More Bits Historic Apollo Hardware Which Never Left The Ground.

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The crawler transporters and mobile launch platforms deserved an episode of their own. Many people conflate the two, but the crawlers carry the launch platforms with the launch vehicles between the VAB and the launch site. The crawlers would leave the platform behind during the launch attempts and return afterwards.
The crawlers were used for Apollo, STS, Constellation and will be used for SLS

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    I wonder if they have odometers or hour meters? Imagine the driver crawling up to the launch pad, closing in on 1999.9 miles and wondering if he’s going to see it roll over!

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    I wonder if the two remaining Apollo era MLPs could be converted for BFR or New Glenn since they’ll be similar in height to the Saturn V?

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    6:50 – Could you please pound that pun in a little harder? I don’t think I got it the first time. :-)

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    I like this and the last video about tech that never flew… keep them coming. How about one on day to day logistics( moving, feeding housing people)

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    wow thanks for the quick trip in the wayback machine Scott… it is always fun to remember the history we have seen..

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    How about the Mobile Service Structure?

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    Don’t forget about the Apollo MSS.

  14. Aaron Peavler/Geomodelrailroader Railroad Photography

    good old Crawler still hauling rockets out to the pad 50 years later.

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    125 gallons per mile? Is that city or highway?

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    Gotta buy one of those crawlers when they are retired and turn it into a camper build, nice floral curtains in the windows, Roam Sweet Roam door mat…

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    Great stuff… but no mention of their nicknames, “Hans” and “Franz”?

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    wasn’t it easier to transport via railways?

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    Maybe you could cover SLC-6 at Vandenberg AFB and it’s illustrious Shuttle program.

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    Do you think you could add to the series all the technology(with focus on the lesser known) we now use everyday that we gained as a direct result of such space programme?
    I feel like people aren’t appreciating the importance of space programmes in this day and such a video with make a great addition to YouTube.

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    Gotta love the launch structures. I would love to tour the crawlers… such wonderfully built machines.

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  26. Art by Jeremy Maya Robinson

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    Ah so that’s what they modeled the fuel efficiency on for the Hummer and pretty much all the other American SUV’s on.

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    Scott Manley have you seen the new lunar base video from nasa’s channel 2 days ago?

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    Imagie driving coast to coast in a vehice that makes 0.008 miles/gallon. That’s a lot of fuel.

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    Hows about doing a video on the launch towers. I’ve always wanted to know more about them and the exit slides I’ve head about but have never seen.

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    hey scott good sir can you tell me what was caught on the decent stage of the space x
    Es’hail-2 Mission around the 21min mark. Was it just space debris or part of the upper stage ?

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    6:55 I love this clip with the vans and truck inching along behind the crawler. You think _your_ traffic is bad?

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    The most humble of vehicles of the entire space fleet and program.

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    Have you seen that video by CuriousMarc where they attempt to repair an AGC?

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  39. Neil Smith

    Very nice video! There was a small mistake about the new ML. It was originally made for the Constellation’s program Ares 4 & 5. Then When the SLS program started it was modified to hold the SLS block 1.
    When the SLS program started, Nasa decided to save money and modify the Constellation’s ML instead of building a new one. It was then kinda mucked up by Nasa and the contractor that modified it. The modifications design was done by Nasa and involved among other things, making the flame holes larger and in turn removing structural integrety. This in the end caused the tower to have a slight lean. This lean was enough that the service arms would not line up with coresponding locations on the rocket. Also the contractor had made a bunch of errors that included piping going to the wrong places, incorrect assembly, and things left off completely.
    At this point a modification of the modification had to be done as too much money had been spent already. A new contractor was brought in and started “fixing” the problems. The base with the flame holes was reinforced, the service arms were modified with a slight incline to make up for the lean, and everything else was gone over with a fine toothed comb and fixed. Drawings are still being updated to reflect all the changes.
    About two months ago, the ML-1 made a trip to the pad on the upgraded crawler to check all the connections. It is now in the VAB where final assembly and testing will be done.
    ML-2 is to hold SLS Block 1B and Block 2 and should start construction next year. It will be brand new and include all the lessons learned from ML-1. ML-2 has to be taller and stronger to support the weight of the larger block 1B and Block 2.
    One of the crawlers was also upgraded with new jacks and a bunch of other major components to handle the weight because SLS 1B and 2 will be heavier than the Saturn 5. They also brought in an expert to check the entire crawler way for soil compression due to the extra weight. Florida is know for it’s aquafers and sink holes and the space center is basically in a swamp.

