Israel’s Retro Space Launch System – The Shavit

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The Shavit first launched in 1988 carrying Israeli designed and built surveillance satellites, since then it’s launched more than 10 time, with the latest being the first weekend of July 2020 carrying the Ofeq 16 satellite.
Shavit is unique among launch vehicles in that it’s designed to launch retrograde to avoid dropping spend stages on Israels neighbours.

  1. Brian -

    the boosters are specially designed to land directly on a Palestinian school

  2. thomas holland

    Israel should buy Jeffery Epstein’s island in the West Indies. They should get a good price since Epstein was mossad!!!

  3. Aluminum Oxide

    The rocket system also typically goes in a retrograde orbit – unlike conventional launches

  4. PsychoticusRex

    If ya gotta hide the faces of your rocket launching crew, maybe you’re working for people who’ve got very bad reasons to think people hate them. “I was just following orders” has rung hollow for a while now for some reason.

  5. SQLY

    Just speaking about isreal space launch is kunda minefield LMAO

  6. Aj Rana

    Fly safe or mask safely. Sir.

  7. Andre Gardenti

    Wait wait wait…
    Am I the only one that heard about the fu4k-it satellite on the shove-it rocket and had to rewind?

  8. Sebastian Boltz

    Out of curiosity, if they did not want a retrograde orbit couldnt they pay the US or a corporation to launch it into space from their territory? Im wondering what the pros and cons are for a retrograde orbit compared to a natural orbit

  9. Jeremie Fisher

    Imagine how the world will be mad if iran is developing similar spy satellites

  10. Dog Ma

    Religion = Crazy.
    Dirt and rocks are not magical.

  11. Mighty Oz

    ברכות מישראל

  12. Arun K Mani

    Why not ship the rocket to the French Guiyana and launch it from there unless an Israel based launch is absolutely necessary

  13. Antoni Canada

    The country with the most homeless people in the world, yet they can spend money on …..

  14. Niels Poldervaart

    Crazy idea: Israel buys the assets off the now defund Ukrainian SeaLaunch company. They put their rockets in a barge and launch it from the Indian Ocean.

  15. Prachur Gupta

    Isrealis are flying safe.

  16. 1 23

    cue civilized political discussion about israeli politics in the comments

  17. sidharth cs

    Israel launches rockets.
    Iran launches rockets.
    its 2020

  18. MrGonzonator

    In Israel, the VW Beetle is translated directly into the VW חיפושית, which is pronounced “hee-poo-sheet” or as we used to call our clapped out old rust bucket, “heap-o-shit”.

  19. Yonathan Siemiatycze

    Ayatollahs are biting their heads off in jealousy of our high tech rockets that actually reach space 😂

  20. Jeff Allen

    God bless Israel!

  21. Jasper Hercus


  22. Infinite Monkey

    Why are there mirrors on the satellite? 0:20

  23. BR5491Z1Z

    great news for Israel. i love Israel i have been there twice and both times was a great experience. they should use some of those rockets to take out some their idiot neighbors…peace out

  24. puja roy


  25. Chris Doshoian

    lol Shavit up Uranus lol

  26. Paul Putter

    Scott the Shavit is actually a design started in South Africa. The RSA 3 missile was developed in my country as a nuclear delivery device, the rocket was taken over by the IAI when Krygkor (now Denel Aerospace) sold it in the middle 80’s.

  27. Penultimate Hortator

    Cue anti-Semitic rants in 3…2…1…

  28. Jeroen

    Why would they fly to the Indian ocean for air launches? They would have to fly through some unfriendly airspace and have to worry about technology being obtained if they lose the payload.

    It would make more sense to me to launch of the coast of Tunisia heading east. This has the additional benefit that it helps tracking from the ground as the rocket would fly towards Israel.

  29. Steve Mickler

    If you have a ramjet first stage; air launch can be very beneficial in helping it get to “ramming speed”.
    A raptor powered shuttle-like vehicle launched by StratoLaunch could loft modest payload and a couple astronauts to orbit and then land on a runway. No launch delays due to weather and flexibility in where it can be operated from. Are you listening Space Force?

