Deep Space Update – Starlink, Starship, Starliner, Artemis and More

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Another week or so of updates on things, Covering SpaceX’s First Starlink launch, Starship construction, Starliner’s progress towards launch, NASA’s Artemis Program, China’s failed launch and India’s declaration about trying not to hit things in orbit.

Marcon Longbroek’s Posts about observing the train of Starlink satellites.

Starship Florida construction footage by US Launch Report


    Chinese state media has confirmed the LM-4C failure. This is the first failure of a LM vehicle since 2017 with the LM-5 failure.

  2. Asher Arya

    Love the video keep it up mate1

  3. Who said that ?

    Nope it’s aliens, they abducted me and took me to the mother ship , proved the earth was flat and the moon landing was faked . Elon musk is really skynet … and so on so forth ! Lol great video Scott ty for these uploads

  4. Conall

    I think that NASA will get to the Moon with the Artemis Program. Think about it, the only time the US have been able to get humans to the Moon was when they wanted to beat the Soviet Union to it. Now that China is trying to get to the moon, I think that NASA will get a mysterious increase in funding.

  5. nubnubbud

    hey, I do that whole rotaty mothership thing in ksp!

  6. POVHFR Videos

    Things are finally getting exciting, after a LOOOONG wait!

  7. Joshua Banner

    I note that the plan doesn’t cover any international module contributions to the gateway, which was part of the plan previously. Any word on that?

  8. Mike Chen

    that Yaogan launch was failure, there was official announcement days ago saying there was failure on the third stage.

  9. Matthew Kuhns

    You missed Masten talking about Artemis!

  10. Saengravee Papan

    I love how you pronounced Laos as La-os.

  11. Arden Elenduil

    I love these space updates. That said, Scott, would you be willing to do a video (or series) about the most mind-boggelingly absurd phenomena in space? Or the scariest things that one could encounter (besides filthy xenos).

  12. cosi321

    Can you make a video about combustion instabilities? And why the RD-180 therefore had two combustion chambers?

  13. Marine Trisinscius

    Thanks for the content!

  14. Henrik Wallin

    “Boeing has no tested the…” – I kan haz cheezeburger?
    Aha! “Boeing has NOW tested the”

  15. J Bee

    I saw the live stream of ISRO and I’m pretty sure they made such a fuss about waiting for orbit clearence because of their test on march 27th 2019

  16. antsolja

    i love these deep space updates, hope you never stop this scott!

  17. quantumac

    All parts flying off this spacecraft are of the finest quality and manufacture…

  18. TotalRookie_LV

    This is what you call a payLOAD!
    I saw that GIF of this beautiful “line of pearls”, got all excited, looked up, when they will be visible from my place, but…. clouds all over the sky. 8(

  19. Paul Koehn

    Another informative video Mr. Manley, thanks.

  20. Francois Leveille

    Interesting and somewhat amusing comment about China just dropping their expended rocket stages on other countries then paying. Shows how much concern they have for other people’s safety…

  21. The NotFlat Earth

    Scott now has hair coming out of the sides of his head
    I feel old now

  22. Cosmonaut Billy

    On your way to the million subs I see, deserved, well deserved

  23. kasuha

    Referring to the thumbnail, did you notice an anagram to Artemis is Starmie?

  24. Aaron Scott

    I am suspicious that the Dragon mishap was the deliberate act of a competitor.

  25. Barny Acheson

    loved the video, and really loved the Joe Bonamassa advid too!

  26. 74360CUDA

    Wouldn’t a Moon orbiting manned station be subject to harmful radiation outside of the safety of the Earth’s magnetic field?

  27. alex bez

    7 to 6. Lol
    A sign the designers understand how to apeel to the crowd.

  28. esrA eloH

    I really wish they would record on board footage so we could all have every entry & landing

  29. Khaled Almunla

    This was a good video, you should make a regular space news show.

  30. Alain Martel

    Nice coincidence : I was thinking of doing something similar in Kerbal Space Program, only on a much smaller scale : Only 12 or 16 satellites.

  31. Leahpar Suidualc

    “We are talking Elon-time” …

  32. WeiYi Yang

    It is officially confirmed by Xinhua News Agency that Yaogan 33 launch failed. Rumors says it was because the third stage engine failed to start.

  33. aGhOsToFtHeFoRmEr

    >deep Spess

  34. Kevin Street

    NASA’s Artemis plan is very exciting! But, well, I’ve been excited by Artemis plans before that never happened, so it’s difficult to believe they’ll get everything done on schedule.
    Hopefully they will! But when real life meets human plans, real life always wins and things get delayed and changed. If they keep getting the funding they’ll make it back to the Moon, but probably not as soon as 2024. The real question is if Congress will keep funding Artemis when the goals start to stretch out forwards in time.

