NASA’s Lunar Gateway Is Being Skipped In The Race To The Moon

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About 2 weeks ago NASA human spaceflight managers announced that the Lunar Gateway was no longer part of the plans of lunar landing targetted for 2024. The Lunar Gateway is a small space station in a loosely bound orbit near the moon, that can act as a staging site for mission to both the Moon and Mars. Up till now the plan was to have Orion dock there and take a lander to the surface of the moon, but I speculate that the new plan will involve Boeing launching the whole mission on 2 Upgraded SLS rockets.

  1. Adam W.

    Oh no, you mentioned “it”

  2. James Barclay

    Should make a low(ish) earth orbit station for the assembly and refuelling of landers and such instead.

  3. Jameson Schwartz

    Is the ISS an “essential business”? What’re they doing during this situation?

  4. lowrads

    Oh great, this will be at best another plant the flag mission. Might as well pull the plug altogether.

  5. George Nelson

    Thanks for the update on all things SLS.

  6. 56SBS

    With a new administration on the rise. A lot of these programs may be scrapped.

  7. PA Nilsson

    Let ULA do it. They can deliver

  8. J de la Cruz

    You said the virus name. I hear YouTube is de-moneytizing for that. Is that true?

  9. Radar O’Reilly

    Imagine is we spent on space what we spend on football…

  10. You_just

    The history of space exploration is that of engineers designing spaceships and politics preventing them from ever leaving the ground.

  11. Sir Billy Ritchie

    I wanna go to the gateway especially to get away from the corona virus

  12. David Petri

    Just fire up the old rockets and go! Worked just fine 50 years ago!

  13. Rui Pimentel

    Yes…. We (Earth) are avoiding Moon like a virus since 72…

  14. AbnoCreations

    So Scott said the word “coronavirus” one time in this video. So would this video get demonetized for that?

  15. Happymars

    This is a great move and I’m glad they finally did it! There was no way we were ever getting to the moon any other way. We should have a base on the moon, not around it. But if the DSG is so great and important it can come a little later.

  16. bimbeano

    I wanna bet ALL my money ( 28,51 $ ) they’ll never land on the moon before 2069 …

  17. George Mancuso

    Thank you for this video I was wondering how Artemis would make it to the moon without the Gateway. unfortunately I still wondering. Would New Glen have a enough delta V to get a lander to the moon to accommodate a polar landing?

  18. Ultra4

    99% from the end, demonetized, you had to cay coronavirus

  19. Davied54

    They have to beat the Chinese to the south pole so they have possession of the always in sunlight landing spot.

  20. Pup314

    Well NASA proves once again it is run by idiots and politicians. (which is really the same thing.)

  21. Helium Road

    This is all a smokescreen. The launches will take place in secret, very soon, to set up our defenses against the UFOs. Commander Straker is seeing to it.

  22. Cole Smith

    Holy combustion chamber on that BAA engine xD

  23. Gonçalo Aguiar

    Yes. Finally they started to think again.

  24. Steve Carter

    Well done Scott only just noticed a million subs!

  25. Frank Dindl

    I wish they would listen to Dr. Zubrin and his Mars Direct plan. At least Elon embraced most of Zubrin’s ideas.

  26. fname lname

    I check the ISS on the virus map every day XD

    …jk of course

  27. chrisw443

    If i survive this pandeminc and theres no moon mission im gonna be sad, its something I have dreamed of since a kid..

  28. 1 23

    waaaaait. so even with an alleged saturn v replica you still need two launches to land?

  29. Mar

    if I, an aerospace engineer, would sit down and try to come up with the most stupidly complex, expensive and convoluted moon mission possible, I wouldn’t be able to do half as good a job as nasa.

  30. David Allen

    Hey Scott, I’ve been watching you for years now, and your videos have taught me a lot about the space industry and mechanics. Just wanted to let you know that I got my dream job, and an now part of the crew working on the CST 100 Starliner. Love your videos.

  31. IMBlakeley

    That’s it then, anything other than LEO won’t be happening in the foreseeable future

  32. Joseph Palmer

    This would be a great time for an update on the status of the Artemis lunar lander.

  33. Rudi Rüttger

    Surely it’s a long time coming for man to stretch out into infrastructure that makes greater use of the solar system?

  34. Melvin Jansen

    YES!! Maybe they finally listened to Robert Zubrin a little

  35. Algodude87

    When I saw the title I slapped myself in the face. WHY, NASA?