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    I always though the crawlers where the coolest part of the launch system.

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    Hi Scott, in which book do I find the illustrations – e.g. on second 33, and some in the last Hardware-Video?

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    I just love the Crawlers, they’re fantastic and underrated pieces of engineering. Also, they’re just so… Thunderbirds-looking… that they always start a smile on my face and the theme tune in my head :)

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    ALCO… American Locomotive COmpany. Near and dear to steam enthusiasts! 5000gal is a normal size for a locomotive tank. There’s a great video on here by someone that got a tour of the crawler, look for it. Same guy got a tour through the scrapyard, lots of cool stuff there too.

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    I feel like the Crawler transporters could have been used for something outside of nasa.
    What that would be you ask? I have no clue. But there must be something.

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    I hate to admit but this series of things that never went to space is actually more interesting thing I’ve seen about space for quite awhile…
    Except the fireball I caught on camera in my area Sunday evening.

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    keep up service with space shuttle and any large rockets

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    Hey Scott, you ever seen the movie Interstellar? Why don’t you do a review of the handbook scene?

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    manitowocs 31000 crawler crane has almost the same underbody design :)

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    Hey Scott, were/are there people working in this machine during launch?

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    In my calculation 125 gal per mile is 200 gal per km
    That is a lot and I think it is a bit more as my motorbike Puch maxi S did use with the modified motor parts…
    Good video and lots of cool stuff ! Thank you very much Scott !

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    Could you do a video on the recently discovered Apep system? The media portrays this as earths imminent destruction.

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    The whole transport infrastructur and logistics behind the Saturn V (/parts) is one of the unsung heroes of the Apollo program.
    As is the welding.

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    Fab photos. The one of the VAB under construction is one in particular I hadn’t seen before.

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    Have you any news about the possible launch schedule in the UK? Thanks.

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    Those crawlers have another world record: The only moving vehicle to be declared a National Historic Place.

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    Did you see CuriousMarc’s new video series where he and his friends restore an original Apollo Guidance Computer?
    Highly recommended!

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    125 gallons/mile may seem bad, but it’s still like 100x the fuel efficiency of the Saturn V first stage it was carrying.

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    The crawlers are themselves a feat of engineering. I’m glad they are still around. Each link of their tread weighs 1000 pounds. Those things took a lot of men a lot of hours to build.

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  96. Ken Lyons

    I have been inside one of the MLPs in the early 90’s. Not sure which one. I was working for Harris Space Systems on a project to upgrade the systems used to control the launch. The module I was working on went several places, including in an equipment rack inside the MLP. The racks were spring mounted to protect the equipment from the intense vibrations that occurred during launch. Inside the office space at the launch pad, all the office furniture was removed for each launch so that it would not bounce around and cause damage to just about everything.
    Being inside the MLP was like being inside a ship or submarine. All the doors had a gas tight seal and the spaces inside were flooded with nitrogen so that combustion could not be supported. When it was at the VAB, and maybe also at the pad, the MLP was connected to plumbing so that the rest rooms inside it could be used. This is where the $100 stainless steel toilet seats were, which had caused controversy about government spending. There was quite a lot of electronics equipment in the MLP that was part of the system for communicating with the shuttle before it launched.
    Speaking of government spending, this project was on a cost plus contract. If anything unanticipated was needed there seemed to be an attitude that there was plenty of money to pay for it where the money so far had come from. In 93 congress cut NASA’s budget and NASA cut the program. We had just finished checking out the prototypes and as far as I know the new system was never built and installed. We had a few months to tidy up documentation in case funding came back later. In early 94 I was laid off and moved on to other things.

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    Could you please explain about space ship docking systems methods into iss?

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    125 gallons/mile = 300 gallons/kilometer? You mean liters/kilometer?

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    Would fit in very well with thunderbirds which is fitting cus thats also made in 1965! Scott Carpenter, John Glenn, Virgil “Gus” Grissom, Gordon Cooper and Alan Shepard would surely approve. May trade for a gold corvette.
    See my other listing for an eco friendly 8 seater black and white van that outputs nothing but water!

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