Kerbal Space Program – Landing On Mun Using Only Solid Rockets – Now With Moar Boosters.

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The latest update to Kerbal Space Program added a number of new solid rocket motors, so, I wanted to try using them in a classic challenge – travel to the mun and land safely, without the benefit of throttle control, or the ability to shut down those engines.
Careful vehicle design can help get into a circular orbit, timing of maneuvers can place you on the right course, cosine losses can help ensure you cancel out your velocity without overshooting, and staging at the right moment allows some control over cutting thrust.
Regular service will be resumed soon.

  1. Laélien Rivière

    A KSP video from Scott?
    Thanks for taking that time Scott <3

  2. nlingrel

    What a beautiful mission.

  3. Unidentified Biomass

    Dang I was thinking this was 1-way trip considering how much rocket you lost.

  4. Joseph Dickson

    that’s weird… I had this very idea a few days ago and was wondering how you would do it. Freaky~ O_O

  5. jj182bass

    I missed a deadline trying to replicate this in KSP… do you have a source for the early gunpowder rocket moon landing? I’d be really interested to read more.

  6. Robin L

    Do more of these again ! :)

  7. reggiep75

    Hurt the moon.. HURT THE MOON!!!

  8. Snyper1188

    Ahh, always a good video Scott, but always an epic video when KSP is involved!!!

  9. C W.

    Damn Scott, you make it look so easy!

  10. Lol Avocado

    Yes exactly that’s what I tried

  11. Wyatt Foster

    I can’t even get to the Mun lol

  12. Swedish Marcus Viking

    Gravity, Spinning cgi spheres, impossible vaccum next to a pressurised…Yes Im not joking and they are 18+ years😅👏🏽👏🏽

  13. adro gal

    I love the planning in this ship. How do you calculate dV?
    It would have never come to my mind to do maneuvers inputing the stage dV.

  14. Cameron Caufield

    Can’t wait for the episode on the Chinese program Scott!

  15. James S Hutchison

    You didn’t mention L Ron Hubbard when discussing Jack Parsons…..

  16. Jay The Amazing Toaster

    I miss seeing Scott’s KSP series, it’d be cool to see Scott do a modded playthrough using the JNSQ planet pack.

  17. Shroomie

    0:10. Yea doing a video on the chinese space program can be quite the long march….. I’ll see myself out.

  18. IControl Gaming

    3 am and I immediately go for this video!!! Morning Scott!

  19. Matthew Moonen

    Yay KSP! when KSP 2 comes out you should do something along the lines of interstellar quest with the expanded tech tree

  20. Michael Galvin

    I would like to see one episode of Kerbal space program a week until the release of Kerbal space program 2

  21. Elliot Robinson

    Missed your Kerbal videos from when I was kid. Great to watch this.

  22. mongke

    Love the KSP vid, Scott.

  23. Mushy Log

    Hell yessss ! Right after I watched kerbal space program tutorial’s playlist, some interstellar videos, and a few of your scientific/ space history videos, I decide to subscribe and BOOM a KSP videoo ! :D
    Thank you for that great content !!

  24. lgpmichael1

    You sound almost apologetic for doing KSP. We love KSP!

  25. Niklas Åvall

    Wow, now i know how I can get to the moon ;)

  26. rabidtarg

    Scott Manley: Hasn’t played KSP in awhile (or at least not made videos).
    Also Scott Manley: Casually launches SRB-only mission to the Mun and back to relax.

  27. Peter Corbett

    Best bit of procrastination since… oh, there have been some good ones throughout the years.

  28. Andrew Gates

    a good ksp video beats actually playing ksp most times, lol

  29. Joshua Foster

    Yay I’ve been waiting for more Ksp forever <3333

  30. Dave Krüger

    That is seriously impressive!

  31. Orbital Vagabond

    The fuel-binder approach to SRBs was definitely the Jack Parsons Project.

