Kerbal Space Program 2 – What We Know About The Sequel

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It was quite a surprise to see this trailer revealed at Gamescom this morning, a cinematic trailer for Kerbal Space Program 2, developed by a new developer and showcasing propulsion technology far beyond that in the original game.

Here’s the trailer for reference:

The trailer paid homage to the classic ‘Build Fly Dream’ trailer

(And the community edition).

  1. Jules Rossier

    “Cyberpunk is the goty 2020 !”
    Private division : hold my beer…

  2. Shadowkey392

    10:17 I KNEW that spacecraft looked familiar!

  3. Vader_Mester

    Trailer giving me The Expanse vibes, and making me want Season4 even more!

  4. aGuyWhoPlays RacingGames

    I’m in awe of this lad, I mean his name literally has manly in it

  5. RedSjo

    Ksp2 announced
    Me: Scott Manley here i come!!

  6. Blaze Da14

    most people: gonna use the Orion drive for rockets
    me: makes nuclear cannons

  7. Ron Brideau

    I would recommend a new frontier mission with user generated CAD input. A well developed ocean, an industrially superior moon and an exponentially growing Europa.

  8. Milen Parvanov

    “Epic store exclusive.” Did Scott just say that about a Unity game? lol

  9. Veritas G

    Scott Manley reaction vids > all other vids!
    Also, blinking kerbals!
    9:10 I think Scott just found a plothole! :D Or a ridiculous axial tilt! °0°/

  10. Benjamin Brooks

    Zubrin’s nuclear salt-water rocket is the most Kerbal engine design ever…

  11. devcool kol

    7:30 engine is nuclear that’s why there are so many radiator panels

  12. LowJack187

    Scott, Your going to need 3 55″ 4K tv’s and 2 2080ti’s to run this game.
    Also keep in mind that if your going interstellar there is always the possibility of running into minions!

  13. CptCrazyFingers

    When I took an orbital mechanics class in college, one of my friends didn’t have as much trouble with the material as most of us. He attributed this with playing countless hours of Kerbal Space Program. Of course, Kerbal didn’t teach him enough to get by without paying attention but it taught him a lot of the basic concepts that most of us were hearing for the first time. Ever since then, I have been enthralled with Kerbal. As a matter of fact, our orbital mechanics professor recommended Kerbal more than once as a study aid for the early lessons.
    I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion but I’ve been waiting for this game to release on console and now it’s finally coming.

  14. -Lightning Will-


  15. Frankie Bedek

    Kerbals: What if a Saturn V + extra complex Korolev cross.

  16. gweetus

    It’ll be fun to play this a year after release when the Epic exclusivity period ends.

  17. PhoenixFire

    KSP2: releases

  18. Spaceboi Scapahandre

    I swear to god if they pull it from Steam last minute…

  19. Riley Kass

    Game looks great! One question: why wasn’t Scott called in to help work on this game?

  20. //OWFF// -ODD WORLD

    KSP 2 on steam says its multiplayer, WHAT!!!

  21. AntiangelRaphael

    I saw this ALl :D In Interstellar expansion ;)
    an great mod that everybody have, nobody don’t know how to use it ;)

  22. prepare uranus

    Most of the engines shown seem to be the same as from the “near future” expansion pack. Theres some for big solar panels and radiators. And also nuclear reactors for power generation. Along with a lot of these proposed engines. I also see some from the “interplanetary propulsion” mod. With the deadallus system. (Sorry for spelling)

  23. kevin6666123

    8:58 looked like one of the Babylon stations

  24. Stevie B

    “Huh Low!” :)

  25. 64BitCube

    I’m trying to keep my expectations tempered as well. Honestly, I’ll be fine if it’s not quite the same, or it’s more arcade-y than the simulatory-goodness that KSP 1 is. Rather, I’m much more afraid it’s going to go full ‘modern-game’ and incorporate micro-transactions. Pay for new parts out of randomized component boxes, pay for new kerbal hairdoos, pay for etc, etc. That was my greatest fear when I heard Take-Two purchased KSP, so while I’m glad it hasn’t come to pass yet, a version 2.0 is likely the biggest point of entry for such nonsense.
    I also have some misgivings about Uber/’Star Theory’, given the history of their post-launch ‘support’ for Planetary Annihilation, and the mess that was the Human Resources kickstarter, but I hope it’s as you say, and there’s been sufficient enough branching off of the studio to differentiate itself from its past problems.

  26. Austėja

    This can end up simmiliar to hytale and minecraft
    New game looks like old game with mods

  27. Sean McDonough

    9:08 – Maybe that’s an ocean, not an icecap.

  28. kosmique

    I just love how a KSP2 came straight out of nowhere :D
    havent been active with the game much this year but i remember having the feeling they were working on KSP quite a bit, making models prettier and dropping DLCs on us…. then Kerbin just drops down on us with a big 2.0 sign. 2020 is gonna have me not even finding time to take a leak.

  29. Mislavestina

    I see this as a win-win scenario either way, if the game is good then great, if it fails KSP 1 still exists.

