Cosmonaut Performs Rocket Surgery, While Spacewalking, With a Knife.

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The Latest EVA outside the International Space Station saw one of the cosmonauts taking a knife to the outside of their return spacecraft to collect evidence for the investigation of the origin of a hole in the spacecraft.

  1. lvkeyne

    “Strela” it this context means literally “(crane) jib”.

  2. Justin Doty

    KNIVES IN SPAAAAAAAACCCCCCEEEEEEE!!!! (sorry, i couldn’t help but Ham it up ;) )

  3. Andrew Wingstrong

    What accent Scott says? I am Russian and it’s hard for me to understand. Says “ground” instead of “grAund”, and “jyont” instead of “dont”, and “nyaoo” instead of “no” )

  4. Gordon Freeman

    I would have been fun if they had done that with a Crocodile Dundee knife while going over Australia xD.
    And name the stream, “That’s not a knoife, this is a knoife” .

  5. NoName

    Scott, it is strelA, not strEla

  6. SaberJet

    was it just me or did that look like an AK bayonet?

  7. Mongis Lort

    do you see that behind him? it’s not our planet, it’s his balls

  8. Kleist

    That’s a lot of damage! Use Flex Seal!

  9. Colin Southern

    I think the cosmonauts were just practicing with the knife … for when they catch the bugger who drilled the hole. #SkinEmAlive

  10. Shaun Evertson

    Hmm, the Sovietsky Space Knife appears to have started life as an AKM Bayonet. I don’t care who ya are, that’s some transformation.

  11. Shadow

    Who ever made the hole got some kind of new Flex Seal Space Edition to cover it up

  12. FBI

    did they tape the hole in ISS?
    Nothing like some jesus tape to give the blessing of jesus.

  13. Adam Patrik Pustoslemšek

    Russia: *slaps 8 fiberglass layers just for thermal control*
    Also Russia: *uses aluminium foil for debris shield*

  14. planetrob555

    Thank you for your updates! I rely on your commentary to inform me because mainstream media sort of….well….sucks. Keep on keepin’ on!

  15. Brogs

    lovin all the content. could you do a video about current emergency action procedures in place for the iss?

  16. Pintuxo

    When I saw the knife I thought: “Oh, we’re going to see the first space crime!” But then… it was just one more boring EVA. Thank you for the video, Scott.

  17. Timothy McLean

    5:38: Oh thank goodness they just had to spend a day without a toilet, I was afraid they deorbited into the spent stage like I sometimes do in KSP.

  18. Brad Jordan

    NASA: okay fellas just take your time and go slow we’ll get this figured out
    Cosmonauts: *squatting* CYKA BLYAT *hard bass intensifies* *cuts up soyuz and welds a bunch of nails on it then covers it in foam*

  19. Pass The Butter Robot

    That’s a lovely shot of the 2 cosmonauts & the Soyuz, with the Earth drifting by below. Beautiful.

  20. toto dona

    Remind me of salyut 7 when the russian did their repair with an focking Hammer !

  21. quixling badger

    Well, excuse me, silly dad joke spewing high school teacher.
    Sometimes it really is rocket surgery!

  22. James Monahan

    big ol’ knife. Is that an important ISS tool?

  23. Adam Bernstein

    Stuff that light will have deorbited very quickly. Maybe 2-14 days.

  24. PsychoLucario

    normally you don’t take a knife to your spacecraft but every now and then you need to remind it to do its job

  25. SteelZenith

    Kubrick meets Hitchkock

  26. VonSchpam

    Serge Gregoire here for Flex Seal™.
    We sawed this Orbital Module in half to show you the power of new SpaceTape™.

  27. flippynl

    train years to be astronaut. go to space. “now stab the spaceship”

  28. РЕЙмънд

    Ground Control: Hey Kimi, I’ll keep you updated on your progress.
    Cosmonaut: Just leave me alone, blyat! I know what I’m doing.

  29. TheCptnOf Fail

    adding that to the list of reasons to always have a knife.

  30. Diggnuts

    Roscosmos : Vhat do ya see comrade?
    Cosmonaut : Zomebody haz attacked the Soyuz… vith a knifeski!

  31. TheOneWhoMightBe

    To show the power of Flex Seal, I cut this Soyuz in half!

  32. Gareth Fairclough

    When you mentioned “Strela”, I thought you were talking about the old MANPADS system, for a second!

  33. Marc-André Brunet

    A Beautiful ”Destroy for Science” control Demonstration Here 🧐

  34. Lady D

    Man, idk about the rest of the world but I’d hope I have the guts and integrity to speak up if I were the person that did this – unless my intention was sabotage, which I kinda doubt but idk.
    Someone knows what happened here and yet instead of speaking up they’re hoping to get away with it while people risk their lives to investigate. I hope they feel that shame.

