Massive Rockets, Engines and Parachutes: More Ideas That SpaceX Abandoned

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In its 18 year history SpaceX has developed a lot of concepts on paper which never made it to flight, or, were never made to work. Either way the company has a rich history of projects that seemed like a good idea at the time but fell out of favour due to difficulties with engineering, a dearth of time, or a lack of a customer wanting to pay the cost.

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    When did the “suicide burn” turn into a “hover slam manoeuvre”? …i must’ve missed a memo ;D

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  4. wildyracing1

    I always wanted more potent upper stage on Falcon 9/Heavy. In my opinion, SpaceX could utilize the Falcon rockets and Crew Dragon for near Earth exploration a lot more if the second stage was more powerful.

  5. sephamt

    So good that SpaceX use SI unit. Wow.

  6. wrightmf

    I was thinking advantage of starting on one concept that includes building hardware then later abandon it to start on another has advantage of building up infrastructure for building things (ordering parts, machining, wiring up stuff, hands-on learning). As compared to lots of paper studies and then select one concept and that will continue beyond when originators die of old age. Those started Dragon got to see it fly people. Not sure for those that started Orion will live long enough to see it carrying people. I am impressed with Dragon using the Dracos for launch abort but also be used for manuveuring. Unlike Orion takes its shape because that what was used for Apollo and makes a lousy cargo carrier because door too small. Then through various foibles is this huge protective shroud with the escape tower, a lot of mass that will be thrown away but yet need it for crew escape. I sure like to hear those that designed Dragon and how they arrived at the way it is, in addition to other ideas that looked promising but turned out not a good idea. And alternates envisioned but never got beyond paper for ? reason.

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    Space x really didn’t like parachutes after there first boosters were destroyed , landing the capsule whit the super dracos lmao

  13. Anarchy Antz

    I think Elon should have gone full Kerbal with the Dragon’s landing legs. Regarding the booster landings, I always have to watch them as they remind me of my childhood watching B&W Flash Gordon ships landing.

  14. Skipper Vicky

    What’s the ring which gets jettisoned from the nozzle bell few seconds after the m Vac ignition

  15. Steven Rappolee

    On @nasaspaceflight there is a SpaceX slide with what looks like a PeeWee Thermal nuclear rocket engine

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    The first successful landing was in December 2015 on land, I take it you mean the first drone ship landing?

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  19. Moritz von Schweinitz

    A huge question which, AFAIK, hasn’t been answered yet is if Dragon still has propulsive emergency landing capability.
    Note that there is one button for “Water de-orbit” and another one for “de-orbit now” inside the crew dragon.

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    Given how Elon Musk operates, I’m very surprised we haven’t seen a massive SSO craft with an Aerospike engine being wheeled out yet.

  24. Marc Stollmeyer

    You should talk about the original Falcon Heavy concept, where they showed an animation of all 3 boosters landing back at the cape along with the 2nd stage as well.

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    Is there any merit in the Draco thrusters being fired as a last desperate resort should there be a ‘problem’ with Crew Dragon’s parachutes? i.e. do they have enough delta-v in them to slow a free-falling capsule down sufficiently to create a chance of a survivable water landing?

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    Set the reaction wheels to SAS only, set wheel traction and friction to 0.4 and that thing will work an absolute treat.
    Control from docking port (reversed) and set SAS to prograde.
    Really nice looking buggy.

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    SpaceX goes through project proposals like I go through SSTO and Eve lander designs in KSP.

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    Thanks for this video (and your great content overall <3 ). Could you do an indepth video on parachutes and their complications? I think you've mentioned it here and there but it's still quite counterintuitive that the hoverslam is easier to pull off than a parachute soft landing.

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    I we heard they revised the drake equation and now it’s talks about around 36 possible alien civilization.
    And i here i’m wondering what given them the idea? 😁

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  67. Iron Thunder Lyrics


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    How about: Instead of feet coming out the headshield, what if the heat shield moved down with shock absorbing legs between it and the crew area?

  81. Moniker_alpha

    My dad was a board member at Irvin! I remember going to the factory in Hope Mills here in NC. I still have all his research materials and patents! I remember when he needed to mock up stuff he’d go down to the ace hardware and literally pull ordinary hardware off the shelf.

  82. Blade4952

    Kind of a shame that Merlin 2 never came to be. As a big fan of over the top super powerful rocket moters, the last decade have been full of disappointments lol. First the Merlin 2 and then the F-1B that was going to be part of SLS.

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    Why would the landing legs have to come through the main heat shield rather than coming out from the sides?

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    I guess this is less important now that NASA looks to be allowing the reuse of the Dragon 2 for crew missions despite splashing down, but it occurred to me that the even if the SuperDracos weren’t to be used for propulsive landings, they could still be used in a similar way to the Soyuz retro rockets for a “soft landing” on land – there’s probably some good reasons not to try this! But just from a risk mitigation perspective there surely would of been some consideration for Dragon being able to survive a dry landing on just parachutes in an emergency.

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