Deep Space Update Surprises! Vega fails, Gerst Out, Hayabusa Sample & More

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On the last leg of my trip we have a huge number of updates from space – a surprise launch of a Soyuz 2.1v, a surprising failure of a Vega rocket a surprising staff change at NASA and much more. Virgin Galactic becomes publicly traded, virgin orbit test drops a rocket and Hayabusa grabs another asteroid sample.

  1. Pete the Norwegian

    The dog snoring outro was a welcome addition to this quality production video!

  2. William Brillinger

    Love the opener, you should keep that!! Fly Safe!

  3. Bob Reads

    lol…. immediately liked just for the intro

  4. Atila Elari

    We need an outro of Rocky purring Scott’s melody.
    I mean, his daughter did it with uculele. Now let the dog do it.

  5. Andrew Morris

    That intro may have been the best cinematic thing I have ever seen…

  6. Hagroo

    Scottish Scott always have space news for us
    even tho our world did not noticed (care)
    even he is Holliday ing
    Thank You
    I didn’t know what is You do with Your time on off. . .
    Did You ever got tired ???

  7. Ultimate Steve

    And now, Raptor is being installed on Starhopper!

  8. Luca

    If all launchers put background music during LEOP, we would appreciate and it will surely avoid gaffes.…always the same embarrassing story for any failed launch.

  9. Anders Lolle

    Great intro 😂 – hope the loss of your things dosn’t put you back too far.

  10. divegabe

    Why do I suspect that you’ve been a DJ before?

  11. Roger C

    Plesetsk has 4 more launches planned of the Soyuz-light

  12. Frank Alvarado

    I just watched the video about the Soyuz before this one so the Soyuz 2.1 being the first subject was really funny to me! You should use that intro for when ever your traveling.

  13. Adam Johnson

    I love watching your videos daily as I watch at work before I head to my flight lessons daily. thank you for all the fly safes throught the years and for more to come.

  14. Nunya _

    I like the changing venues but not the shaky-cam. It’s nausea inducing on a 70 inch screen. Otherwise, thanks for the updates. Great Channel!

  15. douro20

    Moving to the US?
    Your pronunciation of Gerstenmaier wasn’t too bad.

  16. Niels Steen

    The vega rocket accelerate’s really quickly

  17. Cruz Smith

    I dont care where you make your videos, just as long as you make them. ❤

  18. Lemisset

    I had to pause the video 5 seconds in to giggle like a midleschool boy and give a thumbs up. Nice work!

  19. JK

    Think your intro should go “mee mee mee” and not sound like beatboxing

  20. Lukas Schreyer

    It’s really a special day when Scott does a dog reveal <3

  21. TheDjOfChoice

    You used that beatboxing again just to wind me up, welcome home

  22. B A

    Virgin Orbit/Nuclear Cruise Missiles
    🚀 ✈️

  23. Field Admiral Spartan Ryse B-87

    Holy sh**! Best intro EVER!! Lmao. I love it

  24. Endre Mathistad

    the new intro is fire, never change it plz!!1!

  25. Renard Foxington

    10/10 intro, love it. Awesome video Scott c:

  26. Carlo Clores

    When I saw that intro in twitter, I thought you were kidding. 🤣

  27. Gaalidas

    Low tech intro followed by snoring dog. Genius!

  28. Christopher Thornburgh

    Love your updates Scott, Thanks for all you do!!!!!

  29. Corrupt video and more欣然

    SM INTRO REVERT TO ORIGNIAL old intro but with midi

  30. Corrupt video and more欣然

    SM INTRO REVERT TO ORIGNIAL old intro but with midi

  31. ThomasGrillo

    Thanks for the update. Hope your flight is, or has gone well. Loved the final clip, too. ;)

  32. Dark Guardian

    Air launch could double as a guide missile launcher by the CIA…🤔

  33. Nowin

    1. Rocky is adorable
    2. Keep the new intro.

  34. iVapeAus GTAV

    That intro is 💯🔥
    Love your work 👊

  35. joyange1

    I just saw you on the latest AGC video by CuriousMarc. You plan on doing a story on there AGC restoration project?

