Mars Insight, Astra, SpaceX & More Updates

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It’s a busy week, with lots of space stuff happening, but let’s clear up the status of the Insight lander, talk about what happens next and also confirm that Astra’s secret rocket project probably launched successfully. Also in the next few days there’s a lot of critical space events to pay attention to.

  1. Free Saxon

    Thanks for the update

  2. Seen 20

    I read this as *AD Astra*, which I haven’t heard updates about in a while. Still cool.

  3. Das Daleberger

    Lighten up Jim. When you’re at the point that landing on Mars doesn’t call for celebration, then you can pout about some weed.

  4. Otrab

    Third flight, second re-use.

  5. vivek soley

    Feeling excited about the Soyuz MS 11 launch tomorrow. Hope everything goes well.

  6. StYxXx

    Wait, there’s a rocket company called Astra? But there’s also a satellite company with that name. There are no problems chosing the same name although both working in field of space tech?

  7. FetchTheCow

    Do we have to notify the world every time there’s a test like the Astra launch? And mostly vice versa?

  8. Marco Walther

    What about the CRS mission on tuesday?

  9. Space noodles

    4.6 pirate-ninjas, YAY!

  10. werdman2

    Hello scott, are you going to play x4 foundations?

  11. Internal Jellyfish

    missing a high five IS a nerd high five; textbook:)

  12. Slashfic

    What did they mean by “single-sol”? I’m pretty sure the solar system had only one sun last time I checked? 4:10
    Ahh, It’s energy per day. That makes sense

  13. Dominic Hines

    Hopefully the pirate-ninja becomes a standard name for kilowatt-hours on mars.

  14. Rob Read

    Sounds like Christmas have come early for Scott.

  15. Dave Kincla

    Great stuff. Anyone know of a central resource to watch all these upcoming events?

  16. Mathewmatic

    I’ve watched the Curiosity landing dozens of times and never noticed that missed high five.

  17. TheRocketeer

    Took me a minute, but yes pirate ninjas!

  18. protonjinx

    How time flies. It seem only yesterday that Pluto had its upskirt revealed. Only a month now until yet another horizon…

  19. Anarchy Antz

    Hey Scott even more good news this week for space regarding the Osiris-Rex mission arriving at Bennu safely and sending pics back from it.

  20. Robin Larsson

    If I´m not mistaken, this is also the first Block 5 booster that was built, B1046, so pretty cool that its also the first one to actually fly 3 times :)

  21. rothschild war bank

    Slow 6 wheel rovers and now this ..a dune buggy type rover that can look around right now..a mile a day..thx

  22. Launch Pad Astronomy

    Pirate ninjas. Well played, sir, well played…

  23. Samuel Paramor

    You should join the “Our Ludicuas Future” podcast

  24. Secret Name

    Love this informational summary, can you do this type of video more often? ..something like monthly or quarterly?

  25. Dante Wynter

    And the Falcon 9 launch got delayed a day.

  26. Anthony Paull

    When I finish my Games Design course it’s my dream to have you voice the Codex in whatever game I end up working on 😂

  27. Sitarow

    Always looking for your take on these events. Keep up with the great work.

  28. Tran

    5:09 – “Time for Business” certainly doesn’t have quite the pizzazz

  29. Trusteft

    The high five failure was HILARIOUS. Thanks for showing it. It reminds me of that also failed high five between George Costanza and Elaine Benes.
    Pirate Ninjas? I don’t get it.

  30. lucky irvin

    those are some effin good valves on those Rocket Research mono-props
    how many pulses per second? rock and roll Rocket Research and Moog? valves

  31. Norman1951 Norman

    NASA at its best. Keep up with planetary exploration!!!!

  32. chuckbuckets1

    thanks scott, your videos are always more informative than nasa’s.

  33. Radek C

    OK that NASA high-fiving in Russia and Saudi Arabia had me in tears. Thanks! :D

  34. Prateek Gupta

    “pirate ninjas”.. loved that reference.

