Deep Space Update – Orion Abort Test & Solar Eclipse 2019

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From an AirBnB in Amsterdam I stop for a moment to talk about the Orion in flight abort test and the July 2nd Solar Eclipse in South America.

DSLWP Pictures are available at:

  1. Andy Alder

    Better the capsule becomes an artificial reef than gets put in a museum.


    You must be getting quite the revenue from youtube or be a banker cause everytime i see one of your videos your on vacation lol

  3. Radio Active

    That was WAY better than the SpaceX explosion/burn on the pad test……justbeingtruthfulnotcritical

  4. Dajo Hogeweg

    Eeeyyy welkom to Amsterdam my man!

  5. Dragonfire511

    Greetings from Chile! nice to see ny country on one of your videos.

  6. Manuel Lorenzo

    Yes, we had a solar eclipse yesterday in South America… But it was cloudy where I was

  7. Tamal Mahato

    Make a video on nuclear rocket please

  8. Ian Lindstrom

    The eclipse view from the Moon is impressive, Chang’e gets far less press than it deserves!

  9. Arctic Haze

    Great photos of the body being eclipsed from the orbit of a body eclipsing it 😄

  10. Jim's videos

    YouTube’s ad under this video was for a drug & alcohol testing service loooool

  11. Don Jones

    Scott, I think I figured out for real why they didn’t use parachutes and benefit from a second test: *What if they had failed?* From a profitability standpoint, the Orion/Lockheed Martin people had nothing to gain and plenty to lose. Even a minor anomaly would cost time and money to investigate and fix. I think they are taking Bridenstein’s threats seriously. The program is under threats from him and Congress. They already had a successful parachute test a few years ago. So they met the NASA requirement. Why take any risk?
    “Hey, Lockheed-Martin/SLS, that disregards the crew safety benefit of repeating the test.”
    Lockheed-Martin/SLS: “Your point being?”
    (I wrote this as a reply to Shawn Mims Comment, but think it deserves its own Comment.)

  12. Balance

    Thanks Scott! Amazing stuff as always. An eclipse from the Moon wow. So it was a Terran Eclipse?

  13. Leon Bogman

    So you are in Amsterdam? Want to meet up? me and a friend of mine would love to see you!:)

  14. Le Z

    Greetings to all. the eclipse of the Sun: “The Music of the Spheres”, the “Cosmic Ballet”, the “Eternal Waltz”. our lives are so short that we can not enjoy the Whole. success.

  15. movax20h

    The picture of the eclipse shadow from the Moon itself at 4:15 is awesome.

  16. Space Explorer

    It’s like a modern Little Joe II.

  17. Mike kirock

    @4:33 that is too cool. Love that Scott, thanks.

  18. nesa1126

    I hope that you are enjoying other aspects of Amsterdam and not only space-nerdy-stuff (that I also like, but Amsterdam…) :D

  19. Jack Smith

    did u fly on the Super CARAVELLE 10B ?

  20. Uriah Siner

    Why would you NOT put a parachute on it..? They really cant be _that_ expensive in the grand scheme of things and it could offer so much visual data.

  21. Rich

    Apollo 15 filmed a lunar eclipse but they had already initiated TEI.

  22. Barry Bend

    Scott when you get the chance can you please do a video on Nuclear propulsion systems.

  23. steve shoemaker

    Thank..For the update..Scott……Fly safe…..!

  24. Admiral Bob

    Yeah never mind also testing chute deployment and maximizing test value

  25. Niels Steen

    I love that a missile is called peacekeeper

  26. John Knapp

    Can you say Lunar Eclipse Scott?

  27. pafka zorg

    Hey Scott, are you planning to visit Czech Republic by any chance?

  28. INERT

    For a better test footage of the Rapid Unorganized Disassembler for manned capsules, I prefer SpaceX’s overpressure module to NASA’s gravitron accelerator.

  29. Toasty

    I knew it! I was looking on a night sky tracking app I have and I noticed how close the moon and the sun were. I thought there had to be an eclipse somewhere

  30. Roel Bakker

    Hey Scott! Nice to see you visit Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

  31. Георги Карапеев

    Any chance you go through Bulgaria during your Europe trip?

