How The Red Skies From Fires Are Related To Blue Sunsets on Mars

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Just a quick video explaining how scattering of light depends on the size of particles – Rayleigh Scattering & Mie Scattering are different processes for different particle sizes.

  1. Lost and Found - The Face

    We’re neighbors!

  2. Jakob CS

    the iphone also corrects for this shiny head

  3. M4c

    literally me

  4. Mark Weikle

    “observer” at 2:40 kinda proves it is actually the Orgone energy that makes the sky blue.

  5. nxlxn

    I’m jealous lol

  6. Younes Layachi

    Fascinating !

  7. Andrew Parker

    Hey Scott Manley, I have recently become very fascinated on the subject of Antimatter propulsion as possible concept for interstellar travel. Since there are no good articles online that easily explain how some of these engines might work, I was wondering if you could do a video on the subject?

  8. T65Bx

    Makes me wonder if there’s real science behind the green and yellow sunsets on Eve.

  9. Capthrax1

    My phone almost seamlessly corrects for it. I had stright up orange light and it corrected it nearly perfectally

  10. Joonch

    Scott Manley is the first man on Venus

  11. John Buchman

    Scott: did you miss out on the 1991eruption of Mount Pinatubo? It made for some very strange looking sunsets/sunrises in the Los Angeles area for quite a while.

  12. avoqado89

    Saturation seems to get the closest, although it’s still slightly off. Shows how much a real camera/color monitor can bring out in a picture.

  13. Fredriik Forkbeard

    Yes!! Rayleigh scattering, I had forgotten the term…no connection to Sir Walter Raleigh… amazing stuff, and part of the explanation for the incredible, highly saturated blue of Crater Lake. I had never seen such an intense blue anywhere else. I’ll have to memorize the formula with lambda to the fourth to sound credible though. 🤔😆

  14. Fried Chicken

    Earth Looks like mars in those pictures:)

  15. jooger69

    0:41 “.. the skies were just this angry orange and of course it’s all because of Donald Trump”

  16. Pablo Päster

    Do you live in Marin @Scott Manley? Hello from Novato!

  17. Ryan Linden

    Has been very scary…..

  18. Four utubez

    You’re Scot Manley – Stay Safe !

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    There’s so much about the American West that just screams “you’ve gone too far, turn back now”.

  20. Sableagle

    1.6 thousand happy viewers, 10 angry flerfs.

  21. Helium Road

    I would reallllly love to spend some time on Mars just to see what it all looks like in person. Long way to travel just to take some cool photos, but what the hell.

  22. SUCH Developments

    It was terrible in Lismore NSW when we had the bush fire 🔥 at Christmas time. We are going it again this year, there a number of NSW. Interesting, good one Scott

  23. The Overthinker

    You have hair!!! 😲

  24. TathianX Games

    Up here in Oregon too!

  25. S C

    Phong? ;)

  26. Kenan Qu

    The true reason why Mars rovers are developed mostly in California.

  27. LordOfNihil

    i love it when the sky turns red and the sun is 5 times its normal size.

  28. DAVID Brown

    You have taken California valley talk accent to a hole new level !

  29. Mykl Langridge

    Reminds me of what it looked like here late last year, early this year…

  30. Kyle Bowles

    1:32 ** also tastes nasty ash **

  31. James Kerfoot

    When are you moving to Austin, Tx Scott??

  32. Ian Smith

    Scott, given the density of smoke from fires in your area and yet there’s plenty of light at the surface – enough to still keep plants alive – have you thought more about the catastrophic lack of light from nuclear war? When the models were first made in the 80’s, the most catastrophic effect of nuclear war was thought to be smoke and particulates from out-of-control wildfires the world over which would block light enough to cool the earth and kill most plants.

    What’s your intuition about this? Do you trust the models?

  33. Phillip Siebold

    We had these skies in Edmonton a couple years ago. It’s been extra rainy this year so a lot less Martian skies for us.

  34. Joseph Dickson

    I’m in Los Angeles and triggered by that gender reveal party. 🤣

  35. Arioch IV

    June? Oh, Dune…

  36. Dave K

    Up here above Sacramento it’s just as smokey.
    I had my solar oven out yesterday morning until the thick stinky over cast rolled in about 2 pm.
    This is becoming a yearly thing with sore throats and rolling blackouts.

  37. robert linke

    btw, i think we found this months disaster.
    january all over again..

