How Crew Dragon Will Approach & Dock To ISS (Short!)

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I have a much longer video on proximity operations, but since this is highly relevant, here’s a quick explainer of this final approach maneuvers for today’s planned docking of Dragon.

  1. darkruby

    Did they beat Soyuz in time to iss docking?

  2. MegaKopfschmerzen

    That’s an interesting navigation perspective. Is there a KSP mod for that?

  3. Toujours Pret

    The SpaceX website contains laughably minimal technical information on the flight or the capsule.

  4. bazoo513

    Wasn’t Crew-1 originally announced to follow a nine hour (six orbits) phasing and rendezvous maneuver?

  5. Richard Bowley

    Interesting that the path looks like a loop-de-loop.

  6. rocketsocks

    Not too fast, not too slow, you know, just fly casual.

  7. Random Lurker

    TIL that real spacecraft navigation uses projected orbit displays just like KSP.

    If KSP had existed when I was 12 I could be a legit space pilot / rocket scientist by now. Whoa.

  8. Joel Perry

    Makes my ksp docking look like driving an f1 car

  9. Gary Anderson

    Why is it taking so long to get to the ISS? Does it alway take this long?

  10. Aubrey Freeman

    Where was that animation from?

  11. reggiep75

    00:45 – I never knew Daft Punk had become astronauts!!

  12. profnanaki

    This works?? Isn’t the crewed capsule on a completely different orbit? Wouldn’t that drag the ISS off its orbit? Of course not but I don’t understand it. Looking forward to your next video.

  13. zoperxplex

    If it is in Kerbal Space then it must be true.

  14. Olan Kenny

    Accidentally waited up until 4am my time yesterday waiting for the docking because timezones are confusing 😂

  15. Viliam Klein

    I wish they published real time or near real-time TLEs or position/velocity for the capsule so that we could track potential sighting opportunities from the ground better…

  16. Slyde InfinitySpinCasts

    Anogo Ranoke has the Dark Sabre perhaps, Dock I think it will go. Brilliant Scott ,expect the unexpected.

  17. The_ Senate

    Instructions unclear, no idea who you are and I ended up lithobraking on the Mun after unsafe flying.

  18. NEXIT

    Thank you for explaining how this works to the common peasants like me. Always very informational and well explained.

  19. coronavirus disease

    Why dont they just use the built in magnent to dock? Its gonna be so much easier if they just ram it and let the magnent do the work

  20. Jez

    Quick one (or two) — Will the other 3 astronauts return to earth on Dragon? Is there more than one Dragon?

  21. Hendrik Melse

    Was watching the Vega launch just now, and they said that the rocket makes a dogleg maneuver just after launch. How come?

  22. Leon Kernan

    Forget fly safe, just fly better than Vega.

  23. John Norris

    Did anyone else detect an awkwardness between SpaceX mission control and Dragon yesterday? I’m not sure if it was a case of being camera shy or if there’s a cultural gap between a seasoned military astronaut and the newbie SpaceX whipper-snapper?

  24. Will4May

    Baby Yoda on Crew Dragon, SpaceX getting some Disney+ advert cash ?
    As long as they don’t have some Frogs eggs in their food packs they’ll be safe.

  25. Hiker John

    I saw what I thought was a shooting star in the California desert on November 11 at around 7pm. I thought it was a shooting star because if the speed of it but it left no trail/tail, it was always a round (or seemed so) as it crossed the sky. I noticed it cross about 1/8th to 1/10th of the sky or the distance the sun or moon travels in 2-3 hrs but it covered that distance in about 5 seconds. It was to the North East moving from west to east. I’m guessing a magnitude between -3 and -6 (a lot brighter than Mars). It may have been visible for longer than I saw it but it disappeared around 45-50 degrees above the horizon. Where else can I ask this question if no one here can help?

  26. Any Body

    Why no Subtitles available for this Video, for some of us the are Essential!

  27. Jonas Marshall

    “51 seconds ago” wow I don’t think I’ve ever been so early to a video

  28. chefdan87

    I was lucky enough to have a good view of the fly over here in Virginia Beach. Little red dot hauling butt across the sky with cone around it. It was pretty cool to watch.

  29. artcamp7

    ?? I don’t know how to fly. Can’t hear your voice without the sign-off I’m sorry it just doesn’t feel right.

  30. Franco Contreras

    No ” Im Scott Manley….. FLY SAFE” in this video ??? :(

  31. Inevitable Crafts Lab

    Ii am so gonna start GTAV now .. and i can tell you: i will NOT fly safe today!!111


    Great explanation, how the “keep out sphere” works makes sense now, they keep inching up while ensuring their trajectory would have them fall away from the ISS if a failure occurs.

