Kerbal Space Program 2 Developer Answers Important Questions

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Private Division flew me up to Seattle so I could meet with Star Theory, the developer for Kerbal Space Program 2, after a private meeting at their offices I had a chance to sit down with creativge director Nate Simpson at PAX West to ask him questions.

As you can guess this trip was paid for by Private Division, but that hasn’t influenced my opinion of the project, what did influence me was the fact that Nate had clearly learned a lot from the original game and is well equipped to run the project. I’ll admit I was skeptical to start with but I’m a lot more confident in this now I’ve had a lot of time to talk about their plans and concepts.

The Trailer for the game is here, expected release date is ‘spring 2020’:

Apologies for the sound quality, the interview booth had massive amounts of sound bleeding over from nearby booths.

  1. dosmastrify

    Can’t wait: “hullo it’s Scott Manley here with another tutorial of kerbal space program TWO”

  2. CactusFishy

    quick better make a joke
    Your computer will be able to run this game

  3. Innosos

    I was very cautious when the trailer released, but now I’m starting to get my hopes up.

  4. usranger666

    Are the calculators and other tools gonna be built in or are those gonna be mods

  5. Raphael Brandão

    4:29 Holy ship! That gave me nausea

  6. The Everything Core

    Dude I’m from brazil, when it said it wa scoming in spring 2020 i was like “sh1t”
    but i remembered that thing about the hemisphere , thank god its not on 2020 september lol

  7. Shadelz

    I would love to see you do another “interstellar quest” when this new game gets launched.

  8. Eric Lapointe

    Seriously, i have the some concerns about the spring 2020 release date.
    Something is not right, this SEEMS way too soon.
    My hypothesis is that the game development is way ahead that what it appear.
    Hello Game made history with No Man Sky, so I presume they did their homeworks first and they didn’t oversell the game.
    This is maybe the reason why they seem to present their game with planned update according to a marketing plan.
    I read elsewhere that there is a BIG multiplayer annoncement coming. Thus indicating that the MP aspect of the game is currently in development.
    I just hope that they are showing us little by little to manage fan reaction and expectation and not because of current development state.
    Anyone has any clues ?

  9. Eric Anderson

    13:17 Except Jeb he can stay in the ocean. XD

  10. Anonymous

    me talking to a time traveler 1 month ago:
    time traveler: so what games do you play?
    me: kerbal space program
    time traveler: one or two?
    me: :0

  11. iDogtag

    I like the cut of this guy’s jib – he clearly has passion and enthusiasm and I look forward to seeing what the team have put together.

  12. Eddard Balls

    I’m happy for Nate. He seems to be working on his favourite game/ past time.

  13. Eto Hige Gamer Culture

    damn thats so cool at the end him saying he learned to play from Scott :D

  14. SatchmoPlays

    That was a great interview, Scott, and Nate was a pleasure to hear talk about the game. I’m so happy this game seems to be put in the hands of people who are not only highly capable, but also have a genuine passion for the series as well. I know I’m only going off of one guy here, but I do feel like they’ve taken the project down a road that fans are going to be happy about. I can’t wait!

  15. ZX Spectrum

    Holy shit i wasn’t expecting pre-alpha footage to be out there already, I thought they just pitched the idea

  16. daetaapretiguudaa fuqinretard

    Alright Nate, I am putting aside my 60 euros into a safe space where I can’t spend them until KSP 2 is released.

  17. Jake Everhart

    Did he just say that Scott taught him how to play his own game? That’s awesome!

  18. Christian Klan

    This is real cute, its like they’re both interviewing each other <3

  19. ArchAngelWC

    well you sold me with “The modders are here already”

  20. MrJr

    I’d REALLY love for the graphics to be overhauled. Maybe even to the point where you could take a still and convince people it’s from NASA.

  21. damienkurast

    8:51 “If we detonate these close to our base, would that be good for it”? Hahaha, most perfect Scott Manley/KSP question!

  22. PhilfreezeCH

    18:52 such a good reaction!

