Cosmic Girl Will Attempt To Launch Rocket Into Space

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Virgin Orbit have announced their first test launch is targeted for Sunday May 24th, they’ll attempt to launch their Launcher One rocket into orbit from the Cosmic Girl carrier aircraft. The launch will occur over the Pacific ocean west of Southern California.
It’s the first time a cryogenically fueled air launched orbital rocket has been attempted, so it’ll be fascinating to see whether all the engineering, planning, testing and rehearsals will reward the company with a successful launch on their first attempt. Most rockets fail on their first attempt, and since this is doing a number of new things the team are prepared to accept even a partial success as a win.

The Kerbal 747 Craft File was built by Sea2007

  1. Edith Eden

    This is all getting so exciting!

  2. Zerker Zerk

    @Scott Manley Your face is not ugly, though I do always appreciate the Kerbal footage. I don’t play KSP myself but in place of a provided animation it does the trick of getting across what is being done.

  3. Dave

    Exciting stuff!

  4. Stuart C

    Wow! Twice the payload of electron for the same price.

  5. Bradley Bollinger

    You’re a handsome man.
    Don’t sell yourself short.
    Thanks for the kerbal demos, I don’t work with kerbal space, but do enjoy some level of visual example with your explanations.
    Be Well.
    From Pacifica, Ca.

  6. David Messer

    Light that candle!
    The more launchers the better as far as I’m concerned. I hope they are successful.

  7. JBS

    At least there’s still one Virgin 747 flying

  8. ke6gwf

    I wonder how long until someone makes a space tug to ride on Starlink rideshare missions and take payloads to whatever inclination they order, for less than this.

  9. Ian Maxwell

    A geeks like me get excited the moment they hear “it’s flying on a 747”

  10. Ralph111417

    I did not click expecting to learn about the 747’s fifth engine party trick, but that’s what’s so good about a Scott Manley video, you never know what gems to expect.

  11. Texas Tater Bug

    Excited to see Will Pomerantz and his team get a vehicle into orbit this weekend!

  12. Sip Disco

    Can you do a video on incorporating beginner programming with kerbul?

  13. Russ K

    Thanks for minimizing your face on the video. I just ate lunch…..

  14. Ashok

    1:22 right wing?

  15. Seal Piercing

    Air-launched orbital rockets are cool. Hope the spacecraft carrier aircraft works out!

  16. Jaap

    1:22 that’s the left wing.

  17. Imagine A World

    Did they use the extre engine on the beluga? Why, or why not?
    @cargospotter what do you think?

  18. Mathematician23

    I can’t be the only one who originally thought the title meant some random girl was launching herself to space.

  19. Unknownz 123

    The thumbnail made me thought that they were equipping commercial jets with missiles for war

  20. Chris Gordon

    0:48 True statement. :)

  21. Jordan Macdonald

    You should do more KSP stuff, Scott. While it’s fun seeing your recreations as B-roll footage, it’s been years since you did any challenges or series.

  22. Ben Baselet

    The rocket name is pulled straight from my KSP builds.

  23. FalconX88

    Cosmic girl? I’ve met her before here in SoCal :-)

  24. David James

    Amazing. Go Virgin & go Cosmic girl!

  25. Nico D. Sun

    What can you do in a zero inclination low earth orbit apart from micro g tests?

  26. SSgtBaloo

    The title of this video reads like a headline ripped from a superhero comic book.

  27. cyber soul

    I want to see more attempts at orbital flights!

  28. Knight Tim

    Testing rocket launches from planes…can I still have that bailout?

  29. Hoosh James

    Scott, that’s the left wing🤨

  30. eggroll

    yesss im going to try and see this

  31. Anthoney King

    Great Vlog Scott thank you

  32. Waltiez

    I wonder If they will ever decide to launch 2 at a time on stratolaunch… I think that it has the payload capacity.

  33. Bignick

    3:50 Those poor Kerbal Pilots…lol

  34. Ivan Aslan

    You got a pretty face Scott 😂👌

  35. [MGP] Mister K

    been a while since i checked on virgins progress, theyve come quite a long way

  36. Canzandridas Joe

    I just saw a Virgin ad on TV here in Spain and I don’t know what the ad was about lmao

  37. PageMonster

    Is it too much to hope that Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay is strapped to the nose cone?

  38. Asleep Awake

    Stratolaunch would’ve been perfect if it continued.

  39. Larry Edge

    Do you know if the launch will be broadcast? Also i truly enjoy your vlogs.

  40. Noé Rodríguez

    Virgin Orbit is the best space company in the world.

    Has interstellar capabilities XD

  41. MajorHayze

    1:23 – left wing. :)

  42. 1944GPW

    1:21 it fits under WHICH wing?

  43. Graham Benton

    *Left wing … but love your content!

  44. Phroggster

    Good on Virgin, and best of luck to them. Looking forward to watching this one.

  45. The Raging Viking

    “…under the right wing.” Sir, that’s your other right.

  46. Bruce Jenner

    God, i love being alive today

  47. Vanilla Sunshine

    Eating everybody else’s lunches is still a good analogy I thought that’s where we were going for a second

  48. Adam Davis

    Wait, Jamiroquai has more than one song?

  49. Imagine A World

    Thank you so much for doing this in ksp!!!!!

  50. audience2

    “Interstellar” LOL

  51. Zoltán Pósfai

    If they suceed, they will be the launch provider with the most launch sites. :)

  52. Ruben Kelevra

    0:23 I thought the X-15 was the first liquid rocket-propelled vehicle launched in the air.

  53. Lister Dave

    I think there is a bit of a ‘typo’ at 08:43 “Launcher One is bankrupt” – probably meant One Web.

