Kerbal Space Program 1.9 – Getting To Orbit Using Drain Valves?????

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Kerbal Space Program 1.9 is another Minor Update to the game which includes a number of enhancements, Graphical updates, model changes and some really useful changes for Helicopter design.
However it also includes a valve that lets you dump fuel, and I thought I’ve try to figure out how to use this for good!
This will probably be fixed in 1.9.1

  1. LaBrantt23

    Been a subscriber for years now. Thank you for the years of entertainment. CONGRATS ON 1M SUBS!!! And I’m ready to start watching your KSP2 tutorials!

  2. Snarky . Live

    Gunna keep liking these KSP vids in prep for 2 and to let the algorithm know.

  3. Miki Cerise

    Scott was just waiting to pounce on this one! ;)

  4. noob artz

    We can use this drain thing while RCS

  5. Implies

    I saw this coming, and I knew it’d be you.


    I mean, at this point, you should make an entire channel called somthing like “Kerbal Science Programs” :)

  7. Matheus Rossetto

    Devs: Finally! The game looks fine… Time to release it!
    Users: Lets find new ways to break the game using its new mechanics

  8. Schrödy Brodie

    I read ‘drain valves’ but all i saw was ‘manhole cover’ in my mind brain.

  9. Ray Ceeya

    I’m calling this “THE RETURN OF INFINIGLIDE”.

  10. Adr Raz

    Mr. Manley congratulations, you broke the game logic xD
    (there wasn’t much of it before tbh)

  11. judah macneely

    I knew this video was inevitable when I saw that fuel dumping caused thrust

  12. Eric D

    Back in the day you would be landing on the mun with just drain valves, lol

  13. Mightylink

    I love engines with the togglable shrouds, it makes them fit on a lot of different shapes without looking too weird, like on a sphere or on the side of a tank instead of the end.

  14. Eric Gulseth

    1:55 Hahahaha!

  15. JackInABot

    > 1/3rd of the video – “Yay! there’s a new update!”
    > 2/3rds of the video – “Let’s massively exploit this bug I found”
    Never change Scott.

  16. Lucy Tycho

    The KSP equivalent of the real life EM drive bug

  17. 420Ninja

    when i install clouds on 1.9 all my oceans have invisible water, how is yours working?

  18. WWEdeadman

    Ah, it’s always nice to see the game getting broken xD

  19. Hlebuw3k

    Oh, so youre using different intro songs for different video themes, this time its something like “stupid ideas”

  20. Ian Murdoch

    Matt Lowne: “they give off a bit of thrust but dont be using them to get to orbit”
    Scott Manley: “hold my rocket fuel”

  21. Othtor Potato

    Hey, you guys remember airhogging?

  22. Known as

    I remember reading on the Kerbal wiki that Intake air is also a type of fuel, but isn’t mentioned by the game.
    This confirms that statement.

  23. Ben I

    Not even watched it yet and already I class this as “Peak Kerbal”.

  24. Electric_Bagpipes

    Oh this brings me back… anyone else remember back when you could stack air intakes to make jets and R.A.P.I.E.R.s super efficient?

  25. ZalyQQ

    love when you hop in Kerbal!

  26. Bud Gates

    lol when i saw these i was wondering when scott was gonna do this.

  27. Shazbot81

    Can’t wait for the next video titled “Getting to and landing on the Mun with Drain Valves???”

  28. Loop

    I knew that someone was gonna do this lmao

  29. CMDR DustyEggSauce

    Noice! I was recently thinking of your old series on KSP the other day and fired it up on the Xbone. What a treat to see this !

  30. Nathan D.

    Drain valves and infinite fule?
    Just saying, seems like a way to really abuse these.

  31. AntaresMC

    Can you attach it to a electric motor, use it as a perpetual motion machine? Lol

  32. John Crower Doe

    Tabloids are ranting about a “near impact” in about 1 hour from now. Let’s hope it’ll fly safe.

  33. crazedSquidlord

    “is it a bug or a feature?” yes.
    Though, i want to try hooking them up as compressed air thrusters for rcs purposes on vtol craft like the old b9 parts

  34. Fascinated Weeb

    *3 days after update of Drain Valves*
    Scott Manley: I am about to end this man’s whole career

  35. Icky

    “thermal staging” ha! 🤣

  36. Ian Kelley

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Scott Manley: I made a plane that runs on imagination and air.

  37. moonasha

    as soon as I saw those drain valves I wondered “how long before scott goes to orbit with these”

  38. Piotr D.

    4:18 man this is beautiful

  39. PhoenixUltraMotive

    I love how broken the drain valves are. How do you drain intake air? Idfk, ask Jeb

  40. Snappie

    “thermal staging” hahaha

  41. A D

    Ksp breaking physic since 2010 :D

  42. R.L. Dane

    5:17 I remember how disappointed I was when Perl rolled up to 5.10 from 5.8, instead of 6.0.
    I’m not sure if anyone cares about Perl 6 anymore. :(

  43. Sarikas Panayiotis

    Hey Scott, could you do a video about russia modern space program ? any topic you like!
    Your chanel is one of the best in youtubeverse

  44. Z0L0N

    KSP: Let us add this new thing with physics!
    Players: Oh! We can abuse this!
    KSP: Damnit..

  45. Jared Maddox

    Draining intake air to produce thrust. Welcome to Dwarf Fortress!
    I wonder if they fixed that bug yet…

  46. Eric Marchand

    “Thermal Staging” LOL

  47. Jeanne Shirow

    everybody: please, please make KSP Interstellar 2!
    Scott Manley: release valve rocket to orbit!!

  48. SpaceKraken

    Dear Squad, please never fix this bug.

