‘Impossible’ Black Hole Created by Largest Gravitational Wave Event

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GW190521 was the name given to a gravitational wave event observed by LIGO and VIRGO in May 2019, and after a year of analysis and modelling it’s now clear that not only was this the largest gravitational wave event ever recorded, but, it required progenitor black holes which were more massive than can be created by a supernova.

More information on LIGO & GW190521

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  1. bconneau

    Counting that amongst the “things i don’t want to be any closer to”

  2. theKWOKA

    In bananas, how much energy was released?

  3. Expensive Technology

    Excellent editing/narrating. Thank you!

  4. mr1jon1smith

    If someone can simulate this it will be interesting to see how such an event will affect the planet or how it will look like if happened at sun distance from the Earth.

  5. intel_8052

    So given the intensity of this event, how far from us would it have to have occurred to end life as we know it?

  6. True Contrarian

    Someone downvoted this less than a minute in?
    How very scientific of them. :/

  7. Michael Taylor

    I read an article about this yesterday and I could hardly comprehend it. Also, Einstein is my hero. Imagine the things he could’ve discovered with today’s technology.

  8. LearnTrainPlay

    saw your review on the netflix series about the asteroid coming to earth, you should check out the new one “away” it will make you cringe, so many issues with it that will make you laugh

  9. Wretlaw120

    Question: would these gravitational waves be emanating enough energy to tear a sun-sized star apart in the vicinity? (Like, how would this event have affected us if we were in the same galaxy as it?)

  10. news24

    Does that mean something actually can escape from a black hole?

  11. BackYard Science 2000

    Holy crap! That’s phenomenal! Though I tend to lean towards the multiple mergers hypothesis, it would be insanely cool if we found out that these were primordial black holes.

  12. Cole Scheer

    So, I did the math, and that black hole merger released so much energy that it accounted for 1/250th of the energy output of the ENTIRE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE!!! This merger released more energy in its last second than billions of galaxies do in the same amount of time!

  13. longlakeshore

    Detecting gravity waves and the Higgs Bosun are the two greatest discoveries in the last decade.

  14. Glen

    could the energy dissipated by the merge be dark matter. Energy that exists in gravitation waves.

  15. The TNTsheep

    Those merger animations are mesmerising.

  16. GuerrillaRadio

    I paused @ 0:30….to collect myself….more energy in one second than our entire galaxy does in 1000 YEARS…welp, there ARE things worse than 2020. Thankful for that.

  17. Purkka Koodari

    If gravity can lens gravitational waves, and said waves move “only” at the speed of light, how come the gravitational waves can make it out of the black hole’s event horizon at all?

  18. Tejan B.S

    Ok so everything went over my head. :(

  19. Free Saxon

    Yet again lots of interesting information, one of my favourite YouTube subs

  20. Albaniel

    This video was really really exciting! Love those kind of videos you make explaining those events or other spacecraft missions.

  21. Jeff Childs

    great video. I have difficulty with the concept of “gravitational red-shifting.”

  22. Deamon93IT

    The universe definitely has its ways of humbling us puny apes, although converting 9 solar masses into energy in a single event is overkill.

  23. Scott Nilsson

    Almost as energetic as Jacksepticeye’s intro

  24. DJ TrackYard

    Hey Scott I had a question ..
    What if an event close to this happened a few light years away from us ? What effects are we talking about

  25. Against NAZO!

    Wondering if the energy in gravitational waves is focused to a tiny point, could they create a blackhole by themselves.
    Just like concentrating sunlight with a lense.

  26. S C

    theoretical physics is so amusing )

  27. Wallace

    There’s some clever buggers on the planet to figure all this out, that’s for sure.

  28. Ray Kewin

    Thats how to end a vid.

  29. Glenn LeDrew

    Love your videos.

    But I can’t let this one pass. ;) A single AGN is not an active galactic nuclei. “Nuclei” applies when there are two or more. Here you would use “nucleus.”

  30. will2see

    4:14 – 4.3miilon tons PER SECOND !

  31. Adarsh Sharma

    We are looking into the past.

