Deep Space Updates – Starship Boomooboom, MEV Meetup & Astra’s Red Weather Days.

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A roundup of interesting rocket stories, SpaceX’s Starship had another pressure failure resulting in an Explosion followed by an Implosion and another explosion.

Best SN1 Failure footage comes from BocaChicaGal working with – please support them:

LabPadre delivered a livestream showing the filling of the tanks

Starship Debris photographs by John Randolph

  1. tuffduty

    Thanks to you, I stay informed of ALL of the pertinent space news, including your knowledge and friendly insiders, great 👍 job!

  2. HuntingTarg

    Maybe Elon should hold off on using robots to perform surgery on human brains until they can prevent bad welds first.

  3. Patchuchan

    Seems SN1 flew any way just not in the way they intended it to.

  4. Paul Paulson

    Thank you, John Rand 0061!

  5. JCM

    Best quality drawing in Paint ever.

  6. Big Jim

    You do testing in order to find faults. I would say that space x has succeeded in finding a fault :-)

  7. Dan King

    [A part of] Starships first flight is a beautiful thing, it brings a tear to my eye

  8. Funny Itworkedlasttime

    The cynic in me says OmegA will get selected because then SLS won’t require advanced liquid motor boosters after flight 9 (provided it flies 9 times)

  9. Anthony Paull

    Guys, nobody has had this sort of insight into anything of this scale in the past. This is how we build the future

  10. graymalkinmendel

    That cavity looks like an animal (i think a dog) suspended by a rope… XD

  11. L Dewey

    “Us curious rocket nerds”. Perfect! 😃👍

  12. RocKITEman _ 2001

    @Scott Manley >>> _”And this is where we start playing, you know, Marvin Gaye… Lets Get It On.”_

  13. Chris G

    They discontinued making software that allows for testing like that on a computer.

  14. carterpants

    “Let’s get it on”

  15. JoCRaM KSP

    “So I built a third. That burned down, fell over, and then sank into the swamp”

  16. HuntingTarg

    Of course they’re competing; they’re competing against the calendar and nature for prize money. DARPA could still not award them the prize if they fail or miss the (presumed) deadline extension.

  17. Anthony Zenrick

    @7:03 Is that a thrust vectored solid rocket booster? I’m off to do some reading.
    edit: Did some reading. Enjoyed it. I didn’t know that thrust vectored solid rocket boosters were a thing.

  18. fname lname

    Industry, uh, finds a way. Sometimes right up the exhaust port!

  19. Mikicat

    Those MEV photos are very cool, i like this idea so much that i used it in KSP career ;P

  20. GroovyVideo2

    missed seeing spacex RUD by 2 minutes – looked at live stream and tanks were gone smoke on ground – oppps

  21. Silenzer x

    0:14 so it went full kerbal, got it

  22. CLipka2373

    5:21 – “Ultra Boom” ;)

  23. Ken Lord

    I feel like the most accurate way of putting it is that it experienced a rapid, unscheduled, disassembly event.

  24. jnelchef

    Ooh don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be ooh
    I’m asking you baby to get it on with me ooh ooh
    I ain’t gonna worry
    I ain’t gonna push, won’t push you baby
    So c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, baby
    Stop beatin’ ’round the bush, hey
    Let’s get it on
    Let’s get it on
    As for Astra, lesson #1, don’t try and launch a rocket from Alaska in the winter. SMH

  25. Timothy Williams

    We’ll buff it out XD

  26. Phil Maggiacomo

    @6:17 “.. and the MEV *was supposed to* creep up…” ….
    Me: Wait, ‘was supposed to’? Did something happen?

    “So that’s successful capture”
    Oh my, the suspense :)

  27. Loanword Eggcorn

    9:28 Looks like small Starship parts.

  28. Marc Jackson

    This problem has been solved with a technology by Titomic in Australia, a cold spray process. Fastest 3d Printing process just sold a 70kg/hour system to the US, that’s also been used to make the world’s largest 3D printed rocket in Titanium. Titanium is superior material, conventional means makes it very difficult and expensive. No more is this the case.