  49. Fuk Ju

    1:50 they are finally right xDxDxD

  50. eh dontlisten

    The first time I heard about this feature it was said that it was not a viable source of propulsion.
    The second time I hear it people are getting to orbit
    Never change KSP

  51. InventorZahran 327

    “Drain safe”

  52. Wyatt Foster

    And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  53. Luke skywalker The Starfleet commander

    Scott: produce thrust with drain valves.
    Jet engine companies: Bankrupt.

  54. Chris Hayes

    “Things a MS in Computational Physics Doesn’t Teach”

  55. Chris Hipser

    as soon as you said intake air i lost my mind laughing. i love you scott manley.

  56. RyanRising

    Darn it, I’m away from my computer and I miss out on something like this :(

  57. HarbingerDawn

    Alternative title: “Draining Intake Air for Fun and Profit”

  58. ncbiggins

    Ah yes nothing like combining sewage and rockets

  59. hvymtal

    Ah, old-school Manley, teaching us how to exploit KSP bugs for fun and profit :D
    Congrats on millionaire, you earned that gold play button!!!!!!!!

  60. Jeremy Planck

    “Thermal Staging” rofl
    You should patent that :

  61. Joseph O’Halloran

    I was just going to use these as simply emergency fuel dumpers on my in-atmospheric jets Incase a new design goes wrong, but these sounds more fun

  62. Joel stan

    Scott Manley: HERO!  DRAIN POWER! Gonna try it with my sink as soon I find my pipe wrench.

  63. Rachelle Janssen

    me: but why!
    Scott: Yes!

  64. Eexpers

    “the air powering thrust is constantly replenished you can fly forever!”
    Wait that’s illegal

  65. Peak Aerospace

    This is what happens when we get nice things

  66. fotmheki

    Putting a wind turbine in the between intake and exause and you get infinite power!

  67. BaumeisterJac k

    Drain valves??? I just relazied i haven’t played Ksp in a long time…

  68. JetpackDino

    Man, I havn’t played ksp since 1.3. I’m missing out on a lot of cool stuff

  69. Jakop Kragslay

    I’m picturing the cursed mod where the kerbals have Scott’s face. Imagine him just floating in space on a chair attached to a drain valve.

  70. TheGorby

    Other KSP Youtubers: “New update, check out all the new features!”
    Scott Manley: “New fuel drain valves are bugged, let’s see if we can use them to get to orbit!””

  71. DerekSP

    I updated to 1.9 without a single mod breaking. Truly a blessed moment

  72. Hans Dampfig

    I missed your Kerbal videos – great to see one again

  73. The Aziz

    This reminds me of another method used back in the days of alpha, spamming intakes.

  74. K.o.R

    “Thermal staging”… that’s gold.

  75. speedboiae86

    LOL!! That’s so broken!! We essentially have infinite aircraft fuel in atmo now!!

  76. Penny Lane

    Wait, what is this airplane conspiracy thing about? Compressed air? Why?!

  77. Stijn Handgraaf

    Sees the title: “uhm… what?”

  78. RocKITEman _ 2001

    *_”LUDICROUS SPEED – GO!”_** — SPACEBALLS [1987]*


    KSP 2 should be renamed:
    KSP 2: Flying Safe

  80. ShadowKayvaan

    I would love – LOVE – if you did another longplay of KSP from the start.

  81. MegaKopfschmerzen

    Scott Manley in 2012: Let’s get to Eeloo Apollo style!
    Scott Manley in 2020:

  82. AntaresMC

    And that ladys and jentlemen, after all, they finally added

  83. MK3424

    Scott Manley: Founds bug that allows drain valves to use intakeAir
    Physics: “Wait, that’s illegal….”

  84. Dan Roberts

    Squad dev team: “We should finally just give the players a way to dump fuel”
    Scott Manley: “New way to get into orbit!”
    Squad Nerf team: *Triggered*

  85. Magnus Holmgren

    — The Spiffing Scottish-American.

  86. Nani Isobel

    I want somebody to name a real engine “Drain Valve”. As in “There goes Falcon 10 powered to orbit by nine Drain Valve engines.”

  87. Alex_Inside

    When I heard that they will be added I 100% expected Scott to try to get into orbit with the. Well here we go.

  88. lebensraummetal

    Squad: “After 20 years we finally upgraded the graphics!”
    Also Squad: “By putting trees above the snow line on top of a mountain!”
    never change squad

  89. Actually

    “I made an aircraft!”
    “What’s it powered by?”
    “Air, duh.”

  90. Anarchy Antz

    Scott Manley: I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  91. Endercrafter

    Update is a few days out
    Scott: lets use this bug and make a full video out of it.

  92. Shawn Elliott

    Congratulations, you just one-upped Wiley Coyote’s fan-powered sailcar.

  93. NikopolAU

    “thermal staging”

  94. Olli Laine

    So basically it’s a jet engine but you forgot to turn the engine on.

  95. Dmitrii Suvorov

    ‘Oh, the rocket isn’t exploding, it’s just thermal staging!’
    ‘Oh, we haven’t crashed the rocket into the ground, we are just lithobraking!’

  96. Uncle Ned

    Oh, Danny is going to have a field day with this one

  97. Moongduri

    when you can accelerate yourself using pure air without using any energy

  98. MindSET

    Scott Manley 2030: KSP – Getting to orbit by thinking about it.

  99. Daniel Jensen

    Ah, of course, why didn’t we think of draining the atmosphere out the back of the plane before? If we drain it all out the back eventually there won’t be any left in front of us anymore, and we’ll be in space.

  100. TehJumpingJawa

    I dub thee “The Politician”; a rocket that runs on nothing but hot air.

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