Every Spacecraft Which Has Visited The Space Station

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Over the last 2 decades there have been over 200 spacecraft which have visited the space station, built by many nations and organizations, with different designs. So I thought it might be nice to make a summary of every spacecraft for comparison since we’re getting close to the 20th anniversary and 100th crew to visit the ISS.

  1. sidharth cs

    Russia was developing a new reusable capsule called “federation” ( later renamed to “Orel”)

  2. Y K

    8:13 種子島宇宙センター。Tane-ga-shima Space Center. コウノトリ。Kouno -tori.

  3. Flametionist

    Why didn’t you work at NASA and/or become an Astronaut?

  4. Rob Highfill

    The latest Progress to dock to the ISS will be returning to Earth with the first module of the Space Station to be decommissioned – Pirs. Nauka will dock where Pirs is currently located.

  5. Something Odd

    Is it possible for Starship to dock with the ISS?

  6. Andrew Edis

    Scott Manley will they be adding size to the station itself?

  7. Nicholas Rehm

    Every Spacecraft Which Has Visited The Space Station *That We Know Of*

  8. Stan Brown

    How about Atlantis?

  9. Billy Robert

    How I was almost kicked out of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville and the whole state of Alabama

    I love space and space travel and have since I was a child skipping school when Shepard, Grissom, Glenn et al. left the launch pad (My school was 60 miles from the nearest network station and had almost no reception. My peers thought it was always snowing at Cape Canaveral.). I’ve traveled to most NASA Centers and even in my 60’s, I still get giddy at the opportunity to see anything NASA or space-related.

    When my son was about six, after seeing the Air and Space Museum in DC, we went to Huntsville to check into the possibility of enrolling him in Space Camp in the future. Part of our trip to Huntsville was to watch the assembly of two ISS modules. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and it didn’t escape me that this was still the hill country of Alabama with hay being bailed in a field next door. Being from about the same latitude of northern Georgia, I felt rather erudite in that entire state. The guide covered a lot of statistics and firsts of the ISS modules and related that the modules were 14 feet wide. In my best southern drawl and lower Appalachian English I interrupted the guide and asked, “Ain’t 14 feet the same exact width of a single-wide trailer home allowed on the highways in this state? And since I’m pretty sure I’m right on that measurement, how many of them folks down there working either live in 14 foot wide trailers or plan to go back to their job at the mobile home plant when they launch these things?” …

  10. Diego Martin

    loved the Babylon 5 joke!

  11. Dettol Handwash

    Imagine Salyut 1 Skylab MIR and ISS all docked together

  12. keith moore

    ah babylon 5 a series that was worth the time to watch and deserved far more seasons than it got!! ever notice that series that are worth a damn never go as long as they should?

  13. Imagine A World

    I just realized the proton was very, very close to being able to do what the space shuttle could do… 🤔

  14. Scott Stewart

    good stuff

  15. Pythos de Gothos

    + one for the B-5 homage. I get how the cargo is transferred into the station from the pressurized sections of these ships, but how is it transferred from the un-pressurized sections?

  16. Shon Shamuratov

    Please make video, process how ISS was built, with details, fails and changes.

  17. Fishy Tree

    It was the dawn of the third age of mankind – ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. The Babylon Project was a dream, given form. Its goal: to prevent another war, by creating a place where humans and aliens can work out their differences peacefully.

  18. abhijeettube1

    Nice video, I have a request, can you please make a video on iss orbit raising? i read somewhere that even space station experience some air drag and comes down, and must be raised higher timely. i always thought how they do that.

  19. Andrew Byrne

    Are you down with the Cygnus?

  20. Lewis Massie

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chinese docking system is fully compatible with the ISS. I mean the schematics are publicly available, and engineers tend to not play politics if they can get away with it.

    Think of a The Martian style supply ship rescue but in LEO

  21. Jun Muta

    @Scott Manley The HTV spacecraft is launched on the H2B rocket, not the H2 rocket

  22. tybofborg

    Man I miss the 90s. It was a more hopeful time. The Shuttle docking with Mir, all the different bits of the ISS being launched… those were the days.

  23. emdxemdx

    What is the vehicle shown last, with the view of the whole station?

  24. Tony Lalangue

    The Manipulator Arm = a Canadarm!

  25. AnotherGlenn

    You had me at hustlers.