  35. TigraV915

    We are also about to have 100 launches per year, not seen since 1990.

  36. joshua logan

    Keep up the good work, updates are great. Go team Space X!

  37. HojozVideos

    Pirate ninja’s?
    That refrence missed me

  38. Ian Jones

    Thanks for the update. I’m sitting here drinking rocket fuel 😏

  39. lucky irvin

    Rocket Research
    2 Viking landings
    Phoenix, Curiosity, and InSight landings..
    Spirit and Opportunity guided to Mars entry and landing

  40. Damian Reloaded

    I really appreciate these space updates Scott. Keep’em coming!

  41. Alfred Potter Guitar

    Every time I see that grey model ship in the background I mistake it for the “Sulon Star”

  42. Jacob

    There’s going to be a Cannuck on the Soyuz for the first time in a while! SpaceX is launching out of Cape Canaveral to the ISS on Tuesday as well!

  43. Rdc dt

    Hello Scott,
    If two bfr fly lock together does they can act like a shield and protect human during a long flight?

  44. Arioch IV

    I’m really excited about the new New Horizons encounter. I can’t believe it’s been three and a half years since the Pluto flyby.

  45. Unbelievable

    4.6 pirate-ninjas? That’s impressive.

  46. SofaWolf

    4:17 haha loved that reference :DDD

  47. Neurofied Yamato

    High-five is the most important aspect and needs to be precisely calculated.

  48. Anthony Price

    I can always rely on Scott Manley for updates! Subscribed


    Pls Make another KSP beginners tutorial

  50. Mark Kromeke

    Great job Scott, as always. Love your science and space news videos. Thanks.

  51. CMDR Potty Trained

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, love your videos and in depth explanations, keep up the brilliant work

  52. Tommy Vaske

    “… two of the engineers in mission control failed to land…”
    8-O *Whaaaa…?!?! How come I didn’t hear about this?!
    “… a high five…”
    *lol, ok, nvm… =D

  53. Seen 20

    The No-Handshake Incident of 2012 remains a stain on our nation.

  54. HANSE658

    Ah yes the coveted pirat ninja

  55. Joseph Jimenez

    I kept hearing heavy footsteps and thought my upstairs neighbors were trying on new clogs.
    Then I realized its coming from Scott Manley’s audio.

  56. Ryan Sanderson

    FYI, Falcon 9’s launch is standing down on the 2nd, conducting additional inspections.
    next backup opportunity is on the 3rd, fingers crossed!

  57. Spivster46

    Pirate-ninjas is gonna catch on!

  58. Tau Ceti

    Jim Bridenstine do politely go and stuff yourself trying to tell other people what to do, especially after a monumental achievement such as this. Hate to break it to you but times change.

  59. fwd121

    4:19 I understood that reference

  60. Maciej Kadłubowski

    The photos from Marco look like taken in Elite Dangerous :D Epic!

  61. RedHeat

    Bennu is also a target asteroid for an anchor. Tested in the NBL, successfully by divers. So proud 💁‍♀️

  62. HUFORIC - UFO Investigations Center

    lots of videos posted already saying the Mars landing was faked, with pics to prove it! lol plus a reflection of an Alien too, I even posteda vid on that! 👽

  63. I have a name

    So would you consider this SpaceX landing an RTLS droneship landing?

  64. marshalcraft

    Can you do video about your delta IV heavy model behind you? Every video my focus drifts off to it.

  65. itakpowiem

    And chinese lunar rover of course!

  66. twiexcursori

    pirate-ninja a unit of power? TELL ME MORE

  67. Saint Alphonse

    Always like getting your take on space news!

  68. Cyren001

    Where did you get the rockets on your background?

  69. Sticky Lizard Studios

    The staurn 5 looks really weird without the launch tower

  70. Christopher Musgrave

    It’s probably been answered but can they use Insight’s seismometer to check how hard future landers apply the Litho-breaks?
    And if they had another seismometer (on another lander) could they determine where they landed?

