NASA Might Be Giving Away A Saturn I Rocket – Here’s Why I Love This Vintage Booster

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A few news stories recently suggested that NASA might be trying to find a home for an early Saturn I first stage rocket booster( It’s not the massive Saturn V, but I think the Saturn I was a fascinating design, a hastily assembled plan to build a heavy launch vehicle using the parts the designers had sitting around.

  1. TimberGeek

    I’ve got a nice level patch of field… We just need to brand it “The Warren Field Museum” and run a kick starter to cover transport. ;-D

  2. Abhigyan Verma

    This intro was sponsored by

  3. Joseph D

    Man, I wish I was a museum.

  4. andreas kavak

    how do i enter the giveaway may i ask

  5. David Benia

    6:01 – 6:06

  6. Addust Channel

    push it to avoid shipping costs. the british might be out of luck though, you’ll need a ship or a HUGE atlantic tunnel
    Edit: im british myself.

  7. Zerg

    Scott : This is a medal given to Chernobyl liquidators.
    Everyone : Are you holding that bare handed?
    Picard : *_facepalm_*

  8. plasmaburndeath

    Wait you have proven you can land Elon Musk Style, so maybe they can just fly it over somewhere, I’m sure Jeb wouldn’t mind simulation

  9. Anthony Paull

    Quick, found the Scott Manley institution!

  10. VicariousReality7

    I have one of those medals as well….

  11. Cynical Skeptic

    I just rolled my eyes, reading through these comments.

  12. ryan868

    Scott, you ARE an institution.

  13. Das Daleberger


  14. Jerry Rupprecht

    How do I enter the giveaway?

  15. sundhaug92

    The Saturn I block 2 fins were in part to keep it stable when flying Dynasoar

  16. Allen Loser

    In my youth in the 1970’s I wish now that I had thought to build a Saturn 1B model with a cluster of eight B14-0 boosters in the first stage. 112 newtons peak thrust with burnout in a 1/3rd of a second.

  17. kichigaisensei

    I’ve already got a Saturn IB in my garage. I don’t have a need for an outdated Saturn I.

  18. True Contrarian

    I live on a hill top. Count me in!

  19. J.L. the Seagull

    been wanting to get me one of these mate

  20. Pocket Eights

    Would love to have that as a guest house behind my trailer.

  21. S1NB4D

    What happened to the old intro? i liked it lol,keep up the great videos.

  22. dvdschaub

    I grew up during the Space Age and the Saturn 1b was my favorite rocket. The launches were spectacular, especially at stage separation.

  23. ThomasGrillo

    I’m old enough to remember watching the Saturn 1 launch on television. Very cool. Fingers crossed Houston, or Smithsonian gets it. :)

  24. Chris Musix

    Von Braun was Kerballing his rockets together since the ’50s!

  25. Secret Name

    Red Dwarf style intro :)

  26. Brendan Crawford

    Reminds me of the film “Mouse on the Moon”.

  27. Given Fool

    Love the intro

  28. lexington476

    Why did Von Braun’s Rockets have fins?

  29. Niklas

    Those intros get better every time :D

  30. Quack Quark

    This Saturn I would look very impressive on top of it’s milk stool on a hillside. We have the technology!

  31. dmystermillion

    Loving the new intros

  32. Rich Houle

    The 1B was really cool

  33. jack allread

    Hey Scott, thanks for your videos, you do a great job!
    I was wondering if you have done, or could do a video of 3D printed rocket engines and parts? Techniques, usuage, advantages, erc…

  34. russchadwell

    Saturn: both started and ended on Saturn 1, basically. Much appreciate this video! Thank you!

  35. api9mm

    Great episode. Love the classics!

  36. Kshitij Tegta

    I thought there was a smudge on the top right of my screen. Awesome vid. Love from India

  37. RandomTorok

    Just wondering what my HOA would say.

  38. Wayne Thompson

    Hey Scott!
    I feel the same way! I happen to live on 9 acres….so I have plenty of room to put it, just don’t have any money! But if they are desperate, they can always place it here to get it out of their way!

  39. Archaeopteryx128

    Heck Scott, I remember the three Pegasus satellites back in 1965.

  40. randomnickify

    GoFundManly! ;)

  41. Virginia Hansen

    I’m tempted to get it just to have Scott Manley come to my house to talk about how cool it is!

  42. muh diversity

    I’ll sell my house and buy it.

  43. Leonidas I

    *Elon Musk’s eyes begin to glow*

  44. Lucas H

    Did Scott move? I’ve been away.

  45. angelo octavio

    Give ME THat Rocket! :D

  46. Gregory P

    It’ll be a bit large to fit in my living room.

  47. RichTheWolfGaming

    If I could get my hands on that Saturn 1, I’d refurbish, fuel, and fly the damn thing rather than let it rot.

  48. Nicholas Maude

    I suppose Scott would love to own a Saturn I rocket, anyway I wonder when he’s going to put up his rather impressive vinyl collection (You really need to make a video about it, Scott)?

  49. zapfanzapfan

    Free to a good home! :-)

  50. Jeffrey Bue

    I remember the Saturn 1B very well.

  51. Ruben Kelevra

    So, have you decided in which corner of your garden the Saturn I should be displayed yet? 🤔

  52. bearatthenorthpole

    I remember the Saturn 1 launching way before I’ve seen the Saturn V.

  53. Mike Nichols

    I’ve been driving past that thing at work for years. I wondered how long it was going to sit there before they finally did something with it.

  54. JayJay Aviation

    Wow! Another giveaway!
    Adds to my collection!

  55. RocKITEman _ 2001

    I use to live on 3 acres next to an airport.

  56. John Valerian

    Just to follow-up on your last video, Norway did detect nuclear isotopes from the Russian explosion.

