Japan’s Private Rocket – The Momo (Yes, It Exploded)

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Japan’s private rocket company Interstellar Technologies look like a bunch of enthusiastic hobbyists trying to make a business out of rockets. Unfortunately their most recent launch attempt was more spectacular than it was successful.

  1. R Johnson

    How do you like me?
    How do you like me?

  2. 장준희

    Just like fifa worldcup. Looked good but ends with a failiure.

  3. fliteshare

    Hence, they renamed it: “NoMo”.

  4. Allanzo

    Everyone knows the earth is a triangle

  5. Glitched Blox

    MOMO Is too scary that space rejected it.

  6. Southern Bear

    Space X > Anime Rockets Co. XD

  7. billy

    An exact replication of my first flight in KSP

  8. SuperWinner50

    Some company should hire scott to investigate failures

  9. survivaltest 370

    Ive got an question about the technology of these rockets :
    How are all this unmanned rockets like the rocketlabs’ or spacex rockets controlled ?
    Is this like RC that somebody sits there and stears it with a joystick or do they fly completly by “autocomputer” and just transfere smal data packages to the ground station ?

  10. Liamsipsnx

    Sure failure can be devastating and very expensive, but we all learn a lot from it but the main lesson remains that, we always need moar boosters

  11. S2ymi

    It’s like half of my crafts in KSP xD

  12. Gagan KP

    Ozzy Man reaction

  13. James Aaron

    Thanks for the detailed Momo coverage! Just received the book Ignition and look forward to learning more about that interesting history and see the ongoing work continuing today with your reports.

  14. István Sipos

    that’s why you don’t name your company “interstellar” or any other epic name. there is a failure and then it is just ridiculous. space X is a far better choice, f.e. = it does stuff in space and x is the great unknown (when and what they can achieve)
    or call it Noobz Rocket Company. mission failed? well, it is in he name. Mission accomplished? yeaaah, we are way better than our name sugggests

  15. Afnan Acchan

    People used to underestimate Space-X but now look at them.

  16. TheAircraftNerd

    At least the rocket was kinda ok from the explosion


    Scot Manley – Excellent video and very well explained . Thanks a bunch .

  18. Pulsar

    Dating sim where famous rocket boosters are anime girls

  19. François-Xavier Toledo

    It seems there are using the same technology as Copenhagen Suborbitals. Ethanol + LOX and Helium to keep everything pressurized.

  20. Nonarei

    Having your rockets explode is a right of passage, its normal.

  21. Satyam Kumar

    Interstellar technology 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔

  22. Arttu Mahlakaarto

    That looks exactly how my rockets fail in ksp

  23. Tom5tom Entertainment

    Well, it definitely made a sound.

  24. kristenburnout1

    Hey Scott, could you make a video about Copenhagen Suborbitals?

  25. Lmao Yeet

    What do we say to rockets with leaky engines that are headed to space?
    *Not today.*

  26. HuntingTarg

    4:08 trippy slow-speed footage playback audio

  27. Ring Neck

    That’s so small it looks like a cruise missile. They could reverse engineer a 100-150km surface-to-air missile into the momo

  28. Razordreamz

    Space is hard. Hope they keep going, the more companies doing this the better. Love this new age of private launches, best thing to happen to the space program in a long while.

  29. Niklas

    Scott please edit out the sound next time you play back some clip in slow motion… That sound was brutal 😂

  30. Agamemnon

    You will not go to space today.

  31. Sean McDonough

    6:20 – Yeah, it looks more like a car crash than like a plane crash, destruction-wise.

  32. Lucy Tycho

    Why does it say “Hifumi” on the side if its name is Momo?
    Otherwise, kudos to these guys for sharing the images freely and not hiding.

  33. Peter Hirschoff

    How did you get all that knowledge?
    Do you work with stuff like this?

  34. HO LAM YIU

    When I saw the video, I thought that the flame jet from the side was a RCS thruster.
    I really should know that orange jets from the engines are a bad, not good, thing.

  35. Glenn Littleford

    A pressure fed engine would need structurally stronger fuel/Ox tanks than a pumped engine. I guess this is why the rocket maintained it shape after crashing.

