehicles? Left me feeling pretty vulnerable. How about we all take good care of this Earth capsule.

  46. AbleDelta

    Take your time, in a hurry. The motto of gunfighters everywhere.

  47. BAC

    Wow that was a merry “HULLLLOOOOO!!”

  48. 2000TransAm24

    Absolutely amazing. What a fantastic time we live in!!!!!

  49. Jo LiMag

    I really like it when scientific assumptions are presented as such. “It is believed” is the perfect wording… I really dislike it if documentaries make it sound like definitive facts. It’s a bit like making evolution of abilities in life forms like intentional choices … So, well done :-)

  50. Karel Jansens

    All that this hassling, fumbling and goofing about does, is prove how stupid it is to send a machine to do a man’s job.

  51. Bob Stein

    Yet another reason to kiss the hard HARD ground on which we live, and don’t sink into every time we stand up.
    I ❤️ earth.

  52. Rocketfox

    Osiris rex: “he he, got your nose!”

  53. Hemanth Subbu

    “They need to do this Slowly an quickly”

    My friend is an expert in it

  54. Macks Power

    So the satellite said it was going to just touch the tip then went balls deep?
    No surprise there.

  55. Dan Hallatt

    Just for those interested, I think technically the term ‘carbonaceous chondrite’ does not apply to asteroids. As far as I understand it is a term used for meteorite classifications. Asteroids are for sure linked in a complex way to meteorites, however their classifications are different and not shared between the two…because we do not know this link with any sort of confidence. Instead, asteroids are classified by what we call complex’s (c-complex signifying carbonaceous (but not chondritic specifically), s-complex, etc.). Within the complexes there are ‘types’ (c-complex has c, b, d, etc, – type). These asteroid classifications are all spectra based.

  56. Brian White

    By watching the video it made a five metre crater to it. Its like a mini moon with big rocks all over it.

  57. steven peragine

    I call it a “biopsy of Bennu”. Just like I had done on my liver.

  58. Wesley Bantugan

    The TAG mission was amazing. I’ve been following this mission and the Japanese one and it’s truly incredible. Amazing work to the teams of both mission and god speed for the missions return!

  59. Kyle Kane

    8:48 old Scott smelling those fingers from earlier

  60. Squeaky

    I’m not usually one for the whole “YouTuber Merch” thing.
    But Scott where can I get myself one of them t-shirts ?

  61. battlew0rm

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if we found out that this touch moved Bennu to a collision course with earth in 10 years? That would fit 2020😂

  62. riforgiate74

    2020 “Let’s bump an asteroid.” 2023 “Bennu hits the Earth.” 🙄

  63. Nicholas F

    This may be a stupid question. But cant they just spin the craft around in a circle like they wanted to weigh it so keep the particles inside the sample disk ? Kind of like those rides at amusement parks…the inertia can keep the gravel at bay while they slowly drop it off into the sample bay?

  64. mmyesrice

    aaa very interesting! i am only 18 so its v exciting to see breakthroughs like this happening in my babie lifetime :) who would have thought that the asteroid would be so mushy! thank u for your coverage of osiris rex!!

  65. Fabian Miserus

    Are these type of asteroids big enough to have small stones or particles in an orbit around it? Because they are pretty massive but gravity is a really weak force

  66. TheFLOW1978

    “Spacecraft bit off more than it could chew”

  67. Isaac Sothern


    TAG! You’re it!

  68. flounder2760

    man when i saw all the clean suit dudes standing around it did i finally get a sense of scale lol

  69. Dangermouse

    10:14 How cranky do you reckon they’ll be if they find out it’s a big ball of bean-bag beans, painted black?

  70. keyserxx

    I’m sad they can’t all hug each other when it touched down.

  71. Philipp Anzböck

    Finally a video about this!

  72. Brendan Ross

    When I saw the animation of the sample head, I immediately thought “couldn’t the sample material get caught between the flaps and keep them from closing?” Turns out yes, yes it sure can

  73. Doodle Boi

    Is Nobody Talking about Scott’s Shirt?

  74. Colonel Graff

    4:23 Osiris Rex gave Bennu an exploding fist-bump

  75. vonschlesien

    Interestingly, getting material from half a meter down means it’s even *more* pristine – hasn’t been exposed to either radiation or the solar wind.

  76. Gabriel Taylor

    Scott it’s literally 1 am in LA when you uploaded this are you trying to deprive me of sleep

  77. PsychoLucario

    OsirisRex: “Ok I’m going! *boop* Guys I- why are you all wearing masks?”

  78. abhijeettube1

    Bennu to earth- ” you want samples? I can give you all”

  79. Friday Californiaa

    Stupid question : What happens if the sample return capsule has 1 kg of material instead of 60 grams ? Will it work correctly during reentry with all that added weight ?

  80. Jared Maddox

    So far, the “foamy Omuamua” theory seems to be a favorite of Bennu…

  81. Allan Deal

    The good old satellite reach around

  82. playwars

    “Hopefully we won’t see Benu later” I mean, you wouldn’t mind having it in orbit next to an orbital foundry. But we aren’t there yet. Let’s just hope we don’t have to see it up close until we’re there to use it as raw materials.

  83. Quazar501

    “In the beginnings of asteroid mining they actually grabbed ‘too much’ stuff!”

  84. Tony Elsom

    So, we might get a MUCH bigger sample of Bennu in the future..ALL of it in fact..🤔😉

  85. Pinochet

    I’d much rather call the Touch and Go, “Booping an Asteroid”

  86. HotelPapa100

    So basically Bennu is a sponge, a heap of gravel loosely bound by its weak gravity.

  87. Mark Wandrey

    Kind of a “touch and go”, in my opinion.

  88. Jonas G.

    Because you mentioned the frequent close encounters with earth, considering how loose the material of the asteroid seems to be wouldnt it just simply break and burn up in the atmosphere?

  89. SlideRulePirate

    “Blowing a raspberry”…?
    If care in needed to target a location between boulders then technically it’s more like ‘Motorboating’.

  90. Dziban Molniya

    “Hopefully we don’t see Bennu up close later at any future time I’m gonna be around for. Sucks for my grandkids tho lol” —Scott Manley

  91. Dabbing Kerbonaut

    ‘Hey, can I have a sample?’
    ‘Only a spoonful’
    *pulls out comically large sample probe*

  92. MonsterSound

    Turns out Bennu is just made of old laundry lint. Who knew?

  93. Gmaster Cu_

    Osiris-rex: how are u bennu

    Bennu: good h.. *screams

    Osiris-rex: hope u don’t mind me borrowing some of ur gravel

  94. PsychoLucario

    Everyone whos vacuumed popcorn up and clogged their vacuum understands what has happened here

  95. The Aziz

    “how to do this quickly and slowly”
    Every time I try to land on the dark side of the Mun but realize that I forgot those goddamn batteries

  96. Harry Ayres

    Seldom has the maxim “less haste, more speed” seemed so applicable.

  97. Craig Mooring

    The “Touch And Go” maneuver was acronymized as a TAG, so does that mean now Bennu is “it”?

  98. Kevin Miedema

    that probe is so greedy. maybe it was too excited after the long journey

  99. Shailesh Krishna

    Osiris Rex: I promise Bennu, just the tip.
    Bennu: Okay, but… just the tip.

    Scott Manley: They reckon they might have gone half a meter inside this asteroid!

  100. Gonun

    Bennu: Why all those troubles to get some samples from me? I’ll just come to you.

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