  29. Drake Tamer

    There’s a lot of welding done on grain silos. I know they also have tons of bolts, but there must be some way of rigging those silos to weld stuff together.

  30. Porkchop Sandwiches

    Where is the flextape when you need it… Oh Elon LMFAO

  31. SavageMessiah

    lol @ ULTRA BOOM in one of the pictures of the aftermath

  32. KD Puvvadi

    ASTRA’s mission control still running XP 🥺

  33. Tetsujin

    6:44 – I’m glad we are on the same page with regard to proper musical accompaniment for this scene.

  34. Nicolas daniel laskosky mota

    I’m starting to be skeptical about starship. Is it just me?

  35. Google Skype

    “O its Scott Manly here”

  36. ChevronQ

    those are some sick MSPaint skills Scott! 😊

  37. Andy Brown

    Wind ruins welds,
    They’d best take the bean burrito’s off the lunch menu then.

  38. Arnold Sherrill

    This is the perfect example of water hammer effect when done on a large scale., it’s like putting a Coca-Cola can with a very minor imperfection in the seal and dropping the pressure

  39. Keef Junior

    Actually, I believe the late, Mad Mike Hughes holds the record for longest water rocket flight.

  40. artcamp7

    “Orange spacers”? Clearly pink my friend

  41. RocKITEman _ 2001

    *_”Crap Occurs. Doo-Doo Transpires.”_*

  42. Jairo

    4:16 the real meme lord.
    “Where’s flextape when you need it!?”

  43. KnightsWithoutATable

    They might also want to look into weld inspection techniques.

  44. SharpsKC

    So like H-Bombs are usually fission-fusion-fission bombs :)

  45. Mi 28

    6:45 my music theme of choice would be Yello – Oh Yeah.

  46. HuntingTarg

    “Everything was going well until it exploded – then imploded – then exploded again.”
    -Scott Manley

  47. Brian Henry

    Interesting the Omega didn’t blow up – I guess they checked their welds! 🤣😂🤣

  48. PaulsMagicVideos

    Bad wind can ruin my welds so I take tablets for it.

  49. Poes Law

    Lift off, it works… I set my achievement bars low…

  50. peuterschmidt

    Does the booster have a gimbal? [7:18]

  51. Mika de Grote

    10:00 Nothing beats old ass Windows version!

  52. Whitefox

    Boom – Explode
    Moob – Implode
    Boom – Explode
    Boomooboom (copyright Scott Manley 2020)

  53. slimj091

    “Crush that tank” That sounds like it needs to be on a shirt.

  54. space dude

    Ngl the starship already looked like a peace of scrap metal

  55. Torey Weaver

    Congratulations on 1 million subscribers! As always, absolutely fantastic information in your videos. Thanks so much.

  56. Brad Chapman

    “… solve the problem or run out of money…” erm; correction; “run out of Yusaku Maezawas money”. Me thinks he’ll not be taking some random chick on a moon run anytime soon.

  57. Circle B Designs

    Right when I heard of the SN1 explosion-implosion-explosion i was looking for your video. Thanks for all your work.

  58. piranha031091

    7:07 : “Anomaly”? Surely you mean “Observation”! ^^

  59. Pasquale Spagnuolo

    “You can’t build a rocket in the field, I told you…” 🤣This make my day.

  60. Huey Iroquois

    I thought that turning the lights off during the event was part of an Illuminati conspiracy to stop people from seeing the failure, but then I realized that there’s a slight etymological incongruence there.

  61. zoperxplex

    Explosion implosion welcome to extreme unction (sung to the tune of “Conjunction Junction” from the show “Schoolhouse Rock”).

  62. terry boyer

    I’ve heard aircraft usually fly like they look and that’s certainly true in this case. It looked like it was gonna fail and blow up.

  63. Rickard Zingmark

    It’s like the Russian philosophy about rocket development -go on until they stop exploding then you have something useful.

  64. Alejandro Medina

    Well…I guess you can’t deny that it flew.

