Dragon 2 Spacecraft Docks At Space Station

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In the last 48 Hours we’ve watched SpaceX working with NASA to launch the first of a new generation of Human spaceflight with their Dragon 2 capsule making its way from Earth to the ISS and docking autonomously. This is the first spaceflight of the Obama era Commercial Crew program which seeks to return US human spaceflight capability using private partners rather than purely government run programs.

  1. Pandatrack

    Thanks Scott. I rely on these videos to keep me informed on whats going on in the realm beyond earth.

  2. bonetower

    Was a pleasure seeing this live on stream <3

  3. Nathaniel Lewis

    Will they be able to recover the booster from the inflight abort test or will the process wreck the booster? (All of the sudden being very not aerodynamic at Max-Q).

  4. Elliot Smith

    Can you do a history of the docking adapter? Starting with Agena maybe?

  5. Alpha Adhito

    Funny that the Celestial Buddy site is running out of Earth

  6. Death Valley Dazed

    Thanks for adding explanations and details!

  7. Smokin Warthog

    That HUD man! I had the same thought: someone put that in KSP!

  8. Marc’s Fx

    Happy to say I watched it live as history was made…..👍🏼

  9. David Johnson

    Given the high tech advances now available, with visual aids wherever you need them, it makes the 1969 achievement all the more exceptional.

  10. Esteban

    I can’t imagine the work behind this. Amazing!

  11. Luke Devo

    Control:”You just need to hit the start button”…
    Astronaut:”IM PUSHING IT, but it keeps hitting the abort button next to it, stupid gloves”

  12. stiimuli

    lol space bees XD

  13. AuthenticDarren

    Thanks Scott, great video……………….even though my mind was slightly warped when you tried to phase Aliens and Space Odessey.
    MEMORY AID: Segourney Weaver played Ripley ;) .
    Keep us up to date with space X’s exploits Scott and thanks again.

  14. n

    How effective are solar panels in space compared to Earth? Just curious.

  15. AlohaMilton

    the final approach, in the dark with the thrusters visible, was epic!

  16. William Chamberlain

    Scott – thanks for covering parts of the mission and operations not covered in other videos. Could you do a comparison video of the Dragon vs ESA’s ATV?

  17. Fixa Troll

    With a name like Dragon? Ripley is appropriate enough!

  18. GJCorby2007

    Ripley was the Alien series. Dave was 2001

  19. Warhawk77777

    This is history in the making.. I think Scott would have volunteered to go on that launch.
    Next step is in June when they put the crew inside the capsule.

  20. Michael Mangraviti

    This is amazing, like, my lord, I could cry

  21. Daniel Sarioglu

    Cooper, there´s no time for caution! *Hans Zimmer´s Bwaaaaaa intensifies*

  22. Stesilaus

    The Falcon rocket used in the launch should be nicknamed “Nostromo”.

  23. radarw64

    Thanks so much. I forgot about the docking until your video popped up. I did watch the launch though. I am so happy to see things finally happening!

  24. Mr420Spy

    My fav moment was when the Astronauts entered the capsule and looked around smiling while working. Like when you check out a new car.
    That look alone is worth it.

  25. Pingouyno

    6:24 Part of the Pikmin 1 intro cutscene that got removed pre-release

  26. A Cat

    i stayed up all night to watch the launch. so worth it.

  27. LapTop006

    “NASA’s clearly been inspired by Kerbal” well that’s my astronaut application withdrawn.

  28. slkkalum

    Thanks Scott. !! Been waiting for your update !!!

  29. Güber McSanchez

    Good watch ty. It’s really interesting to see the tried and true old skool looking next to the hyper modern looking tech and watch it work together so nice. If only politicians could do the same.

  30. Matt Kent

    I assume that they want the Dragon 2 to be able to dock on its own in case they are ever returning the the space station after an emergency evacuation and there is nobody left on board. As unlikely as that is it would be a big problem if we didn’t have a way to dock without a human grabbing the capsule with the robotic arm on the ISS. Does that sound right?

  31. William Shreckengost

    Dude! Space Engineers needs this kind of docking.
    Actually, it’s Keen, so I’m sure even this style of docking would result in exciting explosions after a collision at 0.03m/s.

  32. Shawn George

    SPACE-BEES?!?! Wow! I wonder how this is going to affect my honey business?

  33. Vasia Pupkin

    You can call me grandpa, but I don’t think touchscreens belong to criticall control panels.