  35. AnimeSunglasses

    “Fly safe.” “…CHINA.”

  36. The Great Steve

    Elon always meets his deadlines, it’s just that he’s already switched to Martian time. :-)

  37. Brian Breheny

    Krypton? Are we making a shield against Kryriptonian invasion?

  38. Der Neokosmopolit

    Thank you very much! I really appreciate the work that you put into these videos!

  39. RyllenKriel

    Elon is making engineering changes in his rockets based on the last season of Game of Thrones? I sure hope they don’t crash and burn…

  40. frbe0101

    I predict the vaccum engines will have toggle-able engine nozzels to switch from vacuum mode to landing mode.

  41. enøziye two

    I hope the CLV will be something like the Falcon heavy

  42. Daniel Miller

    Hey Scott I’m very interested in the mechanics of in orbit refueling. My interest was sparked when thinking about the gateway project. Could you explain how to transfer pressurized propellant in zero G. Thank you, fly safe

  43. Doug Jessee

    I would love to see the Delta-V by Daniel Suarez designs in Kerbal!
    Ever thought of doing a video with Everyday Astronaut?

  44. Дмитрий Голик

    Starlink, Starship, Starliner, Startemis

  45. Joe King

    I appreciate all of the great information. Thanks for all of your hard work on these videos.

  46. WD90AZ09

    “and yeah, space stuff continues” <3

  47. jack allread

    I enjoy your Deap Space Updates Scott, thanks!

  48. TheJimtanker

    SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Bigelow Aerospace should team up and make their own base. F government oversight.

  49. sophrapsune

    A second moon programme, entirely funded by issuing more US government debt.

  50. Leahpar Suidualc

    “Predecisional – For NASA Internal Use Only.”

  51. Rob Smith

    Great update on all things space. So much happening its hard to stay on top of it all. You do a great job keeping us current.

  52. Paula J. Bean

    Vindaloo Magic will prevent Indian satellite from hitting other satellites.

  53. Anvilshock

    “10 times cheaper” – DOES NOT COMPUTE

  54. Harold Weaver Smith

    Huh, fancy that. I spent quite a bit of time designing ‘FlatSats’ in KSP…

  55. Močnik Royale

    9:00 yea in 2030 it should be done.

  56. Lyle Checkeye

    Thanks for keeping us up to date !! Great show.

  57. Frank Mueller

    Wouldn’t it be great if NASA funding was on a ten year term, with five year review?

  58. Lucas Gruttadauria

    Do a video covering the improvements of the Soyuz 2 rocket compared to the old one

  59. darson100

    Hi Scott, great video as always, but what’s happened to the Command Module on the Apollo model?

  60. Serey Vathana Tum

    11:24 Picture of debris found around boarder of Cambodia. I’m big fan of yours from Cambodia. Keep up your amazing work. Fly safe!!!

  61. htomerif

    I remember when it was all “lets mess around in KSP”. This is actually just the best space news channel on YT at this point. I wouldn’t know any of this stuff if it wasnt for your channel Mr. Manley.

  62. Odysseus Rex

    Given the politics of the situation, I think it highly unlikely that Artemis will ever put a man on the Moon, much less by 2024. It will just keep getting drawn out, keeping the jobs filled but never actually accomplishing anything, like SLS/Orion. There is a good chance of a return to the Moon in the mid 2020s, but that will be a direct ascent with a BFR, with or without NASA participation. And it will cost no more than a tenth of NASA’s architecture.

  63. Hene193

    I seriously doubt that nasa space program happens

  64. The Primal Earth

    Scott, just an FYI they are no longer called Em-1 EM2 and Em-3, Jim has confirmed they are now Artemis 1 Artemis 2 and Artemis 3

  65. LordVeni

    Elon Time vs NASA time
    which one is better?

  66. Adam Wishneusky

    India only hits other spacecraft on purpose 😜

  67. Dave Borinski

    Just FYI, there are 2 Starship/hopper vehicles being built in FL.

  68. Brandon Hamilton

    Thank you for your videos Scott! We aren’t versed in the technological babel of these giant corporations and these state space agencies. You do an amazing job bridging the gap between space fans and experts in the field.

  69. JS Veterans

    So, there is a lot of complaining about Elon in general lately… It’s worth noting that there would be no way all these companies and countries would be going into space right now without him… And what this spells for the near future for humanity is a direct result of him putting everything on the line to fund SpaceX. Thank you Scott, great update, you got my junk all gitty.