  26. Chris Hayes

    I was surprised to hear Russia is launching a new segment when the ISS eol is on the horizon.
    Looked it up and the Nauka module was supposed to launch in 2007! It’s been delayed practically on an annual basis and more recently they ran into issues with aging equipment that hadn’t even been launched!
    Nothing against Russia, they have Nauka we have James Webb. It looks like an exciting addition and can’t wait to see it launch in April.

  27. SwannyMatt

    Say Canadarm dammit! 😛

  28. chromenix540

    Where is my KSP vessel?

  29. Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Space ships are motor homes in space.

    The space station is a yatch is space.

    Change my mind..

  30. Ecto Gaming 20

    You have no idea how much of a happy scream i made when you mentioned Nauka.

  31. ypey1

    We need a first space baby…

  32. ste kra

    How do you think we schud preced wich the ISS Programm?

  33. Nuschel 2001

    Nice intro 😄

  34. Mike Oxlong

    Great video Scott!

  35. Greg W

    “Manipulator Arm”…you mean Canada Arm! ;)

  36. Dick Dover

    I can’t believe you forgot to mention the Pizza Hut logo on the Zvezda’s launch vehicle

  37. Gregg Weber

    China using the same adapter creates some interesting questions and options for the future.

  38. PsychoLucario

    Expandable Activity Module really sounds like a space bouncy-house

  39. MrKKUT1984

    CST-100 starliner got lost on the way 🤣🤣🤣

  40. Elopeous

    Can you do a more indepth review of the soyuz poisk combination?

  41. James Paul

    Thanks for another great video Scott, you never cease to amaze and entertain us. Have you ever researched the Black Knight satellite, and do you think there’s any chance that any of the conspiracy theories could be true?

  42. Kevin White

    i like all your videos, but today’s like was for the mention of Babs 5. :)

  43. Medical Cannabis

    Has it been hit at all in those twenty years?

  44. Matthias

    Hmmm, china doing now it’s own thing like russia has done before….

  45. Alvin Gerardo Gultom

    pls make a vid of how rocket engines r made

  46. Free Saxon

    Comprehensive information as per usual 👏🏻👌🏼👍🏼

  47. David Wishengrad

    Thanks Scott. That was cute.

  48. Mike Richards

    Fascinating stuff! Maybe I’m getting old, but it seems like only yesterday that Zarya was fired into space.

    Scott – if you’re feeling ambitious, any chance of laying out what is going on in the Russian space programme? So many different rockets and manned capsules have been proposed in recent years that it’s hard to tell what is limping ahead, what has been cancelled and what was Siberian vapour.

  49. Dmytro Picky

    some exceptional planing on orion program. facepalm)))

  50. lanescove100

    I saw man lifting hatch over his head like it was heavy .must be spring loaded fire hatch

  51. Steve Pashley

    Hi Scott, a great video, thank you.

  52. 1000dots

    The name of the place is Babylon 5 <3

  53. Benjamin Contreraz

    Nice video, like always! I hope you continue with all of these wonderful videos since many people come here to learn the amazingness of space! You should legit start a space agency! I would work there!

  54. Caonabo Javier

    Very interesting, thank you!

  55. Joel Saldanha

    thank you Scott Manley for this video it made my info bout ISS clear🙏

  56. Frank Agustinus

    Can’t wait to see Starliner and Dreamchaser dock with ISS .. We can have Crew Dragon, Soyuz, Starliner, Progress, Dreamchaser dock at the same time..

  57. pyrogreg07

    That’s a big space station

  58. Kelvin O'Riley

    Has there ever been any issues with the expandable activity module from Bigelow seems as if it’s never had issue that it would be a mass efficient way of expanding the iss pun intended

  59. Aubrey Freeman

    Love seeing all of those early videos of the station where it really does look like a new house with no clutter.

  60. Kiithnaras Ashaa

    I lost it with that intro because I’ve been binging Babylon 5 lately and just literally finished season 4 last night, and subsequently Scott makes that reference from a show over two decades old. : D

  61. Casey Mather

    I remember seeing the HTV next to the station with my telescope. It was beautiful to watch them fly so fast but stay so close. Truly mesmerizing.

  62. Free Saxon

    Ha Babylon 5 underated sci-fi series if you discount series 1 and most of 2 & 5 and look upon the last episode of series 4 as being ‘ the end’

  63. Lewis Johnson

    The Russian side is my favorite. It reminds me of Salyut and Mir.

  64. ckhallock88

    10:23 Ah the McKenzie brothers…. Gets me every time I hear it. Sorry 😎😋👍

  65. Aaron M

    I’d like to hear your thoughts on the history and importance of that “Manipulator Arm” Too this day.

