How 20 Years of Life On The ISS Began With Expedition One

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November 2nd 2000 was the day that 3 people arrived on the International Space Station and began living and working there. Since this time, there has always been a human presence in space, and I hope this continues, but it’s important to realise that even before this historic moment there were crews that worked to make the space station a place people could call home.

  1. Hyper Dash

    I was born late in the day (UTC) on October 31st, 2000, making me one of the first people ever to be born and never know a time when all people were not living together on Earth.

  2. Worsie Poepies

    Ooooo what happened to Scott’s voice at the end

  3. Oseph Steven

    Thank you Scott and an unimaginable big thank you to everyone who made the ISS a reality.

  4. wintrparkgrl

    75t for fully habitable? That put into perspective how powerful starship will be at a hundred tons to orbit in one launch

  5. Touay

    I very much hope we have past the day when we are exclusively a terrestrial species, but we sadly have a long way to go before we are a solar, let alone galactic species. maybe next week!

  6. Moon Moon

    And to think that some people think the ISS is a waste of money or even doesn’t exist (despite the fact that you can see it with the naked eye). The contributions the ISS has made to mankind, could fill a book. Actually, it has.

  7. chronically unfunny


  8. Marvin Hensbergen

    Why de-orbit the ISS at some point.. Isn’t it very cheap to keep it just in orbit.. in 20 to 50 years time we regret letting this iconic space hardware just burn up. At some point it would became a historic tourist location. Even if it’s just an outside look of a unmaintained base.

  9. Alexander Hartmann

    “I’m Bill Shepherd, sail well.”

  10. Freerefill

    “I’m Scott Manley. Sail well.”

  11. Evan G

    My friend was born on this day 20 years ago. What a coincidence!

  12. surrodox2001

    Good, my visit to youtube straight gives me this video

  13. BarnYard

    Imagine Nasa and space started in year 1700s and today year 2020 we woulda have space station with shuttles and spaceships to Mars…half of population on Earth already on Mars…😁😁 including me on Mars 😂

  14. Javier Bates

    Speaking of ISS I just watched it fly by my house

  15. Dmytro Picky

    for the fourth time: zvezdA, protOn

  16. Geeksmithing

    Slow claps for the Comic Sans gravitas joke.

  17. acpi314

    There are quite a few Max-Planck-Instituts all over Germany, each with its specific area of research.

  18. Eric Hopper

    It is so refreshing in a certain sort of way to listen to these attempts to realize our dreams of extending our potential as humans. Right now, I have very little faith and hope in us for the immediate future.

  19. ev bobdemon

    I lived watching this over the years and loved every minute of it. Well done Scott.

  20. ArsArma

    Too bad people didn’t keep a log consistently despite that log saying people should log.

  21. lcarus42

    8:40 how awesome would it be to make an entrance like that!

  22. Scott

    I remember in 4th grade reading in Kids Time that Mir was about to burn up in the atmosphere, later the grade i remember getting a book about the ISS with 95% accuracy of what it looks like today, what a time to be alive

  23. Markle2k

    The Johnson Space Center’s podcast HWHaP (Houston We Have a Podcast) is doing a series of interviews to celebrate 20 years of continuous habitation on ISS. First up was the Commander of Expedition 1, Bill Shepherd on the anniversary of the launch of the Soyuz, October 31. Second up is the ISS program manager, Joel Montalbano. This is the job that Bill Shepherd had before any parts had launched and before he was named as Expedition 1 Commander.

  24. Paul Haynes

    Thanks once again, Scott – interesting and surprisingly emotional. If only he’d ended the Captain’s Log with “fly safe”!

  25. Generator

    It’s surprising to see that the astronauts had to deal with pesky styrofoam packing as well

  26. Honey Badger Offroad

    Whomever rendered those documents in Comic Sans did that shit intentionally. They are my spirit animal.

  27. Kin Uor Thel

    Why do I love the crew hugging in ISS so much, every time it’s just great.

  28. Bradley Paquette

    Happy 20th birthday Iss

  29. Kurt Weinstein

    That log underlines how naval tradition, more than the air force, is the basis for the customs of spaceflight.

  30. 5Andysalive

    I read Tom Staffords book (we have capture) who describes in detail tthe negotiations with the russians of which he was a part before it even became the “ISS”. As he had been for Apollo Soyuz (obviously,) and Shuttle – Mir cooperation. And the very adventures way, the aging MIR was run. Quite eventful and no plain sailing between “And then they launched that module”.

    was also involved in the investigation of the Mir-progress crash, clearing the scapegoated cosmonauts name. Almost more interesting than the Gemini and Apollo part, for which there are better books imho.