  32. Anarchy Antz

    Hey Scott are you coming back to good old blighty on your jaunt around Europe?

  33. A14LNC

    Another superb video, short but still good Scott 😎👍🏻

  34. KKG C

    2:32 how do we know that’s not just scott’s head?

  35. Robert Raichev

    Thank you for the update, and those images of the Moon’s shadow taken from an amateur satellite orbiting around the Moon itself are insane! I have never seen something like that, and I hope we keep getting amazing images of the Earth from space like that :)

  36. Kevin Street

    A picture of the eclipse’s effect on the Earth, taken from the Moon! So cool.

  37. Sand Pants

    It’s not Go Es. It’s goze. I worked on the program. It’s pronounced as 1 syllable.

  38. vdiitd

    So, from Moon’s perspective we just had an earthen eclipse?

  39. Esteban Simonetti

    Hey Scott, do you where we can download the pictures in .RAW format from the moon??? I’d love to get one of those!

  40. Redshift

    Just in case you were wondering, you are indeed the man!

  41. blindbrick blindbrick

    Looks like You’re recording from a typical Dutch “rijtjeshuis”

  42. uwu

    Yeaterday i saw the first meteor in my first life!

  43. Jerry Rupprecht

    Unfortunately no solar eclipses will happen where I live until the 2060s :(

  44. Josef Krakel

    Would the tumbling of the abort process not make the astronauts dizzy and nauseous? Better than being dead, but still a very rough ride.

  45. I T


  46. Valentine

    “Peace keeper missile”

  47. Goat boy

    Orion looks like a 1st mission in KSP career mode.

  48. David Woodward

    Man I love your videos but that intro is so cheesy

  49. Tuning3434

    Amsterdam WOOOTTT. Ya missed the insane temperatures of last week though.

  50. James McDermott

    Thanks Scott, I was wondering why they didn’t want to salvage the capsule? Still a question that should be answered. Keep bringing the good stuff to us normies, we/I appreciate it very much. ;-)

  51. Boaty Mc Boatface

    Reds Rhetoric got some wicked footage,even splash down,which the official vid missed.

  52. Boaty Mc Boatface

    Reds Rhetoric got some wicked footage,even splash down,which the official vid missed.

  53. Greg Ewing

    They say the lack of parachutes was intentional, but we all know it was a Kerbal moment.

  54. Derrick cushshon

    4:31 proof the earth is round.
    For any doubters out there.

  55. Asko Kauppi

    Should send you some great Finnish chokolate. Munching it while enjoying the show!

  56. Sean Carroll

    Reds Rhetoric also got a pretty good gander of the abort test. This thing came down pretty hard; you could probably even calculate how fast and how high the ensuing splash was.

  57. MegaSkrow

    how much longer will you be in the Netherlands? I could get to meet you!

  58. David Gifford

    Great eclipse from Argentina. Now back in UK, you should have been there!

  59. Aditya Sinha

    no views and 9 likes…
    YouTube is an alcoholic

  60. Dr Do-Little

    The image of the eclipse from the moon orbit totally worth it. And then some.

  61. flynjay1

    What are your thoughts on the aerodynamics of the orion capsule? It looked very unstable and ended up in a violent tumble. I would think this was a correctly mass loaded shape.

  62. Jeffrey Bue

    Thanks for taking the precious time from your vacay to continue making these vids.

  63. Jan Strojil

    Any plans on visiting Prague/Czech Republic? If so, it would be lovely to invite you for a (proper) beer!

  64. Leifdoe Tech Industries

    I tried to see AA-2 from my house, but the sun got in the way

  65. Simply Space

    RIP Orion boilerplate.

  66. S Tho

    Arise Brave Helios, gather your steeds.
    Bring the warmth the countryside needs.

  67. Alain Martel

    I really like those images of the eclipse from the Moon.

  68. Mikicat

    Comments below AA-2 videos:
    40%- nice video/test/etc.
    5%- my first KSP mission

  69. Aaron Boomhower

    I would love to see you talk about the upcoming game “boundary” it’s about near future zero g space combat with EVA suits.

  70. Jakub Skowron

    Could you make a video on mean albedo of the far side of the moon? On DSCOVR images we can compare with our side of the moon (transit/oclusion), which should be darker due to dark seas.

