Looking Back On The Cassini-Huygens Mission to Saturn

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Originally launched in 1997 the Cassini-Huygens mission was one of the largest space probes ever, a massive space exploration mission which would spend over a decade orbiting Saturn and sending back over 600 gigabytes of scientific data.

Using data and images from NASA’s Cassini team I talk about the voyages.
(and yes I mispronounce a couple of moon names)

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  1. eggaweb

    In the meantime, Voyager 2 launched in 1977 is still going. Yay!

  2. Vega

    I really enjoyed this video scott, the narration and story you told was great

  3. AnatoleH1

    Wow all the human race in one single picture (plus most of the solar system, and actually a pretty significant portion of the universe) ;)

  4. Darrenatace

    Great video Scott! Thank you!

  5. Vicente Pola Junior

    Excelente vídeo. Parabéns! Excellent video. Congratulations!

  6. omulu

    Amazing narration! Almost cried here, excellent job!

  7. Daphnis InTheKeelerGap

    Yay, propellers! The one you showed is called “Santos Dumont” afaik.
    Im currently working on my phd about the sharp gap edges of the Encke and Keeler gaps in the outer A ring. The guy who predicted the propeller structures before Cassini arrived at Saturn is my professor :)

  8. TheChosenSquirrel

    The probes a year older then me I remember watching the Nova about Cassini (loved that show) when I was in grade 2 in 2005 … man how time fly’s.

  9. Jason Patterson

    Glad for the commentary, but also glad that you left the companion video without a voice track.

  10. GroundHOG2010

    I really hope that the Titan Saturn System Mission happens at some point.

  11. Roger Giacomelli

    “(it)’ll be (…) a physical reminder of Cassini’s magnificent voyage”
    it’s like, they’ll get there, see that on the ground and think:
    “Look how far we’ve thrown thrash. We’re awesome.”

  12. Alexander Mlinzk

    Wow. 1997 What a year to be born.

  13. mtlh05

    So Cassini was destroyed to protect Enceladus? How was Cassini putting it in danger? The plutonium power source? Was it in danger of colliding with the moon or one of the others?

  14. Ben Hollis

    A beautiful dedication to this space probe!

  15. John_Hmstr

    Love your mission retrospective and history video’s like this. Keep up the good work!

  16. Bruce Goodwin

    Science rocks. And rings!

  17. tuffduty


  18. Rodrigo Barbosa

    Great video, Scott! Summarizes well everything Cassini did.

  19. James Beil

    RIP, Cassini. You were a good little ship.

  20. plotch

    Cassini’s mission has officially ended.

  21. Dave B

    Dark energy has not yet been discovered. It’s only hypothetical.

  22. Adam M

    Beautiful video Scott, very very well done.

  23. flamencoprof

    Thanks for this well-done overview of the mission.

  24. DerWiepi

    Thank you for making this beautiful video!

  25. Igor Neiva

    Great Video, Scott. Thank you man. Cheers from Brazil!

  26. Micah Burgin

    Man- imagine if a laythe-like planet was out home. The system of a gas giant is crazy – how many moon missions would we have done at our tech level?

  27. Jan Bergmann

    Great video Scott! I really like this mission review format…why not do more of it?

  28. vitor Sossai Batista

    10:25 – I just found my new desktop background.
    Thank you, cassini for this amazing picture and thank you scott for this amazing video!

  29. Mobitron

    Of course you would make a video of this. Of course I wouldn’t think to look for it until 6 days after the fact. Woops.
    Really a very well done recap.

  30. Sterlin0

    applause !!
    amazing, thanks for this video.. the best sum of the Cassini adventure.

  31. En Vie

    Excellent Video Scott! Thank you!

  32. Chlorate

    You shall ride forever, Cassini. Shiny and chrome!
    I hope it sends back some pictures of Valhalla when it gets there.

  33. Byte11

    Not many people can make a 20 minute long video so interesting. Nice job!

  34. Zak Unknown

    Hey Scott. I started watching you videos to get better at ksp. but i really like the non ksp stuff too. Big fan! love what you do

  35. No Name M8

    R.I.P cassini 1997-2017 your service to humanity will never be forgotten.

  36. STHawkST

    Farwell Cassini. You have done a great job.

  37. Robert Orr

    Wow. What a fabulous mini documentary on this amazing mission. Thank you for putting this together. Great Educational Material.

  38. Bruce Frizzell

    I really enjoy these high detail science vids.

  39. Anderson Carvalho

    Thank you Scott for sharing this amazingly well-illustrated narrative of one of the most incredible machine sent to far space.

  40. Mihai Lazar

    MY GOD is our solar system BEAUTIFUL

  41. Ibakon Ferba

    That Ending was quite… Emotional… Felt like a funeral…
    Well done, Scott!

  42. Patrick Ford

    I just knew this video would come and I’ve been looking forward to it. Thx Scott.

  43. Rafenwulf

    Fascinating. Excellent video Mr. Scott!

  44. yippikahyey

    You cannot ask for a better send off i you tried! Good game great Scott!

  45. tbpom1003

    man, all the knowledge and effort you put in this video is amazing! keep it up bro👍👍

  46. Cristian Ciotti

    Stunning! Goodbye Cassini and thanks for all the pictures!

  47. Peter Hamilton

    Thank you for your awesome summary of Cassini’s wonderful mission.

  48. Tarik E. P.

    Beautiful video Scott. Thank you very much.

  49. Scott Wallace

    Fantastic video … will be showing it to my kids as soon as possible… many thanks.

  50. Model 3 Fan

    Thank you for the overview of the mission Scott. I really enjoyed it.

  51. Daniel Way

    Incredible images. Thank you for sharing this Scott.