  36. Gangfire

    Atemis, 2024: Lands on the Moon.

    SpaceX Starship: “Hi neighbor! What took you so long?”

  37. Luke Turner

    2:14 Computer graphics are amazing these days

  38. Peter van Beek

    Never A Straight Answer
    for 50 million a day!😂

  39. Admiral Bob

    I hope we still go and put in a base (because pulling more touch and go Apollo style missions are pointless)… but global depressions aren’t really friendly to spaceflight.

  40. Jacob Zondag

    I guess it’s time to produce those alien propulsion systems that Spielberg has on blueprint.

  41. Southern Bear

    Goes from Prominent Crew to Permanent Crow, these small things is why I love these videos

  42. ben3847

    6:10 floating black wall?

  43. RealityVeil

    I can’t stop staring at his cybereyes and circle-reflections on his front teeth

  44. Fummy

    Scott Manley: says coronavirus
    YouTube: demonitised

  45. aplacefaraway

    take your time Boeing, no rush, maybe next decade or whenever you get around to it………..

  46. Mihai Lazar

    Lol somehow exactly when I first heard about the gateway I wuz like

    Uuuuuuuuuhm … Nooooooo ?

  47. Maldus Alver

    So NASA announces the discontinuing of another project.
    What was the news again?

  48. revenevan11

    That was my favorite part of the plan… typical of congress. Happy that it’s still likely going to be made, but now the Artemis program is kinda just apollo 2: electric boogaloo

  49. Thomas Nimmo

    Absolutely criminal how the Alabama Senate delegation basically shovels money at these contractors with nothing to show for it.

  50. lukas

    I get the feeling that 90% of stagnation in spaceflight, is just because of every program being canceled.

  51. Mark Dash

    Thanks for my dose of space porn, keep up the great work Scott, we all appreciate it !

  52. Belatar Turenos

    the only person pronouncing “mun” how its meant to be

  53. feynthefallen

    Each time you say “until then, I’m Scott Manley” my treacherous brain asks itself if what the possibility is that you will cease to be Scott Manley at some point in the future…

  54. Eric Lotze

    Why do a good job, when you can rush for publicity?

  55. YMB

    “Manned space exploration was never driven by either exploration, science, or curiosity, not if it’s big and expensive.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

  56. Lord Zephyros

    I think the corona virus will make things even worse…

    I don’t think we will see this before 2026

  57. inshadowz

    “Hutton Orbital — Keeping a safe distance since before it was cool. Here, have a mug!”

  58. DreamskyDance

    If spaceX manages to finish starship soon, maybe they change their minds.. i mean starship could lanch almost whole gateway in one go.

  59. 1000dots

    “Keep your distance though Chewie, but don’t look like you’re trying to keep your distance.”
    •wookiee growl•
    “I don’t know… fly casual.”

  60. Ryutak

    I wonder how much Boeing pays to get all those contracts when ALL their recent programs ended scraped, busted or plain unusable.

  61. Mark McCulfor

    can you make a video regarding NASA’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic, like if they are changing dates for crewed missions?

  62. aluisious

    “And while Boeing was given hundreds of millions of dollars…” Yeah, I can see the problem already.

  63. Bee

    “Fly safe…of course I mean…keep a safe distance from others” Had a good laugh on this one but…youre right. I’m so use to say your outro at the same moment you do that I didn’t see this one coming. Keep up the good work and…Fly safe

  64. Doug InOrlando

    No reason left to continue the SLS. Time to simply shift the funding to Musk’s and Bezo’s Solutions.

  65. TheVergile

    next year: going to the moon is being skipped from the nasa moon landing program.
    2025: nasa finally returns to the moons. thanks elon musk for giving them free upgrades to business class

  66. Brandon G

    I have been trying not to be mad when I heard this news… Really, I am.

  67. RobynHarris

    No Worries.
    The only question now is,
    when will NASA drop the
    “Going To The Moon” Part, from the
    “Going To The Moon” Plan.
    (God! I hate being right.)

  68. TheArbiter

    Im shocked I tell you, shocked! Well not that shocked.

  69. Raghu Chowdhry

    Boeing: 1 booster a year
    SpaceX: 1 booster a week

  70. awesome astronaut

    I love seeing progress in space, from any group. I want NASA’s Artemis to succeed.
    But dagummit I hate this stupid rocket. It was not designed to be the best for the job, but to satisfy politicians.