  36. J Nagell

    SpaceX: Space! Have my car!
    Interstellar Technologies: Space! Have all of my anime and manga!

  37. Dumb Comment

    *When your avatar is anime, your rocket doesn’t launch*

  38. Umbrae Legios

    “Failure is always an option”. Adam Savage

  39. Mrgunman1955

    Glad to see you back to releasing more videos! Great stuff :)

  40. O_Dingo77

    Great video, thank you very much. One thing I took away from this was Micro/Nano satellites. Possible you could do a video on them please?

  41. king james488

    well… I think everyone’s rockets explode the first few times.
    looked like their combustion chamber blew out or something.

  42. Damian_ai9

    Japan Rockets = funny Fail
    SpaceX Rockets = Really serious the future of humanity

  43. Kevin Colt

    conflagration, thanks i subed to wow again and now im a level 110 fire mage :/

  44. iliketrains0pwned

    Mom: “So how are your engineering classes going?”
    Me: “Fine”
    Also me: 0:23

  45. Emanuel Santy

    And this is why it is important that before launch you should always

  46. KUN

    Noooo, that rocket looks cute it has a little face on it. ; ;

  47. Steven Li

    A Japanese design that blows up
    *WW2 Japanese aircraft vibe intensifies*

  48. David Roberts

    Hi Scott Manley nice 👍 video shame that rocket 🚀 didn’t get of the ground well it did but not very far ❤️🇬🇧🚀David

  49. Joe Mckirdy

    If it’s not regeneratively cooled, you can simply make a giant sugar rocket and get the same result.

  50. Jim Giant

    I really want to see an anime about an amateur rocket company now.

  51. graymalkinmendel

    Also there’s a squirrel (or some other kind of small animal that likes leaping) running away from the launch at 4:37. It must be the culprit for the leaky fuel lines :D

  52. PastorVor

    Love your rocket info vids. Keep ’em coming!
    Great Show! Thanks!

  53. Under The Radar

    I’m a simple man.
    I see a new Scott Manley video, and I press like before I even watch it.

  54. Sphere723

    Its funny seeing people play Kerbel for the first time.

  55. bconneau

    If your piping vents your LO2
    You will not go to space today…

  56. zapfanzapfan

    Hope you do a video on Copenhagen Suborbital after they test their rocket later this summer. And I hope this work out better for them :-)

  57. Gordon Freeman

    Nobody said rocket science was easy, I wish them the best of luck.

  58. Not MyName

    Looks like the rocket snagged something as it left the launch complex. That could have been the cause of the “plumbing problem”

  59. CR0SBO

    Momo, is Nomo?

  60. Billy Sugger

    Hey Scott, if you like these guys, a review of Copenhagen Suborbitals would be well worth considering.
    They’re not outwardly as ambitious in their payload and trajectories, but they’re developing some very solid technology, including regeneratively cooled engines, complex dynamic pressure control and some great recovery solutions like ballutes and parachute reefing systems.
    Plus the drama with their founding ex-partner having left under a cloud, and later having been convicted of a bizarre murder in a submarine, adds a fascinating plot twist (which has tainted their reputation unfairly to be honest).
    Launch of their Nexø2 from a floating platform in the Baltic Sea is due in the next few weeks.

  61. Prime Time

    *rocket launches*
    Omae wa mou shindeiru
    *rocket falls back to Earth and explodes*

  62. Mike Btrfld

    Years ago in the United States, in the 50’s we had Volkswagen jokes, and Made in Japan meant junk, except for like, cameras. Around 1975 a bunch of Detroit auto workers were having a big demonstration, they had a Datsun B210 running in neutral. A man put a brick on the gas pedal and they all laughed as it zoomed up near redline waiting for it to blow up like a Pinto would… it ran, and ran, and ran, and ran.

  63. Samira Peri

    Much Kerbal. Maybe the O-ring around the nozzle failed?
    Also, “If you see this, OMAE WA MOU SHINDEIRU.”

  64. Aereto

    Well, not every time things go peachy. But things happen and best to study what went wrong.

  65. xFade P.S.

    At least now they can name the next one The Appa.