  30. 5Andysalive

    I would love to have seen the reactions to this, had they announced microtransactions or china store exclusivity for it as well.
    And let’s face it…. this is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

  31. A Dogtor

    “We don’t know if they are gonna make it exclusive to one platform..” This is an actually good studio we are talking about here mate

  32. Cyber Pleb

    8:45 The frozen ice cap is located at the Equator?!

  33. Md Waqas Shamim

    Any idea this game runnig in Imac???

  34. Ibakon Ferba

    I know this is offline rendered, but… I would love to see KSP in this glorious graphical finesse :o KSP 1 really lacks proper use of PBR rendering and Postprocessing imo

  35. David Taylor

    8:50 Maybe they’ve finally implemented axial tilt? Imagine a tidally-locked planet…

  36. mrwho30

    8:10 That was soooo clear. XD

  37. WastedTalent

    I just hope they domt dumb down the game!

  38. Victor Fernandez

    6:17 “Not actual gameplay”, so…

  39. ReZpawner

    3 words that crushes my expectations: “Not Actual Gameplay”.

  40. Riley Phillips

    It looks like a lot of the stuff is from the modding community, that large engine with the lasers, the spherical tanks etc. I can’t wait for KSP2! Optimization 😍

  41. SAW Gunner

    12:29 I hope your reaction to your children was impressive, else they’re going to be hurt. I wouldn’t blame you, though. I’m looking more forward to this than my first kid.

  42. Sloane Mac Tíre

    Me: “Hm. I missing watching some KSP action…” *starts typing Kerbal Space…. only to get autofill “Kerbal Space Program 2″* “Wait, what?! Has Scott said anything about this?”
    *pulls up Scott’s video in top 10 results, loads and the ad is for KSP2*
    …I think either YouTube is winning at me tonight, or I’m winning at YouTube tonight.

  43. Greg Steele

    6:17 “Not Actual Gameplay” :(

  44. Logical Conservative

    That’s a lot of big goals. I hope they don’t bite off more than they can chew.

  45. Kevin Street

    I’m feeling all the emotions right now: surprise, awe, hope, terror for my wallet… This is certainly interesting news!

  46. TheGreenguy85

    Yeah! first thing i though of as the track started playing: “This is from the build; fly; dream thing” Love that song!

  47. Grant


  48. Romeu Capela sa

    Do you think is an good idea to implement an auto cargo missions?like if you have done an successful mission with an carry to an location you became capable to carry the same volume/load or lower automatically

  49. Tim Lage

    When I saw the trailer I actually didn’t realize I was watching a kerbal space program video until I saw the kerbal because the trailer footage was that good like when I saw the early astronauts scene where the person looking from their spacecraft to the mun(kerbal moon) I actually thought this was a different game until I saw the kerbal a close up, at first I thought this was going to be a massive update for the game but then at the end when I saw kerbal space program 2 the spark of creativity and adventure that can happen in the next game Dudley expoloded my mind, it’s alyays nice to see such a timeless/classic game get a sequel so many years later brings back lots of old memories.


    11:32 that’s a anti-matter catalized fusion.

  51. Superfunhappytime

    I have been playing KSP for years and I have only just realised why they use the space bar to launch your rocket, because it’s the SPACE bar, I face palmed myself.

  52. Aidoon

    Ksp brought me to your channel while looking for tutorials many, many, years ago. Since then I’ve watched you grow, your children grow. I’ve watched through tragedy when your father got sick and passed, through the vacations and the happier times. I’ve followed you over to twitch and as you have grown so have I and my family. All of this because Kerbins looked to the stars and wondered, “what’s out there”. Thank you!

  53. BeagleDad

    I’m ready to sign the petition to add a “Scott Mankerbin” Kerbal to the game!!!

  54. Peter Ward

    Lithobreaking – the fastest way to stop a spacecraft, provided you don’t want to reuse it.

  55. Ratchet4647

    Ah, yes!
    The orion drive!
    The most Kerbal engine you could imagine!
    And it will soon, finally, be stock!

  56. Joshua Sweetvale

    The KSP 2 trailer reminds me of the Yearly Lego Catalogue. Gorgeous panoramic images of brilliant build ideals, lit perfectly.

  57. Ø

    KSP: Needs moar boosters
    KSP 2: Needs moar fusion drives

  58. Harry Price

    Me: *sees a trailer for KSP 2*
    Also me: “Well, time to return to Scott Manley!”

  59. Diego Marra

    8:08 How do you know that he is Bob?
    8:54 I have seen the trailer so many times, how didn’t I notice it?!

  60. BGeuze

    “What We Know About The Sequel”:
    we know bad EULA too

  61. Jan Orszulik

    Well, last time that team tried to follow up on “Supreme Commander”.

  62. Duncan Delano Donut

    Now it’s legit, Manley has a video on it


    Fly Safely
    Me: Opens up KSP And Flys Safely
    Also me: crashes Kerbal Space Program
    Yet again me: *UNDERSTANDABLE*

  64. Gadgetboy

    Wasn’t there a disclaimer at the beginning of the video: “Not actual gameplay”?

