Deep Space Questions Episode 7 – Rings Around Earth, Zero G Swimming and Soviet Space Planes

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The Latest Installment of the series where supporters on my Patreon get to ask questions and I answer from memory, Episode 8 isn’t recorded at this time because I’m having trouble accessing Patreon in Hawaii (WiFi issues…)

If you want to check out books
Iain M Banks:

Liftoff: Elon Musk and the Desperate Early Days That Launched SpaceX

Riding Rockets: The Outrageous Tales of a Space Shuttle Astronaut

Carrying The Fire

  1. Zeviticus

    We need a Scott Manley, Isaac Arthur collaboration !

  2. David Williams

    i’ve learned many ways to destroy a perfectly good rocket in kerbal without even trying.

  3. Termuellinator

    Fully agree to Ian Banks being an absolute must have!

  4. Vorn Ame

    I’v managed to divide by zero, even if everybody said its impossible! Next: faster than light travel! I also like to generate free energy and reduce entropy in the universe

  5. Antonio Bryon

    16:49 Scottish astrophysicist laugh

  6. my namejeff

    Speaking of books, have you ever read the wheel of time series by Robert Jordan? If so thoughts? Personally that series is one of my all time favorites.

  7. Yosef Leib Jacobson

    Hi Scott, could you please make a video about the saturn 1b

  8. Anders Juel Jensen

    “Don’t pick up rocket parts as they may contain unexploded spicy play dough!”.. Got it Scott!

  9. Addison P.

    One day a video on the Znamya space mirror would be cool.

  10. Malva Halva

    I like the new intro Scott!

  11. stevenson720

    Surface detail is amazing.

  12. Ashley Williams

    Well there is a reason why the enterprise has a navigational deflector.

  13. Rebel N Trains

    RIP Anne! I love the Pern Series. I’m so glad that her children have carried on the stories.

  14. Goupi Goupi

    Earth definitely has a very coarse ring, called the Moon.

  15. OrOrg

    He’s basically answering all the Jonathan’s questions in this episode

  16. Termakki

    Came for space news, left with couple new books to check out :D

  17. Salvatore Shiggerino

    13:16 I guess that makes it a propane accessory

  18. BlendPiNexus

    i never ask a question. but i always learn something cool from those asking. keep up the series

  19. Remi Caron

    Always entertaining thank you.

  20. Jim Avera

    I remember an old video of a Soviet Cosmonaut taking a shower in one of the first space stations – furiously waving around a cloud of water droplets. Is there any description of how difficult breathing was etc.?

  21. Frank Gulla

    Fascinating, as usual. You do some stuff and reveal it in an interesting manner.

  22. Franc squared eso

    Could the principle of expanding spacetime behind and contracting it in front of a spacecraft like in the warp drive be tested and proven on earth using the surface of water?
    In the sense building a (RC) boat that sucks water away from its front and makes a small and continuous wave at its back.
    I used to imagine spacetime like the surface of the ocean.

  23. Stephen Price

    Omg I’m rereading the Pern books now! That’s amazing Scott worked on the last one.

  24. Gennadiy Sharashkin

    Buran: “imitation is the highest form of flattery”.

  25. eric vulgate

    i love how the laws of physics constrain what shape a shuttle is-
    it reminds me a lot of convergent evolution, and how physics dictate what shapes of animal will be successful in any specific niche.

  26. Ray O'Neill

    Hi Scott. Great vid as always. I was looking at the graphic of the moon orbiting the earth that you showed and wondered if the moon’s orbit aligns with the plane of the ecliptic?

  27. tubularAp

    0:10 – Scott Manley: “Your questions are months old, but my answers are always fresh.”

  28. Richard InParis18

    Great rocket! 🌈 🪐

  29. MrRolnicek

    There are 2 requirements for a good explosive:
    1. It’s hard to detonate
    2. It detonates hard.

  30. Roger

    The crackling sound comes from the ‘collapse’ of sound waves. Sound waves are a pressure fluctuation, which through the ideal gas law also causes a temperature change, which in turn causes a change in the local speed of sound. For every-day low level noises this effect is negligible. But for very loud noises heard at long distances away the high pressure part of the wave will catch up with the low pressure part forming weak shock discontinuities, which sound like crackling.

  31. Rice Cheese

    21:48 “The falcon9 has a automatic flight termination system”
    The falcon9 knows where it is.
    It knows this because it knows where it isn’t.

  32. Felix Kuhnert

    The bit about SpaceX FTS reminds me a lot of „the missile knows where it is“

  33. YinfeatYanG

    bought ‘liftoff’ myself recently, it’s on my nightstand to be read later

  34. MilkyAway

    Dragon Riders of Pern is one of the best things I’ve read.

  35. Michael Bond

    Also, you should do an entire video on just flight termination systems. I could easily see you making one that’s 1+hrs long and it still be riveting til the very end

  36. araflo. hd

    Of course, the only true FTS is spamming spacebar.