  71. Pollux Pavonis

    What a surprise, uh?

    SLS next, bois :(

  72. Java Man

    Maybe they should just raid the museums for Apollo hardware. We know it works.

  73. Yu Tiub

    “It spends a lot of money and time and effort in efficiency… uhm.. inefficiently”

  74. o0alessandro0o

    “The heating it experiences from the moonlight” Right… That’s a thing. That KSP doesn’t teach you, I might add.

  75. David Messer

    Everything based on SLS seems to be a boondoggle. It is just too expensive when there are modern launchers such as Falcon Heavy and (hopefully) Starship. The result is this constant cycle of cancellations and redesigns.

    They should cancel the whole thing and put out bids for commercial programs to land on the Moon.

  76. Friday Californiaa

    NASA : _A new day, a new surrender_ …

    And I’m even talking about the *Senate Launch System* …

  77. Doug InOrlando

    Don’t kid yourself … SLS is just corporate welfare entrenched through legal bribes to politicians. It will never be anything else

  78. Tony Wilson

    When I was doing my degree in aerospace back in the late 80s and prior to the Challenger disaster there was the Space Station Freedom program. When SSF was first proposed its initial study put the cost at $20Billion. NASA & the Space Industry was told *NO* and sent back to the drafting board. Version 2 of SSF had a price tag of $30Billion and they were told AGAIN *NO* it cant cost that much. Version 2 of SSF had a price tag of $40Billion and at that price it got dumped and replaced with the ISS which cost over $120Billion.
    The biggest reason we haven’t been back to the moon on 50years is pretty simple – the main establishment aerospace companies like Boeing simply find it more profitable to do meaningless projects devoid of outcomes. And its the defined outcome issue coupled with a lack of insisting on tangible outcomes that has really hurt.

  79. lbogaardt

    How about skipping SLS?

  80. Thomas Bakken Moe

    First thoughts: what a shame

  81. Jorish McTumbles

    What I want to know is why they had it as a plan for the 2024 landing in the first place. Sounded impossible the first time I heard about it

  82. Ryan Novakovic

    So you’re telling me that I made it in ksp for no reason

  83. nesa1126

    1 SLS per year??? wtf? why do they even bother?

  84. TMA1

    Yay, more money for Boeing – what could possibly go wrong ?

  85. Cyanwesh

    Nasa is going back to the moon in 4 years

    *press x to doubt*

  86. SgtHydra

    “heating experienced by the moonlight”
    22nd century problems.

  87. FUZKEK

    I imagine most of us are really hoping Starship pulls through, but I still think we need SLS as pegging all our hopes on Space X wouldn’t seem wise.

  88. Friday Californiaa

    Should have called it : *_Lunar Getaway_*

  89. Tony Elsom

    Oh, they might as well considering the snail pace they follow in this regard…with Boeing they might get to the moon in 2055..

  90. Bob

    Another change of plans. No surprise. Perhaps SLS will find a use in the next decade if we are lucky!

  91. Elopeous

    great……soon they are going to say to skip the moon entirely. then cancel mars

    and only the already paid contractors laughing all the way to the bank. again.
    boeing getting chosen. again.

     o wait provided they can survive this pandemic.

    It literally stings to see NASA doing this time and time again and again. Its almost as if they never left the 1960s

  92. eaglestdogg

    Missed the chance to say “keep a lot of *space* between you and others” in the outro there.

  93. Lensman

    They’re going to get a Hell of a shock when a SHADO Interceptor takes out the gateway …

  94. Cby 0530

    I don’t know if I have to celebrate or moan, but one thing is sure….

    Damn space politics.

  95. Ignacio Romero

    Nasa changing plans, again
    Who would have thought

  96. PhilfreezeCH

    Jesus Christ!
    So they did it again, next up is postponing the landing again…

    At this point it might be more feasible that they build another Saturn V instead of launch a new vehicle to the moon by 2024.

  97. Chyza

    >sls will be tested next year
    they said that a year ago, and the year before, and the year before that…

  98. OxyGentleman

    2022: NASA cuts moon landing from 2024 moon landing plans

  99. 2312b

    ‘SLS is being tested next year’ Me: Doubt

  100. Kieran Wagstaff

    Gosh I hope humanity goes back to the moon but, I need convincing that Artemis is to do in the next 4 years.
    And I’m not convinced Boeing is the sole company to do it.

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