  36. Robert Miller

    Greetings from California: wow, your yard-sorry, garden-is green.

  37. scot woodz

    Has anyone mentioned those 2 lights on the left-hand side at two minutes and 11 seconds… Probably just a reflection,
    but I haven’t seen anybody else mention them, so I have to.… LOL :-)

  38. Motzer Alles Mist

    Great show but the new intro has Microphone issues. I prefer real Synthesizer and Midisequenzer !
    Greetings to Hyabusa2 ! We are watching you and we love you !

  39. thomas m. tordel jr.

    maybe gerstenmaier doesnt have the required level of BS for the current admin?

  40. Roy Heffner

    Nice, informative video. I am now a new subscriber. thanks

  41. Justin Stevens

    That intro literally made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂 good job sir

  42. Doug Davey

    Is that a Star Wars stormtrooper helmet on the garden table behind you? I though Scotland was in a different empire.
    BTW, I love the new ukulele outro.

  43. Geist View

    Don’t forget about “one more orbit”. Set the record for fastest circumnavigation of the globe via the poles.

  44. Kevin Street

    Thank you for these regular updates! They’re really informative and interesting.

  45. Canuck Loyalist

    A hard point on a 747…love it!

  46. Marvin Letsche


  47. gevmage

    The unexpected intro was EPIC and HILARIOUS. That’s awesome!
    Thanks for the news! Fly safely coming home!

  48. Scott Sloop

    Rocky was definitely my favorite part 😂 ❤️

  49. Very Obvious m8

    I love the intro and the new “shoot outside” vids. Please keep this setup, mister Manley 😊

  50. Andrew Jonkers

    So if Bill underpromises and overdelivers means they actually want someone to overpromise and underdeliver?

  51. J Hill

    Scott, you need an intro theme that resembles the Jame Bond theme. I watch your, in a small part, just to hear you say “Hello, it’s Scott Manley here”. Enjoyed the vid.

  52. Winter Koning

    Arianespace took that footage offline. Any full lenght backup anywhere ?

  53. Bernardo Machado

    You’ll have to keep the new intro, it’s so much edgier!

  54. Can Do

    Yes, fly (flew?) safe! Thanks for the update. edit: updateS

  55. David Persson

    Are you aware that when you boot up Kerbal one of the random messages above the progress bar is now “Fly Safe…”
    I have never seen that one before.

  56. Orxenhorf

    You’ve been holding out on us… saw you in CuriousMarc’s AGC restoration video.

  57. falafel dürüm

    You should send Rocky on a trip with Virgin Galactic.

  58. Michael Eisenhut

    You’ve got a nice shine going on up top! You must feel very aerodynamic!

  59. Carl Wessels

    Can’t stop laughing! Thanks

  60. Frank G. Finster

    I was shocked, reading Gerst out, and i am actually glad, that this was not about Alexander Gerst… Thank you for the video. Fun to watch and full of info.

  61. norm1124

    Scott, you still need some more sleep….
    And thanks for all the news!

  62. SüdAntares Cosmonautics

    4:41 ISS, Mün, SLS….
    In this decade we will go to the Mün. Not because it’s easy, but because we love KSP too much.

  63. nobodynemoq

    Scott, did you sign a contract with ElectroBOOM for the intro? :)
    Great video! When I’m thinking of most recent space news, I can be sure there will be your video on topic.
    The best space channel on youtube! THANKS!

  64. Sean McDonough

    2:51 – Reminds me of Soyuz MS-10.

