NASA & Axiom Space Designing Commercial Expansion Of Space Station

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It’s been 4 years since NASA first seriously suggested the idea of commercial expansion of the International Space Station, and at the end of January they announced an agreement with Axiom Space to begin designing the extension with launches happening possibly as early as 2024.
The specific details of the agreement are not clear at this time, however it’s known that the initial phase is a design study and business case analysis with reviews required before approving the next phase.

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  1. Dan Large

    So when does the Lego expansion back come out?

  2. Bert Blankenstein

    Thank goodness there is an atmosphere to protect us from space debris.

  3. Feronanthus

    I for one welcome the future of competing docking adapter standards

  4. Farty Person


  5. Drake Dragon

    I need more space to do research as well!

  6. Leo5191 WR

    Petition to rename Space Tourism to Stourism (star+tourism)

  7. Robert Peters

    I wonder if Axiom is building out the structure for additional expansion. I’m waiting for De-flopification.

  8. Tomas Brod

    Beautiful. Now I want to do this in KSP.

  9. Christopher

    Thanks for the video!!! Love watching these!

  10. xXGamer519Xx

    Additional units? A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.

  11. SLiguykyle

    I wonder how much money i need to start saving, for a trip up there. Hmmm… Guess i’ll start now

  12. james lyddall

    Im just looking forward to the 2040s when the event horizon is launched

  13. Jeff Vader

    Personally I think the next project should be an international moon base (I know they’re planning gateway, but most of the new science is on the lunar surface, not in orbit!), which we can then commercialise later on. But I don’t think NASA and others will be quick enough to get there before the private companies at this rate.

  14. Uriah Siner

    Why bother separating from the ISS? Just keep building out and dropping individual sections until we’ve got a full scale orbiting space port.

  15. Leifdoe Tech Industries

    the PMM is permanent, it’s even getting put on the Axiom space station before Axiom station separates from the ISS

  16. Jimbodiah

    Boeing: SpaceX fairing is too small, we need to be the ones to take it up.
    Elon: Hold my beer.

  17. Jonathan Karl

    Keep adding on until we build a Dyson Ring

  18. TimberGeek

    I’m still hoping for a big wheel design à la 2001

  19. Cubes

    @scott Manley do you plan on making on introduction or even a series of KSP 2

  20. LightningwingDragon

    Axiom? What is this, Wall-E?

  21. Albert Bouchal

    Sam Chui could be one of the first people living there :D

  22. Who said that ?

    When you said commercial, my first thought was ohh great now Starbucks will put a store on the iss … then it will open another one right across the isle. Because competition is good🙄

  23. John Johansen

    I would like to rent that viewing gallery as my apartment.

  24. jacob pancake

    Manufacturing ?? So are they sending up small 3D printers to make a huge few to start on Lop-g ?!? I can hope

  25. András Bíró

    It’s time to add some space to that station.

  26. Terje Kvinge

    Olav, congratulations! The best things happened in the 60ties.

  27. Kevin Street

    Thanks for another awesome video!
    This seems like a good idea, or at least the render animation is really pretty. I hope all the modules will be that easy to catch and move around in real life. Having a private space station still orbiting the Earth after NASA decamps for the Moon is a definite plus.

  28. Claude C

    Great exciting news. Finally something that might happen in my lifetime.

  29. BON3S McCOY

    I love the idea of the ISS essentially undergoing mechanical mitosis add enough to seperate and become it’s own thing

  30. cdrbmw

    Axiom space. Haha just like the spaceship in Wall-E

  31. Justin Bailey

    Last time I was this early, Elon still worked at PayPal

  32. TMA1

    I wonder if a variant of Starship (there will also be a cargo one IIRC) could be used as a Skylab type LEO station ?

  33. Eric Briggs

    They’re going to form Voltron.

  34. tomix1024

    That sounds very intriguing!