  32. Leo’s LEGO

    There’s a new update? My launcher isn’t letting me update! :(

  33. The Real Plato

    I haven’t played KSP in a long time, nice to see the game’s improvements! How about a new campaign series without mods and victory conditions quicker than interstellar quest?

  34. martin hansen

    It was funny . Just heard the audiobook: Strange Angel, the otherworldly life of rocket scientist John Witeside Parsons.

  35. Controlled Chaos.

    I’m catching up with you on my KSP skills. Last night I landed on DUNA. And only lost 1 Engine. So yeah.

  36. bMatthew

    Yaaaay, finally. More KSP Scott, please :)

  37. Pesterenan

    Yay! And Jeb returns once again to fly another dangerous mission :)

  38. Peetiegonzalez

    I love the Kerbal videos, especially with the scientifically relevant narration. It’s been a while. Cheers, man(ley)!

  39. Armarnis

    this man is simply amazing!

  40. diee123

    i’m still hoping he redos the tutorial videos.

  41. Viking Teddy

    II’ve been hoping for some Kerbal from Scott. I’ll never get enough.
    Also hoping for more nuke stuff and the nitty gritty of rocket surgery.

  42. Eduardo B. R.

    Damn that was so smooth. I am not so smart to play this game, i tried, i can’t do it xD

  43. Malcolm Hardwick

    Was wondering when you’d do a guitar intro of your cool video’s ☺


    Love me some ksp content!

  45. Donald T

    This time he did fly safe XD

  46. coryman125

    “Landing on the moon using only solid rockets? Well, it’s tough, but this is Scott Manley, I’m sure he’ll do fine”
    Start watching the video
    “OH, he means getting to AND landing on it using only solid rockets. Okay that’s scary”

  47. Gadgetboy

    I’ve missed these!

  48. Jacob Coleman

    PLEASE MAKE A KSP SERIES I MISS THEM SO MUCH I loved watching your ksp vids before bed

  49. mskiUSMC

    Love the vids Manley, keep kicking scientific ass! We’re all watching the progress you and people like you are making for humanity, THANK YOU.

  50. Hatagashira

    Damn you’re amazing at this game

  51. Baz Green

    We’ll you’ll just have to do a KSP based on black powder now…

  52. Grimm Pickens

    I feel like I’ve seen this before

  53. Doctor699

    This is the kind of content i subscribed for, thank you ^^. And you came back from the Mun with SRBs, beaut ^^

  54. Elliot K.

    Scott, i just want to say i’m really glad to see another Kerbal video. I’ve been watching your channel since the reusable space program series, and while i love the science videos, it’s a special treat to see more KSP!

  55. Timber Micka

    The best part about about this kind of mission is the Mun landing
    I always put a sh*tload of separatrons to slow down the lander when it literally falls to the surface. It’s really hard 😅

  56. sekusaf

    Love the addition of the USSR landing boosters. I saw the real ones for the first time on your channel- and after seeing them used in KSP it somehow made it more real. Now I use them on everything I land on on other low-gravity bodies. Thanks!

  57. Peter Pan

    Oh, Jack Parsons. It reminds me of the TV series “Strange Angel”

  58. HanZie82

    Holy Hannah.
    Ive been playing since .19 and still find going to the mun hard.
    And here’s Scott he does it with solid booster, that you CANNOT steer or turn off.
    All hail the KSP emperor. (do miss the live stream tho :) )

  59. David Usi

    I miss these kind of videos :D

  60. peter obermuller

    Ohh,, my Scott Manley KSP needs have finally been temporarily sated.

  61. hjalfi

    Wait, Jack Parsons founded JPL? Jack Parsons Laboratories? Was the whole Jet Propulsion thing a backronym?

  62. Robert Price

    5:47 That’s the most satisfying separation of the bunch.

  63. Hannes Größlinger

    Jack Parsons was indeed an interesting character, interesting enough for CBS to make a TV show called “Strange Angel” about him. But the show is streamed on CBS all access, so almost nobody has ever seen it.
    Also i don’t know how accurate the show really is. And it focusses more on his occultist endeavors than on rocket science.