  31. David Kearns

    strange to think that only 20 years ago seeing pictures of things like these massive hurricanes/typhoons and wildfires from space was a rarity. Now its expected that we will see some photos from the ISS crew of whatever natural disaster is causing or will cause us an issue. and the utterance of “pictures from the space station of x” isnt even abnormal.

  32. Joel Hageman

    Well, dude must have had some serious typing skills. Productive people and time management. And all. I don’t know where he would have found time to be prolific. That would have taken me a good 40 minutes to write. This? A few seconds? Can I grouse? Because it’s almost 2021 and a new year?

  33. Aidan Levy

    Sup early people

  34. InventorZahran

    Comic Sans is a shortfall of gravitas.

  35. PsychoLucario

    this is genuinely one of the few things everyone can be proud of humanity for

  36. ThatSlowTypingGuy

    I was in the next room and instead of comic sans I thought I’d heard you say pocket sand.

  37. nitehawk86

    8:43 I love that handshake-hug. Literally pulling the person on board via a handshake.

  38. Joe M

    I’m 20 years old but am older than the amount of occupied time of the ISS. I feel like that’s a pretty rare group.

  39. david MOORE

    The end of this video reminds me of reading log entries in the fallout game computers.

  40. S Desmier

    I like to watch that can fly over whenever I can. Amazing feat!

  41. Kevin Moore

    After 20 years, I imagine Arthur Dent’s comment on the Vogon constructor ship would aptly describe the state of the place.

    It’s a bit … squalid, isn’t it?

  42. Lewis Johnson

    It must’ve been pretty neat living on Mir 2 and Space Station Freedom

  43. Shaun Carre

    5:36 I wonder what kind of sensitive information were those

  44. Squidward Tortellini

    Oh man, my birthday is the same day the first crew arrived at the iss

  45. Richard Nicholson

    Hi Scott, do have any information on the Russian Nuclear Space tug ? I saw some recent announcements about it, but unfortunately the news is mostly in russian.

  46. mjncad

    The ISS is the ultimate Amish farmhouse that has been glomed onto over the years.

  47. Brett Mascuzzio

    I have a simile life, I see a Scott Manley notification, I click it. Life is good.

  48. Jordan Bouzeneris

    I got Roscosmos’s thumbnail preview for what they label this mission. They didn’t subtitle it, but I read the wikipedia article so I got the gist of it

  49. Salva Barbus

    Expedition 1: Beautiful log, keeping with naval traditions, a fine job.
    Expedition 2: lol cba

  50. Ross Macleod

    That has to be the best outro to one of your videos ever!!

  51. mVm MotoVlogMusic

    In a few years, the Moon will be an International Space Station.

    Hey, scott, that was beautiful.
    I’ve been following the mission on a daily basis since Expedition 33. So many brave, amazing, intelligent humans have been involved. 👍🏻🎼👍🏻

  52. Kevin Clark

    I’m wondering why none of the astronauts liked the ending of “The 6th Sense”… Was it because it made them wonder if they were already dead? O.o

  53. Mako-kun

    0:49 Another reason why the crew couldn’t stay is because Unity and Zarya modules don’t have life support. Zvezda module would bring in life support in 2000.

  54. Henry

    Great vid as always, Scott!

  55. Alex Marchand

    I didn’t know I would geek out that much seeing 3D renders from 20 years ago 3:07

  56. 4A 59

    Thank you Scott for your vivid representation of how the IIS was brought to life and for sharing and generating Bill Shepard’s log. It’s similar for me to what Niel Armstrong created when he first stepped on the moon. This was our first true long journey into space involving humans working together to create a new frontier. Bill Shepard saw this as something very significant and I appreciate his efforts because I feel the same.

  57. John Pickens

    12:30 Scott misquoted the Alpha log changing “normal” to: “norminal”.

  58. Viz Anonn

    Damn, that’s wild. I was 12 years old when we launched the first pieces to the ISS

  59. get a life

    5:50, boss battle dad joke

  60. earthling john

    Anyone else remember NASA-TV during Expedition 1 and “weekend audio” ?

  61. Chad

    I love the international comradery

  62. bzqp2

    Can ISS get a Peace Nobel Prize in theory? Who would take the money for that?

  63. Toms Tech

    As far as vertigo goes imagining doing an EVA even a tethered one scared the shit out of me, Clip on thether malfunction and/or thruster on EVA suit malfunctions and you’re going off into the void to die. I’ve never been inside a 500mph aluminium can either and I consider myself quite the adrenaline junky but usally gravity helps (dirtbikes and downhill MTB etc).