  65. Harmon Wood

    Having covered shuttle missions since 1982, I’ve interviewed and had many conversations with Gerst over the years. The last time I saw him was a brief visit in the gift shop in the admin building at Kennedy and he looked tired. Perhaps, after many years of shouldering one hellaciously gigantic burden, it may just be time to slow down. He did a remarkable job and the injury/death-free assembly and success of the ISS is very much a tribute to Bill Gerstenmaier.

  66. 5Andysalive

    Good old Apollo days whre the launch comentators and indeed the mission commentator were sitting in Launch and Mission Control. They could actually see and hear what was going on.
    On a sidenote: Hayabusa gets way too little attention.

  67. Paul Putter

    Scott i didn’t know you have the same x-wing I have top of my PC. A fun shock.
    Fly safe!

  68. Rolf W

    Great update! The NASA reshuffle sounds a bit ominous for the Lunar Gateway.
    Yes, do fly yourself safely back :-)

  69. Cronch

    The new into you have is the best one I’ve seen on YouTube

  70. GCM

    Hayabusa2 has been an outstanding mission and I feel it is very underrated

  71. Anarchy Antz

    See this is a truly dedicated You tuber. Never gives up, never surrenders. Being a dog person myself we need more Rocky outro’s!

  72. Jack Le

    I think you should keep the intro even when you get your gears back. It’s so creative and it makes me happy every time I see it.

  73. Aaron Payne

    Million dollar intro right there. Great video, and I guess you can’t learn without failing. Also, at my job lately, more and more kids are talking about rocket’s and space travel. So we’re going to build a few model rocket’s. You and channels like this are keeping the conversations alive, can’t thank you enough.

  74. Andy P

    Please keep the new intro and outro!!!!!
    Best into on YouTube!

  75. Günter Kleinschuster

    Buh, at first by Gerst you mean Alexander Gerst out :)

  76. Mightylink

    I like how one company spent half a billion dollars researching and manufacturing the stratolaunch system just for another company to use a 747 lol

  77. Frank Brants

    Back to Scotland to get the accent refilled? Great videos, thanks for the update!!

  78. KaiserRedGamer

    ESA: The Vega is 100% successful!
    Scott Manley: The FalconEye didn’t have a successful lau-
    *curb your enthusiasm theme plays*

  79. Chris From SouthAus

    My Wife and I went to watch Hayabusa 1’s reentry, at Woomera. We can’t wait to go see Hayabusa 2, in December next year!

  80. Alex Rex

    “Gerst is out” .. at first i thought you mean: “Alex Gerst (ESA) is out” :D

  81. Steve Weidig

    Vega-C will replace the second stage, so the one that failed will probably not fly very often anymore
    But yeah, it’s sad to see it’s first failure after 15 Flights

  82. James Lister

    Very informative. Keep up the great work Scott!

  83. thanksfernuthin

    Rockets shouldn’t use “Strap Ons”. It doesn’t sound good. It sounds like somebody’s gonna git it!

  84. brassysounds

    Thought first you’re talking about Alexander Gerst who is a german ESA astronaut….

  85. Alpha Adhito

    7:22 Sir Richard Branson with Scott voice is just weird

  86. tezer2d

    I guess ESA commentators for Vega launches get the same training that NASA commentators for Soyuz launches get

  87. Ewan Murray

    Woop, just down the road from me! Welcome back :D

  88. Isaac Plays Bass

    I love the new intro/outro. It is symbolic of triumph over adversity. Fly safe.

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  90. Michael Sandyhill

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  91. Random Guy

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  92. jocax188723

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    Like, for Scott abroad videos. They’re delightfully funny and should be kept in somehow

  93. pyro4002

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  94. TheFLOW1978

    With Arianespace it is a bit like with North Korea. The commentator keeps cheering, while you can clearly see the shocked faces of the engineers.

  95. Mike kirock

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  96. Trap Astronaut

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  97. Emil K.

    I love how you still keep staying positive even when your laptop was stolen :) great work, and nice intro, made me smile.

  98. T Hoog

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  99. Matt Minion

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