  23. Unknow0059

    Wow, they had to scream quite loudly to talk here
    Aaaaaahh, I’m so excited!
    19:00 “I mean there’s other calendars you can pick” hhahaha

  24. e1123581321345589144

    12:26 lmao :)))
    yeah, that would never happen :)))

  25. tcunero

    It is so relieving to see a developer who is passionate about the game and whose focus is on making the game good. Being involved with the community and using Scott as a consultant shows how much they care about the project. Thanks!

  26. Marcus Armstrong

    Instead of making Scott Kerman a playable Kerbal, he should be a tutorial NPC with a title like Head Astronaut Trainer.
    Verner Van Kerman teaches you how to build Rockets, and Scott Kerman then teaches you how to fly them.

  27. Alessio Benvenuto

    Finally we can make a sci fi modular space station… Wait, there will be magnetic boots, and iva Exploration?

  28. Chris Hayes

    “The Refactor” hahaha

  29. Revampedharpy09

    8:08 sans approves of this engine

  30. TheKSPGuy

    I love finding any KSP2 content now.

  31. AbflussLP

    When you get an KSP2 ad before this video

  32. DrumStick

    “accidentally” crashing into a friends colony

  33. Cheshire Cat

    Everyone with “Cheshire Cat grins”…
    Hey that was a cheap shot is he making fun of me?

  34. gajustempus

    what I REALLY want to know: Will KSP2 solve/simulate the three-body-problem? I want to be able to place satellites, probes or even stations in stable Lagrange points.

  35. Shane Reimroc

    There better be a Scott Kermin. The sensei of almost all KSP players.

  36. Luca Berchtold

    I might need to buy a copy of Windows when this baby comes out.
    Also, for me the comments don’t really capture the size of this! Every single of these announcements would have been called game changers if they were ment for updates to ksp 1! Huuuge!

  37. Egor Khramenko

    9:12 “it’s like lighting a tiny star inside of a bucket”
    surely that’s more Kerbal than the Orion drive? xD

  38. dilox _21

    That “fly safe” at the end… XD

  39. Pondimus Maximus

    Seeing the devs driving the Hype Train™️ is a great sign! I truly hope for the option of a FAR-like aerodynamics model, as well. There’s nothing like flying jets on Laythe, or electric gliders on Duna! 🌎🛩

  40. Redacted Lluks

    All i’m hoping for is Kerbals getting the ability to sneeze and ruin their visor.

  41. Maeyanie

    I was skeptical from just seeing the trailer and your first video too, like you said around 17:00… but after this… the “shut up and take my money” meme comes to mind. :D

  42. Kalja Passion

    “Large, Huge, and OH MY GOD”

  43. Robert Holmes

    12:25 “that usually doesn’t happen in the real world, especially not when you’re testing SpaceX hardware”
    Except we saw exactly that on the 150m Starhopper hop lol

  44. Aggies52

    They should have Scott be the voice of the tutorial, even if his speech is all jumbled and “kerbalized”.

  45. mc mann

    So multiplayer, colonization and interstellar travel confirmed by the head dev. This is going to be a nice $60 I’m going to spend.

  46. The_Blazer

    “large, huge, and oh-my-god”
    Yep, sounds like Kerbal to me.

  47. Phil Marcelino

    I can’t believe that I just came across this game today!!! It’s on my wishlist so that I can order it as soon as possible!

  48. 3dfreak2000

    Does KSP2 includes a “Saving Matt Dammon” DLC?

  49. Will Gibson

    “Were going to make the physics faster”
    My computer just caught on fire and I’m watching on mobile

  50. Junior Pasini

    I’m always worry when I hear everything I want to hear from a developer, it keeps me remember the “No Mans Sky” soap opera. So I understand Scott’s concern, and I do empathise with him!!! Take the time you need, nobody dies if you release in Jan/ 2021 ;)

  51. Nikola Pavkovic

    2:34 “It’s gotta fix the damn physics!”