  37. Tate

    I learn so much from these. His knowledge is endless

  38. Matt Whitlock

    There’s a great scene in the movie “Passengers” where one of the protagonists is swimming in a pool on a space cruise ship when it loses its artificial gravity. She nearly drowns because no matter which direction she swims, the big water blob that she’s inside always redistributes itself around her evenly. I’ve thought a lot about that scene and whether the physics really check out. Not so sure they do, but I agree with Scott Manley in that the surface tension would be really tough to break through.

  39. Kate LaChance

    “it knows where it can be, it knows where it can’t be…”

    The missile knows where it is because it knows where it isn’t.

  40. Mick Wilson

    Feersum Enjin!

  41. kahlzun

    What’s really interesting about light speed ships is that after one arrives, you’d see a “shadow” of it “leaving” along the direction it arrived in, as the light it emitted en route catches up

  42. Midwest Concert Video

    Totally can second your recommendation of _Riding Rockets._

  43. Mark Stach

    Seems like a Flight Termination System deep dive video should be on Scott’s To-do list!

  44. Irreversible Extents -Com

    I’ve been reading books by astronauts recently, and Chris Hadfield’s “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” is so good. Definitely 10/10 for me.

  45. Martian, Calling Earth

    Flexing when you have a cup signed by the inventor of warp drives

  46. Grant Fryer

    Could, would you ever write you’re own sci fi novel?

  47. Ben Madison

    Would be cool to see a whole video on flight termination

  48. Michael Brown

    The crackeling is sonic booms from the tail end of the exhaust stream. You dont hear shock diamonds because they cancel out, thata why they exist. But when its running efficiently, the tail end is supersonic.

  49. Mark Stach

    “There is a certain amount of Bor-owing….”
    😄😄😄 IC Watt you did there!

  50. Okashii

    I <3 Dragonriders, and I had no idea you had a part in that book!

  51. Daniel Korladis

    I mean yeah, while I’m sure there was some copying going on, to a certain extent both the Space Shuttle and Buran had their designs dictated by the specifications and the shape the spacecraft/aircraft need to be to meet those specifications.

  52. Ace0048

    Hey Scott, you should do a whole video on Flight Termination Systems!

  53. SundownMarkTwo

    Timestamps for topics:
    00:20 Consequences of light-speed capable spacecraft
    02:18 More thoughts about the Gateway Foundation and their project
    03:49 Rockets making crackling/banging/clanging sounds
    05:02 Soviets coming up with spaceplane designs on their own and the design of the Buran
    08:39 What books are on Scott’s bookshelf, and what does he recommend?
    12:55 Orbex or Skrora, which Scottish rocket idea does Scott like the most?
    13:43 Why is SpaceX not catching fairings anymore?
    14:48 How would a human or a fish swim in microgravity?
    16:51 Would a sufficiently large cloud of space dust/debris naturally form a ring?
    19:08 Flight termination systems

  54. Δv

    Proton FTS is just “fly into the Earth as quickly as possible”

  55. Peter Kuti

    I suggest reading Larry Niven. His short stories and books cover everything from “The theory and practice of teleportation”, to cross-time travel, to ringworlds, and most things in between. His universe “officially” (if you count the cartoon series) includes the Star Trek universe, and has inspired many other creators. Some of the science may be dated (The core of our galaxy isn’t exploding, and the ringworld is inherently unstable, as well as requiring a sort of unobtanium (Scrith) for the base of the ring, but the stories are still engaging. Enjoy!

  56. Craig L. Young

    Thanks for sharing!

  57. Oszkar

    Not even sci-fi but I think Banks’ The Wasp Factory is one of the best books ever written.

  58. Matthew Suffidy

    Maybe the first good application of a ring station is to allow space swimming.

  59. DJ Erickson

    Yet another Scott Manley video that’s good enough to watch while eating food

  60. Kaedenn

    Please do a full video on flight termination systems! I’ve always been fascinated by the flashier safety systems and never really understood how they worked.

  61. Sneezy Ferret

    That’s why Alqubiere drives need a deflector dish ;)

  62. star. Watcher Steven

    The world needs more Educators like Scott Manley so much knowledge in such a short period of time you rock Scott thank you starwatcher

  63. Calvin Dodge

    Berger’s “Liftoff” is awesome.

  64. Todd Tangen

    I LOVE the Culture series!

  65. Todd Tangen

    I LOVE the Culture series!

  66. Elfen Magix

    So to be an astronaut, one mist be hairy? **looks at bald chest** There goes that career choice!

  67. Nicholas Maude

    Talking about books, Scott, i’d love to see you do a video about your large vinyl collection.

  68. Graham Rule

    No mention of the copy “Numerical Recipes” in your bookshelf. I was hoping to hear your comparison of the C, Fortran, and Pascal editions. :)

  69. Mark McCulfor

    These videos are getting longer and I love it! Keep it up!

