Deep Space Update – Final flights, Test flights and Robots Flying Spaceships

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A quick roundup of interesting news from rockets and space. The Starship hopper test flight window is in a couple of hours!
Final Delta IV Medium flight. Fedor the robot flies in a Soyuz. India gets to the moon.

  1. S C

    Fedor is just Theodor spelled in slavic manner, just say Theodor fast and you’ll get the correct spelling

  2. // REDACT3D

    beauty thanks for the updates ^.^
    will be watching space X for sure.
    keep up the good work bud!

  3. Snyper1188

    I hate the reason you had to make that impromptu intro, but I LOVE IT!!!! I’m so glad you throw it in every once in a while! 😁

  4. MrVipitis

    can you include a personal update with your new camera/filter transit attempts for those not reading twitter 24/7?

  5. BreechBang Clear

    When do we meet the cats?

  6. Oscar Souza Te

    we are sending cylons to space, and vulcans,
    so when can we get Moya Leviathans
    or at very least Epstein Drives

  7. Pascal Dittrich

    Best video of all time in the background was very distracting… :D

  8. Bluedragon967

    I’ll watch it if it actually happens!

  9. Ben Terrell

    I love it when you say beastie. Giant beastie! Awesome!

  10. Goreuncle

    X-Wing intro = Instant like

  11. David Webb

    Be great if you did a live show for Starhopper tonite…. 😁

  12. Random Someone

    I love this intro. 👍

  13. pkla14

    I vote you keep this intro from here on out!

  14. Tommy Petraglia

    As usual, thank you for a clear concise update on rocket news.
    As a layman it’s perfect and for me the only place to go

  15. Catfish media

    Hey how’s it going

  16. david johanson

    Scott Manley so cool. Hope kitty ok. Thank you. Your a good man. Do one on Titan mission for like 2026 or 2030. And no I refuse to fly safe.

  17. Keith McKnight

    I liked the OLD intro 😩

  18. Michael Cullen

    Nice choice of reading material. Big fan of What If? myself

  19. Redundant Stuff

    xD the intro

  20. kosmique

    a question i really need answered: are you hyped for cyberpunk2077, scott? :D

  21. Feico de Boer

    “Over-pressure event” … now that is a nice way of describing a big blast. :)

  22. Bitchute is better than Youtube

    I quit Tims stream to watch this at 2x, cause we still have a while before launch (so siren yet) but i have to hurry as i dont want to miss the test either :)

  23. Lewis Massie

    That’s quite interesting to see the soyuz spiralling like that 4:40

  24. kosmique

    your channel’s banner is so freakin awesome
    lovin that t-shirt too :P
    your combination of interests/professions are the coolest.

  25. andrew nelson

    Favorite intro is back 😊

  26. James Neel

    Loved watching the Apollo launch going on behind you.

  27. Brown Bros

    lovin’ the new intro

  28. Greg Supposedly From Earth

    your intro is the best I freaking love it 😊

  29. Wilfred Morin

    When the payload separates from the last stage of the rocket how do they keep the final stage to leave orbit instead of following the payload in its orbit?

  30. Alexander Proctor

    Hello from everyday astronauts live stream

  31. Riju Pramanik

    Hey Scott. Love the videos
    Just a suggestion, you can use a diffuser for your lights as they seem too harsh on you. You could be more flattering to look XD

  32. Daniel Bray


  33. overkill1340

    If there’s anything I’ve learned from KSP LS mods it’s that having 1 crew member on a 3 crew capsule triples the habitation time. That Cylon is just fine.

  34. ᖴᖇᗩᑕᎢᗩし Gaming

    The electroboom inspired Intro was great! 😉

  35. justin h

    Love the new intro!

  36. mVm MotoVlogMusic

    You’re Scott Manley
    Fly Safe

  37. Avida Dollards

    Scott, saying I love your channel is a under-statement.
    Thanks for all this content !

  38. Mats Nylund

    Loving the new intro. :)

  39. FireMakesMeKing

    Still love the intro! Need to change it now and then, maybe Apollo or Soyuz. Get someone to print so KSP capsules?

  40. TheGranicd

    4:30 Shake from a bump?

  41. Luxeraph

    Each time I see this intro I laugh and then curse at those guys that rob you.

  42. Phillip Chalabi

    Many thanks, Scott for keeping us in the loop on all things space! They must be quite a bit further along on Dreamchaser than I was remembering.

  43. Sędziwój

    If Blue Origin get what they want, they will shoot themselves in foot. Because then Space X may put Starship+Super Booster for this.

  44. Matt Horkan

    Congrats on the new house scott/illectro!!!!! Always love these updates. Looking forward to your early access previews of KSP2!

  45. Melvyn Davis

    Hi Scott, love the tee-shirt! Vinyl lives!

  46. Kingwest

    It seems Space Theory know’s their players well pretty keenly. Anytime I watch your videos now there’s always a KSP 2 advertisement.

  47. Two Eye

    “they created a cylon” it’s a viscous cycle Scott. All that’s happened before will happen again.

  48. Krista Pitchford

    4:00 MS13? OMG they are in space……we need a space wall!!!

  49. John Miller

    Ok, with that introduction, I was waiting for the Scott Manley version of the pulsating eyebrows a la Mehdi Sadaghdar of ElectroBOOM at the end.

