Deep Space Update – Foggy Launches, Sea Launches, Air Launches

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A bunch of space stories that are interesting right now – SpaceX’s last launch of 2019 from Vandenberg makes a big bang but nobody on the ground sees it. US, India & China talk about space stations. China launches satellite from Sea based facility. Stratolaunch is now for sale.

  1. sin ste

    i wonder how much it would cost for a “space swim” id class that as a resort swimming pool ;)

  2. LoupDuQuebec

    50$/GB of internet… that’s amazingly close to the price of mobile data here in Canada!

  3. Exalerion

    1:33 STP-2 you mean ;-)

  4. tmdpc

    I notice Elon didn’t mention anything about Fallout 76…

  5. David 35

    Ladies and gentlemen I give you the man who’s videos (finally) allowed me to orbital dock in KSP to build my station yesterday, talking about space stations today.

  6. James Burleson

    Sell the Roc to the State of California to be the Mother of all water bombers. That thing could outperform any other platform in fighting forest fires. They just need to hang a big aerodynamic tank under the middle and have a few dozen tankers at the airport to fill it up again.

  7. Kennedy McLeod

    Scotland Forever. Fly safe Scott

  8. Kristopher Driver

    “Scotland” – en cyace yuh cudna tayle 😜

  9. Stratowind

    Hullo it’s Scotlandley here!

  10. Jonas TheLonlyGuy

    Scott just as an FYI STP-1 happened over 10 years ago, the FH launch is STP-2. Also the RADARSAT launch was for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), so the Canadian version of NASA.

  11. Jim Dox

    the stratolauncher would be much more useful in transporting rockets to landing sites rather than launching them, I’m not sure if its rated for the dry mass of a falcon 9 but…
    Certainly faster than Panama Canal.

  12. G Mallory

    4:03 So Aero Bro

  13. Michael Karnerfors

    First I heard that Stratolaunch folded… *sadness mode*

  14. Lapantouflemagic0

    there’s an Ariane 5 lauch today too ! don’t forget it :-(

  15. telnx

    Scott please can you compare the Chinese space station with the parts from KSP, they look very alike 😂🤣

  16. Ultralagger R.E.V

    The Long March 11 launched like Russia’s surface missiles

  17. Ronald Leckfor

    I would like to know when the hell Elon Musk has time to play video games! 😂

  18. Brock Cunningham

    Their is one more launch at vbaf SARah 2

  19. Sam Neale

    0:11 I think you meant last west coast launch of the year

  20. namewarvergeben

    0:49 came in a Tesla Model 3 to watch a SpaceX launch ;)

  21. Marty Moose

    Some hotels on earth might cost the same and be bigger but they can’t beat your view!

  22. The Mr. Pete Channel needs 700 subs!

    Didn’t a Chinese company buy Sea Launch?

  23. Caleb Fewell

    @Scott Manley Make a KSP RSS vid in which you build or import the Stratolaunch and build/import Rocket Lab’s Electron, and see how many you can launch etc. I proposed you could easily launch 10 from this vehicle but wasn’t sure about dimensions.

  24. Jeffrey Werner

    You are the MAN Scott

  25. Cole Smith

    I love how the payload adapter for those two satellites on falcon 9 was just that split adapter from KSP. I always thought it would be too flimsy for real life, but I guess not!

  26. ArKritz84

    Correction @8:28: If you’re gonna be spending that amount of money, you probably couldn’t care less if you tried.

  27. Stuart Anderson

    YES Scott love the top!

  28. Mack M

    man .. so much hardware is being launched.. I pray nothing collides..

  29. Adymn Sani

    sooo, you already have a planet, now your egging for SCOTT-LAND :-) slowly add the extra T

  30. Grey Pierce

    That’s wild. Normally seeing China accomplish things just makes me feel competitive, but that sea launch was nothing but wonderful.

  31. Jamie Godman

    The payload was from CSA yo!

  32. gus bisbal

    Wow, look at that Tshirt…. I didn’t know that Scott had his own land!

  33. Ole Laustsen

    The music theme is epic! Damn epic!

  34. my back HURTS

    The sonic boom scared the crap out of me and my neighbors LOL

  35. E2qNX8btraQ3zRD6J7fc

    Paul was a good man. You cannot take it with you so the best thing is to enrich the lives of those who would benefit.