  52. slm2gamer slm2gamer

    Rip Cassini 1997-2017. Rip Oppy 2004-2019

  53. Ariel Hartung

    Wow. This was incredible. Thank you, Scott!

  54. HO LAM YIU

    Me: *Gets a space ad before the video*

  55. LockeRobster

    Cassini may be gone but the elementary materials it was made of are now part of Saturn. Its become one with it subject.

  56. Khorzho

    GREAT VIDEO Scott! I’d love it if you did a space show on a nature channel some day.

  57. Han Yolo

    Fascinating images and story.

  58. Regulator Machine

    this is very well done, I hope it becomes a very popular video for you. I watched the ad’s all the way through so you would get some more pennies!

  59. Nicholas Kennedy

    Thank you for this video. Absolutely outstanding.

  60. Minigui98

    We are some tiny ants in a slightly less tiny sandbox in a Universe that is so huge that we will never be able to understand it all. But thankfully some brilliant men give us the opportunity to sometimes discover little chunks of it. This is a wonderful thing. What a time to be alive.

  61. SlyFox211

    Damn Scott that ending straight up made me cry

  62. I like Flying planes


  63. Interdimensional

    It’s pronounced “enchiladas”

  64. Skippy the Magnificent

    Remember all the people protesting the launch because of the RTGs it had on board, and they were afraid of it crashing and spreading radioactive death? Let that be a lesson to you, kids: ignore such naysayers and always press on no matter what. Nothing bad can ever happen that way :D

  65. Mason O

    Scott, I think it’s time you start Narrating astronomy shows for the Discovery channel and Nat Geo etc. I love your narration on these short talks!

  66. Matt H

    Wow! What a stunningly beautiful video!

  67. OtakuMage

    Staying up all night so I can watch the JPL live stream. And floating in Saturn’s vicinity in Elite Dangerous as an homage.

  68. zapfanzapfan

    5000th like :-)
    Cassini, you will be sorely missed! It flew for 20 years but the project started 15 years before launch. I hope there are projects started today that will become equally awesome in the coming decades. Get on it, Planetary Society! :-)

  69. Dominik B

    The music volume and type this time was better for me. Thx!

  70. Paul Berger

    I was born about 15 days before the first Venus gravity assist.

  71. Olly Barry

    Hey Scott, would you be able to do a video explaining Lagrange points? I’ve been researching it recently and still don’t really understand it. I feel like it’s something you’d be able to explain well though! Thanks :)

  72. Timothy McLean

    Goodnight, sweet prince, and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Hopefully, you can hear them over the aerobraking.

  73. MaiAolei

    These 17 and a half minutes were more inspiring, interesting, informative, emotional, well written and visually put together than the last 500 minutes of Hollywood I have seen.
    And they felt like time well spent, not wasted.
    Thanks Scott!

  74. The Legendary Sandwich

    This probe holds a special place in my heart because it entered Saturn’s orbit the day I was born.

  75. Waltiez

    Mimas looks like the death star. Saturn has ring rings that are probably from a moon that was destroyed. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  76. PalladiumBc

    Thank u Scott, Just amazing….

  77. iGourry

    Hyperion is also the name of an epic poem by John Keats which in turn gave its name to my favorite book series: The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons <3

  78. Gabriel amador sanchez

    Awesome, as always

  79. mesoth

    You almost made me tear up at the end.
    The outro saved me.

  80. klesh

    Fascinating stuff, Scott. Thank you doing doing these kinds of thing. Fly safe, homie.

  81. Maurizio Pavel

    RIP Cassini Huygens
    You and your discoveries will never be forgotten.

  82. Gamernist

    why am i so sad :(
    may you rest in peace cassini btw

  83. Link's Space Program


  84. Meowserita

    if there’s one thing i can be proud of, its that i outlived one of NASA’s probes.

  85. Diluted

    I feel Cassini should receive a full ceremony and a 21 gun salute.

  86. Sean McNamara

    This is the kind of video that could easily inspire someone to go into astronomy or want to work for NASA on building the next outer solar system probe. Imagine what they could do with modern HD cameras and improved storage devices and radio protocols. Shame we’re unlikely to get any funding for meaningful NASA activity during the next few years…

  87. Spuddy L

    Well put together, great narration.

  88. Matt Mack

    One of your best videos Mr Manley, more of this please. I subbed for KSP but I stay for the science! :)

  89. NoName

    14:50 “Cassiny has spent over a decade orbiting Jupiter”
    Damn you, Jupiter, stealing our satellites!

  90. Alric8

    RIP Cassini, you will always be loved, missed and fondly remembered :(. Then you realise that we’re talking about a robotic probe.
    And anyway, every good space mission includes an explosion at some point!

  91. OatBran

    So… How many science points does earth get from this one satellite? I was hoping we would have enough to unlock Ion Propulsion

  92. Muffin4771

    Rest in peace Cassini. You bettered are understanding of science and Saturn. You will be lost but not forgotten.

  93. bluewales73

    When Scott Manley says ‘explorers’ it sounds like ‘exploders’. I’m not sure if it’s because of his accent or hist time with KSP.

  94. ebigunso

    “Cassini has spent over a decade at Jupiter” obviously you mean Saturn.

  95. pokewafl

    *_R.I.P Cassini 1997-2017_*

  96. Michael A

    Technically, it’s not re-entering Saturn, it’s just entering.

  97. miwove

    Magnificent video Scott, magnificent video.

  98. jonthedoors

    14:48 “Cassini has spent more than a decade at Jupiter”
    Whoopsie daisies, Scott!

  99. CaptainPep Seldon

    When cassini launched did you have -hair- a non aerodynamic head?

  100. _Dreamy

    Cassini has more character development then that of a superhero in DC movies. Almost teared up knowing that Cassini’s life would end.

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