  50. Ritter_S

    I love it when Scott says OmegA :D

  51. Phil Nicol

    I’m only new to your YouTube Scott, wish I found it earlier! Love the content

  52. Mark Abrams

    0:20 .. did you say CATS?!
    I hope we gonna get to see your new masters.

  53. cmdraftbrn

    just take my like for the intro.

  54. Tom Legrady

    Love the new intros, hope you’ll stick with them!

  55. Dr. Feelicks

    “By Your Command”

  56. S Lenn

    Stay Manley, Scott

  57. Daniel Bolser

    Fedor reminds me of Kosh on Babylon 5.

  58. Bill Howard

    Saw your animated rockets in the ad for “Lucy in the Sky” movie!

  59. sibaar

    “would not wish it on many people”
    hang on, who would you wish it on, scott???

  60. FXP1688

    2:37 Has anybody spotted the bird being blown away by the Soyuz?

  61. Ruben Kelevra

    3:16 Skynet confirmed.

  62. plasmaburndeath

    So you mean Default KSP does have a realism docking mode, since I find issues docking all the time like this. :P

  63. Karlsson

    stop watching this and watch Everyday astronauts stream! then watch this :D

  64. rune12358

    Nice video on the background. Old-school slow-mo is amazing, and I loved every minute of that particular one you had running in the back, commentary included.

  65. Evert AJ

    4:41 most Kerbal thing I’ve ever seen

  66. Yanshuo Li

    7:51 when i take off my underwear

  67. SuperDave

    Poor Toaster! if i were cooped up in a sardine can for a week, i would start yelling “DESTROY, DESTROY, DESTROY” too!

  68. Nicholas Maude

    Since this video has been posted Union MS-14 has successfully docked with the rear docking port of the Star module.

  69. Nice Jungle

    DAT intro needs a Comic Sans Serif font for “Scott Manley” :D

  70. Arno nümuss

    8:02 for a moment I thought, it’s a MiG-105.

  71. Darren Krivit

    When the robot doesn’t allow you to dock, we’re screwed..”Sorry Dave”

  72. Sean McDonough

    8:48 – We kinda already knew that, given that Arianespace didn’t even make the list despite France being a U.S. ally.

  73. Sean McDonough

    4:42 – *_wobbles just like a docking in KSP_*

  74. newsgetsold

    0:07 “DEEP space updates” as said in a deep DEEP voice.

  75. ichglotzTV

    5:30 Ariane kicks Falcon Heavy out? HAHA

  76. wheeln 24/7

    The microphone clipped to your shirt looked like the needle for the record

  77. Ben Temple

    I do love the cheesy into its perfect.

  78. Keith Feickert


  79. john li

    blue origin doesnt even have an orbital rocket yet if anything it would be unfair if they won the contract

  80. Paul Paulson

    4:41 Those few seconds of time lapse answered most questions I had about docking! Why have I never seen something like that before?

  81. Daniel Bender

    0:17: “…and building stuff for cats…” As someone who has been in such a position, you have piqued my interest.

  82. blzrdphoto

    Notification Squad, checking in!

  83. Juan Mendez

    Anybody else get a Kerbal Space Program 2 commercial?

  84. Garknixei

    Oh Fyodor. The biggest meme or Russian robotics. Hopefully it will never have to dual wield handguns again.

  85. streglof

    is that the same robot they demonstrated firing guns?

  86. BlackMarine

    Fedor Skybot: I’m sorry Dima, I’m afraid I can’t do that

  87. Zedrophobia

    Love the irony of a space company filling a protest about unfair selection when they haven’t actually launched anything into an actual orbit.

  88. SpinFast

    Blue Origin needs to actually get to orbit. They are slow and methodical but until they are operational they are unproven.

  89. firefly4f4

    I’m not really sure how Blue Origin is going to fare in their objection. It really does come down to them NOT had a successful orbital launch at the moment. Sure, you can make the argument that neither the Vulcan nor OmegA rockets have flown either, but at least those launch providers have a history of successful launches. No matter how you look at it, Blue Origin is an unproven orbital launch provider. Until they get some launches, they’re always going to be the riskiest proposition.

  90. Jan Strojil

    So glad to see the improvised intro make regular appearances!

  91. Foxtrop13

    just what people needed in orbit, a robot that know how to use guns and looks like cylon

  92. King Peter

    Lol, Blue origine Crying that the processes is unfair… How about you build a orbital rocket first, then you can legitimately protest

  93. Sticky Lizard Studios

    FAA is so strict. Why wont they just let anyone build rockets in their garden?!

  94. Foamy Dave

    The “new” intro was worth the watch all by itself.

  95. Filip TM

    I love that you’re sticking to the Spain incident intro 😂

  96. Definitely Not a 343I Shill

    Ironic, Bezos’ company complaining about unfair business actions.

  97. Tim Peterson

    Rotating the launch pad to the desired azimuth and firing the rocket off was the most perfectly Russian way of doing it. It feels like they’re going off brand with this update.

  98. Trevor Allen

    i love the idea that jeff bezos is complaining about other people forming a monopoly on something

  99. Duhya

    Russian terminator sits awkwardly crammed into tiny soyuz capsule while elevator music plays.
    The ISS crew await their fate.

  100. Gleb

    Robot tried to dock, but suddenly CAPTCHA window popped-up.

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