  52. st0ox

    “don’t screw it up” You don’t hear that every day from Scott Manley

  53. Ronan Lucchesi

    I wonder how time warp will work in multiplayer

  54. Lerm

    It’s awesome to see the hero of a dev of ksp, is a player of ksp

  55. Volt Cruelerz

    I’m really curious what engineering work went into allowing multiplayer. So many weird things happen with time acceleration.

  56. Rachel Falder

    Nooooo make n body physics a thing everywhere I want my lagrange points

  57. Azivegu

    It’s funny to see the interviewee geeking out because of the interviewer xD

  58. RocKITEman _ 2001

    _”…that doesn’t happen in the real world…”_

  59. hazonku

    “Wait a second, I’m a rocket scientist!” LOL Also I just realized it really has been over a decade! Wow time flies when you’re having fun blowing stuff up!
    Also, judging from Das’ live stream it was ungodly loud around their booth so huge kudos on the audio quality in this video! FAR from ideal interview conditions.

  60. john pedersen

    Ive had KSP for several years, still cant get my head around it, never been able to land on the mun.
    But that being said, wont stop me from buying KSP2 when it comes out.

  61. Nippy Bridge

    i love how brutally tough Scott is on them! I hope they’ll continue to take feedback from him and they take it to heart. there’s few people as dedicated to this game as Scott!

  62. danypopov

    You really should make programable action group. for example “ if altitude above sea is bellow 65,000, *do abort progress 1*. Else: *do abort proses 2*”… AND automation. If it will be done in a simple GUI it will be amazing.

  63. Niels M.

    *Just awesome.*
    What a relief to see that the developers really care!
    …now I am hyped

  64. Frik Na luzie

    @Scott Manley It needs to be asked. Will there be fuel hoses attachable by EVA Kerbals?

  65. kendokaaa

    You know it’s probably in good hands when the devs have thousands of hours in the game. I too was skeptical, less so now

  66. Goperoni

    This was a great interview, I could read your skepticism and how it was calmed by his answers, it paralleled my own. I think/hope KSP 2 will be amazing.

  67. David Persson

    Have you seen that when you load up the game “Fly Safe” is now one of the messages above the progress bar. :)

  68. OtakuMage

    Well, I think it’s time for my annual viewing of the whole Interstellar Quest series.
    When KSP2 is stable enough/released to you (and we all know you’ll get it before the public at large), I hope you’ll start a new Interstellar Quest.

  69. Nick

    “and when things get tough, you will want to save them, right?”
    On a lonely planet, slowly spinning its way to damnation…

  70. Ferociousfeind

    Orion nuclear propulsion systems come in three sizes: Large, Huge, and Oh My God.

  71. Cameron Hoy

    I think Scott was speaking for a lot of us there: “I don’t mind if it takes a little bit longer if you want to make it right.”

  72. von7

    I really hope they include a delta-v, TWR, etc. readout.
    Scott, please tell them!

  73. Catalin Nedelescu

    My pc can barely run ksp 1. Can’t wait for ksp 2

  74. Grespino 1

    Scott Kerman
    Dennis Kerman
    Matt Kerman
    Nexter Kerman
    Danny Kerman
    Marcus Kerman
    Simone & Simona Kerman
    XKCD Kerman
    Elon Kerman
    The other people’s names idk: stratzenblitz, shadowzone

  75. Shadowhenge

    $60? Hrmm.. only if take two is lightyears away from being involved, the drm isnt crap, and the TOS is friendly to content creators.

  76. martin aakervik

    “Tanks for teatching me the game Scott” That’s what a lot of us can say.

  77. Joe6168

    Scott:. . . So you could have a pressure vessel bouncing away from your spacecraft after it landed heavily?
    Nate: Well that’s not very realistic, that doesn’t usually happen in the real world . . .
    Nate: Especially not when you’re testing SpaceX hardware.
    Scott: hypothetically.
    Nate: . . . Yes, hypothetically. . .
    Someone call the fire department because this guy’s on fire!!! 🤣

  78. Amatthew123

    When Bannerlord and KSP 2 are in my Steam library I can die happy.