  35. Harper Chisari

    Ⅰ can just imagine the delivery guy’s bumping into it while dropping something off and using like bubble gum or something to fix the hole 😂

  36. takiwa broadhurst

    Can we get a knife mod for KSP??

  37. Oleg Velichko

    Strela can also be translated as “boom”. As in a crane’s boom

  38. NicoD

    It’s not said Soyuz but so-you-s

  39. Clint Pmk

    Yay old music is back. Thank goodness

  40. NoSTs 123

    this comment sectoin from my perspective:
    80% they did surgery on a rocket/soyuz meme
    10% jokes about Russians or Germans
    5% questions about the parts flying away
    5% the rest like i am (not) first

  41. Andrei

    The location of “Roskosmos” banners makes me think, that some new trainee tried first to nail the banners, before switching to glue…

  42. Samovar maker

    When the Soyuz MS10 launch in October failed, people were worried that the ISS may have to be discontinued and Scott hoped that flights to the station will be resumed ‘by Christmas’.
    Well, they certainly were.

  43. Adam Bond

    Now that’s a knife.

  44. Vekh Gaming

    So Breathedge’s depiction of spacetools is accurate?I’m not sure how to feel about that.

  45. Dan Durham

    When they find out who’s responsible; “ты уволен.”

  46. alan doak

    A 1U cubesat launched from the ISS has a ~1-2yr orbital lifetime, and a mass to cross-section area ratio of ~100 kg/m^2…. whereas a 5cm cube of fiberglass would be ~1kg/m^2…. The debris should de-orbit pretty quickly (a week or so, no?), and there’s not many satellite missions at that altitude anyway, right?

  47. Tony MacDonald

    Knives and Space Suites, a very unlikely pair. That and the thin aluminum sheet they cut… Scary to watch.

  48. zapfanzapfan

    Messiest space walk ever? :-)

  49. zzz Fed0t zzz

    They look, how to say it in english right: “clumsy”?, i wonder if it possible can be made better by some robotic arm controlled from inside. Btw, do you saw Planetes anime? I guess it is best depiction of work in open space for now.

  50. randomnickify

    Jack the Ripper school of surgery ;)

  51. Andrew Bailey

    There really are a lot of spacecraft attached to the space station right now

  52. Squeaky B

    “Can you tell us what you did in your previous employment ?”
    “I shanked a space station”

  53. Mark McCulfor

    Why did they have to sample the glue stuff they put in there? Don’t they know what’s made of?

  54. Brant Wedel

    They seemed a bit frustrated much of the time, but I imagine spacewalking isn’t the most elegant working environment. Those knives tho! Can’t they make self sheathing knives that auto-protect the blade when you release the grip!? (Maybe like those little fake plastic knives where the blade slides into the handle, but with the spring operating in the opposite way)

  55. jonharson

    They did space surgery on a -grape- Soyuz!

  56. James Calleja

    ok… was that a chicken at 1:00 ? or am I high?

  57. rust

    Cutting edge technology

  58. Eric Pigeon

    Youtuber uses clickbait, delivers good information. Public Shocked.

  59. Dave Webster

    Looks like they were doing there best to increase the amount of space debris in the sub 10 cm range by as much as possible. xD

  60. Frik Na luzie

    Anyone worried about shreds of fiberglass, Mylar and the rest of the trash created during this “operation” – relax. Like Scott said – those are small, lightweight pieces. At the current altitude atmospheric drag will clean it up in weeks.


    one of the most expensive detective work in the world?

  62. Alex Landherr

    These cosmonauts are like the one in Armageddon…

  63. Gary Laaks

    Now I have seen it all. Crocodile Dundee’s knife in space.

  64. Marcus Vinas

    To punch a spacecraft with a knife sounds so russian! hehehehe I just love the way they deal with glitches. So simple and efficient, just like good old Korolev would state.

  65. Михаил Денисов

    It’s actually not strEla, but strelA (стрела)

  66. Guns Of Spuds

    First use of flex seal in space? Could make for good advertising “To show the power of flex seal, I CUT A HOLE IN THE CAPSULE”

  67. Nazamroth

    I am fairly certain that some poor russian tech who messed up and tried to fix it before anyone notices, is no longer in need of a nail clipper, but a detoxifier room instead…

  68. Jerr Spud

    that was the best EVA ever. I was enthralled by the crazy booms, space sheers, and space shivs!! and the never ending “please take a break” calls.

