Deep Space Update: Vega & Starship Failures, Operation Stellar Lancer and Baby Yoda on the ISS

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A Quick news round up covering a lot of important events in the last few days. The European Vega rocket suffered a second failure in 3 launches, we found out why Starship prototype SN8 had a bad engine test which resulted in a threat to the vehicle. The US Navy demonstrated the ability to shoot down an ICBM with a midcourse interceptor and 4 astronauts flew to the ISS on the newly certified Dragon spacecraft.

  1. Lewis Parrott

    Other space YouTubers, green screen, fancy backgrounds, Merc,
    Scott – dressing gown

  2. gaiskerein

    I should also include Rocket Lab. They had a successful launch just a while ago.

  3. ConfusedNyan

    Speaking of things deep space, apparently, due to the damage it had suffered, Aricebo is being demolished. :(

  4. Tray Terra

    4:40 this makes me want to learn about the future of launch/landing pads.

  5. Paul Herriot

    10:12 mins – subliminal messaging hahahaha

  6. William Bedard

    @4:15 – I think the phrase “lost the vehicle” has a historical interpretation that might not be the best fit here.

  7. fritz walter

    Imagine the Ariane carrying JWST goes down the same way as the vega. That would be so tragic. If the launch fails, it should be with a huuuge Firewall. That would be a very expensive firework

  8. Andrew Gates

    Important Qualification : had me dying XD XD XD XD

  9. JR

    Nauka will always be ready “next year” What make you think they will succeed this time?

  10. BabyMakR

    If the computer had been “smarter” would it have been able to say “Oh If I steer this way I’m actually going this way so how about I try this” and save the vehicle?

  11. Evan Nibbe

    Yeah, I also didn’t like the commentators that much on the launch.

  12. bella dexon

    I don’t know if you read any of your comments, but Smarter Every Day had a 3D audio recording of the falcon heavy launch. With some speakers or headphones, it’s pretty impressive.

  13. Whole Nuts And Donuts

    I loved the audio too—as a sound guy it blew me away! If they provide that uncovered please let us know. It was amazing!

  14. Aubrey Freeman

    looking forward to seeing rocket lab test reusability today.

  15. 1000dots

    I love the Lo-Fi sound, reminds me of old Mountain Goats stuff

  16. Michael Mosseri

    “I like rockets”
    Scott 2020

  17. Al T

    “bUt wHaT aBoUt aRcA?”

  18. drewh0208

    11:00 I, I like rockets… like, I-I-I don’t know what else to say… ❤️🤤

  19. Andrii Povkh

    Here I am, at 1 o’clock in the morning, flying safe.

  20. Stan Burton

    Smart designers design wiring harnesses (and accelerometers, I’m looking at the Russians) that cannot be assembled incorrectly, not even with the use of hammers.

  21. Galastel

    Are there any plans to attach more sleeping facilities to the station? At the moment, the ISS sleeps 6, and one person sleeps on the Crew Dragon. The scheduling for use of the fitness equipment is getting very tight too.

  22. Felipe Fontana

    I wonder how the SIDRAs are going to handle the extra load of the seventh occupant…

  23. Sylvain Prigent

    Love your videos as usual
    When loading ksp today, one of the little humorous quotes they give you on the loading screen was “Flying safe”
    I’m sure you noticed the little homage to your channel’s moto

  24. Peter Den

    14:57 best “I’m Scott Manley, fly safe!” yet

  25. Liam R

    Scott Manley going to sleep at night with his Rocket ASMR…

  26. Steven Banks

    “When you get a system that compensates for a turn one way by turning the other way” – that is the way it is supposed to work.
    As for commentators: a separate channel I would always mute? Not going to happen.

  27. Hugh Dalrymple

    you heard it here first folks, Scott Manley like Rockets

  28. Alpha Gametauri

    An idea for a video Scott.

    In Space News: Arecibo Observatory is set to be permanently decommissioned due to risk of major collapse.

  29. Austin Harsh

    5:30 It’s neat to work on a mission that Scott Manley covered! ~~Hello from Kwajalein!

  30. Andrii Makukha

    11:43 – I love how Kate Rubins’ hair looks in zero G.


    “I like rockets” – Scott Manley :) That needs to be a t-shirt.

  32. Skamperlin

    In fact there are already two Aegis Ashore Sites for SM-3 Missiles in Europe.