  64. ItsIxel

    Feels like it’s been too long.

  65. Billman Warren

    I imagine getting to Minmus would be much easier as it tends to be with the lower gravity. But, how about Duna?

  66. R L

    Is anyone else seeing, your nearly at one million! Contrats!

  67. MackDaMando Airsoft

    WOO! Scott back to his roots!
    Love when you do engineering related challenges.

  68. Umi

    “So I’ll try to get home”
    as if it’s not in the plan….

  69. Covert Cabal

    Dang now I am going to be stuck playing KSP for the rest of the night!

  70. Blade4952

    I always love watching your KSP videos, started watching all the way back in 2014 when I started playing. Love all your content Scott!

  71. LateNightPoetry

    He said “Do something light.” 🙄 Lol

  72. Patrick's Music

    After all- we just got the “Moar boosters” which adds more boosters.
    Thanks Scott. Had no idea :)

  73. M1cr0p47

    I watched this after coming off of a session of KSP that I was playing myself. I forgot I was watching a video and tried to rotate the camera around XD

  74. MindTreat

    “Fly safe!” – Yea, you haven’t seen me play Kerbal lol :D

  75. 6Twisted

    I’d be interested in you doing a play through with 10% science rewards and the grindy science mod (33% per experiment). I’m playing that at the moment and I find it fun struggling for science and having to plan big trips with primitive tech and having to carefully choose what to unlock.

  76. Piet Paulusma

    I’d love to hear more about that string operated moon rocket!

  77. Dark Knighte Apologeticz

    I like your channel, because you talk more about the science and less about the debunking of conspiratards. I like watching your Kerbal videos the most. I wish you made more of them.
    You’re awesome.

  78. extremecubing

    That was really amazing.
    The casual moment when you realize: Oh I could even make it back. 🥺😍

  79. Don Koltz

    Listening to you talk about space and science related things whilst playing Kerbal Space Program is what made me watch your Interstellar Quest series again and again and again, I would say five times or so. This video made me extremely nostalgic for that. Thank you.

  80. Anant Dongre

    Next is God mode: mun landing with solid motors aaaand cockpit view. How about it!

  81. Utgardr

    Such joyful nostalgia, just love those modless ksp video.

  82. Leon Kernan

    That was a lot of exploding around your landing site

  83. Simply Space

    The fact that the shuttle’s SRBs have thrust vectoring is why I’ve never liked it when over dramatised “documentaries” call them uncontrolled.

  84. L0j1k

    Couldn’t help mentioning a random fact about solid rocket motors at the end lol!

  85. Brook Gerard

    Idea: kerbal: recreate the movie Gravity without getting fined!

  86. TheDeckinator

    This is my favorite kind of procrastination.

  87. bcamcam2

    I would like to thank you for introducing me to KSP. Now when I feel like doing nothing I can waste hours of my days trying to figure out rocket science with trial and error….. 68 hrs in and I just managed to orbit the Mun and make it back to Kerbin, only took me 4 tries and I managed to do it a lot more efficient than I expected, though I bet I wasted 4 times the Kerbal dollars necessary… I love watching all your videos I even go back and watch all your older Kerbal adventures. Fly safe.

  88. theshortgenius

    Just makes me crave a new interstellar quest!

  89. Robert Vranich

    “We choose to go to the moon, not because it is easy, but because there is great potential for explosions.”
    Um, um! Will this be on a t-shirt?

  90. Tilen scar

    “because of cosine losses” is just saying because of trigonometry but in a fancy way

  91. Tassy

    I miss you and KSP, and both of you together.

  92. beevis690

    look at you, junking up the solar system with your boosters. Who is gonna pick that up?

  93. LordGroyper

    What game is this Scott? Never seen it on your channel before.

  94. PickleAIR

    Me: Suicide burns are so hard
    Scott: We are only going to be using solid rocket boosters in this mission.

  95. KayleeBrowncoat

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  96. mlouden03

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