Deep Space Updates – Hopper Hops, Heavy Tests, Hacking The Aurora & ASAT Debris Tracked

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Another roundup of things that happened over the last week, my first attempt at a video after surgery…. But there’s too much news to ignore and I’ll have to deep dive some of this when I get a chance.
The best AZURE Aurora movie I can find is here:

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    “… this obviously brought it to a whole new level…

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    glad to hear you’re ok after whatever it was.

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    Could you do a full analysis of the starhoppers features please?


    Cool Stuff! 
    Hey Scotty, when you’re back at your work station, could you please beam me back on board?

  7. Gilles Cousineau

    Hi I live in Ottawa (Canada) and I saw a car with an Ontario licence plate “FLYSAFE”. You’re still contagious I see. Love your channel

  8. Elon Musk Fan

    SpaceX *just* tweeted they’re aiming for Wednesday.

  9. tannerdudeman

    I think I saw some of the debris from the Indian satellite de-orbit and burn up above my house. There was a bit of a green flash and then a green fireball streaked across the sky as something burned up.

  10. INERT

    Crush and snort your pain meds. It feels awesome.

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    In hospital: You knew the risks of playing with a Falcon Heavy model model and KY.

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  13. Richard Gilks

    0:18 “I’m high” Make sure you don’t operate any rockets, Scott.

  14. CollectPanda33

    Could any of that debris have de-orbited over Florida? Cause on two separate occasions at two different locations I’ve seen 2 bright green lights in the sky that got dimmer as they descended. Could that have been bits of satellite

  15. rdizzy1

    Imagine if a satellite explosion caused a chain reaction, more debris knocking out more satellites, and more debris, on and on.

  16. Mike Raggett

    Falcon Heavy is basically rocket porn…😝

  17. Penny Lane

    What’s the legal situation there? Would India have to pay if they damaged someone’s satellite or can you just shoot down people’s satellites without repercussions?

  18. Eagles_Eye

    chemtrails! xD

  19. Lil'Yeshua

    Have anything on the meteor that went over the eastern US last week???
    I Actually saw it. Bright green white glow off of it and a green and blue plasma tail trailing it.

  20. David Cote

    The Falcon 9 can’t loft 6,000 kg to GTO while remaining reusable unless something has changed…

  21. Roesti

    i really love the finishing words! :D

  22. stjarna101

    Thank you for these updates, Scott, and get well soon!!!! Stay safe!!!!!!

  23. That's besides the point

    Sure..let’s drop some aluminum and strontium into the atmosphere..what could possibly go wrong ?
    Oh wait..they do that every day now with chemtrails..I mean Geo engineering !
    What could possibly go wrong ?

  24. SuperQBoi

    You missed the Electron sending up the R3D2 DARPA project.

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    Forgot Hayabusa bombing Asteroid.

  29. Pongo Ponginae

    Was Scott hit by Microsat-R debris?

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    Where’s the update on Hayabusa2 ?

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    “well, I was on vacation and then I had to go to the hospital” is it just me, or did this happen last year as well? Maybe you’re allergic to being on vacation, Scott?

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    Thanks for the update, glad your still posting.

  34. Rohan BATY

    I have a question for Scott Manley. If a satellite or space asset is destroyed by debris from this event will India be liable for costs?

  35. Ninilium

    Need to launch Mr. Stevens… put come capture practice on the debris cloud.

  36. Adymn Sani

    Interesting, SecureTeam10 on April 6, 2019 had a video that showed these lights from Norway photographed by unknown Norwegians = in awe…

  37. Doc Huard

    India better have been saving their rupees up because they’re seriously on the hook if any of their crap takes out another bird. How stupid of them. They want to be a member of the space fairing nations and then they pull a stint like that.
    If they do anything else that dumb I hope everyone else shuns them. No more rides, no more payloads and no astronauts to ISS!

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    I really admire your passion and how you push through despite issues that are probably way more painful than you present them to us. And still you’re as brilliant as ever! I’m very grateful for what you do! Just like so many of your fans, I wish you all the best! Thank you and I hope you’ll get well quickly!