  66. Archaeopteryx128

    “If at first you don’t succeed…”

  67. Sander Cohen

    You should contact them and offer to narrate their next launch – in english ^^

  68. TiMe tO AcCeLeRaTe

    0:24 (Insert Roblox Oooffffff)

  69. Peter Anderson

    Very Vanguard-esque.
    I like it.

  70. killernat

    on the subject of more hobbyist rocketry what do you think about the work Copenhagen suborbital is doing

  71. WAMatt

    is that a squirrel running for its life in the bottom left @ 4:36 just to the left of the rocket on the pad.

  72. Lucid Moses

    “According to there website they’re actually also developing a proper orbital rocket capable” of melting many more gauges at once. :p

  73. vizionthing

    Nobody learned to walk without falling over ….

  74. Arkenstein XII

    “A good rule for rocket experiments to follow is this: always assume that it will explode.”
    –Astronautics Magazine 1937

  75. Nick Van Geel

    I call it by it’s scientific name: Rapid unscheduled disassembly

  76. smokeydops

    A plumbing problem.. Perhaps they made too many assumptions after the telemetry failure and focused too much on that….
    But you know, it’s rocket development, stuff like this happens.

  77. Nethan2000

    Japan — even their rockets need to be kawaii.

  78. Bo

    _conflagration_ …hnnnng.
    thanks for the video!

  79. Sheldon Robertson

    Perhaps they have a sealing issue between the combustion chamber and the nozzle. If they are using metal gaskets the heat transferred through the leak from the combustion chamber may be enough to cause swelling which temporarily closes the leak, only to have it reappear as the gasket cools. It looked to me that the leak/flame reappears as the rocket stalls and begins to fall.

  80. Shaya Nirenberg

    KSP in real life 😂😜

  81. Jan Negrey

    I wish them the best of luck!

  82. Aaron Kennedy

    Scott! Please cover Copenhagen Suborbitals. They are a completely amateur rocket group with the goal of putting a man on a suborbital space flight, and they have already progressed through many prototype rockets. They’re funded by donations. I am a donor myself (3 measly dollars a month, big amount I know). I am sure this would interest you and it would probably help them a lot if you did a video on them.

  83. TSG aerospace

    You missed, Momo-chan

  84. The Rocket Nerd

    I like explosions

  85. Zangoz

    Baka rocketto!

  86. Gryflir

    Idk why I love sounding rockets. They have that feeling of “let’s just see how cool it’s gonna be and who cares if it doesn’t work.”

  87. Marshall Harrison - Guitarist


  88. Flying Skyward

    Seems like a cool company if they’re communicating so clearly and openly about a failure.

  89. Ross h23

    Hope they get it off the ground, any competition in this industry is good competition, I can see them scaling this up to compete with rocketlab

  90. Cydonius1

    tesla sent a car up these guys will send an anime character

  91. Rosetta Foster

    If getting things into space was easy, we wouldn’t use rocket science in our idioms to imply something was difficult. That said, best of luck to them in the future; hopefully they’ll be able to solve these issues and keep moving forward.

  92. Timothy McLean

    Japan’s hobbyists-turned-businessmen are still in the “trying to get off the ground” phase, but their mascot game already far exceeds any American company I know of. Is there _any_ industry where the Japanese aren’t leaders in mascot quality?

  93. Higgins2001

    ♫ If an upstream leak reduces your main engine fuel pressure, you will not go to space today! ♫
    …I’ll have to work on that one a bit, I suppose

  94. Dr Galactose

    [In mission control]
    “Who press the X button after lift off?”

  95. Velociraptors of Skyrim

    “Interstellar Technologies”
    Talk about High goals.

  96. Shaya Nirenberg

    Check yo staging people

  97. Niggy

    Ya see, it failed because it wasn’t infused with anime. Elon was successfully launched his Tesla into space through memes. Japan must launch through anime.

  98. Niskirin

    Rapid unplanned disassembly.

  99. Michael O

    The failure has gotten them more exposure than a success ever would have. As long as they can do it right the next time this is nothing but a net positive for them.

  100. Sean McNamara

    Well at least they completed the contract “Test the Momo rocket from the surface of Kerbin”

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