  36. dosmastrify

    “the rocket equation, it’s a beautiful thing. No astronaut launches into space with their fingers crossed. That’s not how we deal with risk….”

  37. Zach Michaelis

    I imagine inda space center radio chat is like tech support. Press 5 for docking issues.

  38. laminate fitter

    love the shirt ,from Brad from Scotland


    Who charges more @NASA or @ATT
    NASA charges $11,500 per day to stay on the ISS and $50 per GB for Internet while you are there.
    AT&T Wireless charges me $60 per GB to connect in Europe.

  40. Inferno_Spud

    I’m loving this next gen space race

  41. The Fridge

    And You get a space station, and You get a space station, EVERYONE GETS A SPACE STATION!

  42. Normal Viewer

    I was fortunate enough to go to E3 and see the conference live, it was really cool. If you need some cool videos from the audience I could hook you up

  43. Roger C

    Chinas navy submarines have 200 rusty missiles to consume. 🚀
    Which is different from the Chinese airforce rusty efforts 🚀

  44. Bernie Zelvis

    On a recent trip to Beijing China, I was blessed to meet the family of one of the designers of Tiangong 1 (he has since passed away)
    What blew me away is there were models of advanced US fighter planes on his shelf. Turns out when he lived in the US, he made his fortune designing software for these aircraft.
    So much for international secrets.
    Anyhow, I made a video every day whilst I was there… this one shows a glimpse of myself with the family’s prized model of the Chinese space station that this man helped design.

  45. BlueGamingSpoon

    Bro space x should try and launch a rocket from California and then land it in Florida

  46. Michael

    I was briefly sad for the spectators that missed out with fog, then I remembered I haven’t see a single rocket launch ever…

  47. cameron

    scott, you ok? whole lotta errors in the spacex segment. great vid otherwise

  48. Jonathan420

    do you think you will ever make a video talking about flat earthers and how the earth is not flat.. i feel like you would be the perfect guy to do it :)

  49. Arctic Haze

    We should name a space object after Scott…. Oh, well. Someone did it already 😒

  50. Gary B

    The FH launch is not only putting satellites into different orbits, but into orbits of different declinations. It needs to change the orbital declination by 4 degrees after the first satellites are released.

  51. dirt builder

    I realy Think that we as the human race should not build 10 space stations but rather focus on one big in orbit space harbor for future missions


    I’m going to the KSC to watch the STP-2 launch, it’ll (hopefully) be the first launch I’ll see! And I’ll get to see the boosters land (I hope)! :D

  53. Cesar Gonzalez

    Two questions. Is it even possible to lower the price for that?
    If not, should I start saving pennies now?

  54. TheOneWhoMightBe

    That Chinese rocket got ‘ejected’ from the launch platform and only then ignited. Just like a ICBM or SLBM.

  55. ExplodingCats 1801

    That sea launched LM11 looked exactly like an icbm there. 🤔😒

  56. Twinsungamer

    The SpaceX launch was for the CSA – Canadian Space agency. Not “Canadian organization” as you said.

  57. Ethan Taylor

    well holy shit we can now put a figure to a 30 day holliday in space, ~55mill but still that’s not too shabby for the very first available chance

  58. David Dowling

    Sonic booms are awesome but the heavy duals are amazing,getting ready to witness the third from the cape.
    We will have the opportunity to photograph long exposure with 4 trails,the launch,two boosters returning to the cape and the center core offshore landing on OCISLY,which will be positioned reasonably close to the coast.

  59. TomyLobo

    50$/GB? That’s almost cheaper than mobile data in Germany!

  60. Marty Moose

    Scott your channel and curious android cover all our space news better then any television based program ever has. Thank you!

  61. Munnybearz

    The Indian space station effort will probably end up as more debris in LEO

  62. norm1124

    Didn’t know the most expensive room on earth is here in Switzerland 🇨🇭
    Although: my rent is high enough too…

  63. Patchuchan

    Nothrop Grumman buy the Roc as an upgrade to their L1011 or NASA might want it for research along the lines of what they did with their B-52NB.

  64. AZOffRoadster

    Maybe Bigelow can string some ‘love shack’ modules behind the ISS like beer cans behind a newlyweds car. Maybe an escort service.

  65. matroosoft

    So weird that Stratolaunch is ending their endeavour so shortly after Paul Allen’s death.. Almost a bit disrespectfull if you ask me. Although I never really believed in the idea, I would at least pursue it in honor of the founder.