  70. David Turner

    Could you pls. give a update on the single cell storage? I am new to the understanding of the new type of battery storage along with the compatible
    solar panels that could be used with that technology. I am excited about the future for TESLA and would like to do a electric motor conversion on
    a sizable ship and believe we are at the edge of affordability and it will be TESLA tech. that I will be wanting.

  71. Spacefarer

    They could probably just use differential thrust on the vac engines if they are that far apart.

  72. Chtij Karki

    I love you scott manley!!! You are such an inspirational and educational figure in my life. You’ve enriched my life in ways that are hard to quantify….

  73. seasong

    Apparently JAXA and CSA already joined the Gateway project, too.

  74. GERG to

    I live in middle Germany and I saw them flying above me!! It was today at ~3:30 am 😍😍😍
    It looked insane a straight line of dots getting brighter towards the middle and then fading out. So many of them!!

  75. kezzler

    Future is space. This is so awesome that I am out of words. Thank you for making this video Scott :)

  76. Jen

    The “Elon time” meme is getting trite. Everyone is often late with big projects, and Elon is no exception. I think it is actually remarkable how often he achieves amazing projects on schedule.

  77. Daniel Turner

    You should do a video on how spinning up spreads the satellites along the orbit. Very smart idea by SpaceX!

  78. Little Cripple

    Set the most optimistic time you can achieve and aim to get it. Sometimes youll be ahead of schedual, other times youll be behind. Thats life, but least you know youre doing your best.
    Elon Time isnt hard to understand. I dont understand why he gets so much flack for it.

  79. Żółć

    “For NASA internal use only” ;-)

  80. Robert Miller

    As to the new moon program (essentially Constellation reborn+COTS)… we’ll see if it survives politics, considering that from the administration’s point of view it’s an election stunt. It’s a wiser plan than the SEI, that’s for sure.

  81. Andy Alder

    Will Starlink and its competitors spell the end of ground based astronomy? Seems there won’t be a chance of getting a long exposure without one of these photo-bombing it.

  82. Dante Wynter

    Thanks, Scott! I always appreciate these updates. So much happens, it’s easy to miss stuff sometimes.

  83. ThePandaKing

    9:55 “Predecisional – For NASA Internal Use Only” oops…

  84. Gabriel87100

    I’ll end up crying out of happiness if we really get people on the Moon by 2024. Can’t help but feel skeptical tho :/

  85. Randall Wald

    Another note from Virgin Orbit, they had another successful captive carry test on Friday.

  86. WCTA Chicago underground sound

    2:03 why am I thinking the Replicators from Stargate Atlantis? Right? Oh crap, dial up the Alpha site

  87. edstercw

    Everyday Astronaut once again asking the right questions. I love his interactions with Elon

  88. Guðmundur Ingi Guðmundsson

    Sounds like the title for a video 378 years from now. Awesome!

  89. Pray for Mojo

    Absolutely Incredible! I love the shot from the Netherlands, cheers!

  90. Unpainted Lead Syndrome

    well, with the Starhopper/Boca Chica schedule Elon proposed at the end of last year, SpaceX has been pretty much on the ball…
    Elon Time seems to have synched with general time :-)

  91. Matthew Krueger

    I saw the Starlink array pass overhead last night. I was confused for a second until I remembered that spacex was a thing.

  92. Joshua Corliss

    “Space stuff continues.” Scott Manley

  93. John Patz

    The Indian launch talking about launching so as to avoid other objects is likely related to the grief they recieved over their antisat test and it’s resulting debris

  94. khpunt

    Saw the Starlink satellites last night in St. Paul MN. It was so cool seeing them lined up like that.

  95. Yao Yang

    China has officially confirmed that the launch of Chang Zheng 4 rocket failed due to problems with the third stage.

  96. david sinay

    o man, on this day and age, I love seeing this news. thank you mister Scott Manley.

  97. Randall Wald

    Correction: These fairings were *not* reused, this was their first flight (although, since they were recovered, it may not be their last). SpaceX has said that they plan to reuse fairings on a Starlink launch, but *this* Starlink launch in particular did not do so.

  98. Mining 15

    at 7:55 the solar pannels clip into the moon, thats not going to work maxar, unless you have Bill Kerman

  99. Pepperidge13

    Elon time is NET (Not Earlier Than).

  100. Joel McBride

    Elon: I’m going to deploy the satellites all at once
    “That’s not possible”
    “No…. it’s necessary”
    (Spinning initiates)

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