NASA’s Abandoned Plan To Carry Soviet Spacecraft In The Space Shuttle

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In 1991 NASA was still designing its Freedom space station, and with the recent opening up of the Soviet Union NASA began to investigate using the Soyuz as a return vehicle for the station. Due to complications resulting from Orbital mechanics this would require flying the Soyuz spacecraft *inside* the Space Shuttle payload bay.

I have to give a lot of credit to David Portree who researched this in the past and made it easy for me to find the sources I needed. This is his original article from 2015:
He also has a Patreon which is supporting him while he’s between jobs, I’m a supporter because he’s one of the best space historians out there :

Here’s a few other references for those who are interested:

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    I never heard why they did not try using a Proton to lift the Soyuz into the lower inclination. Any info on that?

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    Had all of these station plans fallen through, would space exploration have stalled, or would we have returned to the moon sooner?

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    Major oversight on your part, Scott. NASA had been looking at extending the Shuttle’s ability to stay on-orbit while docked to Freedom during that time period with vehicles like ARCV and HL-20 to supplement it. The two long poles in the tent were how far down the fuel cells could be throttled to without shutting them down completely to conserve reactants and how long the nitrogen-filled tires could remain properly inflated for. The studies indicated a Shuttle could last about three months on-orbit while docked to ISS and later in 1991, Endeavour was delivered with the equipment needed to for Extended Duration Orbiter (EDO) capability of up to one full month (sadly never used) and the heavier, older Columbia was modified in 1992 to be capable of 18 day EDO missions.
    The other, but somewhat easier to deal with issue was automating the orbiters so that they could land completely on their own (fire the drogue chute, lower landing gear) since pilots might be too debilitated after spending 90 days in freefall to land it safely.

  49. Space Activist Archive

    Did NASA ever go back and look at the concept of inflatable life boats that were being designed for the MOL program in the 1960s?

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