Deep Space Updates – SpaceX, Hayabusa Shoots an Asteroid, Mars Quakes – April 26th

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A bundle of news and updates on missions I’ve previously talked about with recent events. Information on the Dragon 2 anomaly is still thin on the ground, but NASA & SpaceX are moving forward with the next Dragon 1 launch to the ISS so that’s an indication that they have probably eliminated any likelihood of commonality with Dragon 1.

Hayabusa 2
Mars Insight

Emre Kelly’s story on the landing barge with the map

Exploding dragon images by some sneaky SpaceX employee who’s probably in trouble with his mum for such bad language.

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  28. mandie sayavedra

    Meteor Strike (IC 1995)
    Apophis 2019 pass
    Apophis 2026 Strike

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    _Luckily, Elon has announced that he will be the FIRST passenger aboard the FIRST manned SpaceX Dragon Capsule into orbit, to reassure and refute those who suggest the SpaceX launch vehicles are inherently dangerous and shouldn’t be trusted with manned flights._
    In the co-pilot’s seat will be a sack of HyperStrut(tm) prototypes and a bucket of unicorn’s tears…

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    CRS-7 had nothing to do with the COPV, it had to do with the metallic strut holding it in place. The COPV itself was fine (until AMOS)

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    The talk I witnessed, standing around in the hallway (Water cooler talk) at NASA from the SpaceX guys was that the anomaly with the Dragon Capsule Explosion was probably with Helium (again) not the Fuel. This was last Wednesday afternoon.

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    Anyway..that would be nice to see … XD

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