  79. MrKarriban

    So ksp2 is basically going to be ksp1 with better graphics and all the best mods included as stock. I’m all for this!

  80. 40lbboxofrape1

    scott seems like a concerned father in this interview, cautiously letting the new kids in the neighborhood play with his kids

  81. Space 2123

    CEO: Nate we need to talk
    Nate: sweating profusely*
    CEO: Wanna make KSP2
    Nate: faints*

  82. Luke Flowers

    “It can be put on the surface on any celestial body…”
    Me: raises hand
    “…uh, that has a solid surface”
    Me: lowers hand

  83. Tony Perri

    The fact that the creative director of KSP2 was so obsessed with the first one is about the best thing we could ask for. This is excellent and I can’t wait!!!

  84. LordFrz

    Nice to see a dev not over-promise during an interview. Its OK to say, “we have no plans for that at this time”, or even “I will have to get back to you on that”.

  85. Denis Elias

    Everyone: yeah I can meet my favourite developer!
    Star Theroy: yeah we can meet Scott Manley

  86. Gavin Hickson

    Ksp2 developer:
    there will be interstellar travel
    Me who can barely get to the mun:
    Wow can’t wait!!

  87. Yndostrui

    If anyone had asked me what I wanted out of KSP 2 before it was announced, I’d have said “Multiplayer, Colonisation, Interstellar travel”.
    Turns out, those were exactly the initial goals of the project.
    Makes me very excited for the game.

  88. Manuel Barkhau

    Calling it now: Scott Manley will have a voice role in the game.

  89. Adam88Marz

    One very important questions was missing dear Scott: Is Weather going to be a thing? We want stock clouds, we want real weather phenomena that can give a NO-GO situation

  90. Christopher Windorski

    One effect that I’d love to see implemented is expanding exhaust plumes as atmospheric pressure drops. Didn’t really notice that in the trailer or pre-alpha gameplay.

  91. Micha Grill

    12:30 are they mocking SpaceX because of their pressure tank running away from starhopper? 😂😂😂

  92. Robert

    Please tell the developers, that one aspect is still missing: observing the home planet, observing the deep space. Would be nice to have science modules to observe the planet in temperature, in humility, find dry zones and so one. But also find points, like hot spots, where some measurements have to be taken.
    Before interplanetary missions will be capable in careermode, the have to be a Hubblelike science-thing, to observe apace and find the other planets!

  93. Mariusz Gruszka

    KSP 2 tutorial: “Hello it’s Scott Manley here……well, that’s it. I’m Scott Manley, fly safe!”

  94. Guardsman Miku

    the tone of this interview feels like a dad (scott) letting his son (nate) have his prized car, and hes giving him a lecture on what he needs to do and to not screw it up xD

  95. jesse dis

    “i don’t mind if it takes a little bit longer, if you want to make it right” Thumbs up for that one

  96. Xavier Graham

    How much will it cost? 0:53
    How they pitched the idea of KSP 2 1:33
    Some improved core features 3:41
    Space Colonization (Base assembly editor) 5:23
    New engines 7:05
    New planets 9:23
    overhauled effects 11:50
    customizable color for spacecraft and multiplayer 14:17
    more on Multiplayer 15:10
    Modding in KSP 2 16:14
    More on new effects 17:28
    Planned release date 18:42
    This is a list of things that popped out to me, so sorry if i missed any big topics

  97. Hypnotic Moai

    This game. This game is the sole reason why I chose Aerospace engineering as my major rather than any other type of engineering.

  98. Tomas Beblar

    The game needs a Scott M. Kermin as the tutorial instructor.

  99. Noah Harston

    The fact that the creative director is a totally hardcore KSP1 fan gives me a _lot_ of hope.

  100. aceman67

    Can we start a petition to have Scott Manley do the voice over for the KSP2 tutorial?

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