  35. BronzeManul

    Can’t wait for ISS astronauts to have access to the great prices of the 7-Eleven commercial extension… 🤔😁

  36. jesus mora

    0:01 the opposite of flying safe

  37. Lewis Johnson

    Disconnecting from ISS? That’s my least favorite part

  38. Mr Prongles

    Wouldnt it be absolutly amazing if they tryed to land the ISS partwise on earth and reassamble it in a museum? I would really love that :D

  39. Chubb-R

    At a time when international relations are getting more and more tense, I’m a little disappointed that the US is planning more for a private american company to build it’s own space station as the ISS ages rather than aiming to keep expanding and upgrading it.

  40. mikldude

    Looks really cool , small steps :) .
    I look forward to the day when we have gigantic space stations like in the movies , and giant space ships (even if they are slow :) ).

  41. mumblbee bee

    I get a kick out of that robot arm moving about the assembly – with all my love for CanadArm, that is such a great approach (and a nice exercise for aspiring control systems engineers)

  42. Dark Knighte Apologeticz

    Awesomeness. I do love space travel, especially commercial space travel.

  43. Alicia Miranda

    Hay I have some stuff from the challenger, my dad left me when he passed. Was wondering if you were interested in it.

  44. FT

    This is incredibly exciting stuff

  45. Mr. Boomguy

    2:50 – That’s one masive observation module! The view will be mighty FINE, close so Awesome!
    The rest of the staiton do look like a 5 star hotel, but it’s the observation deck that stick out to me!

  46. Xepa

    I really hope I’ll be able to see it deorbit when the time comes around.

  47. Luke skywalker The Starfleet commander

    BFR: I am about to go end this station’s whole career

  48. Praveen neevarP

    The name of the company seems to be taken something out of a sci Fi film.

  49. Galileo Gaming

    That’s unimaginably badass. Axiom sounds like science fiction almost

  50. GravitationalAssist

    Video: Axiom
    Children: Company is from WALL-E! We must create this mothership in KSP!

  51. fl00fydragon

    The ISS should be preserved, even when it gets outdated.
    It’s a monument of our species’s history.

  52. Billy Grahammer

    I have seen the lights of the ISS, and magnificent. I imagine it must have aged, but it would be nice if it could be upgraded, to be cheaper than just replacing it. Astronauts must go through trauma on return

  53. TheWindigomonster

    I’ve always been curious about how much power the ISS gets, where it’s all stored & allocated, etc

  54. Franko Walker

    Congrats on the 1M subs. Great vid as usual, Scott.

  55. Mister Itchy

    I hope I live to see this! Congratulations on 1 Million Subs!!!

  56. Forest Fifer

    Phillippe Starck, no relation to Tony…
    Nice one.

  57. Shadowkey392

    4:30 in other words, you could at the ISS will become something akin to an orbiting shipyard. Cool!

  58. Alex

    Reminds me of the intro to Valerian where they just kept bolting on modules to the ISS until it became this moon-sized monstrosity.

  59. Maximiliano Montero

    2:11 If you turn your head you’ll see a person replacing his hat

  60. Steven O'Brien

    3:20 “oh whoops wrong one lol”

  61. G Nelson

    Unless they have a good cleaning staff, it’s going to get gross up there. Icky gross. Really quickly.

  62. Slashfic

    Watching the canadarm crawl around the outside of the ISS is so awesome

  63. Ranosian

    Lego. We are gonna need some more bricks for the I.S.S model please….

  64. DerekSP

    YES! More modules means more brightness, more brightness means more cool in the night sky. I’m just waiting for the fully expanded commercial ISS when Starship docks with it, gonna look like a second moon up there

  65. アニメAnimeIsArt

    We need more space stations!

  66. ZeOverman

    Looks like a Tie-Fighter cockpit.

  67. What’s up with that?

    Great video Scott! I’m wondering, will they keep the larger Canadarm or both once the ISS goes RSD?

  68. PKH Eee


  69. PDG !

    Any LEGO ISS owners here? Where’s my expansion kit? 😁

  70. Alien

    This is what we need, companies hurrying to be one of the first in space,… Fuel the competition .

  71. Jay Kay

    I love that canadarm2 can crawl from section to section as the station expands

  72. Nicholas Maude

    When the ISS is eventually decommissioned, Scott, instead derogating it I hope that NASA boosts it into a permanent orbit as it should be preserved.