  33. SANKU

    “I like Rockets” – Scott Manley

  34. Levin Maaß

    An unrelated Off-topic question: What beautiful shirt you got there Scott? I need a sauce, want to have that thing!

  35. 1000dots

    “…from the USA” Close one, almost lost all your international subscribers ;)
    I love Soyuz’s, they remind me of Starbug

  36. Maximiliano Montero

    So 7 people in the ISS doing maintenance tasks, are they playing with just 1 impostor?

  37. CaptainDuckman

    “it had a perfect record up until its first failure”.
    That’s usually the case :)

  38. Slumpdog

    Imagine the missile wasn’t intercepted and it striked California

  39. Rodrigo Leitao

    The pad is coated in Marmite? I thought Elon was from SA, not Australia.

  40. GimbleOnDew

    Scott “Perfect record until it’s first failure”
    Me “That’s how it works”

  41. imbetterthanyouis

    mission control : thrust parameters ,,,,, nominal

    me : when did avenue 5 come on the youtubes ?

  42. Conor Harris

    “I guess this is some sort of cool thing” – Scott Manley

  43. Thepher

    7:49 “because, first of all..”
    I thought for sure Scott was going to say “North Korea”

  44. LRX

    67% of people in space were called Sergei! 🤣 I also hope that the 9 people that came up on Soyuz came up on three different ships 😳

    I think you mean Nauka was originally a backup for ZARYA.

  45. Christopher Parkinson

    Hi Scott, I was the PM for the SEOSAT panchromatic sensors, devastated to not see SEOSAT make it to orbit. Many years in production and many more waiting for the launch. Thanks for covering on your channel.

  46. Zoomer30

    And now, FINALLY, Leo McGarry can go tell President Bartlett “It works!”

  47. Meat Fractals

    “Hullo” and “Fly Safe”… I needed these in my life today. Thanks Scott!!💜

  48. Jonathan Endersby

    How do they “get rid of” a module? Could be an interesting video.

  49. Ross Warren

    Ukrainian supplied liquid fueled 4th stage engines…but all integrated by Arianespace…

  50. D. Jensen

    Yes, the spectacular audio and the puffs of vapor certainly did seem like a dragon getting ready to fly.

  51. William Hutton

    Hello Scott! Thanks for another great vid.

  52. Jacob Moriarty

    “It had a perfect record until it’s first failure” said I about every KSP rocket I’ve built.

  53. George Betrian

    I’m from Spain and I want to say thank you to the people who connect in the wrong way the cables. The spanish satellite was intented to serve to the Land Office department of the tax administration among other functions so, sincerely, thank you very much for not make it possible.

  54. Dan Brown

    Anyone else get a big laugh out of the “exit” safety sticker on the airlock door? That’s the first time I’d noticed that!

  55. Bob The Builder

    “Vega had a perfect record up until it’s first failure.” Well…yeah…that’s kinda how it works Scott ;)

  56. SpazzyMcGee1337

    “I like rockets.” – Scott Manley

  57. Cameron Whitaker

    I feel that your next video should be about the imminent decommissioning of the legendary Arecibo radio telescope after being damaged by some cable snaps.

    It really makes me sad. The amount we learned from Arecibo is absolutely incredible, and it still has so much science to offer that it’s huge shame to see it go. We could learn so much more if it could only be repaired!

  58. LockeRobster

    Scott, when are you going start an Rocket ASMR channel? Totally not sexual.

  59. Maxjoker98

    SEOsat: They finally fixed the keywords and descriptions for their satellite, so Scott Manley could find them using a search engine.

  60. misterfjf

    “I wanted to hear the sound because…. well, I really like rockets.”

    You don’t say? I had a feeling that might’ve been the case.

  61. Raghav Srivastava

    Scott are you aware of Chandrayaan3 in March…Love from India

  62. AKing1

    Modern version of Proton’s upsidown sensor

  63. Mik H

    “It had a perfect record, until its first failure” Wow, thats pretty good, right?

  64. rydplrs

    I’m with you, I want a couple minutes of just sound, video and telemetry at liftoff. A warning of max q and meco would be enough.

  65. bremms1

    “I like rockets.. I don’t know what to say..”

  66. Bobby Goetz

    Can we start a GoFundMe to send Scott Manley to space?!?!?!

