First Full Test Of SLS Booster Fails as Engines Trigger Emergency Shutdown.

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The final step a a years worth of testing on the first core SLS booster is supposed to be a full duration static fire, running the engines in a profile mimicking that of a real flight. This test was supposed to be 8 minutes long but unfortunately the test terminated early for technical reasons.

Right now the information we have is not particularly revealing so we don’t know whether this is going to push the first flight of the core back far enough to make it miss the 2021 schedule.

  1. Chris Gaming

    I wonder what we’ll get first: The SLS maiden flight, the James Webb Space Telescope, KSP 2 or Half-Life 3


    Computer overlords: “Can it run crysis?”
    Rocket fans: “Can it land back to earth?”

  3. John Riney

    I know they’re being very careful and conservative with this core, since it’s the flight article. I wonder if the burn would have continued further if the vehicle were operating under flight, instead of test, configuration.

  4. Mark X Farmer

    SLS: going nowhere fast (yet the contractors still get paid). Honestly now, it’s a kludge.

  5. Mike Donovan

    “It takes so long because at NASA, EVERY SINGLE part of the booster is independently certified and EVERY detail is obsessed over so that there is NO chance of failure when it’s show time”

    “It broke after one minute”

  6. 1MinuteFlipDoc

    sadly even if the test was successful, this whole ‘solution’ is out of date and horrifically expensive.

  7. J A

    Engineers: I don’t think we’re ready for an 8 min test yet

    Marketing: yes yes, did we mention we ordered commemorative ear plugs?

  8. Paul Round

    NASA: We need a rocket to get us back to the moon.
    SLS Contractors: Money machine go Brrrr.

  9. Joseph Stevens

    “Well it’s SLS, of course it is not going to be done on time”

  10. J.A.Ratt85

    Right before shutdown you hear them talking about “EGT’s outside of parameters” I’m thinking the engines were running cold thanks to how orange the flames were. Hydrogen and oxygen, when burning correctly as in the perfect mixture, burn incredibly clear to the point that you can just make out the high pressure cone in the center of the flame and you can just barely SOMETIMES make out the outer envelope edge of the flame. (watch space shuttle launches and you can see that for yourself) This test all four engines exhausts were very orange which would tell me that there’s either not enough oxygen so it was fuel rich, or that there was some other anomaly making the color change. If it was running rich it would definitely be colder and the EGT’s (exhaust gas temperature) would be outside of parameters. A colder engine means it’s not producing 100% of the thrust it should be.

  11. gahrie

    Fails? NASA has assured me that the test was a complete success.

  12. jane doe

    “N1 also has more flight time than SLS at this point” That was hilarious. I love N1. Thanks for making this remark, it made me all smiles.

  13. clydx12

    scott manley: “well, unlike everything else in the SLS program, the test… ended ahead of schedule”


  14. God Slayer

    “Elon Musk built one in a field in Texas with scraps”

  15. Moje Imja

    Oh, S3 KS-25×4 “Mammoth” , hello!

  16. Gresvig

    Robert Goddard on a freaking tricycle, when are we FREAKING gonna stop shoveling money into this turd?!

    And what is gonna happen after (if ever) we get all of FOUR freaking flights on recycled engines? Thirty years and a hundred billion to make new 1980’s engines?

  17. breakone9r

    “Fly safe! But fly. Unlike SLS.”

  18. bigginsd1

    I remember during the live stream the commentators said “it will now be put on a barge and taken to the cape for launch” after the failed test. They were clearly sticking to their written script and didn’t adapt to what happened during the test.

    It kind of sums up the whole program; use what we have already prepared, don’t adapt or change to what the tests show us, just spend more time and money on something that may not work.

  19. Matthew Connor

    When Scott’s comments have more burn time then the engines.

  20. Harold1305

    Imagine sitting on that porta-potty at 0:29 bottom left when they start the engines

  21. Books & Bicycles

    “It’s SLS, of course it’s not gonna be on time.” Ouch…. Sad, but true.

  22. Derrick

    “At this point we don’t know what’s going to happen” That’s putting it nicely Scott haha. We know what’s going to happen…. More delays.

  23. Sanjit Daniel

    At least they made a working fog machine… All they need is some disco lights and some EDM music.

  24. thriftymeatpatty

    Surely, it will be a quick, efficient operation to reset and retest. And by “quick” I mean “agonizingly long”, and by “efficient operation” I mean “clusterf*k.”

  25. Steven W Howard

    From many of my friends who work at Ames I often hear this refered to as the Senate Launch System. I’m hopeful it works as I am an advocate of all spaceflight, but my hopes keep getting dashed to pieces

  26. Detoxifier R

    This is about as close to flying as this thing is ever gonna get.

