How Europe Designed and Evolved The Ariane Rocket Over Last 4 Decades

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The first launch of the Ariane 1 happened on December 24th 1979, starting a long and successful career as the worlds most popular launch vehicle for Geostationary spacecraft. The design evolved through 5 major generations with the Ariane 6 set to fly in 2020 and eventually replace the Ariane 5.

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  71. Closer to Space

    Some anecdotes on the Ariane program:
    – The Americans attempted to detonate the first Ariane 1. Two Navy ships were under the rocket during the launch, and were interfering with communications with the launcher, trying to activate its self-destruction. Fortunately, they didn’t succeed.
    – The first stage of Ariane 1 was recovered at sea once on flight V-06 using parachutes. Another attempt failed during flight V-14 (when Giotto was sent), and it was never again tempted to recover a first stage of Ariane, the recovery barge was sold.
    – The names of European/French engines all start with the letter V with reference to the city of Vernon in Normandy (in France) where they were developed: Valois, Vexin, Viking, Vulcain, VINCI, Vikas, etc…
    – Ariane 3 and 4 powder boosters were recovered during all their flights, they didn’t have parachutes and crashed in the jungle. Today they are still stored in the former Diamant launch area.
    – Ariane’s Viking engines were so efficient that after twenty flights, the Viking engines weren’t even tested before being launched! India has also asked France to develop an engine for its GSLV, derived from the Viking, the Vikas. On the GSLV Mark III, the first stage is powered by a Vikas, where the powder boosters are derived from those of Ariane 5, a real French rocket in India!
    – Ariane 5 boosters were recovered many times in flight, using parachutes supplied by the Russians located in the cones of the boosters. It gave us dozens of beautiful images of Ariane’s half-submerged boosters, with people “surfing” on it.
    – The parachute system used in the Ariane 5 boosters comes from the Soviet super-heavy launcher Energiya, which launched the Buran shuttle. Energiya should have had its boosters reused, come back under parachutes with landing gears. It isn’t known whether this recovery was attempted or not.
    – Today only one full-size model of the Hermès shuttle is still complete. It was abandoned in a hangar at the Bourget museum, north of Paris. During the 1989 Paris Air Show, there were Hermès, Buran and MAKS, three shuttles in the same place!
    – Hermès ejection seats were the same as Buran’s, and the shuttle was like Buran capable of flying automatically.

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