  67. Jxson

    “To the Early Squad That’s Reading This”

    99.9% wont see this but stay safe and positive 😁 :)

  68. Maeyanie

    “It had a perfect record up until its first failure.”
    That’s how it usually works, yes…

  69. TJ Last name

    I don’t know if you read any of your comments, but Smarter Every Day had a 3D audio recording of the falcon heavy launch. With some speakers or headphones, it’s pretty impressive.

  70. logicOnAbstractions

    ” The Vega rocket […] had a perfect record up until its first failure. ”

    I believe this would be the case for all rockets, but we get your point ;)

  71. Syrot Koxevans

    The Vega AVUM stage that failed is built by Airbus and its engine in the Ukraine. It’s not necessarily a fault in the assembly phase as the french are so eager to blame.
    When Ariane 5 failed on its first launch, big accusations on the Avio boosters and then it turned out it was a french software screw up.

  72. superdupergrover

    “Because, I, I like rockets”
    Scott Manley, 2020.

  73. Jonathan Chester

    haha good one – “the rocket thrust was impinging on the pad” – I might have used the phrase “blasted the holy living h*ll out of it!”

  74. Daniel Kim

    “It had a perfect record until its first issue”

    Yes, that’s how it works.

  75. 1dedrer

    11:06 “I like rockets”
    Yeah sure Scott but “I like TURTLES 🐢”

  76. The NotFlat Earth

    I remember watching some video years ago saying by now we would’ve launched them Proxima Centauri laser sail probes
    Instead we have this
    Who else but 2020

  77. Jordan Macdonald

    11:05 “I like rockets” — Scott Manley

  78. Gregory Karenko

    It looks like Darth Vader is restoring balance to the force by taking out Kerbals.

  79. Tartiflette

    The moment you realize that the only strangers that can safely congregate without masks and hug each-other are on the ISS.

    (Also, damned, I’ll soon need an extra module for my Lego ISS)

  80. Chris Bishop

    we saw the ISS pass over but mostly blocked by this magnolia tree. my wife saw the trailing dragon but i missed it :-(… unrelated matter… i’m having a magnolia tree cut down

  81. Das Daleberger

    Questions for Scott: How much hair are they going to be pulling out of the filters up there? lol

  82. Tubluer

    “It had a perfect record up until its’ first failure.” Hmm. Logical, Captain.

  83. Ola Leier

    “A perfect record up until its first failure…” Me too man, me too.

  84. Si Walder

    “From the USA” made me jump so much.

  85. Ahmed _

    Is no one going to talk about how perfect that transition was after he snapped his fingers 😂

  86. Rusty Broken

    This dude is hard core. He has a thermal detonator that he uses for a microphone.

  87. Ecto Gaming 20

    PIRS coming down eventually is the happiest news out of all of this for me. finally, Nauka is launching.

  88. stcredzero

    Canada, AKA a vast territory for US ABM sites. Also, we now have the capability to have enough personnel on the ISS to play “Among Us” in real life! (Among Us live action would actually make a great future reality TV show. You could let the “spaced” people wear their suits, of course.)

  89. Mako-kun

    2:09 IMU failures and backwards sensors…. Memories of that one particular Proton rocket failure….

  90. daweim0

    “It had a perfect record up until it’s first failure” – Scott MANley Y2K20

  91. Loony700

    That green toy is ridiculous. They should be celebrating Captain Picard Day.

  92. Alexander Kenway

    Dread it. Run from it. The Red Dressing Gown of Doom still arrives.

  93. TheSunExpress

    “IMPORTANT QUALIFICATION ADDED IN POST” this needs to go on a t-shirt in NASA worm logo font.

  94. UncleManuel

    In short: explosions, rockets and baby Yoda…😄

  95. turarwanaa

    When you mentioned the proportion of people in space named Sergei, I easily imagined a XKCD graph picturing it.

  96. Moritz Heintze

    Another sad story: the demise of Arrecibo observatory. What is your opinion?

  97. The Exoplanets Channel

    The *Arecibo Observatory* will always be in our hearts.

  98. Ryan Kinsler

    “James Web telescope is still safe for now”
    You can’t lose your expensive space telescope during a launch, if you don’t launch it.

  99. Ben Wilson

    “I like Rockets” – Scott Manley

  100. milp

    I’m Safe Scott, fly manly.

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