  27. Ryan Sheridan

    Scott is spitting more flames than the SLS did.

  28. Random Gamer

    We all knew the earthquake machine wasnt going to succeed, now we can send it back to the 1820s where they can recycle it

  29. Michael

    Tech support: “is your rocket plugged in?” “Try using a different rocket cable”….

  30. Michael

    The rocket found out the fuel wasn’t organic so stopped eating it.

  31. ThePeople'sPanzer

    “oh dear, I’m getting so cynical in my old age” with obvious sarcasm. At this point, anyone not intensely critical of SLS is either taking a paycheck from Boeing, has signed NDAs at NASA, or is wilfully ignorant. I’m tired of being called a pessimist, or a hater, or too cynical in regard to this rocket. I have defended such programs as the F-35 for years because, whilst they are obviously massively expensive/ late/ corrupt, the aircraft itself is absolutely needed, and the right choice, with some superb engineering behind it. SLS is all those bad things, and none of the good ones.

  32. Chris Hayes

    SLS saw its shadow, push everything back another year.

  33. A k

    Its like going out to your grandpas barn and seeing an old truck realizing the keys are in it so you turn it over and SHOCKER it starts. Cool.

  34. KPX 1138

    The RS-25 is a proven design. They’ll work through this.

  35. Matt C

    This SLS failure/malfunction should be good for a billion or two in extra funding. Therefore, from the perverted perspective of these lobby losers, it was a glorious success.

  36. Stephan Ahonen

    NASA now investigating the possibility that Scott Manley’s savage burns may have enough delta-V to achieve lunar orbit.

  37. Condition 1

    From the standpoint of cost-plus contracting, this test was a massive success.

  38. Marvin Kitfox

    Hey, cut them some slack.
    After all this is the very first time ever they have tested an engine of this type!
    right? right?
    Oh.. Well, but…
    But these engines were developed in a great rush, on a very tight budget, right?

  39. richierescue

    I love the way you still say ‘spanner’ – i had to adjust to ‘wrench’ after too many blank looks from my American friends.

  40. FHM Consulting

    “Whats your emergency?” “Hullo, I have a space program that as multiple injuries from my burns…””

  41. Someone Named Tygget

    Whoooo could have poooooosibly seen this coming?????!?!!?

  42. Anchor Bait

    “im Scott Manley, fly….. At some point. Please SLS don’t let us down again”

  43. BigFire

    At this rate, Elon Musk would’ve build his L5 habitat before SLS ever fly.

  44. Justme Me

    The SLS needs to make sure it has a reservation when it finally gets to the SpaceX Luna Hotel so it wont have to stay parked off the property and have no access to proper amenities.

  45. FerdinandFake

    expect heavy fog 20 miles downwind

  46. Peter Anderson

    Whenever someone mentions Robert Zubrin or Mars Direct I remember about how he casually mentions in all of his books that building a shuttle derived heavy lift booster would be a trivial task. Then I picture in my head one of those SpongeBob time cards with “10 years later” written on it.

  47. DST Studios

    “Unlike everything else in the SLS program the test ended ahead of schedule”

  48. Ostsol

    “67 seconds is too short…” That’s what she said? 🤪

  49. SkrotOchCo

    Saying the N1 has more flight time than the SLS is probably the best diss i’ve heard yet.

  50. Icey Jones

    imagine spaceX with the budget of only ONE SLS rocket

  51. Genghis Khan

    SLS : Sea Level Stuck

  52. Ryan Hamstra

    SLS: Had an issue, guess we will be set back 6-9 months.
    Starship: Swap out that engine, we will try again tomorrow.

  53. Tom Lentz

    Thank you for pointing out the N1! Those “most powerful rocket” headlines really irk me. The SLS hasn’t even flown yet, the N1 did fly (just not very well).

  54. 428 Renegade

    Correction: “this test was the culmination of over a Decade of work”.
    not a few weeks. I’m not giving them a pass on this money/time waster.

  55. Blueskies Space Technolog

    “this little maneuver is gonna cost us 51 years”

  56. Many Things Left To Build

    Interesting seeing the infrastructure used to mount the RS-25 starting at 6:53 vs the custom forklift pallet, forklift and scissor truck to mount the Raptor engine.

  57. Svensson

    If the rocket fails, the test worked. Rather have a test failure then a maned failure.

  58. demongo2007

    “N1 has more flight time than SLS at this time”

    That’s gonna burn longer than those engines.

  59. Tom Board

    I’m sure they’ll figure out what went wrong in 4-5 years.

  60. Eric Thomas

    I love that with all our advanced technology, the best way to steer something into position is still men with ropes.