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    There are many reasons I envy Scott Manley, but the biggest one is that he seems to be “on vacation” every other month or so. His day job employer must be AWESOME.
    I don’t envy the ill/injured part, though. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Scott.

  48. CrazyKristiana

    source for the close approach warnings? :)

  49. Watcher Zero

    SABRE has had a successful test of its cooling system, cooling a 420C Mach 3.3 air flow provided by an F4 engine to -150C in 1/20th of a second, it was dissipating 1.5MW of heat instantaneously.

  50. Megamoose

    Great video Scott thank you! No ARCA hype just yet though?

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    Meanwhile just noticed I had been automatically unsubbed from your channel, but all good I am now resubbed.

  52. Texas Tater Bug

    Praying you get better fast!

  53. Sean McDonough

    7:45 – Wait, it’s predicting a possible collision with Cosmos 2251? Didn’t that get destroyed a decade ago in another collision?

  54. V 14

    Thanks, Scott. I think pretty soon the world should introduce some kind of a “littering of the orbital space penalty” up to and including Geostationary orbit. Every new piece of debris left in orbit should cost the launch provider and spacecraft owner a pretty penny. The penalty should be based on every single piece of debris times a factor based on estimated number of years it will stay in orbit (growing exponentially with every year or two). That should go towards the international fund of future orbital clean up (whenever we come up with effective ways of doing it).
    Besides, this will encourage launch providers to think about reusability and if not possible, like F9 or Heavy upper stage, or any other upper stages for that matter, to do a final engine burst to slow the stage down in orbit causing it to deorbit sooner.
    Also, there should be some penalties for all future satellites that don’t deorbit after the end of their service life or gone dead sooner. They can put some sort of small engine, maybe a solid motor, that can last for years to do a orbit lowering burn at the end. Yes, it will increase the weight and cost but hey, there are a lot of people whining that there is no demand for rockets like Falcon Heavy…. well, here you go. The way things are now is just not acceptable.

  55. Nikolas

    Im wondering about the legal situation: if one of the debris pieces destroys another satellite, will India pay compensation?

  56. 7177

    get well mate!
    …you’re sounding still more lucid than I on good days btw.

  57. David Clabault

    Is there any recourse if a satellite or, worse yet, the ISS or another manned spacecraft is damaged by ASAT debris?

  58. Videoman2000

    Andenes (The town next to Andøya Space Center) in a interesting place to visit. Excellent view for midnight sun, many wales, lots of bird, typical Northern Norwegian village. There is a NATO base there, too. It’s so small, that you can actually walk from the air port to downtown.
    There is a road passing next to the launch side. And also beaches with white sand and blue sea. Unfortunately the water is not the warmest.

  59. Thomas Higgins

    If the debris from India’s space test causes damage to another’s orbital assets, then India better be prepared to shell out compensation by the millions.

  60. Chris Savage

    OK, I apologise. I said I thought the Boca Chica Starship was just a stunt. Looks like I was very wrong. Happy to be wrong too :)

  61. Adam Wishneusky

    Drugged Scott is smarter than sober Adam. I hope you have a speedy recovery! 🤞

  62. Skyven Razgriz

    Kessler syndrom… i wana hit someone with a book that has this title,
    maybe there is an idian translate one?

  63. Michael K

    But what about the periapsis of the ASAT debris? If it’s still low it should deorbit soon.

  64. kipparimies

    Can’t wait for wednesday and the black hole picture

  65. Manns Woodland Perspective

    Hope Falcon Heavy can be successful tomorrow. Cherry on top bday surprise 😊

  66. Sean McDonough

    8:01 – Did the collision throw any debris directly onto suborbital (or at least lower-atmosphere-intersecting) trajectories?

  67. Egis     D

    I feel sorry for you guys in the U.S. who have to pay so much for basic(or not) medicine.
    Awesome video as usual

  68. Eggert Nielson

    Jesus we are going to ruin our chances of leaving this planet

  69. Guillaume Lemaigre

    i really wonder what kind of idea flew through the head of hte guys who took that decision in india…

  70. Chris Holt

    Thanks for the updates and hope you’re feeling better!