  34. Critical Mass

    I like this Alien 3 remake better than the original, because they didn’t kill off Newt and Hicks.
    Next stop Sevastapol Station

  35. Benjamin Ringrose

    Scott you mentioned that the Dragon 2 has a refrigerator. Could you elaborate? Is this part of the environmental control system? Or possible so the screws can keep some fresh food on board? I could see spacex doing that haha.

  36. aserta

    Coolants are dangerous AF, to begin with, i would keep that system separate from the inner pod, aluminium passthrough (or any material that moves heat fast from point A to point B.

  37. the undead1

    I was watching afternwork sunday morning central time on their live feed. Soo cool. Nice work with the quick video

  38. Craig L. Young

    Hey Scott, the Port and Starboard nav lights used on the dragon. Can you determine the angle on the bow by comparing there diameters like on a ship?

  39. Michael Edmond

    I watched it,
    But I have to say…. How high tech does the dragon look compared to…
    Well everything else!

  40. favoriteblueshirt

    “You can confirm…” pretty conceited don’t you think Scott Manley Ground Control?

  41. Kim Jakab

    Great work! It’s needed then a private company to achieve something like this.
    What has NASA done since 2011 with more or less 20 BILLIONS in annual budget?
    Tried to reinvent the wheel?

  42. Patchuchan

    Dragon V2’s interior has a Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odysessy look to it.

  43. Vlad Macovei

    Worst case scenario would be abort at max-q or abort immediately after liftoff?

  44. Calin Culianu

    Wow it looks so cool. So clean and sleek. It’s been 50 years or so since Apollo and Soyuz it’s good to know the look of these things has been updated!
    Makes Soyuz look like a relic in comparison..

  45. Adriano Me

    This was pretty cool, you guys did an amazing job

  46. Caleb Fewell

    9:48 “Just standing here in my space capsule playing with my iPad.”
    Eat your heart out Soyuz.

  47. ScreaminMadMurphy

    I’m always for a more gentle docking.

  48. Isaac Alonzo

    Was watching live, I couldn’t sleep until the hatch was opened and the crew got inside. What a massive step towards access to the ISS from the US. Congrats to everybody involved.

  49. Ionian Yasuo

    Tbh, beside the fact that the technology is insane and all of that is created by a private company, the design looks insane :)

  50. Alexagrigorieff

    This kind of docking adapter was first used in Soyuz-Apollo program, and was called androgynous then, because both sides are alike, as opposed to the previously used non-symmetrical scheme (cone/rod).

  51. LePilot

    Can you please make a Video about BFR Launch Abort Systems with Kerbal. There are so many discussions, but none of them find solutions. What do you think: Abort to orbit or to land?

  52. Bill Howard

    As usually, a great job, Scott…

  53. Dallas Barr

    And now I got a urge to listen to some Lalo Schifrin, thanks Scott !

  54. zapfanzapfan

    If there is not a facehugger somewhere in that capsule they missed an opportunity :-)

  55. Chad Thornbro

    I wish KSP had a proper looking dragon module, and better looking shroud for the heat shields

  56. Kevin Shen

    I always have wondered how does the Starliner and Dragon deorbit?

  57. Supple ZombieKitten

    Ripley is a pro. She was very calm the entire flight. I hope she will survive re-entry and abort system test.

  58. F_ 247

    I hope that anyone can edit the hall mission operation with interstiller’s movie theme it will look amazing though 😍👍👌

  59. Friglite 2006

    — Bioreadings are all in the green. Looks like she is alive.
    — There goes our salvage.

  60. ThomasHaberkorn

    Ripley –» Dave Bowman

  61. North Guy

    Such a beautiful Spacecraft

  62. Kaffeebohnson

    If I was an Astronaut on the ISS I would have tested out those seats first thing!

  63. Anvilshock

    6:22 – Aw crap, somebody hit T and stability control went nuts on the RCS thrusters, wasting all that mono!

  64. Don Jones

    Will Crew Dragon routinely be docking in 6 hrs instead of 27? Imagine 27 hr approach was conservative and gave tests time. Plenty of fuel for the Dracos. Also, any reason the SuperDracos couldn’t be used for orbital changes for other potential mission scenarios? (Other than simple ISS trips.)
    Thanks for a great summary with info I’ve not seen elsewhere.

  65. Leanne Lee

    “manipulator arm?!” Surely you meant to say Canadarm. :)

  66. Benito Llan Matos

    Do we know when is the first actually manned Crew Dragon 2 launch going to happen?

  67. William Gallop

    Put “Blue Danube” as backroundmusic…

  68. tremoxo

    Ripley in 2001 space odyssey?!