  33. Bryce Grounds

    In one day this has got bigger that me In 30 seconds

  34. Anarchy Antz

    Seeing as it is a short video with no fly safe, can we assume they will instead be using Boeings guidance system?

  35. Arctic Haze

    I was always astounded how “simple” air force pilots, the astronauts of the Gemini and Apollo era, quickly adjusted and become masters of this weird kind of navigation. After all this is rocket science in the very literal sense.

  36. rpavlik1

    For some reason seeing that curlicue shape made the whole docking thing click in my head, never could wrap my brain around how they did it before.

    I think “fly safe” is implied in “tens of centimeters per second” 😉

  37. Casey Goddard

    Is that weird little loop-de-loop the result of a micro gravity well coming from the ISS or is just the Dragon Capsule crew showing off?

  38. Musa Raza


  39. snaplash

    Considering the complexity of intercepting something in orbit, future space junk retrieval efforts are going to be a big problem, if not completely impractical..

  40. tocsa120ls

    1:18 In the pipe, five by five!

  41. Seethe ious

    Seems like a needlessly dangerous maneuver, too fast on the initial approach and they crash into the bottom of station, too slow and the boosters can’t produce enough thrust to cope.

  42. UnFunded Opportunities

    Why does it take so long to reach ISS? Don’t they plan launches for when ISS’s path is close Florida?
    Russia did a launch that only took 4 hours to reach ISS.

  43. EinChris75

    So if the station is faster than dragon, technically the station docks to dragon, doesn’t it?

  44. XerosXIII

    90% of the commenter is here for the meme

  45. Dustin Morrison

    NASA must have called him to ground control to tell the Dragon crew to fly safe.

  46. Christopher28fair

    When you say “they will do such and so”… you mean the computers will do that, right? The astronauts on Dragon aren’t actually doing anything, right? We don’t want any pilot error like the goof-up with Virgin Galactic. We’re talking Elon Musk, here, not Richard Branson – no disrespect intended.

  47. Dat Boi

    *“Tower, this is Dat 🅱️🅾️📍 requesting to buzz the tower at mach 3, over.”*

  48. womble321

    I’m puzzled with everything apparently under covers and panels how do they fix faults? And isn’t that extra and unnecessary weight.

  49. Zachry Smith

    I see Apple is doing great for another quarter! I guess using slave labor really helps with the bottom line.

  50. Andy Black

    They picked a perfect time to head to the ISS. This year is a global disaster! 😂

  51. Oren Fleetwood

    Did anyone else think that the Crew Dragon in the simulation looked like a Dalek at first?

  52. MrVipitis

    While running in Front, being faster means lower orbit.

    Are they always navigating with orbital mechanics or would they do a relative burn as well?

  53. Andrew Singleton

    We’re al la bunch of screaming Kerbals. ‘Fly Safe’ isn’t even worth saying anymore. We strap boosters on until thigns either explode, or we anger the Kraken.

  54. Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zo

    What is the software used for this visualisation? Is it just a visualization or an actual simulation tool?

  55. Robert Regalado

    Scott why does it take 24 hours to get to the ISS when it’s can be done in four.
    + 4 guys in a small capsule for 24 hours , come on man ! :-)

  56. Fernando Mota

    Oh, I thought you cared about me flying safe!

  57. John M Gibby

    WHAT??? No, “I’m Scott Manley. Fly Safe.” This is obviously some joker trying to imitate SM and he failed miserably. LOL You just can’t do that to us Scott. I watch each and every video to the end and that tag line is just so satisfying.

  58. Xz_n

    I will not turn airplane mode when I go into an airplane anymore, time to fly unsafe


    Well since he never said “fly safe” i have to fly in a very unsafe manner (also called crashing into everything )

  60. Daniel Leca

    Since we can’t fly safe, we might as well flock off

  61. Gabriel Pires

    Man in KSP this has always been the hardest part to me.

  62. Carson Hula

    Cool, concise breakdown! What program is that simulation in?

