NASA’s Bob & Doug Return To Earth, Making History (And Other Deep Space Updates – August 3rd)

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Space Watchers got an extended stream covering SpaceX and NASA bringing Bob and Doug back to Earth after the longest crewed mission launched from US soil in 40 years. Almost everything went according to plan, except for a couple of problems with iPads and crowd control at the splashdown.
Elsewhere Astra scrubbed their launch due to a wayward boat, and both Rocketlab and Virgin Orbit revealed the problems that lead to their recent launch failures.

  1. ares106

    “About 18 hours later they were preparing for the landing” so they hung out in orbit for 18 hours? Where did they go to the bathroom?

  2. Shawn M

    ‘liquid explosive toxic carcinogens’ 🤯
    Ok, I’m scared now

  3. ckhallock88

    Every time I see or hear “Bob & Doug” I immediately flash back to Bob and Doug McKenzie eh? 🍁🍁

  4. Christian O. Holz

    I love the clean modern design of the Dragon. Very very cool

  5. Milchael -

    thank u for wishing my rocket a great next launch

  6. Paul Latino

    Great video, thanks!

    Also, very interested in seeing the publication of “Scrubs the Wayward Boat.”

  7. Koen Roos

    Dadstronauts?! Good name!

  8. oldfrog17 Cliff

    Tim Dodd asked the question about the nose cone not closing, and according to Elon, the Dragon can reenter with the cone open.

  9. everintransit 42

    Here in Northern Virginia we’re getting hammered by high winds and sheets of rain.

  10. Kakha Khmelidze

    That was truly historic. Beginning of new era just nailed with that splashdown.

  11. MidwestNerd

    I teared up when Kate did. The team did a great job and it came right when we needed the positivity

  12. Phlipp Bergamot

    Doug and Bob McKenzie, “Take off eh?”

  13. Joshua Renkema

    Hey Scott, Love the content! Just a slight correction. At 9:15 you mention they were in orbit for 6 months, but they were only in orbit for 2. Thanks for the excellent videos!

  14. StamX

    my advice: if you see orange smoke, run; period
    kinda inhaled bromine gas before. scary shit.

  15. J H

    0:40 What _admiralty order_ are you referring to? Just curious. Thanks for uploading!

  16. Morteza

    We had a long journey from gently landing on a runway to a miserable drop in the ocean. (In loving memory Space Shuttle) #asknasa

  17. That one guy

    Everyone’s favorite space dads are back!

  18. Eamon Fitzgerald

    So I flew from Houston to Orlando, departed 3:04 Central time and I actually spotted the recovery operations down below. Absolute mess of boats, stood out against the water. It didn’t occur to me at the time since I would have expected one or two boats for recovery, but if there were tourists that explains it

  19. jnelchef

    “red, right, returning”

  20. Enceos

    I also teared up along with Kate. It was an emotional moment.

  21. Rip Sumrall

    Tearing up? Yeah, I teared up back in the 70’s and again here in 2020.

  22. Spooky Donkey

    So am I the only one who is triggered by “space dads” or what?

  23. Martin Coté

    9:09 Did Scott say that those guys were in space for six months, didn’t they launch on May 30th???

  24. Transmission Control

    9:00 In space for six months? Are you from a planet with ~10 day months?

  25. Koi Bunny

    for the red and green light if your confused, red is left and green is right on ships in the water. Seems space craft/modules use the same method

  26. Ashley Williams

    I was perfectly fine….and then she started crying……and I’m like dammit now I’m going to cry. Then later on I decided to watch Enterprise. I haven’t watched Star Trek in years. CBS has left a bad taste in my mouth and I’m still kind of discovering the wonderful world of anime. Upon Starting enterprise I started crying again. So bizarre that I cried that much when I normally struggle so hard to cry. I lost a daughter 18 years ago and ever since I’ve been emotionally numb.

  27. sakuraslight

    You said they spent 6 month in space when they where getting on the stretchers.. But they where only in space for 2 months / 64 days. hugs keep up the great work Scott ^_^

  28. Jetex Jim

    Here it is 2020 and airborne shots of the descending capsule (see low rez downlink) are taken from a B57, a licence built EE Canberra. Nice to see a bit of 1950s technology still working.

  29. R Kramer

    8:50 do we know yet if there was an actual leak or did a bit from the thrusters get trap between the hauls? It was I think only a few parts per billion. Heard it called out but don’t recall the actual number – just that it was crazy low but that stuff is so toxic even that tiny amount was “double” the limit lol

  30. eric moss

    I love how these videos are factual, and that YouTube is monetizing them with woo-woo ads about Atlantis and anti-gravity engines from the Nazis. hahaha

  31. Rick Rubenstein

    tl;dr: boats bad!

  32. Sebastian Niedbala

    9:05 totally to be expected after being in space for 6 months… hmm… yeaahhh totally

  33. Mykl Langridge

    8:05 Did anyone else hear it as the peculiarly appropriate, “…nitrogen tetroxide and mono _lethal_ hydrazine”?