  30. Quinton Murdock

    Rockets are like the opposites of planes. Planes started out as a tool for peace and it became a instrumental tool of war. Rockets started as a ….sort of gimmicky tool of war then became instrumental, then became a tool of peace. Both are still used for peace and war

  31. Abhilav Mathur

    Do a video on indian rockets

  32. Benjamin Lefebvre

    Shh! There’s a Starlink launch right now!

  33. Gustav Licht

    It could be air launched Minuteman style – out if a cargo plane, on a parachute, engine pointing down. It would take care of the wasted mass needed for the wings to pitch up and it wouldn’t need the carrier plane to enter a zoom climb.

  34. Dewans Nehra

    please make a video on ISRO India space research program please

  35. Daniel

    aye love from israel <3

  36. Brubulus Bugamulus

    What about space junk where their satellites are very hard to dodge and very dangerous.

  37. Dmytro Picky

    it looks too big for air launch.. and yes i understand that it would be smaller.. but usually not that much

  38. paul f

    Shavit – good name

  39. Shivu Gowda

    Make a video regarding rockets used by Indian Space Research Organisation

  40. Bryce Cameron


  41. Werner Olivier

    Didn’t know that South Africa had a mini space program in the past. You learn something everyday. Thanks Scott, great video.

  42. Matthew Palmer


  43. Theodoяe Kяap

    isn’t it also east to west because it can then orbit earth faster? therefore giving intel more frequently

  44. RandomRoulette

    If you Shavit it’ll grow back thicker and fuller.

  45. Zev Siegel

    Palmachim. “Ch” pronounced like Chanuka, and German “ach”.
    Gotta put your throat into it. Don’t the Scotts have that, “ach?”

  46. Enisra Bowman

    i wonder if they ever considered buying the Stratolaunch Roc

  47. FunBotan

    Such a lazy-ass design, meh

  48. fauzi hassan

    Why need to spin the satellite???

  49. william gorham

    “Fly safe”

  50. RAFPega

    guess they really wanna shavit into space

  51. Adrian F. Long

    What will we name the rocket? Oh look at the rocket shavit into space!

  52. Gordon Welford

    Wow! That must have cost US tax payers a fortune!

  53. Infarlock 159

    Hey Scott, the base is called “Palmahim” not “Palmashim”, there’s no ch or sh there
    Great video

  54. TheJimtanker

    I thought that Jericho was a Stark Industries product.

  55. Я Ilan Zatonski

    Im on trajectory to work on the shavit 4 in 10 years :)

  56. Stephen H. Tman

    Interesting that they thread the needle through Gibraltar, way to go Scott, never new this! Thanks

  57. PEPPER

    So they just Shavit into space??

    Cmon someone had to say it

  58. Annoyed Husky

    Never heard of it. Is it like Sealand?

  59. Monte Bank

    PAid for by US taxpayers guilt.

  60. Meyaka Brown

    Scott Manley saves the day! 😊

  61. Joel Hageman

    There’s a case for alternative launch platforms.

  62. GURken

    And I thought that Plesetsk had inconvenient geographical position.

  63. Arnold Sherrill

    Thank God for Scott Manley content when SpaceX has to do a weather-related scrub and trust me the launch team was mad they wanted to get this thing off the ground but due to weather constraints no joy No Light in the candle today.

  64. Arn Watters

    It still strikes me odd that you say flying the ship. I have to think of rockets as the top fuel dragsters of airplanes. Where is the line between flying/driving and hanging on for the ride. Thanks, appreciate your work Scott.

  65. rikgaming YT

    good keep it up :)

  66. simon mills

    Just imagine if a stage dropped on Gibraltar

  67. G4l4xɛɛ

    Very interesting video! Thanks Scott

  68. Den the Man

    BTW “Palmahim” is pronounced with a hard audible “H” like Harry and Hawk .

  69. Pandoran Bias

    “Oy Vey! We will just build it ourselves!”