  32. Jason Patterson

    This signal represents something phenomenally energetic, but realize that LIGO and friends had only been detecting signals for four years at this point. It’s possible that this was just a fortunate occurrence – maybe we just got lucky and happened to get our instruments running just before this one in a jillion event. However, it seems more likely that this sort of thing happens fairly regularly in the observable chunk of the universe, and that far more energetic events are yet to be observed.

  33. Valenorious

    I just love it when Scott’s video topics follow up on presentations on the same topic that I visited at my local astronomy club just the day before. Synchronicity rulez!

  34. in4merATP

    Boiling an ocean doesn’t seem so far-fetched now

  35. radius55

    We’re constantly hearing about how hard to detect gravitational waves are, and it makes sense. But, what would these mergers look like at closer distances? A hundred lightyears? Ten? One?

  36. Dale L

    We need Telescopes and Gravity Wave detectors on the Moon and Ceres.

  37. Nahuel Olgiati

    More of this Scott please!!! just amazing

  38. Jeff McNally

    10:17 That’s a lot of “Star Power” 🤩

  39. Socks With Sandals

    More energy in one second than an entire galaxy outputs in a thousand years!

  40. Franco Contreras

    Thanks for the video, never stop uploading please!!!!!

  41. Brendan Risney

    This legit just convinced me to buy Universe Sandbox 2.

    I mean, there were a bunch of factors, but this was the Franz Ferdinand.

  42. Not Sure

    Thank you for discussing this event. Fascinating!

  43. G. Brent Wilson

    I listen to a lot of audiobooks and I’m still waiting for Scott Manley to start narrating my favorite books. Hint hint.

  44. Marco Roepers

    Are gravitational waves the form of energy with the highest entropy?

  45. Sean Buckwell

    Thank you for being on our ludicrous future…. it was nice to have someone who actually knows about space talking about it and putting Tim in his place!

  46. ∆pertureChromaKey

    Its amazing how we can detect an event that happened billions of years ago

  47. Daniel Leca

    Hulo, it’s Scott Manley here… Ride the Gravitational Wave safe!

  48. sam sat

    no sorry that was just my taco bell…

  49. Chris From SouthAus

    “It releases more energy in a second than our galaxy does in a thousand years”, I believe your describing a toddler there.

  50. WKY 044

    I’m imagining someone in the future when we can finally travel to distance stars saying “where shall we go?” “Let’s look at that star” ” Sorry that’s not there now” “what about that one?” “Nope it’s gone too”

  51. Yellow S2000

    How would these powerful gravitational waves affect nearby stars? For example, what would be the affect on our Solar system if such an event happened 15 LY away?

  52. Benny

    That Sir Scott, is one of the best episodes yet!

  53. Sorin Nicu

    Wait. Gravitational wave was redshifted… That’s only about the rotation frequency. Since we don’t know the wave function of gravity, and we don’t have a particle associated, the gravity itself isn’t redshifted. Or is it?

  54. Patrick Tho

    “e=mc^2= a lot of energy”

    that’s a good sentence to end :D

  55. Fordy

    This made my brain bigger

  56. Dan Woodward

    I literally have no idea what anything in this video means. For all I know hes just making it all up.

  57. Tylor Smith

    Maybe its just three helicopters at the same time?

  58. Chris C

    Is there a ‘richter scale’ for gravity wave events?

  59. Rursus

    “Unpossible?” An impossible word!

  60. General Ripper1964

    With all that energy released in gravity waves, what would the effect be on nearby stars and solar systems? I have a feeling nothing good.

  61. 123WL321

    It’s such a crazy and cool thing that mass got converted into gravitational waves

  62. Uriah

    If you were near one of these events, would it be possible to “surf” on the gravitational waves?

  63. Mark Brindle

    Thanks Scott! Fantastic. As an engineer, I love the graphs and detail. More please.

  64. demilishing

    Billions of years ago: WHABAM!
    Earth: Forms
    Evolves life
    Life builds specific equipment to detect weird events
    Specific equipment detects weird events
    Smart man interprets weird events to keen learners
    Keen learners: Dang thats a LOT of energy

  65. Peter Jerde

    An active galactic nucleUS. One nucleus, two nuclei. Gotta leave a nitpick with my thumbs up ;)

  66. Harold Slick

    Scott Manley:

    Me: I’m learneding!