  34. Likey

    3:56 they’ll definitely need Face ID 😉

  35. Helium Road

    The purpose of navigation lights is so you can tell the relative heading of a ship or aircraft (or spacecraft) from a distance. Red is always port side, green is always starboard side. Ships have white lights on the masts, a low one forward and a high one aft, while aircraft typically have a red “beacon” and an flashing strobe “anticollision” light. It seems to me spacecraft have apparently only had them since LED tech made lights light enough to bother putting them in your mass budget, I may be wrong. If you see a spacecraft (or any vessel) in the distance, you may be able to make out its shape but not its orientation, so the lights aid the observer.

  36. MajorHayze

    9:10 – they were only there for two months. Left earth on my birthday! :D keep the awesome videos coming. :)

  37. snuffeldjuret

    10:40 “It’s a metaphor for something” xD.

  38. Randy Phillips

    The greatest miscalculation made was not calling the mission. “The Mckenzie Mission”

  39. jemimus

    I was a little surprised about that whole exchange about the ipad. What seems to have happened is that the checklist pages at some point resulted in 404 browser error in safari. This prompted mission control to ask if the ipads where in airplane mode. And that it was probably related to the ‘cache’
    This told me a few things that surprised me. First of all that the checklist was probably not an app, but merely a set of web-pages, that had apparently been pre-loaded (opened?) in some fashion when the IPAD was still on the ISS wifi. This seems to imply the entire mechanism of use relies on Safari caching those web-pages and them remaining available that way, in airplane mode. (away from the station). That seems like a rather unreliable way to do this. Why not make in a proper app? In my experience with managing desktops and published applications, browser caches are generally unreliable, as it can hard to control how long a parge or other object remains available (time-to-live). Especially in a constrained environment like an ipad. Perhaps the checklists where indeed an app, but relied on Safari to render the HTML, but that should work regardless of if the ipad is in airplane mode or not. Oh well, I can’t recall if we heard they fixed it or not.

  40. Josh Stevens

    “Bob and Doug Return to Earth” could be the title of the sequel to “Strange Brew”

  41. Daniel Munch

    Drinking game: take a shot every time Astra scrubs

  42. John Długosz

    Deja vu — I remember seeing a “splash down” on live TV from one of the later Apollo missions. The new was pre-empting the normal after-school cartoons.

  43. Hugh Waller

    Thanks Scott even after watching all the other coverage, your analysis and comments are insightful.

  44. Peter Anderson

    Aircraft have the same navigation light arrangement.

  45. QuantumBraced

    When Kate teared up at the end, you teared up too, admit it.

  46. SpetsnatzLegion 336

    Smh someone can get that good an image from an IR view of the station from earth but we can barely get 144p from the NASA stream, apart from the literal hours of just mission control. I have to admit I’ve seen more exciting streams. But congrats to the organisations and Bob and Doug nonetheless, I’m sure good camera coverage is the least of their worries!

  47. Максим Чех

    Welcome back, guys. Not much has changed since you left :)

  48. rex mundi

    Bob & Doug! Another triumph for the Canadian Space Agency!

  49. NeverTalkToCops1

    From “Set Sce to Aux” to “Have you got your ipad in airplane mode?”

  50. John Buick

    Their safe return brought tears to my eyes too and I watched all the space flights from John Glenn on.

  51. Jons LG

    “Before doing your entry you have your iPad on airplane mode?” 😂

  52. Pedro Zinn Hensel Nunes

    9:08 they didn’t stay in space for 6 months rather 62 days

    Love you Scott

  53. zapfanzapfan

    Not 6 months in space, “only” 2. But still, impressive that they could walk OK 5 hours later.

  54. Procrastinating Fool

    Hehe are their ipads in airplane mode? That made me giggle on the bus. So did dadstronauts. You’re so edutaining!

  55. John Buchman

    Did Bob & Doug get the results back yet from their welcome home Covid-19 tests?

    I wonder why they didn’t test them for the Andromeda Strain…

  56. Sean McDonough

    When I saw “Making History” in the title I really thought you were talking about the KSP expansion pack…

  57. Eugene Fisher

    What was the load scrapping metal on metal noise when they were undocking? My first thought was a scene from Galaxy Quest!

  58. Tired Again

    It was a huge long process. I went out to get lunch and watched it recorded. They have to do something about the looky loos running their boats around the capsule. Time to bring in the coast guard!

  59. mark sawyer

    wow. i really should’ve paid more attention at school cause i didn’t understand ANY of that orbital explanation !! sounded good though 😊

  60. Ancientreapers

    9:51 That side profile shot of astronaut Bob Behnken reminds me a lot of Ross Martin the costar of Wild Wild West

  61. Nolan Friedline

    YES! I was waiting for this video, didn’t feel like watching 24 hours of old live stream footage :)

  62. Evilmike42

    Bob and Doug are back.

  63. ot44eto

    I’m not crying. You are crying.