  71. Jeronimo

    Thank you very much fir these kinds of content, Scott. I love your insights!

  72. Devon Byron

    I’m sorry but is it just me or does Scott look like Wallace from Wallace and gromit in the thumbnail?

  73. not sure

    We are living in an amazing time for people who love space stuff…..

  74. manofsan

    These celebratory backslapping rituals for the cameras keep getting fancier. Next time, I want cartwheels and backflips. Siss, boom, bah! Rah, rah, rah!

  75. Cavistus

    i love these videos, scott. a quick yet information dense summary of the new things happening in science and space. thanks man!

  76. Trevor Abbott

    Picture at 4:06 says Viking landers were solar powered – weren’t they Radioisotope? Was this chart actually made by NASA?

  77. Steven Wells

    Ahh, missed that outro music! Good stuff!

  78. Pass The Butter Robot

    Osiris Rex is a pretty cool name for a space probe

  79. Not A Pro Pro

    I live in the Silicon Valley and during the launch day, it was particularly stormy in my area, I heard an unexpected loud noise, thinking it was thunder. Later when watching this video, it may have been that I don’t really know

  80. 5chr4pn3ll

    This video is at least 4 degrees off axis

  81. Slikx666

    It’s a shame that the flatearthers won’t enjoy anything to do other space. But that’s their choice.

  82. Cookie Crumbler

    Glad insight landed safely, I’m excited for experiments!

  83. Ainol Crystal

    cracked up on that Mark Watney line ;)

  84. Anvilshock


  85. Steven Blackwood

    With InSight, the few seconds between “Awaiting confirmation of landing” and “Landing confirmed” were some of the longest in my life.

  86. Marc Barrett

    Scott Manel has such a poker-faced way of joking. “Landed in exactly the way Schiaparelli didn’t.”

  87. Damian_ai9

    Is it really so dramatic to fail a High Five?

  88. zapfanzapfan

    4:11 The Viking landers didn’t run on solar, they had RTG:s

  89. Cookie Crumbler

    Yes! Pirate-Ninjas, I love the Martian, that book is amazing!

  90. Andrew Shirley

    This is by far one of the best space related chanel on YouTube. Keep up the great work Scott!!

  91. David Messer

    At first I thought that finally they landed a probe on Mars which wouldn’t be reporting that they found water. Sadly, one of the administrators gave a press conference where he claimed that InSight might find water, or even life. (I’m not sure how it will do that, unless the drill hits a spring.)
    Apparently, NASA thinks that the ONLY science results worth having is whether there is water on Mars. They have “proven” the existence of water dozens of times by now.
    Only NASA could makes something as cool as landing on Mars, boring.

  92. RocKiteman _ 2001

    At about 2:23 in the video… “…arm deployment camera – I can’t remember what it’s called…”.
    How about call it the *”ARM DEPLOYMENT CAMERA”* ? 😝😝😝😝

  93. dosmastrify

    This is why KSP may be more fun for many…. Three months until you get data to play with

  94. Jefferson Lab

    5:55 – This will be the third flight of this booster, so only the 2nd reuse.

  95. Reverend Rodinal

    When Scott says at the end of his videos, “Fly Safe”, to me he sounds like a school prefect giving a distinct, unquestionable order and not just a cheery greeting.
    I promise, Scott, that if I should ever fly, I will indeed ‘Fly Safe’.
    Just don’t give me detention if the plane crashes and it’s not my fault.

  96. Ricardo Becerra

    Why did they not call the little satellites Marco & Polo?

  97. Craig Bates

    I like the way YouTube played an advert for Mars bars before this video started:)

  98. Biomirth

    That was a very efficient data dump from you Scott. It’s almost getting difficult to keep up with rocketry news this week with so much going on but I know none of us are complaining!

  99. Bo

    pirate ninjas! finally, units i understand.

  100. Gene Cash

    “Mars Insight landed on Mars in exactly the same way Schiaparelli didn’t” ZING – That’s a reentry burn!

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