  66. jull1234

    Next Falcon Heavy launch is STP-2 isn’t it?

  67. Ultralagger R.E.V

    “Last SpaceX launch of the year”
    Wait what?!

  68. Simply Space

    Great recap as per norminal Scott.

  69. Asger Vestbjerg

    Interesting as always
    Thanks for sharing😀👍

  70. Juan Solo

    Not long until the Starbucks module will be docking with the space station

  71. G Des

    Todd howard said: It’ll just work.
    And that was it.

  72. R4Z0R84

    That stowage is expensive and yes that’s how it’s spelt in the picture hahaha

  73. Darrin Pearce

    Hi Scott, loving the update format. Thanks again.

  74. Tom5tom Entertainment

    $50 per GB? Is it sponsored by Comcast?

  75. Don Jones

    Could Stratolaunch aircraft launch an Electron rocket? Shortened one?
    More orbit options?
    NASA may like a larger Bigelow module on ISS because they want to use a large one for Mars mission.

  76. Kenny Luk

    Hey Scott, love the amount of info packed into your videos. Looks like at 1:34 into the video you mentioned the next Heavy mission as STP-1. I think it should be STP-2. Keep it up!

  77. Bruce Wayne MD

    Thank you for your wonderful work that you put into all of your videos. They’re AWESOME

  78. StYxXx

    China contributing to the ISS would’ve been great. But the US has to make everything a political issue….

  79. Artfactial

    Nice update, really looking forward to the Falcon Heavy and second Orion test.:)
    Also, swimming pools in space sound horrifying.

  80. ThePentosin

    1 million dollar for a month on the ISS.
    Hey. That’s kinda affordable.
    More than 50 million to get there.

  81. Bonzo Gamer

    Good update. I predict that you will have a million subs after a couple important SpaceX launches if you provide good coverage.
    I live 150 mi from the launch complex so also have experienced many sonic booms and have enjoyed many launches (Space Shuttle) even at that distance. I have learned a lot of technological space history and current news from your videos.

  82. Velocityraptor

    I love these deep space updates! They are better than NASA’s tw@n! (at least I thin so)

  83. Narobii

    4:50 texture missing… either that or new stealth tech to be tested, you can see the background inside one of the modules….

  84. HKG5sentsp

    Long march 11 was basically a re-purposed ICBM called DungFeng31

  85. CJ Carter

    Regarding the cost of going to ISS, there is the old Rolls Royce adage: if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

  86. Anarchy Antz

    Ok Flat Earth Society, here is your chance. Save up and you can send your head tinfoil hat representative to the ISS. Dont worry about too much of the costs though as once you finally see our oblate spheriod in all its glory.

  87. Mattgaming

    6:29 Want to stay alive on the space station? That would be $11,250 a day good sir. At least you get what you pay for unlike the mac pro stand

  88. Forest Fifer

    Who needs a swimming pool in space when you can just float wherever you like?

  89. Mark McCulfor

    What shot that long march into the air before the rockets fired? That looks awesome

  90. John Frian

    “SpaceX Clowncar”
    – Scott Manley, 2019

  91. Mattie Dumbrill

    That Chinese rocket literally looks like it was made in ksp that forgot about the SRB diameter

  92. GildedBear

    also not dropping rocket parts on your own country

  93. Timothy White

    lol “that prevents the hackers unless they pay like regular customers”

  94. Don Valentino

    for a moment i thought was “scottland” on the shirt :’D

  95. Ibakon Ferba

    If Stratolaunch doesn’t end up being used for something I hope it ends up at a museum. It sure is an interesting piece of technology!

  96. oversoul

    Geez, that Strato Launch landing looked as graceful as some of my Kerbal landings haha

  97. Brandon

    God help the astronauts if Todd Howard ever influences Elon. They will launch with the rocket half fueled and if you want oxygen you best bring your credit card to buy in-flight credits via micro transaction which you could exchange for loot packs which ‘may’ contain and oxygen ration. You want to come back to Earth? The parachute is paid DLC.

  98. The Exoplanets Channel

    *I love these multi-topic videos!*

  99. Maplish

    You had me confused when you said *SpaceX’s last flight of the year* until you said *from Vandenburg* lol

  100. Samuel Alvarado

    We should go fund Scott’s trip to space

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