  67. Jonathan Root

    What would those kind of gravity waves do to the human body in close proximity?

  68. poobertop

    That simulation at 6:40 was beautiful, cheers Scott

  69. Keegan Penney

    It’s just aliens. BOUT TIME 2020!

  70. KumaBean

    My first thought; That’s heavy, man, 🤜🤛

  71. Hydrocarbon82

    Rick ‘blackhole’ James: Gravity is a helluva drug

  72. Steve Goodson

    Good to see that since I was a physics undergrad gravity waves have gone from a purely theoretical abstraction to something we’re measuring almost routinely

  73. xRays6

    it’s amazing being aware of this super duper space science, and then looking outside the window

  74. The Wizard Games

    well boys, ill see yall in December when we get the info on this.

  75. Krzysztof Szyszka

    “It was 5.7…”

    Me: 5.7 Gly – yeah, that’s pretty far


    Me: WHAT???

  76. William Rosen

    If I did the math right, that’s about 2.846*10^42 twinkies of energy released by that event

  77. Ievgen Maletskyi

    I wonder how far do you have to be from the event to actually feel tidal effects of such waves.

  78. okrajoe

    “Impossible” — Universe: Hold by beer!

  79. Aaron Robinson

    It seems crazy to me that these waves could travel so far /without/ running into any gravity strong enough to noticeably lens it. I suppose that speaks to how relatively sparse the universe is?

  80. harbl99

    “Now, as you know, the LIGO and VIRGO telescopes use…”
    Yes, of course. I mean, who doesn’t know all this. * nervous side eye *

  81. dsagent

    Pay no mind to this Yog-Soggoth and Nyarlathotep were just having a slapping contest.

  82. Fran Hrženjak

    … in an active galactic *nucleus*.

    Phew, ok I saved the internet.

  83. Eric Melto

    Amazing visual representations of what we believe is actually happening

  84. FandersonUfo

    powerful stuff going on out there

  85. Chris Hayes

    6:38 that simulation is so freaking cool

  86. Artem

    6:49 “And the star starts to burn prop… fuel” Too much rocket news lately, right? )

  87. • ••••

    Was just waiting for someone to cover this 😉

  88. Tylor Smith

    Welp… we’ve found our alien overlords, and accidentally just scanned their jump drives.

  89. Soren Ingram

    You just can’t understand the scale of the energy, other than in abstract terms
    Great presentation..

  90. Aubrey Freeman

    I love how Scott can just say “as you know” when talking about stuff since we’re all Space nerds.

  91. rapter229

    If entire stars worth of energy are essentially turned invisible through conversion to gravitational waves, and given the age of the universe, how much energy is potentially ‘hidden’ as a result? Could gravitational waves be a major contributor to the theorized ‘dark energy’ that is unaccounted for?

  92. Daniel Kintigh

    I’m so glad I found this channel back when I got into KSP years and years ago

  93. Arno nümuss

    Wow, they don’t make black holes like they used to.

  94. moejoe987654321

    “This event happened billions of years ago before the earth was created, the energy is only now sweeping past the Earth” That level of scale disorienting

  95. Ravid Gontov

    “gravity can lens gravitational waves”
    my brain doesnt know how to handle this information

  96. Muonium

    It kind of kills me how we’re now just talking about antimatter star supernovae like it’s just another blase matter of fact thing and when I was a kid we didn’t even know if black holes really actually existed at all yet. Hell, we didn’t even know if other stars had any planets!

  97. Syed Ubaid

    6:51 when you almost said stars burn “propellant”, LOL

  98. Michael Thompson

    “If you’ve seen black holes do 6 impossible things this morning, why not round it off with breakfast at Milliways, the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?”

  99. Moritz von Schweinitz

    To maybe put the “9 solar masses into energy” into perspective: The Hiroshima bomb is calculated to have “only” converted 0.7 grams of matter into energy!

  100. Tim Peterson

    9 solar masses converted entirely into energy is too much to imagine.
    It’s so much energy that comparing it to something a billion times less energetic is still too much to imagine

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