  73. Spacejunkie13

    The NASA award was granted to add commercial capability to the ISS, but Axiom wants to free fly its modules once ISS reaches an end of life. A separate NASA award under NEXTstep will be for a free flying commercial space station, in which Bigelow, Nanoracks and others will compete. So we may get two commercial space stations flying this decade.

  74. Jon

    Really looking forward to seeing how my tax money helps this wonderful private space station!

  75. diGritz1

    2:33 ….. It kinda looks like someone repurposed the Interior of Discovery One from 2001

  76. pavel korotkevitch

    0:49 What are those burn marks on the (bottom?) of the ISS ??

  77. Andreas Aristokrates

    Here we see socialism for the rich. The government kick starting a fully private company, that’s just nuts.

  78. cocacolawins

    I wish we would just keep adding to the iss. I want a sky city!!

  79. Lin Yen Chin

    Beautiful imagery that makes it feel like we are really enrout to a real Space Age 💖

  80. Phred

    For a second I thought the headline said Pirate expansion of iss. That would have been a more fun story. In space no one can hear you say ahrrrrrr.

  81. Spikes

    i was really looking forward to Bigelow modules

  82. The Killer Spud

    I still think they should do a huge module the size of a full fairing like they did with SkyLab. That would be a blast to have Ender’s Game battles in.

  83. Johnny Thunder

    Kinda sad they went with Axiom and not Bigelow. I want to see one of those big inflatables in space someday.

  84. Tubby Scrubb

    Would be cool if this thing kept expanding indefinitely like the space station in valarian

  85. Spencer Manyet

    The private space station from WALL-E was called Axiom too…

  86. Papi Uuhmelmehahay

    I’d like to see the ISS morph into a giant star port some day, where Starfleet can build ships to boldly go where no one has gone before.

  87. Filip Skotnica

    Will they raise the ISS into a graveyard orbit ? Or sell it off to some company that might want to preserve it ?
    Seems like a lot of history and raw material to be burned in the atmo. Surely it wouldn’t be THAT expensive, to save it for later…

  88. Lennart Romijn

    The name axiom remembers me of the film Wall.E 😬

  89. kirtil5

    3:33 wow the arm can detach and attach itself across the station. dang o.o

  90. a toaster

    Congrats on 1 million subscribers!

  91. Dark Guardian

    Makes sense to expand it instead of deorbiting the whole thing.
    Use existing components as a foothold and undock older parts for disposal. 🧐

  92. Megumin

    “no relation to Tony”… funny one.

  93. kokodin

    i kind of hoped they keep expanding the iss indefinite and it just get bigger and bigger

  94. BNL

    the jewel of the BNL fleet, the Axiom! spend your 5 year cruise in style, waited on twenty-four hours a day by our fully automated crew!

  95. Matthew

    looks like they yoinking the canada arm when the space station decommissions

  96. DerekSP

    Canadarm crawling around the ISS is literally one of the creepiest things I’ve seen… look it up, I’m sure there are some gifs

  97. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    *Expand station “ISS” around Earth*
    Agency: Axiom Space
    We were dumpster div- ehrm, researching alternative applications for existing technologies when we came across some interesting questions. This is where you come in.
    *Be in command of ISS*
    *Note: “ISS” is currently in orbit of Earth.
    *Increase “ISS” Capacity to 7 Kerbals*
    *Note: “ISS” currently houses 6 Kerbals
    *Ensure the station has an antenna, docking port and is controllable.*
    Completion: $175000 2⚛ ⭐️15
    Failure: $-190000 ⭐️-17
    Decline: ⭐️-2

  98. Thomas Chow

    random thought: when companies stop putting “space” in their names then we know the space industry has truly begun/matured

  99. Mark Randall

    First its for commercial research… 10 years later will the ISS be getting a blackjack and hookers module?

  100. PhilfreezeCH

    It is actually a pretty nice idea to build a new station using the ISS. This would also kinda make the ISS our first orbital shipyard!

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