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    Scott, this is a very good series. Keep it up, love being subscribed :)

  72. { MisterDjpookie }

    i still cant believe they shot the damn thing in orbit, what were they thinking ?!

  73. omdev shastri

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  74. LockeRobster

    Partially lucid Scott Manly is still twice as lucid is the average YouTuber

  75. JHNielson4851

    So if someone losses a satellite due to India’s carelessness can they then sue for the full cost of replacing the satellite?

  76. Leon Johansen

    Did your hospital trip happen because India gave you some Kessler Syndromes?

  77. Maeyanie

    Plus side, the peri on that 2231-km bit of debris is only 285 km, so while it’ll be up there for a fair chunk of time, it won’t be nearly as long as, say, Vanguard 1.
    Minus side, that means it crosses the orbit of most satellites (including the ISS) which greatly increases the risk of hitting something.

  78. htomerif

    Countdown to “rocket chemtrail” videos”.

  79. Ryan Duff

    Thanks for the ASAT Debris update. I fear this will become the space horror story of the year…hopefully not.

  80. Jim Dox

    I’d be nice if we could establish safe, international procedures for de-orbiting satellites, before more nations follow in India’s footsteps.

  81. Cole Smith

    Ugh… They just had to blow up a satellite in polar orbit… That’s as messy as it can be…

  82. Harambe's Ghost

    We need some kind of satellite to go up and clean up the sky.

  83. Tyler Jordan

    IMO, satellite owners should be able to sue India if their sats are damaged … I wonder if this sort of thing will affect insurance rates for sats as well? If so, then again sue India.

  84. Chris Woodend

    @Scott Manley Would love to hear your thoughts on the SABRE pre-cooler test in Colorado.

  85. NelC

    Oh, the target satellite was in a polar orbit? Way to go, India! Threaten _every_ possible satellite in LEO with the debris, why don’t you?

  86. Forra Descren

    Is there *any* possible recourse against countries when they’re this irresponsible?
    What about companies suing for damages if their satellite is lost?

  87. ThatSlowTypingGuy

    “of course without any payload attached”
    Yes, you wouldn’t want an expensive satellite destroyed on the ground like that one time.

  88. foxpup

    Call it circumstantial evidence, but if a satellite failure happens while passing through the disk of the Indian debris there’s a pretty good chance, perhaps beyond a reasonable doubt, that a collision happened and India would be liable even if the piece of debris was not among those that were recognized.

  89. sundhaug92

    Re the Aurora: That’s the same launch-site and rocket-family used during the “Norwegian rocket incident”, aka the “Black Brant scare”, aka “That time Norway almost started WW3”

  90. Food For Thought

    It’s difficult to fly safely when your velocity is 3 km/s.

  91. Ralph111417

    40 years later and still giving Kessler every opportunity to be proven right.

  92. The Exoplanets Channel

    Can’t wait for the second launch of the falcon heavy !!!

  93. BS Simon

    The payload may not need a FHeavy but SpaceX needs the launch to help FH qualify for DoD and other launches.

  94. JP Stone

    Hope nothing to serious with the health. Be well Scott wishing you wellness.

  95. Gribbo9999

    If the Indian satellite debris does destroy another satellite then I can see some very complex litigation taking place for compensation. And of course the debris from any consequent collisions will have its own implications. What a bloody stupid thing to do!
    Scott – Hope you are 100% very quickly.

  96. gznobgoblin

    Countries should be sanctioned for purposely creating space debris, the potential damage is insane

  97. Thomas Wright

    There needs to be a ‘Geneva Conference’ on ASAT use, i.e. capture only, or if you blow it up you must do so in a way that guarantees the shrapnel will fall to earth within specified time limit.

  98. Jerry Rupprecht

    Scott had to go to the hospital? We warned you about breathing in too many rocket fumes!

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    What happened to you? Didn’t you fly safe?

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    I have to say this drugged out Matt Sconeley is surprisingly lucid.

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