  64. Brandon James

    Scott Manley: posts
    me: OK let’s see all the critical stuff I missed

  65. Chris Kent

    There was also a delay in the SpaceX’s SN5 static fire test at Boca Chica because of a boat incursion

  66. kaanboztepe

    9:08 totally normal after being in space for 6 months. time feels like it takes longer and longer to pass this year i know but still it was 2 months

  67. Trek001

    Last time I was this early to one of your videos, Scott, Yuri Gagarin had just gone into space

    Also, did you see the sightseeing boat that went right past the capsule waving a TRUMP 2020 banner?

  68. Wayne Bjorken

    Port and Starboard lights. Love it.

  69. altonbunnjr

    I thought the navigation lights were a cool touch. The Enterprise in the Star Trek TOS had them so it fits.

  70. Matthew

    also for those are somehow unaware, starship hop in a few hours hopefully


    0:27 You know the computer can still read their lips?

  72. arfyness

    5:34 – The other reason they use the low power Draco motors is precision. The Super Draco thrusters would provide the same delta-v in 5 seconds. When you have this spread out over 11 minutes (SpaceX said 15 on their stream) the increase in precision is very significant.

  73. Mate Egyed

    “Metaphor for something” 😂

  74. gbrand42

    Are we likely to see footage released from inside Dragon during re-entry?

  75. Mr. Clean

    I got emotional too upon touchdown. I’m so glad space exploration is becoming mainstream again.

  76. keco185

    My favorite space dad talking about my other two favorite space dads

  77. Koen Roos

    0:44 Not like Kerbal Space Program?! My life in ruined!

  78. eliya sne

    Ahem. [m/s²]

  79. Patrick O'Brien

    I will totally preorder Scrubs The Rocket-Loving Boat for my kids.

  80. L.

    i admit, nothing caught me more off guard than her sudden emotional burst, that hit hard

  81. Abbreviated Reviews

    Moral of the story, people with boats make the worse decisions.

  82. Huey Iroquois

    According to Gene Roddenberry, they’re still going to be using red & green navigation lights in the 23rd century.

  83. Paul Haynes

    While I was watching the Space X sream, waiting to hear that they’d got through reentry OK, I got a strange feeling of déjà vu, and realised that the last time I’d done this was for Apollo13! I was 16 then, and listening to it on the radio. This time the radio silence was very short, but back in 1970 it seemed to last for ever. Even more emotional that time!

  84. Antonio Maglione

    Thanks for the update Mr. Manley.
    A quick note about a tongue-lapse around middle-video, Bob and Doug have been up there for two, not six, months.
    It was great seeing them normally seated down while speaking, they both are outstanding astronauts.

  85. John theux

    Would be funny to throw a ball and be hit 90 minutes later…

  86. Salty Cadet

    I want to see a gofund me for the Scrubbs the Wayward Boat book!

  87. The Rocinante

    The most exciting thing about them coming home was looking forward to the Scott Manley video about it.

  88. hjalfi

    I still can’t get over Bob and Doug flying a rocket in their space wellies. Somehow I feel that Wallace and Gromit would approve.

  89. geniegogo

    we love SpaceX announcers because they’re actual engineers

  90. phacks

    6:17 Elon answered on a tweet from EDA
    EDA: “Is there a way to manually jettison the nose cone in case there was an anomaly in the closing process?”
    Elon: “Nosecone closing is recommended, but not required, for safe entry”

  91. ulle85

    When you have that last minute flight change from Virgin Galactic to SpaceX and forget to change your iPad from airplane mode to spaceship mode…

  92. gary swift

    LOL! Scrubs the Wayward Boat! “It’s a metaphor for something…” I’d buy several copies for the kids in my life!

  93. _iPhoenix_

    Dadstronauts > Space Dads

  94. Bschill

    You mention that when the Dragon undocked it was pushed away by a spring mechanism… I was watching the live stream and I believe they specifically said Dragon doesn’t use a spring mechanism like the Soyuz rather they use the Draco thrusters(with the 4 around the docking port disabled.)

  95. Mi 28

    4:12 “No it’s in spaceship mode.”

  96. Zack B

    They also mentioned something about the nozzles of the thrusters under the cap not being truncated like the others, also increasing efficiency

  97. Kirk Goins

    Scct I hate to correct the master you are… No springs were used to undock, very very short bursts of the truck thrusters were used. Something like 1sec and a 1.5 sec bust.

  98. SkylersRants

    I like Scott Manley’s reports because they aren’t the typical rah rah cheering, they are substantive with information I don’t get anywhere else.

  99. David Lari

    Me: watches10 hours of live-stream and don’t understand the undocking maneuvers. Then Scott explains it in 1 minute and I finally understand.

  100. Headcrab

    I have a suggestion to the Admiralty: When a vessel is in LEO and is oriented in such a way that the center of the Earth is percieved as «down», they shall have a bright white lantern on their mast and a blue on their keel.

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