  65. anti/HUMAN Designs

    Yes, my two problems with KSP: There is no upkeep cost, so you can wait a million years without losing money, which has some impacts on how you play it. Secondly, the science modules are overpowered, especially in combination with the fact that you can flush time forward freely. This way, you can get massive amouns of science from little input once you have a science module.
    So the problem with KSP is the “economic” side of it, in the broad sense.
    Still, it is one of the best games ever made, in my opinion.

  66. Magnus Victor

    9:00 Nah, Jeb just glued a bunch of spare boosters to Duna and flipped the planet.

  67. Noah Duke

    So I actually got the KSP2 ad as the pre-roll ad. Now that’s intelligent ad placement.

  68. someone110

    I knew as soon as i saw that Orion drive, my first thought was “Oh Scott’s gonna LOVE this”

  69. Primary Secondary

    If Duna is on its side doesn’t that mean there’s actual axial tilt in ksp2?

  70. YorkshireMan

    The potential is off the charts, but if they mess it up, I will find them and eat them because I weigh 700lbs and they Would fit in my stomach, easily.

  71. Henrique Silva

    Scott: “I love that lunar surface. I hope it’s in the final game”
    The 3 words everybody is ignoring: “NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY”

  72. T-65B X-Wing Fighter

    Holy crap the ad I got before the video was the trailer. That makes the twenty-sixth time I’ve watched it.

  73. fsmoura

    _”I’d love to have different hairstyles”_
    _”I see _*_why_*_ . . .”_

  74. Jake the Astronaut

    Me: *clicks video about ksp 2*
    YouTube: here, have a ksp 2 ad
    Me: *happy sounds*

  75. Diamond VXV

    NASA: What do you know about orbital mechanics?
    Me: I played KSP

  76. Timothy Marchant

    I nearly shat when I saw those Orion drive and Daedalus shots. Took me back to my youth as the first book I ever got bought on space and spaceflight mentioned both these concepts.
    The hype is real.

  77. megatronVS

    “There’s a new developer”
    “They developed Planetary Annihilation”
    *not neat*

  78. anti/HUMAN Designs

    12:53 Don’t call me Shirley.

  79. dfgdfg

    *INTERSTELLAR QUEST 2* Please Scott! I’ve watched the original all the way through at least 10 times.

  80. SyntheticMentality -47

    Oh my god we all got the ksp2 trailer at the beginning of the video, is this your doing scott?

  81. Xepher

    I try not to get my hopes up, but it’s a darn perfect trailer. It looks like “The Expanse” as told by “The Muppets” which is basically the core ideal of KSP to me!

  82. Charles Lambert

    11:31 Fjords! Slartibartfast approves. Or is that just an ice planet? Ice fjords?

  83. Thomas Johnson

    7:46 No Kerbal’s Sky – if you want to leave the starter planet, you’ll need to start building!


    I live 20 minutes from their office so if we have any problems, I can roll up to them

  85. David Taylor

    Remember: no preorders, no exceptions. But I will be looking forward to release…

  86. Tristan Isenhour

    one thing EVERYONE missed so far
    YAS I can destroy other kerbal things

  87. Gadgetboy

    I love how the trailer basically shows Scott playing the game, and occasionally switching places with Jacksepticeye….

  88. Laélien Rivière

    KSP made me into the Space Systems Engineer I am today. Needless to say, I’m excited like a kid on Christmas Eve.

  89. Mackeroni

    Cautiously optimistic is a great description. I’m hopeful that they get to work it from the ground up, because KSP 1 is supposedly running on so many hacks and duct tape.

  90. HKVeteran

    Scott: “I’m Scott Manley, fly safe.”
    Me: *opens up KSP and crashes several rockets*

  91. Perkin Gamer

    You smell that?
    Its my graphics card burning.

  92. Corum Jaelhen Irsei

    the “only” thing i want is a better UI, less lag, better progression and a real “real solar system” mode. :D

  93. The Xenomorphian

    after this game releases someone can use an orion drive but instead of nukes it uses computers running ksp 2 which has enough heat energy to convert into kinetic energy to propel the ship forward

  94. Phoenix Electrum

    Wait… interstellar capabilities, colonies, advanced tech…
    Scott you MUST bring back interstellar Quest!

  95. ThatOneGuy

    Who else has been waiting for Scott’s video on this?

  96. KaBob799

    It sounds like KSP 2 will give me the fun exploration that KSP 1 never fully achieved. It kind of felt like the planets/moons in KSP 1 got stuck in beta while the rest of the game evolved.

  97. Ben Wrath

    Alright, just finished my 1st interstellar rocket, let’s light this candle!!
    Alright, let’s try that again without the Orion drive starting in the 1st stage.

  98. yannniQue 17

    “Different Hairstyles”
    Says the man with the most efficient Haircut ever

  99. cuteshadowKIA

    “I got a degree in Astrophysics, thats what got me going on youtube?” Wow, that Requirements really took a steep incline :O

  100. Sohrob Rouhani

    I just want more appreciation to go to Shaun Esau for the inspiration, he did a fantastic job without the AAA budget.

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