  70. Eric Hansen

    Regarding crackling from rocket exhaust: You get the same sounds from turbofans in afterburn. Since December I have been working at SpaceX in Texas, and I had hands on 9-15. I was also present for and videoed the launches. Previously, I have stood about 20′ off the side of the main runway in Balad for more than one combat take-off of F16s. You see, we were out there to launch and recover our RQ-5A UAV, which uses arresting gear to brake, external pilots to take off and land (back then), and a ground crew to control and steer it for all ground operations. So when you’re waiting for one of your planes in pattern, and some F16s need to go, you’re literally RIGHT THERE!

    Same sound, like the air itself is ripping open.

  71. Pedro SOUSA

    My favorite quote from the Culture series: “Money is a sign of poverty”.

  72. Tom Hill

    I know SpaceX changed a lot, but my understanding was that early flight termination systems were a signal constantly being sent to the booster saying “Don’t blow up.” The button pushed on the ground actually stopped that signal.

  73. BnORailFan

    My mother was a prolific science fiction book reader and her absolute favorite series was The Dragonriders of Pern. She got me hooked on them and I listened to all 24 audiobooks twice! That’s so cool that you helped out with that one book.

  74. :ScRaMbLeS:

    Lots of well explained talking points good questions from the patreons

  75. suspectsn0thing

    Speaking of books, is that Dan Hardcastle’s book in the background there?

  76. Das Daleberger


  77. Marko Doda

    @21:48 The Falcon 9 knows where it is by knowing where it isn’t

  78. Matthis J - MJ -

    Hahaha, some kind of bor-rowing xD good one there!

  79. Ittiz

    @17:30 Wouldn’t that result in a ring around earth if Kessler syndrome took off?

  80. Ryan Waege

    Read a bunch of Pern novels as a kid, so cool you got to work with Anne! Love the Culture books as well! I’ll never get sick of Falcon booster stages landing on Of Course I Still Love You.

  81. Martin Cameron

    Scott, love the content. But could you please put all the Expanse novella’s, on your shelf behind you, in order and beside each other? It’s really triggering my OCD.

  82. Irreversible Extents -Com

    Ah, yes- a high-energy blast of energy…

  83. Chris Taylor

    I always recommend “Player of Games” as the intro book to the Culture.

  84. Matthew Coleman

    ian m banks is amazing!! i just finished “use of weapons”, excited to read all of the culture series and the rest of his work.

  85. Scott Proctor

    22:06 I watched this launch from my front yard about 90 miles NW of the Cape. When the Falcon 9 pitched over, the engines were pointed straight towards me… I watched and waited, and counted off the seconds… several minutes later I heard my first Falcon 9 rocket.
    No other launch corridor points the business end in my direction.

  86. John Eriksson

    I see more use of rotating space stations. People living on them, a central hub for the on location space economy. Where you drop off mined resources, refuel space crafts not intended for atmosphere, place to stay but working elsewhere such in mining, space manufacturing or zero G labs.I also see the use case where you put an engine on there for long duration missions, maybe mars before we have nuclear propulsion, asteroid belt, or where you don’t yet know the destination. But unknown destinations is not within this generation.

    I really wish them the best of luck – good compliment to spacex launches to focus on in space manufacturing.

  87. Tyler Dorsey

    Just heard a presentation from Mike Mulane at the Spaceport America Cup opening ceremony

  88. Spencer Harden

    It’s really cool how you helped with the skies of pern. My mom read them to me before bed. The dragon riders of pern is the book series that gave me a passion for reading. It’s so cool to know one of my favorite youtubers also helped in a small way

  89. N H

    Matter. Not Banks’ most high brow culture story, but pure, delicious poetry of a novel throughout. Every paragraph is exquisite prose.

  90. steveLiteable

    Passengers was scary when they lost gravity while she was swimming.

  91. Keith's Cafe

    In terms of lifting body research, it seems that NASA started experimenting a bit earlier than the Soviets, though both programs died out with the development of the Shuttle and Buran.

  92. rodney trotter

    The most important question is. Why is it when ever I take my telescope out on a clear dark night. The minute it is set up a thick cloud cover appears fron nowhere?

  93. Alistair Archibald

    Frickin love Dragonriders, havn’t read them in ages tho and Excession is my favourite Iain M Banks book mainly due to the sparkling repartee between the Minds :)

  94. Dori Ownbey

    Michael Collins CARRYING THE FIRE is an absolute favorite of mine!

  95. Bradmansdad

    Very interesting and informative thanks Scott!

  96. Jacob David Cunningham

    18:35 interesting the no front wheel
    19:55 how can it roll? thrust vector I guess

  97. Paul Michael Freedman

    Wow. 24 minutes. Scotty you are pampering us! And my GF loves your voice and accent. Cheers from the Netherlands!

  98. Jim's videos

    Those pesky high-energy blasts of high energy 😁

  99. fab0

    The best thing to see at 12am, thanks a lot scott! <3

  100. gregzsidisin

    Thanks so much for those answers. Good point about later US space planes “borrowing” from Soviet designs. (Oh, and no worries on the last name. I pronounce it as “citizen”. :) )

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