  70. ichglotzTV

    Last night I dreamt I was having a disscussion with Scott Manley about a linguistic question.

  71. Vincent Molloy

    Love watching your videos Scott. And as always I do fly safe…lol!

  72. Caleb Waddell

    Dang it Scott! You’ve got me binge watching your videos again.

  73. Steven Wrigley

    Woohoo! Another Scott Manley video!

  74. Rich Waight

    Wow that was super interesting! Thanks so much for posting. really enjoyed it

  75. Yair Zissu

    Hey awesome video as always! Love it. I’m just here to supply the obligatory nit picking / pronunciation tip:
    At 2:13 its is pronounced Palmah’im, with a sound similar to Mexican ‘x’, or Russian ‘х’. Just FYI :)

  76. Doodling Astronaut

    I find it funny the go retrograde but in one of your old KSP videos, I remember how you collided two objects from opposite orbits. Oh gosh, imagine if a spacecraft collided with one of the Israel satellites

  77. Flodgeshploff

    Damn I’m so close to Tel aviv, if I knew there was a launch last weekend, I would’ve tried to witness it since I’ve never seen one before…

  78. Kerbal Madness

    Right when spacex scrubs their launch

  79. Quazar501

    Some dude in South Africa: “You know what this country really needs? The capability to strike at other nations on the other side of the planet.”

  80. Infinity Makerspace

    Great video, keep up the great work. Warm regards from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

  81. Matt Horkan

    Its basically the IRL version of that cheap rocket you make early in a KSP career to do the “Escape the atmosphere” mission.

  82. The guy that likes LEGO'S

    I am Israeli, thanks for this information. :D

  83. Christopher Green

    Greetings from your NYC fan club Scott—Thank you for your extraordinary service to astronomy and space nerds the world over!

  84. Jaklaffobke

    Thanks for putting this video up now, was just about to put my phone away after I learned the launch was scrubbed, then this came up :-)

  85. N Scale Train Boy

    Well, at least I can come here after SpaceX stood down from launch today! Thanks Scott for the great content!!

  86. Someone Else

    That’s great. Back in 1973 when they decided they didn’t get the intelligence fast enough they simply decided to start a Space Program from scratch. And they managed to do this in spite of all the hindrances. KUDOS!

  87. Tamás Fábián

    Pro move pouncing on the scrub ;) …now I have something to watch instead.

  88. Andrew Tubbiolo

    On a road trip deep into Mexico for the eclipse of 1991 I awoke one AM just before dawn and watched a satellite in a low inclination orbit travel from East to West. I knew who’s satellite it was.

  89. Kevin Lyda

    Amusing. Considering Hebrew is written right to left it makes sense their rocket goes that direction.

  90. Mirodin

    3 solid rocket boosters with spin stabilization is so beginner Kerbal :P

  91. Henry

    How’d you get your satellite in to orbit?
    “I just Shavit really hard”……

  92. aussiebear22

    USA: “Sorry, we can’t provide what you need.”
    Israel: “We’ll just make it ourselves.”

  93. paladisious

    9 minutes 40 seconds long, I get the notification 9 minutes 45 seconds before the next Starlink launch stream goes live. Perfect!

  94. Shannon Love

    Israel is playing the game we played with the Soviets in circa 1960 in Cold War.

    Every orbital launch is a statement of, “play it cool because we can hit you if we want to.”

  95. Duckimus Maximus

    The geopolitical limitations on their space programme are pretty interesting, I never really considered those.

  96. Jamie Paterson

    I bet they wish they called it the Let Shavit 😂

  97. Chilledfish

    I’m from Israel, and I’ve wondered how we get our satellites into orbit. Thanks for the info, very interesting video.
    BTW, if anyone is wondering, shavit means comet.

  98. Jason Last

    Still can’t get over how weird that solar deploy is at 8:40

  99. Nadav Gur Arieh

    For anyone wondering
    Ofek is the hebrew word for horizon
    Shavit is the hebrew word for comet

  100. Bounty H

    Israel has quite the interesting capacity on its own, impressive stuff

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