  69. Rob Highfill

    One thought I had while watching the live stream and other videos showing the interior of the Dragon 2 was how “roomy” it appears compared to the interior of the Soyuz descent module. On the other hand, the Soyuz was designed for only three people (as opposed to the 7 of the crew Dragon) and it also has an “orbital module” that gives the cosmonauts more room to move around.

  70. Zreknarf

    did you say the dragon has a refrigerator? how much do i have to pay for a weekend trip around the moon with a fridge full of beer

  71. Vladimir K

    It is very hi-tech trampoline! Very cool!

  72. Ben Adians

    Spent 6 hours watching the live stream

  73. Rhys Rigley

    Any turbulence of sorts plus touch screens.. Best not hit the back to launch button or vehicle assembly building :)

  74. Jasper Frame

    5:42 **no time for caution plays**

  75. Marcin Bińczyk

    I hope one of them did the disappointed “there goes out salvage, guys” as they were taking those masks off.

  76. Johnny Nimble

    I wish they’d have chosen a Jones or Alien plushie.

  77. Just Thomas

    The launch was pretty great, a bunch of my friends and I camped it out until 2am having a fine old time in a little public room.

  78. Minority of thought

    It’s not just a “Manipulator arm” It’s the Canadarm.

  79. JoeDog McKeel

    When D2 is converted to Cargo Mode will the abort systems remain active?
    If they did they could save the load in the event of a RUD. That would be another first for SpaceX.

  80. jonathan lavezzi

    I know it’s such a small detail but one of the coolest things I find is the new futuristic looking bridge they installed on the tower for astronauts I wish there was more photos of the interior of it . Definitely a lot differentlook then the space shuttle

  81. Erin Eldridge

    The software I worked on for the last three years at NASA, RPOP, shows up behind the Dragon 2 Docking Monitor (video overlay) application on the left at 6:53. That’s what I’ve wanted most in Kerbal Space Program: a relative motion display, to make it more obvious how your position will change relative to a target’s position in orbit. I never got around to putting it into KSP myself though.

  82. Wyatt McNabb

    Of course it was Astronaut Borman asking HAL to “Open the pod bay doors” and not Ripley!

  83. Allan Larsen

    Saw the docking on the youtube feed. 21k people in the chat at the time. Kinda depressing the amount of people screaming ‘fake’ and ‘CGI’ in the chat, during the entire stream.

  84. Nikolai Pohodenko

    It’s funny Dragon still conforms to Navigational Lights standard: green on starboard, red on port and, I guess, white on the stern.

  85. Nathan Smith

    I was half way expecting Elon to be Ripley and surprise everyone. That would have been so awesome and made headlines everywhere!

  86. 태선우TaeSunWoo

    Plot twist, Elon didn’t get a discount on that zero g indicator plushie in the gift shop

  87. radwizard

    Kerbal Space Program graphics are looking really good these days. Almost looks real. Which mod pack is this?

  88. Julian Crooks

    Elon could have had fun with ISS crew. He could have put bloody hole in center of Ripley’s chest. It would have been fun to see look on their faces when hatch opened and they saw it.

  89. Sara Skywalker

    Private companies flying people to space? I’m so excited to be alive today.

  90. Not Mark

    Love how „Zero G Indicator“ is just a fancy name for a soft toy

  91. Simply Space

    I stayed up till 3am here in New Zealand to watch the hatch opening. Will I be awake for my first lecture? That’s a solid maybe.

  92. themidger1

    What a gorgeous display. The stark contrast between the old school “clunky” design of the iss and sleek futuristic dragon 2 couldn’t be more noticeable. Very exciting times ahead for space fans!

  93. Gunner R.A.

    How much floating poo would there be if ‘Ripley’ started moving!!

  94. Aldi

    Are the crew on the ISS going to keep the Zero G indicator?

  95. Russell Gregory

    These are truly exciting times, thanks for the updates Scott!

  96. Richard Purves

    Flown before the Boeing Starliner on half the budget. Hrm.

  97. John C.

    got to wonder if this isn’t the most watched ISS docking in history?

  98. William Swenson

    All this and the orbital mechanics of a plush toy earth.

  99. TotalRookie_LV

    Knock! Knock!
    – OMG! Who’s there!?
    – Someone, who made a docking module according to the standard, and now wants to get into the ISS.

  100. FandersonUfo

    Congrats SpaceX team. Dam sharp lookin’ space craft. Fire breathing Dragon.

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