  63. Bakdi Abderrahmane

    I’m Scott Manley, Fly Safe

  64. MorselOfBread

    I’m not going to fly recklessly like other people in the comment section, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. :|

  65. Timber Micka

    Makes me wonder how a docking to the zenith docking port of Node 2 would look like (PMA-3)

  66. Phase Falcon

    everyones flipping out since you didnt say “fly safe” at the end. Don’t worry, I know the truth. you told the actual astronauts to fly safe at t-2 seonds before liftoff. the video was so short that there wasnt time to tell us it as well.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with this conclusion. nothing. it is all 100% correct

  67. zapfanzapfan

    Arianespace just lost a mission on Vega, time to get your bathrobe of doom on and analyze it for us! Press conference tomorrow at 14.00 Paris time I think they said.

  68. EngineeredFilms

    Arghhhh… no “I’m Scott Manley… fly safe” (didn’t know how weird that would be until it happened!)

  69. mustafa hasan

    Finally i can take risks

  70. Astro Ape

    What, no “Fly Safe” at the ending?!?!

  71. Dappdude

    Simple, to the point, brilliant. I might send this one to my mum.

  72. AGWittmann

    Good to have this video, was on my way to the ISS in a Dragon and i missed the Tutorial at home.

  73. Humble Tom

    Is there a live feed to the ISS… like a camera that’s always streaming?

  74. Sawyer Nietfeld

    Hi everyone & Scott,

    I had a question after watching this – what’s the physics behind the trajectory curving down and then eventually away from the ISS? What causes that without them using thrusters to move away?

    Thanks Scott for the great content!

  75. ikichullo

    Everyone aboard the Crew-1 mission is going to die now and it’s all your fault. That’s what happens when you forget to say “Fly safe”

  76. LolKat

    > Tries to do this in KSP.

    > Ends up ramming into space station, violently destroying capsule and half of space station, killing 6 Kerbal astronauts, all while the rest of the space station careens uncontrollably towards Earth, with 4 more Kerbals inside of it burning towards their deaths.

    Now I know why NASA won’t hire me.

  77. Jan Piotrowicz

    no “fly safe”? :(

  78. Babalonkie

    Or as astronauts call it “The birds and the bees…”


  79. Tulio de Souza

    I so missed the “I am Scott Manley, fly safe” at the end!!!

  80. Stef Rong

    “Now of course the astronauts are not looking out the window”
    They’re obviously looking at the nav. ball, carefully burning prograde pointing at the target, then retrogade to slow down, making sure that the jr. docking port is alligned with the central axis of the station, and wasting their time because everyone knows that space stations are purely for aesthetic porpouses.

  81. Ray Kewin

    I need more Scott Manley vids. I’v watched the whole back catalogue.

  82. J Shepard

    How they will approach…

  83. Bao Mao

    I love orbital mechanics.
    Doesn’t matter how many times I watch a docking – the choreography is beautiful. I just cannot stop watching.

  84. Wim Koele

    the short guide how to get a girlfriend in 2020. with the target even having a 400mtr “keep out zone”.

  85. Cody

    Time to head for the fallout shelters. Scott didn’t tell us to fly safe, so that is code for the world going to end any second now.

  86. Bitchute is better than Y

    0:12 “This is because of the way orbital mechanics works”
    Am i the only one thinking Scott could have ended his video right there?

  87. Rolando

    “I’m Scott Manley, dock safe!”

  88. Harvey

    you didn’t say fly safe… is there something you’re not telling us?

  89. Dirk Allen Garcia

    The reason why he didn’t say “I’m Scott Manley, Fly safe” is because he cut the video too early

  90. R Kramer

    Crew-1 doesn’t approach the station. The station approaches Crew-1

    Space is hard

  91. Super4Jet

    It was so short there wasn’t even time for the “I’m Scott Manley – Fly Safe!”

  92. what dat

    This isn’t scott manley

    Where is fly safe, the intro and outro
    Nice generic manley voice AI

  93. Eduardo Rafael Benedicto

    We are talking about astronauts here. They should know better and fly safe.

  94. Arsal07

    Where’s “I’m Scott Manley, Fly Safe” :(

  95. lil WD-40

    Why is everyone raging over him not saying fly safe he obviously wants us to crash into the side of some random tree you know pointy end down flamey end up

  96. CocoaButt

    I killed two more Kerbals this morning and I didn’t even have to dock.

  97. Jordan Macdonald

    “The final approach will occur in darkness.” Well, that’s an ominous note to end on…

  98. YewTewbe

    Why didn’t he tell us to fly safe? He’s jinxed the whole mission. The astronauts are at risk. ABORT ABORT. NASA YOU MUST ABORT.

  99. David

    Since you didn’t tell me otherwise, i will fly in an unsafe manner.

  100. Aubrey Freeman

    I’m worried now. There was no “fly safe” at the end.

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