Exploring Ultima Thule – An Ancient Tiny, Planetessimal On The Edge Of Our Solar System

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Less than a day to go before New Horizons flys close to a tiny object discovered on the edge of our solar system. This body wasn’t discovered until a few years ago, and yet it also represents one of the most ancient, unevolved bodies in the solar system.

For more information on the discovery of Ultima Thule I suggest looking at Alex Parker’s summary of events on Twitter

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    Great update, Scott. Thanks for sharing!

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    “Ultima Thule” Wow! They actually gave a celestial object a cool name for once!
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    I love your videos, Scott Manley, you not only explain everything very well but you also always answer everything I would have asked about.

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    Did they find Brian Blessed and John Shrapnel on Ultima Thule?

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    3:18 is that an arduino mega on that printer/scanner? (in the left bottom corner)

  15. Erik Granqvist

    Could you do a video where you explain how the speed of the data is affected by distance?

  16. Martyn Greener

    So it will take about a second to pass Thule. 15km a second, Thule is only 15km wide, that’s one hell of a motion blur, taking pictures of the arse end as we speed away. :-D

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    A video packed with Information so densely it’s spherical

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  19. Shmu

    New Horizons mission after MU69 is to serve as a deep space observatory for objects that Hubble can’t see. Mostly it’ll be asleep but they are planning to use it not just for new flyby targets but also for exploring the belt.

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    couldn’t they configure new horizons to center the image properly after the nyt1 picture so the nyt2 or 3 picture would most certainly be fine?
    Or does new horizons not have the required performace to detect objects by itself in time? Or is there some technical issue making it impossible?

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  48. sophrapsune

    Discovered in 2014, flyby in 2019.
    That must be the fastest turn around from discovery to close science in the history of spaceflight.

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    Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud both names after the Dutch guys who theorised them existing.

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    Hey Scott love your work. Friendly gramner note concerning your description text:
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  55. Al Taloma

    Sorry, no magnetometer. We’d tried proposing a mini-magnetometer for the JPL competitor to New Horizons, Pluto Express, but no-go, and New Horizons was chosen. That gives us something to look forward to in the future, funding dependent.

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    Can we call it the Pluto Mk. II?

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    Hi, Scott. I was wondering – had the Hubble been built correctly, i.e. without the spherical aberration, would its resolution have been better, worse, or the same as it is with the corrective optics? You seem like the man to ask.

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    9:33 “Science is done far beyond the Human’s visible spectrum” Scott Manley is an alien confirmed?

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    Thanks for giving Edgeworth a shout out. Glad to remember the guy that had the “right guess” rather than the most “remembered guess”.

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  71. paladin17t

    You are actually incorrect about a magnetometer data.
    New Horizons don’t have magnetometers on board. The reason being that nobody thought Pluto might have a magnetic field (so it still might, and we just don’t know).

  72. ExpendableCrewMn

    How about for New Horizons’ next mission, we use it to double-check parallax measurements of stars?

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    *Mark Watney, Mars 33,926,867.096 Miles away at about 3.1 mph* : I’m going to science the crap out of this!
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  78. Upcycle Electronics

    Hey Scott, go watch Chris’s ~12 min interview with Alan he posted yesterday on his YT channel “Launch Pad Astronomy.” Alan sounds much more optimistic about the future prospects for targets and uses for New Horizons. He said he expects science objectives to continue for the next 20 years and is confident they have the resources needed to put together another proposal for their next target. I expect “best case scenario” type optimism in a public interview directly from him, but still I like the more optimistic spin and the excitement that brings to this occasion ;)

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    10:23 I like the use of UTC in the image. Much easier to translate into your local time. And it’s still possible to combine it with the local time of an event, e.g. saying “3 pm UTC-6”. No need to google yet another time zone by its specific name or abbreviation.

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    It’s gonna be one heck of a show. Great video and great explanation of the discovery of MU69!

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    “Will take about 20 months to download all that data.”
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