    Love from Canada

  66. Johan Westin

    Those years confused me real bad o.O

  67. InventorZahran

    Since the Cargo Dragon 2 doesn’t have a big enough hatch to carry large payloads, maybe the proposed Dragon XL capsule could be used to transport bulkier items. If that vehicle is designed to serve the Lunar Gateway, it can probably also serve the ISS with minimal modification.

  68. Yattaman

    “Fully digital and amazing” love it 😂😘

  69. Krmpfpks

    This is a wonderful episode. Thank you.

  70. Shlom Ster

    All hail B5! :)

  71. Soren Ingram

    Excluding those pesky Cloaked Aliens. Check the mass telemetry.

  72. Nowhereman10

    Columbia was going to be outfitted with the external airlock for ISS docking after STS-107, but that was the only real modification it really needed, though it would’ve been too heavy regardless to carry up major components and instead was carrying up a Spacehab module and a truss spacer.

  73. Dennis Goldberger Jr

    Nice new intro brother. Keep at it. Love the content!

  74. N ytonial

    Watching at 34 seconds since posted, your easily my favorite youtuber Scott

  75. Bass Mechanic

    Don’t know if you’ve heard yet, but it was announced to us last week and cleared for public, that CST-100 CM#2 is scheduled for 28DEC2020. Everything is coming along smoothly, and if our hard work pays off, she will see the Spacestation. Great video.

  76. Colonel Graff

    The last time I was this early Skylab was still in space

  77. Dale L

    “robot arm” “manipulator arm” … *Canadarm* intensifies

  78. Corey S

    Thank you for the B5 reference. One of my favourite series of all times

  79. RundownPear

    “Columbia went and did its own thing” my face when he said that lol

  80. Berlin Trilogy

    it would be very cool to see Starship go to the ISS

  81. Fragdiemilch211

    Love the effort you put into these videos, scott. Cheers!

  82. Matan izeraman

    Ooh space

  83. Andrew Parker

    Hey Scott Manley, I have recently become very fascinated on the subject of Antimatter propulsion as possible concept for interstellar travel. Since there are no good articles online that easily explain how some of these engines might work, I was wondering if you could do a video on the subject?

  84. zebo-the-fat

    Thumbs up for the B5 reference :)

  85. Inconspicuously_peculiar

    The Starliner got lost along its way, just like its fiscal responsibility.

  86. Kevin Hoover

    This is the episode I didn’t know I needed to see! Thanks.

  87. stx

    0:57 the Coke Can Module.

  88. 5Andysalive

    Tom Stafford in his book writes extensively about the negotiations (which he was part of) around the ISS and the difficulties. And Shuttle/Mir before that. Very interesting and didn’t always go as smoothly as it sounds.

    Also just imagine Skylab docked to the ISS….

  89. Asereht • 10 years ago

    It must have been exciting for everyone to see the beginning of the ISS

  90. DTHRocket

    “Look at the size of that thing!”

  91. Doom Pilot

    Where is the ISS version of “down below”? :D

  92. Jim Fields

    I loved your Babylon 5 Into.

  93. PerfumedManatee

    … our last, best hope for peace …

  94. Thomas Maurice-Williams

    Scott Manley always has a video for something you’ve been wondering about.

  95. InventorZahran

    I read the thumbnail as “enemy spacecraft that’s visited the space station”…

  96. Eoghan McFadden

    “Home away from home

    Holiday house then?

  97. Ryan Japan

    For some reason I read that as “every space station Scott Manley has visited”.

  98. Bjarne S.

    Two objects, motionless sitting next to each other while falling around the earth at many kilometers per second… I love space

  99. germanwtb

    I just love that Russian approach of: How can we deliver cargo if we have no vehicle that can carry and rendezvous it? -> Make the cargo the vehicle.
    I had never heard of the docking module and airlock progress. I did the same thing when faced with that problem in KSP. It just goes to prove, if you come up with some wacky idea, someone at NASA already thought about it, and the Russians already did it.

  100. Luca Mino

    Also, the ATV’s pressurised cargo section was based on the Italian-built Multi-Purpose Logistics Module (MPLM) that flew on the Shuttle as said earlier in the video.
    The European ATV was and i believe still is to this day the most capable vehicle for re-boosting the ISS, since it was able to bring up almost 5 tons of fuel, compared to less than 2 on the Progress.

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