  57. scharkalvin

    “Clusters last stand”!

  58. ICANanimations

    I want one! To give to this space thing in the netherlands

  59. JamesG

    As a lover, like you, of all things awesome, Scott — I just wanna say you’re my kinda creator. Thanks for the fun and smiles.

  60. 4one14

    I’ve always love the ‘little’ SI/SIB too <3

  61. Cby 0530

    Man: I wanna chart-order this.
    Seller:What options do you want?
    Man: MOAR BOOSTERS pls

  62. abrr2000

    I’d love to see you do a video on the UK rocket “black arrow : lipstick”

  63. rsanjur

    3:12 Saturn I gets blushed

  64. Luka Papež

    I see rocket giveaway. I want it now.

  65. Feiner Fug

    Scott, as a German myself, it hurts me how you pronounce von Braun‘s name. A bit.
    It is pronounced „fonn Brown“, not Brawn.
    Hope it helps. Keep it up man, you‘re doing great!

  66. Johnston Steiner

    Thank you for purchasing a saturn booster. You have chosen *NASA EXPRESS DELIVERY*
    Launch in t minus 5

  67. Patrick Radcliffe

    Also known as “Clusters last stand”

  68. 林峻生

    3:06 Me in KSP when trying to minimize fuel usage during launching ships into space

  69. Christopher Taylor

    Just texted my mom-
    Me: NASA is giving away a Saturn 1, want to know how much shipping is?
    Mom: Uhhhh…Bring your own 18 wheeler??
    Me: About $250k
    Mom: Cheaper to buy the 18 wheeler and pick it up!
    Me: Probably

  70. Alex Landherr

    At the beginning I expected the theme from “Roger Ramjet”…

  71. plasmaburndeath

    Scott Manley always has explosive content lol.

  72. Nicholas Saiz

    Keep Mary Boas on the shelf. You never know when she will come in handy.

  73. Gordon Freeman

    Every space nerd among us would love to have it on our backyards lol.

  74. Rangifulla

    There’s a character in the movie ‘Coraline’ (Sergei Alexander Bobinsky) who wears a Liquidater medal

  75. Joseph T Peterka

    There is a design for a Saturn 1B and skylab for that matter: Lego Idea Skylab 3in 1 build

  76. Ceiling Cat9001

    anytime human space programs do something exactly the same as in Kerbals is always awesome

  77. Wallace

    I think I’d be tempted to wave a Gieger counter over that medal….

  78. Master Ed

    Put a flat earther in it, and force them to pay for the fuel. I actually haven’t seen a flat earther in a while, did they go extinct?

  79. M C

    Google had this on there front page yesterday and I was like “hell ya I’ll take a saturn 1 in my backyard” …
    …then they explained that one would have to pay $250k transportation fee…..yeah I said “hell no, that sucks”

  80. Maroš mrva

    Imagine the intro Scott could make with this rocket

  81. Entropiated

    At today’s prices, how much would it cost to fill the tanks? Asking for a friend…

  82. 5Andysalive

    Here is a tip: If you pronounce Von Braun just like “brown” (which it means) you are much closer to the proper pronounciation than with your tongue-knot attemps.
    And the v in von is just like the F in the most famous english word.

  83. Alex RICE

    I want to restore it, then go to the ISS.

  84. Zoltán Pósfai

    You just need a milkstool…
    Anyway. Wouldn’t it be nice to help guests?
    “Hey, Scott! I’m nearly there. Which house is yours?”
    “You will know…”

  85. Rollertoaster 81

    I like how the Saturn I / IB was jokingly referred to “Cluster’s Last Stand”.

  86. Ze Great Pumpkinani

    Hey it’s free!
    You know, unless you want to move it…

  87. KapiteinKaya

    Uhm sir…..
    We can’t send this.
    Eh who cares

  88. Benetekt

    This would be a good background for your video

  89. TioWoki HD

    “Just add more boosters.”
    ~W. von Braun

  90. Joe Blazer

    Ran when parked. Free for haul away.

  91. James Dallas

    I’m going down to Huntsville this weekend for the ham radio festival. Lemme ask my roommate if I can borrow his pickup truck

  92. ArchEnema 67

    No purchase necessary to enter. Some assembly required. ;)

  93. Space 2123

    3:06 When you’re not tall enough to go on the rollercoaster

  94. cyrilio

    I always thought that your YouTube channel WAS an institution. You should reconsider getting the rocket

  95. Pulsar

    Plop it on a conspiracy theorist’s doorstep

  96. Galactic Gregs

    Hey Scott, I have the DC-X intertank and avionics bay in my backyard, next to my log barn! It has the end-domes from the aluminium-lithium oxidizer tank! I have also seen the Saturn I first stage that’s been lying on its side for decades at the Marshall test area. I work in building 4203 at Marshall. So If you are ever in the area look me up and I’ll show you what’s left of the DC-X. I also have my HARC CATS Prize solid fuel grain and a Patriot Missile test nozzle on my back porch! We could also have a pint at the Straight-to-Ale Brewery where you could see my High Altitude Lift-Off (HALO) Sky-Launch 2 Hybrid Rockoon rocket hanging from the ceiling!

  97. SRFriso94

    “I think the Saturn I is cute.” It takes an enthusiast to call an awesome machine capable of lifting thousands of kilos ‘cute’.

  98. Chase

    If everyone of his subscibers contributed 25 cents were almost done!

  99. Hawk Tomas

    Scott Manley (at his local permit office):
    I would like to apply for a permit for a “milk stool” for my backyard please.
    County Official:
    Sir, you don’t really need a permit for a “milk stool”
    Scott Manley:
    Umm… yea, I think I might.

  100. Jannis Braun

    Somebody start a crowdfunding so we can all collectively buy a saturn 1 and assemble it in scotts backyard

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