  71. Sean McDonough

    4:29 – The first time we’ve seen the eclipsee from a spacecraft orbiting the eclipsor during the eclipse?

  72. Andy

    awesome! I always look forward to seeing every video you make. Hope you’re having a great time!

  73. I'm Doo Doo

    Nooo you were in Amsterdam noo again so close to me i live in s-Hertogenbosch😒 love your vies scot keep it up❤️

  74. Alex Trilby

    shame I can’t see the eclipse where I live

  75. David Nazzaro

    Hey, does KSP have the Hercules X-265 solid rocket motor that the SPRINT missile used? I….have some ideas…

  76. FH - Side Booster

    I saw the eclipse in 2017, there are no words to discribe that feeling when it’s suddenly getting darker. It was just beautiful

  77. Adrian Shingler

    Top quality as always Scott thanks!! 👍❤️

  78. Kev Masengale

    I saw the total solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 in Casper, Wyoming. By far, the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.
    Gonna see another one in 2024 when the totality path goes right over my house in Indiana. I can’t wait!

  79. Copenhagen Suborbitals

    Hello Scott, any chance you will passing by Copenhagen during your trip to Europe?

  80. Peeftribos

    You have hair!
    … i must say I’m disappointed.

  81. HylanderSB

    Not only did they add width to the Peacekeeper, but I heard they had to add about 100,000lbs of dead weight to slow it down properly.

  82. kargaroc386

    So could you technically call that test rocket Little Joe 3?

  83. Keith Rosenberg

    LRO got pictures of the 2017 eclipse shadow on the earth.

  84. David Dowling

    As great as this was some of the images were reminiscent of the Challenger explosion,mine included.
    Exciting times to have this happening in my backyard.
    The interest is just as intense as the early space programs.

  85. David Dowling

    As great as this was some of the images were reminiscent of the Challenger explosion,mine included.
    Exciting times to have this happening in my backyard.
    The interest is just as intense as the early space programs.

  86. Simply Space

    I’ve been loving the pics of the eclipse so far and Scott’s almost at 1M Subs!

  87. Nobody Quite

    I’m struggling to decipher this code on the shirt. Anyone can help, please? Could it be a sequence of Vim commands or something? Off the cuff frequency analysis shows that it’s not a natural language or product of regular encryption
    EDIT: These BB BB H1 BB H1 BB in the second pairs of the first row might be modifiers for the first row, but I doubt it

  88. MrCoreForce

    Us Launch Report shows a severe tumbling of the test vehicle.

  89. Sean McDonough

    1:57 – Plus, if they’d parachuted it down to a soft landing, they could’ve recovered it for a few hundred funds.

  90. Craig Corson

    Great eclipse photos, thanks for showing them. I hope you’re enjoying Europe.

  91. Darren Marsh

    Nearly 50 tonnes of ballast on that thing just to slow down the acceleration of the Minotaur first stage.

  92. ScientistDog

    I watched the total eclipse from Argentina, from a montain at 2200m in front of a valley, it was amazing!!!!

  93. Rafael Gutierrez

    *I LIVE IN CHILE!!!*
    And I traveled to La Serena, the eclipse was *awesome!!*
    BTW: Scott, you should do more videos in Simple Rockets 2, it’s a really good game now!

  94. Strike Raid

    They should have called the abort test Little Joe III, just to be consistent with the earlier ‘Joes’ from Mercury and Apollo.

  95. // REDACT3D

    love how Kerbal the launch pad looked ^.^
    keep smashing that like button guys almost 1m!

  96. Adam Roodog

    Correct me if im wrong. But doesnt a luna eclipse show the shadow from a body we’re standing on?

  97. MaxArceus

    Dude, you’re like, 500 meters from my house, are you still here?

  98. Jeff Vader

    _Contract complete: Launch our first vessel!_
    20 science
    8,000 funds
    Jebediah Kerman was killed.

  99. letsgetverydrunk

    Every Dutch person in the first second of this video: “hey, that wall and fence look familiar”

  100. Entropy Generator

    3:25 You have a leaf stationed at the L1 point between your head and the fence.
    What wizardry is this?

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