  61. nom chompsky

    I love SLS because it keeps things in perspective whenever Starship has a setback. Old space stopped being about exploration and has been more about bribing the electorate since the 70s

  62. Noel Wade

    “It [the N1] has more flight time at this point”
    Now *that* is a “quantity over quality” argument! :-D

  63. Allen Sanders

    if your feeling old at your age your going to be in real trouble when you get my age

  64. K.y.s. Studios

    I live in a little town called waveland, and during the test, it shook the whole apartment building.
    Not like “Omg we are gonna die”, but you could feel the walls shake. It was hella cool.

  65. Coobk165[GER]

    thats what you get for wanting to launch stuff on a one way trip that BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

  66. catfish552

    The RS-25s are rebelling. They don’t want to be senselessly expended.

  67. Ronald Boe

    Haven’t they learned that schedule pressure is a recipe for disaster?

  68. Jason

    I think the variety of missions that could have been funded if they hadn’t continued SLS would have been the more sensible route!

  69. PsychoLucario

    using rs-25s as disposable engines is such an absolute waste

  70. Katniss

    SLS – Senate Laundering Scheme. On the upside, it looks really good visually.

  71. nom chompsky

    Its wild how they are doing all of this huge effort and expense so they can heave this giant machine into the sea after 8 minutes of use

  72. Bryan

    I’m pretty sure Pete down at the local tire and lube shop could have gotten us to the moon by now if given 20 billion dollars and a large supply of ready-built engines……

  73. MindLaboratory

    I’m Scott Manley, fly…. eventually… please.

  74. Roland Mösl

    It is so crazy to throw all this away at the first flight.

  75. Andy Crowe

    It’s sad all these engines are going to only be used once in the SLS program even though they were designed for reusability

  76. Robin Blankenship

    All of the SLS related documents have flight heritage. They got it being slung across the room in frustration by the engineers at one point or another.

  77. Pumpkinhead1986

    hold F9 for quickload ….

  78. Kenrick Ohlson

    Plz can we get a video on the Test Stand Manley because that thing is more intriguing than the rockets 🚀

  79. John Norris

    20 years ago this was a typical day for any space agency. Today it’s like the four horsemen of the apocalypse rode through with Jim Bridenstine’s head on a pike.

  80. Victor Abraham

    This is what you get when a project is done by committee (congress), a bureaucratic committee no less. Most of this has been hyped to the max. I would love this system to work but, compared to laser focused SpaceX, what a joke. Go Musk and SpaceX!!! I am amazed at the pace and envelope pushing by SpaceX on a daily basis. There is no penalty for failure in the government. SpaceX acts like their existence depends on success. Congress/NASA, stop wasting our tax dollars!!!

  81. Mora Fermi

    “N1 has more flight time than SLS at this time” — ouch, that’s one *nasty* burn.

  82. John Doe

    That zinger about the N1 having more flight time made me laugh.

  83. John theux

    “Unlike everything else in the SLS program the test ended ahead of schedule”
    That was savage!

  84. Rebecca Putman

    I wish they’d go back to the Jules Bergman style of space reporting. Shut Up when capcom and other people in the room are talking. Keep your own commentary to a minimum.

  85. Peter Ensor

    Such a shame however at least there wasn’t a catastrophic failure. That would have been terrible for the programme

  86. Alex Zummo

    “It also has more flight time at this point”. Lol

  87. Brett Shaffer

    What a surprising turn of events. Definitely didn’t see this coming from a mile away.

  88. Podkova

    To paraphrase Michael Caine: I haven’t seen the sls, but I’ve seen many a contractor’s mansion and they’re lovely. Viva la government gravy train!

  89. Umbrae Legios

    KSP teaches that “Failure is always an option”.

  90. Polaventris

    Commodore Amiga 500 too. such a classic processor.

  91. Tim Frey

    Well, looks like they’ll need some more money for R+D. Maybe their first launch will be for the Webb Telescope in 2060!

  92. abouzar pirayesh

    I was so waiting for this video from yesterday

  93. William Blackwell

    I was wondering why my house didn’t shake for 8 minutes.

  94. Barry Sheridan

    Hard to remember that mankind went to the moon more than fifty years ago.

  95. Tamarin Wilson

    On the plus side it was quiet interesting to watch all four engines running at once for about a minute.

  96. Ryukachoo

    World’s most expensive humidifier breaks

  97. The Thing

    The SLS is looking more and more like the worlds most expensive joke….

  98. Andrew Berg

    Hey Scott, I love your videos! I hope your new year is going well so far!

  99. Heads Tails

    A little bit embarrassing, at least it didn’t RUD

  100. Adam Allman

    I’ve been waiting for this video! Gotta know what the Manley has to say about this!

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