  65. Christiaan Corthals

    a bit cynical at time index 5:21, the “JLG Ultra BOOM” in the picture…

  66. Goku Vegeta

    Tank: *Explodes!*
    Manley: *Exploded, imploded, and then exploded again!*
    Tank: *Oh the shame of it all!*

  67. Stephen Furr

    5:21 The boom lift even says “ULTRA BOOM”…

  68. ThatSlowTypingGuy

    Bishop: That’s it, emergency venting.
    Hicks: How long ’til it blows?

  69. JustSomeCanuck

    “Boomooboom” should be the word of the year for 2020.

  70. Gteck games

    Oh Elon… We’re gonna at least need a gallon of flex seal for this

  71. master shooter64

    4:12 Elon’s asking for flex tape, doesn’t he know the flex paste is out now? Phill will swiftly come in and flex pasted up the sn1

  72. grovermatic

    Can you imagine how frickin’ LOUD that had to be?

  73. nraynaud1

    I guess it’s the opportune moment to bring up the fact that French has 2 words for this family of events: “éclatement” when there is no oxydation nor flame, and “explosion” when there is fire and fury.

  74. Karl Sangree

    “It’s fine, we’ll just buff it out.” Elon Musk

  75. FB0102

    the front fell off

  76. Goldie644

    Perhaps Alaska, in winter, was not the best choice of launch site for Astra… 😢

  77. Don Jones

    I bet the Mythbusters are so damn jealous.

  78. David Kearns

    SN1 was kind of like a Mythbusters water heater, I think those were slightly caved in too.

  79. Chris Mast

    “It exploded, then imploded, then exploded again”… Anything worth doing is worth over doing!

  80. Joe Explores

    Obviously SN1 was sacrificed by Sarah Connor to kill/freeze the T1000. Time travel Duh

  81. Andrew Reynolds

    MEV is a perhaps the more important event. Being able to service satellites in orbit is a Really Big Thing.

  82. Dumbledore Calrissian

    whenever I see this test rockets on their side I always imaging Colin Furze with a chair on top

  83. DDDhoch2

    3:20 “This was the world’s biggest water rocket.”
    Best possible description of SN1

  84. Gary Williams

    Out of all of this I think that the MEV is the coolest thing, An actual image of a Geosync satellite with Earth in the background. Damn!!

  85. Luke Kamrath

    Watching with no audio, turned on Closed Captions at 3:17 “mutants thirds law” got me good.

  86. robert black

    “…….and that one exploded, imploded…..exploded again! Then it burned down, fell over and sank into the swamp! So I built another one! And that is what you are getting. The strongest rocket in all these lands!” – Elon Python

  87. Adrian Barbuio

    Whoever bocachicagal is, her rocket capturing efforts should and are appreciated beyond words…

  88. HPD1171

    6:50 so that’s how those small cubesats are made.

  89. Kasey Boles

    “It’s fine, we’ll just buff it out”, LOL

  90. Information Act

    Accidentally hit a thumbs down because a Mike Bloomberg ad played.

  91. Paul Drake

    That photo really points out just how far from Earth a geosynchronous orbit goes.

  92. isdraken Productions

    That just proved that the starship actually can get off the ground even with rapid dissassembly

  93. Vinay Pai

    You have it all wrong, it was a successful test of a rather powerful cold nitrogen thruster.

  94. KuraIthys

    When you think about it, rocket construction is basically the highest tier of the ‘plumbing’ career path. XD

  95. THX 1138

    Everyone wondered if SN1 would ever fly….It did :)

  96. Martin D A

    Someone dropped their packet of Mentos in the tank…

  97. MarcD

    Flat earther: Turn a satellite round and take a picture of the earth
    Northrop: A satellite taking a picture of another satellite with earth in the background.
    Flat earther: Fake

  98. Hunter Wall

    SN1 was not intended to fly.
    SN1 would not be denied vertical travel.
    SN1 launched its own self upwards.

  99. pentagramprime

    Scott’s picture is taped to the break room fridge at Astra Central with the caption “DO NOT TALK TO THIS MAN.”

  100. Johnny Steen

    “People say it exploded, but to be more correct, it actually exploded, then imploded, then exploded again.”
    I love that we can get this kind of commentary for free in 2020.

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