Is Apollo 11’s Lunar Module Still In Orbit Around The Moon 52 Years Later?

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In 1969 Neil Armstrong announced a safe touchdown on the moon with the words ‘The Eagle has Landed’. “Eagle” was the name of the Lunar Module, the spacecraft which carried Neil and Buzz to the surface of the moon. After they walked on the surface of the moon they flew the Eagle back into orbit, docked with the Columbia command module and undocked the Eagle, leaving it in orbit while Columbia returned to Earth.
Most spacecraft in lunar orbit suffer from instability in their orbits due to the ‘lumpy’ nature of the lunar gravity which tends to cause the orbits to eventually get so elliptical that they hit the moon.
However, an amateur space fan wanted to narrow down the possible impact location and used orbit modelling software to propagate the orbit forwards in time until it hit the moon. He was surprised to find that it didn’t hit the moon, and remained in a stable orbit for decades, this suggests that the Eagle may still be orbiting the moon over 5 decades after being left there.

Here’s the paper:
Long-term Orbit Stability of the Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Module Ascent Stage
James Meador

And his github with the scripts for GMAT

NASA’s GMAT software:

The thread in showing processing of ingenuity images.

Seán Doran’s youtube

  1. Lucid Moses

    Holy cow man, That one was interesting.

  2. Matthew Clina

    Don’t forget that Andy Griffith went up there and brought back all the moon junk in 1979.

  3. George Rae

    Imagine standing on the moon and the lander silently flys by just missing you. What would you scream in your helmet? Wonder what an alien would say😎

  4. Mr Byamile

    4:38 The terminology of sea level used regarding the lunar surface is interesting, surfing on the sea of tranquility.

  5. Lynn Geek

    Was the pressure from sunlight among the variables included in the calculations?

  6. Paul Orchard

    Incredible, imagine if it was ever recovered! Judging by this video it’s possible, and could continue orbiting for another 10000 years! NASA expected it crash within a few months! Amazing!

  7. Fourth Root

    Mission: Recover Aldrin’s Derelict from low lunar orbit

  8. Alex

    That’s wonderful to think, when you look up at the moon, that the lunar module is still probably orbiting the moon all those years later.

  9. Finn Thirud

    I love your call to action at the end of the video! Truly inspirational.

  10. falcore91

    So looking at how close to the moon those orbits do go I’m curious: could you be standing on the moon one day, see an unpowered object like the Apollo module seem to come right at you then just veer off to a higher elevation?

  11. Guilherme Furst

    “When you search or watch videos related to topics prone to misinformation, such as the moon landing, you may see an information panel at the top of your search results or under a video you’re watching.”

    Thanks Scott, what are you now, spreading misinformation? Making #fakenews?

  12. A.J. Steinman

    So this historically significant vehicle, they just decided to stop tracking almost immediately?

  13. Martin

    I wonder what the chances are of the next mission to the moon being affected by stuff still in orbit are?

  14. Tony Lalangue

    This is an excellent post, Scott. Maybe it will spark some peoples’ imaginations.

  15. Thiago Ennes

    6:30 That is clearly the addition of two waves, I guess the frequency of one of them represents the orbit period and the magnitude is how elliptical it is. but which one (higher or lower)? also, what does the second frequency represents??? should we fast Fourier it? lol.

  16. Diseasel

    It must be nice being a mars rover driver. You get a break after every input.

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  19. protoword

    It’s require a lot of work to cook all these data and let us know all possibilities! Thank you!

  20. Antonio Maglione

    Wow, Montecarlo simulation applied to orbits!
    Thank you Mr. Manley – it would be fantastic if one day we could recover the ascent module of the Apollo 11 LEM…

  21. Togidubnus

    Most excellent, Sir. I’ve rather had my fill this week of Branson espousing that space is now for everyone, as a brief joyride on his overpriced sub-orbital crate.It’s refreshing to be reminded of how space can be for all of us, in a way that is far more enriching.

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  27. Pete M

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    Once recovered, where would it end… after a swift DNA test would we find who left “that deposit” in the capsule (sorry)?

    I listen to your analysis of the “first words said on the moon” at worst monthly, usually weekly, it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

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  31. zynius

    me: what an awesome tool, but what about error accumulation over 50 years? impossible to predict!!!
    scott: hold my beer!

  32. Patrick L

    Sadly, there are a lot of unknown variables here and the moon only has to get lucky once.

  33. Skyrat

    Hmmm… daft question, is astro-archaeology a thing now and is this an example of it?

  34. Dutch Universe

    Just imagine if starship recovers it and reunites the craft with buzz after all this time

  35. Ilzee

    I still think landing on the moon in ’69 was really nice.

  36. Sky Bound

    What I find amazing (aside Apollo) is the GMAT software. The amount of R&D gone into by standing on the shoulders of giants such as Newton and Einstein

  37. Richard Ireson - Musician

    Imagine being on the moon looking at Eagle skimming past!🙂

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    Apollo 16’s LM was also in a low inclination orbit, like that of Apollo 11

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    My daughter was named after the lunar orbiter laser altimeter – Lola 🙌

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    The ascent stage for Apollo 16 LM Orion was meant to be intentionally deorbited but a missed circuit breaker meant NASA ground controllers were unable to control the stage and command it to deorbit. It would be interesting to see someone plug its last known orbital elements into that program and see where it ended up.

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  77. Spaceman Tarian

    8:14 for those that don’t know astronomical terminology ‘perturbing forces’ pretty much means slight orbital changes in velocity due to gravitation to those other celestial bodies (earth and sun).

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    The internet managed to track down a Minecraft seed using a single low resolution screenshot. I wonder if we could harness that power to track down the Ascent Module around the moon or if there are any undocumented crash sites in LRO data

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