  69. Lord Ashbury

    Hi Scott. Why did it take them 3 hours to get to the Soyuz? I would have thought for spacewalk emergencies etc, travelling around the outside of the station would be a lot faster? Can you expand on that Scott? Cheers.

  70. mjc4wilton

    In soviet russia: Hole not caused by cut, cut caused by hole.

  71. Karl Dilkington

    Those crazy Russians up there stabbing spaceships and drinking vodka

  72. Aleksandr Motsjonov

    Nitpicking correction. Strela – yes, technically an arrow. But you have to put stress on last “a” when you say it. Oh and in Russian “Strela” also means crane’s boom (from Google translate: arrow, boom, arm, dart, shaft, rise)

  73. futurepastnow

    I can’t explain why, but watching this felt like sort of a milestone in the history of manned spaceflight. Not on the cutting edge of exploration, but of the mundane sort of work that people who will someday live in space will have to do.

  74. tinkmarshino

    yeah I watch ’em kill and skin that bugger.. look like darn hard work too… Wow that last shot of all those space ships docked at the ISS was amazing..6 ships.. and here I was thinking there was only 2 russian and one space x mod there.. Well thanks again Scott for the share…

  75. Martin V

    All that orbital debris made me cringe.

  76. Leonardo Gualandris

    *They did rocket surgery on a spacecraft*

  77. Bas Ti

    In Soviet Russia, you repair rocket with knife.

  78. Quinn Svoboda

    They did surgery on a grap- I mean a Soyuz

  79. John Michaelson

    I was half expecting them to break out a special roll of space duct tape and slap over it at the end.

  80. Artemii Krykun

    Jeb sweating in distance…

  81. Vladimir Lenin


  82. Niels Poldervaart

    Is this knife part of the Soyuz abnormal landing scenario survival kit?

  83. D0pam1n

    A guy called Oleg stabbing the ISS. I so hope he was shouting, “THIS IS HOW WE FIX PROBLEMS ON RUSSIAN SPACE STATION!!!”

  84. twinturbostang

    An astronaut wearing a very delicate space suit… while wielding a large knife! What could go wrong!

  85. spretcher

    Don’t we all hate it when our Lada breaks down in orbit?

  86. whiteandnerdytuba

    That’s exactly what I’d expect from Russian from Russian space

  87. Gonun

    7:35 – Didn’t realize that there were so many spacecraft docked to the ISS at the same time… Parking space is rare, even in space XD

  88. JustSomeCanuck

    American spacecraft maintenance:
    “Okay, I’ve got the five small tools, the tiny screws, the improved cover, and the advanced circuit boards I’m going to replace.”
    Russian spacecraft maintenance:
    “Can you pass me the bigger knife? Spasiba!”

  89. MrStoofus

    Australian Astronaut: Call that a knife?

  90. никита калугин

    I have some story about soyuz. I’m studying theoretical physics in Russia. And one of my lab professors is so old, that, when she was a student in 1957, there was a first Sputnik lauch on grandpa of that rocket. So, administration of the university had an order from space center to take measurments of Sputnik’s orbit. So they did. She and other students was standing at the roof of university at night, each one with timer and telescope, measuring angular velocity. Their goal was to see in what time Sputnik will fly through the sight of a telescope. They placed telescopes one by one in a row, so summary they were able to catch about 90 degrees of the sky. Thats what they did all across of the soviet union. Measuring speed of the most famous metal ball at the height about 500km above earth, and giving that data to space center to calculate tragectory and collect data about space flights. Thats how they did it in the good old days, when sattelites hasnt gps tech. Only simple beeping sound on radio transmitter.

  91. knightmarex13

    insert joke about British astronauts not being able to do this due to UK knife laws here

  92. Daniel Jensen

    Out of context this is probably one of the wildest things to ever happen in space. “Russian cosmonauts armed with a knife attack the ISS from the outside!”

  93. The Lonely Rogue

    Cosmonaut: Ground control, there seems to be a hole in the ISS, please advise.
    Ground Control: Cut another, bigger hole in it with a knife lmao. Be careful, though, don’t cut yourself.

  94. piranha031091

    Cutting-edge technology! ^^

  95. heatshield

    Five miles per second. Talk about running with scissors!

  96. moosemaimer

    if they were creating all that debris, why didn’t they use a _vacuum cleaner_

  97. Jerry Rupprecht

    It’s not brain science it’s rocket surgery!

  98. Lowen

    people spacewalk faster while holding a knife

  99. unt

    Stabbing the International Space Station, thing’s you never thought you would say or see.

  100. Jacob

    They did surgery on a rocket

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