  38. David Cadman

    your phone is telling me you have spent too much time out in the Sun, on a beach. Better double up on the sunscreen LOL Fly safe indeed. Cheers M8

  39. Birbey

    Does anyone have a link to a full size image of the panorama at 5:35? I’d love to have that for a wallpaper

  40. Paul Cooper

    Wow as usual I thought I knew all this stuff and then Scott showed me I didn’t! Blue light adaptation on Mars. Interesting…

  41. nekonekolen

    yeah,i woke up to my cat hollering in the night. turns out it wasent night,it was 0830,and he was hungry. SF was daark…

  42. Anthony Hitchings

    here in Oakland CA we golfed in the morning under an apocalyptic sky.

  43. axelram5510

    It’s too bad they don’t teach basic physics in school. You should see this homeschool material they are pushing now. OMG . people see Rayleigh scattering every day but still have no idea what it is lol. Thanks USD’s

  44. bcamcam2

    We have been getting that smoke all the way over here in Albuquerque, NM……….

  45. SiliconValleySky

    I vote that Scott changes his tagline temporary to “Fly in IMC”

  46. Evan Finch

    The Fixx also gave a proper explanation in their 1982 treatise on after-hours sky hues.

  47. Nick

    Thanks Scott for always making my day better with a new video!

  48. The DIY Shop

    Remember when nearly the whole of australia had red skies?

  49. Lord Zephyros

    signs of the end times lol

  50. Srikanth Raju

    Timely content :) Great explanations Scott!

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    Never know you were in to breakbeat 🎶😁

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    Come home to Scotland, ye know ye want to

  53. Walking dog

    Put so cal on the spot 😭

  54. Lindon Walker

    I love your videos Scott it’s just I feel so dumb after watching them because I thought I was good with math and physics and all that stuff but there’s just something I’m lacking and I can’t figure out what it is. But I’ll keep watching and keep learning take care have a great one.

  55. Jason Last

    Lots of love from Australia. I know you guys send a team down to help us out every year, I wish we weren’t unable to return the favour this year.

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    Great show ! My brain is weak, I see Scott always with a baldy head, my brain does not compensate for that !

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    First time I’ve ever been this early to a video! 😁

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    01:44 “…talk about the physics of atmospheric scattering because Why not…”


  59. Michael500ca

    I really wish that smoke would stop blowing into here in BC. I’ve been coughing up phlegm like never before. I hope it stops soon. I’m almost broke spending money on antihistamines. My eyes are as red as a Chiss’.

  60. Mr SlfDestruct

    I just want to smoke a joint and have him talk at me for hours about space.

  61. MrDontCare

    Scott, every time the end music comes on my surround system really kicks in. 😅 Love it. I use the “send to kodi add-on” for firefox btw.

  62. Helium Road

    The mentioning of Bessel Functions suddenly gave me a flashback to my darkest college days…

  63. Super Cat Elvis

    My skies looked like that back in December, you begin to miss the blue of the sky

  64. Robert McGarry

    Super red here… Six miles away 🥺. I have a river right next door but evacuations are taking place in the near by areas… Oregon. Everyone stay safe.

  65. Anni C

    Stay safe! Now I know why there is ash everywhere.

  66. my back HURTS

    Hey man I’m from Southern California but the high Desert

  67. Quinton Murdock

    I live in west colorado. A few miles from the pine gulch fires and a few weeks ago it looked like sunset from sunrise to sunset. Visibility was barely a mile

  68. William Swenson

    Well, I saw the red skies above San Francisco and my first thought was, “That looks like a perfect reason for Scott Manley to make a video on why the sky appears red…” I laughed out loud when I checked my subscriptions page and there it was.

  69. Andrew Berg

    I live in Silicon Valley, I seriously no joke had such a hard time waking up. I thought it was like 5 am

  70. spacewater7

    That’s the first time I’ve heard this explained that it actually made sense. Thanks Scott Manley. Fly safe.

  71. Curtis Youngberg

    As a SoCal native, I heard “That’s Southern California, they are a different California…”

    That is so spot on, non Cali residents have Nooooo idea! lol.

  72. Night

    1:35 that’s some nasty-ash stuff

  73. Lion_Turtle

    I also live in California. I woke up around 8 and stumbled around for a minute thinking I had somehow slept until like 8pm and just read my phone wrong.

    Nope there’s just so much smoke outside that it was almost as dark as sunset.

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    “they’re a different California” :) gotta love that bay area pride. Great video!

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    Last time I was this early _something, something, something._

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    He should have said: I’m Scott Manley, burn safe.

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    Use the ‘cloudy’ setting on a camera, it turns off color correction

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    “That’s socal. They are a different California.”

    Well, I know a northern CA local when I hear one.

  79. Gonun

    Stay (and fly) safe!