  64. Craig Bates

    Time flies. I recall watching some of those early missions on nasatv via RealVideo over a 56k modem😀

  65. Professional Space Enthus

    I have never been to a Scott manly video this early

  66. Mandanara

    The last time I was this early Mir was still orbiting the planet.

  67. givingtnt

    My eyes will never see again, my ears will never forget.

  68. Bradley Paquette

    🧑‍🚀 🙏 Just wondering if it would be possible to do a history of the CSA.(Canadian space agency) living in Canada I’ve been curious about it recently. after a little bit of research I discovered they have a single spacecraft capable of orbital. flight I believe it had zero payload capacity. I don’t know why it exists. I was curious about all the other tech and research they have given to NASA and Other spaces . if you mind doing a video on it the csa plz!!!???

  69. Andre Gulbis

    8:36 is so funny! Guy on the left rings the bell, guy on the right gets a fright, and guy floats up from below slowly with a salute!

  70. Don Jones

    The idea of the mission commander posting a log, and the next to last line with the phrase “bolder and more enterprising voyages” lets all of us know what TV show Bill Shepard found to be inspiring.

  71. David Burgin

    Good word: Verbose. It’s a black hole when you don’t know what it is.

  72. Paul Conway

    5:52 “Some people say that Comic Sans lacks gravitas, but the ISS literally lacks gravity”
    Scott, you should know better! The ISS is only staying in orbit because of gravity

  73. Space Dolphin Corp.

    You said plasma crystals like thats something im not gonna flip about

  74. nkronert

    So that is where the quote “I’m Scott Manley, fly safe” comes from 😊

  75. ares106

    The Russians were going through some crazy stuff in the 90’s surprised everything went as well as it did with their part of the mission.

  76. NorthernChev

    Thirteen minute video. Within one and a half minutes it has 109 Thumbs-up. You guys didn’t even finish watching the video! You just KNOW it’s gonna be quality!

  77. Zoltán Pósfai

    That log entry was only missing a Kirk or Picard signature :)

    Maybe they used Comic Sans as the most handwriting looking font at hand at the time? (And not too cursive either.)

  78. Erik Stolz

    Hears James Voss: “Hey that’s my Professor!!!”

  79. Moon Moon

    Be honest. We all have dreams of going to the ISS one day.

  80. Xbolt

    That final mission log was beautiful.

  81. Chris Browning

    “Finished disk 2 of “Sixth Sense” –nobody liked it.” rofl

  82. Xbolt

    Hard to believe it’s been this long already. I feel so old now.

  83. Adam Commercial

    Fun fact: today’s my birthday, and I turned 20! This is one of the craziest coincidences I’ve ever heard of! I’m blown away!

  84. Jesse GD

    There’s something heartwarming about seeing that little salute, handshake, and hug between those astronauts.
    There’s no real borders and rivalries in space, only home and friends.

  85. nixeh32

    5:50 The dad jokes are real.

  86. John Kramer

    Fantastic video, however, I have always wondered how inflight refueling of the Zvezda Module would work. you said the progress m1 variant was used to “top up the tanks” but did this consist of an external connection between tanks or some internal system? Could be a good video for “what kerbal doesnt teach” Keep up the great videos!

  87. David Bland

    I remember when there where two crewed stations in orbit. MIR and ISS. Now just ISS. Soon ISS, Tiangong, and Lunar Gate Way.

  88. Barabel22

    What would be considered “Redacted” material on board the ISS so early in its operations?

  89. Julien Marten

    Would be awesome if you could start a whole series about the construction and operation of the ISS, with this being the first episode.

  90. Matthew Groshens

    “We let him off easy”

  91. Bert Blankenstein

    Gotta give a like based on the font, and the space station lacking gravity.

  92. Starman's Science Channel

    We take the ISS for granted now, but it was really is a monumental achievement of international collaboration.

  93. Gordon Chin

    “6th Sense a sequel to 5th Element.”
    Ah yes it all makes sense now.

  94. Cameron Sours

    Man, I should keep a captain’s log. STARDATE: Today. I went on a walk. I saw a neat bird.

  95. Cup of No

    Fantastic narration of the final log. It gave a great sense of what the ISS is about, and the hope they had for the mission when it first started. She may not last another 20, but her journey has been an incredible one so far. Here’s to the future.

  96. james gates

    You mean they didn’t end their first log with “fly safe” ?

  97. Washell Wash

    Expedition one: we pass into your care alphas log
    Expedition two: nah, can’t be bothered

  98. Jurgis

    Imagine spending billions of dollars to put a pressurized house in orbit so you can write captains log in comic sans. I love hate all of you so much.

  99. otakujhp

    Man, that was a beautiful log entry.

  100. Franko Walker

    It’s a pitty no-one kept up the log. It would have been a great historical document.

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