  80. Anthony Paull

    Having experienced 5 months of horror during the last Summer in Australia, these scenes break my heart. We had 2 months of smoke cover in Melbourne, but we were far from the worst hit. I had breathing problems for weeks, clothes that were exposed and not worn extensively still have the scent of bush fire lingering. Our planet is hurting. Our people are hurting. Our wildlife is hurting. I never thought about how visceral the motif of a blood red sky would be, or how deep of an impact it would have. If you are privileged enough to live somewhere where you aren’t immediately affected by climate change, please, PLEASE *PLEASE* see what is happening and lobby your local representatives.

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    when it’s so early, YouTube doesn’t even have recommendations

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    I’m in California too so my sky is like that too

  83. COSMOS 42

    Same deal in Colorado. Living up to the name I guess!

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    My skies are red as well!

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    welcome to MORDOR

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    The street lights came back on here in Palo Alto at 11:00

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    “They are a different California” 😂

    Greetings from the peninsula.

  88. Bitchute is better than Y

    Just once i want the intro to be “Hi im the Manley Scottsman” rather than Scott Manley

  89. Bill

    Scott, This reminds me the Oakland fire back 30 years ago and the 91 Persian Gulf fire during Desert Storm and yes it looks like Mars.

  90. Thomas Richter

    Welcome to the New California Republic

  91. Michael Redmond

    I love how the top of Scotts head just sort of merges into the sky

  92. Anthony Echevarria

    “ …that’s southern California They are a different California.” That statement is so true. Same state, for anyone confused, but very different.

  93. Paul Haynes

    Interesting and informative, as always. And I love the fact that you never know what the next SM video is going to be about!

    Incidentally – a note to all the YouTubers who have gadzillions of dollars coming in from their Patreons, all the latest tech in their ‘studios’, and whole teams of Oompa-Loompas helping them prepare their videos. Scott just wanders out onto his balcony, whips out his phone, adds a few images in post, and up pops another really interesting video. Knowing your stuff and being able to communicate it is what it’s all about, not how much you spend on ‘research’, scripts, tech, and post-production.

  94. Nathan Smith

    I woke up & it’s like I stumbled into _The Matrix_
    “ was us who scorched the sky”

  95. InventorZahran

    Red sky at night, sailors’ delight.

    Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning!

    Red sky all day, fire coming our way…

  96. DaveWhiteInYoFace

    I’m in Mill Valley, CA and the first thing I thought when I woke up was “I’m on Mars!” Great video Scott! Cheers!

  97. Fuck You Google

    The “gender reveal party gone wrong” fire is threatening the whole village that I grew up in. It’s a tiny village in a box canyon in the San Bernardino mountains called Forest Falls. There are about 1100 full time residents. The only businesses in town are a tiny general store, an excellent Mexican restaurant and the real estate office. Well, there’s also a giant, non-denominational Christian camp which basically takes up half the town, but that doesn’t really count. In order to go grocery shopping of fill up your gas tank you have to drive “down the hill” almost 20 miles. The town doesn’t even have a single stop light… Or it’s own zip code. It shares a zip code with Mentone, which is nearly 20 miles away. There is one single road into or out of town. The lower half of the town (lower canyon) is at about the 5,000 foot elevation. The upper part of town (upper canyon) is around 6,000-6,800 feet above sea level. The south side of the canyon is called Yucaipa Ridge, and it’s about 9,000-9,500 feet in elevation. The fire has burned up the opposite side of that ridge, reached the crest, and has started to descend the canyon wall on the town side. Nearly the entire town is situated against that southern canyon wall. A friend of mine on social media who still lives there posted this surreal video where she was driving up the highway at about 6am, just before sunrise. There were just massive flames all along the canyon wall as she drove up the highway. Miles and miles of flames making their way down the side of the mountain. Fortunately, the town is relatively safe for now. The winds are unpredictable, however, and if they start blowing in from Palm Desert, up and over the canyon walls, it could spell the end of the entire town that I grew up in…

  98. Colin Li

    “Yeah, I prolly shouldn’t have done that cause now i’m breathing nasty ash” *INHALES DEEPLY*

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    Scott Manley would be the coolest uncle

  100. moocowpong1

    I’m excited for a whole series of “Scott Manley calmly explains the apocalypse”. Coming soon:

    Why Studying Jupiter’s Great Red Spot Can Teach Us About The Mid-Atlantic Superhurricane
    Could Melting Ice In The Antarctic Make The Day Longer?
    How The Yellowstone Caldera Eruption Is Giving Us New Insights Into Plate Tectonics
    How Marine Life Is Adapting To Living In Your Parents’ Abandoned Vacation Home

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