  54. mjproebstle

    …eating everybody else’s launches…

    …i see what you did there

  55. Andrew Blucher

    Loved that interstell-er-interplanetary misspeak!

  56. 68JCodeCougar

    I saw this a couple of months ago on a trip to Lancaster and was wondering why the plane was set so far away from the others and why there were so many people working on it.

  57. 33blackbull

    Could you do a episode on a comparison of the 3 capsules, Dragon Crew, Orion and Starliner please.

  58. AmigoDesigns

    Just when we get another dealy on KSP 2.

  59. Chrismofer

    1:20 that’s not the right wing

  60. Vlad Macovei

    1:26 interesting bit of trivia.

  61. Mikicat

    “first air launched liquid fuel rocket”
    X-15 sad noises

  62. Jeffrey Bue

    Rocket on the “port” side of the 747 :)

  63. Cooper Allen

    Anybody else crazy hyped for launch america?

  64. Myndale

    The moment at 6:30 where you let out an expletive after realizing you forgot the separator…

  65. Matthew Reynolds

    This is great, so excited to see the space industry really taking off ;)

  66. Youcant Stopme!

    I love your content! Thank you for keeping me curious!

  67. HuntingTarg

    So, it makes the static fire testing less testy.

  68. Jake McKee

    I can’t wait for May 27th!!

  69. Gern Blenstein

    Such cool simulations! Love the channel, brother. Cheers!

  70. c182SkylaneRG

    So I just learned that the 747 could carry external stores on commercial passenger flights. Never knew that before! That’s really cool! I wonder if that was designed into the original model in the ’60’s, or if that’s a more recent feature of newer versions of the plane. I also wonder if there was similar hardware on the other side, or if it was only on the left. (And now I’m wondering if the dummy engine was in a position to accidentally ingest anything kicked up by the tires or reverse thrust from the active engines). In any event: even more of a shame that 747’s are being retired from all the airlines. :( Probably cheaper, in the long run, to do a dedicated cargo run with all the spare parts needed at any particular location than keep operating only partially-filled 747’s, but I never seem to stop learning about the next cool thing that that aircraft was uniquely capable of, which no other aircraft has ever duplicated. I’m really glad, at least, that the original designers saw a 2nd life as a freighter when they built the first 747, so at least they aren’t ALL gone, even though we can’t fly on them as passengers, anymore. :(

  71. Ken Leach

    Wow, another type of Launch! Finally

  72. Tuomas Leone

    This is going to be fun weekend for rocket 🚀 lovers! The Kerbal portion got me thinking about a challenge, how far can you get in an SSTO from the island Airport? Speaking of interplanetary missions…

  73. Arteljus

    1:21 “It fits under the right wing”?

  74. Alexsandro Schneider

    8:42 I guess you meant OneWeb is essencially bankrupt, not LauncherOne

  75. the dude 907

    I’ll be there and getting paid to watch it 😎

  76. Steve Mickler

    Would really love to see a Kerbal sim of a version using ramjets and rockets. The idea would be to drop, fire up rocket, start ramjets when velocity adequate, throttle down rocket, use ramjets to mach 6?, use rockets the rest of the way. I like this idea because it takes advantage of what velocity the air launch provides and using methane for both types of engine might allow it to be SSTO.

  77. YTsheep CEO of sheep

    when i first heard Cosmic Girl i thought it was an inexperienced Instagram influencer wanting to go to space.
    good to know its not that

  78. Al T

    Hey! Where’s the rocket landing on your head in the outro?

  79. 2312b

    Hey Boeing will be useful for once!

  80. Maurice Levie

    Best laugh all day :-)

    Can you mount a Saturn V on that kerbal “747”?

  81. Owen Sparks

    The other right?

  82. Mike D

    Always happy to see someone new launching rockets into space instead of targets on the ground.

  83. Ciprian Danea

    Scott had a lot of word misfires. This test flight caught everyone by surprise, and we literally got the fastest first and only take 😬

  84. kal9001

    “I’m flying the kerbal version of course because”… I can’t afford the real one.

  85. 2 Sides 2 Every Truth

    I have been hearing about Richard Branson’s Space Dreams since the early nineties, way before Musk. I don’t think he has ever reached LEO. Maybe he will finally succeed. Wish him good luck!

  86. Corey Lewis

    The array of YT’ers covering space stuff is off the hook (chain?). Thank you, Scott! We’ve learned so much from you already. We appreciate you ✌️ ❤️

  87. The Cheaterman

    7:50 Yeah, if they provide interstellar capabilities, surely they’ll be very profitable if there’s any demand :-D they’ll have a monopoly hahahaha

  88. Retrograde But YouTube

    Shame on rocket lab for eating everybody else’s lunches, shame!

  89. thomasfholland

    2:45 don’t you mean looking west? I still think the Pacific Ocean is west of LA.

  90. Drew Withington

    Love the Kerbal STOL ski-jump! It’s one thing to fly to fly a Harrier from a ski-jump, something else to fly a 747.

  91. Liam Twentyman

    Right wing?
    Also, great balance with the different media clips – there was just the right amount of everything, from official footage to KSP.

  92. Julian Danzer

    that’s one thing to think about – if you airlaunch you can use a… not quite but more vacuum like optimized engine on your first stage

  93. José Cassiano Grassi Gunj

    Scott Manley’s GPS: “In 20 meters, turn left”… “No, your other left”.

  94. Tired Again

    Aren’t you required to use reverb and echo when saying SPACE …..FORCE….

  95. Stephen Baxter

    I like how they write out “V” “O” for Virgin Orbit with the thrust vector. 6:00

  96. Nicholas King

    7:35 Imagine how many lunches they would be eating if they could do interstellar launches.

  97. Brian Streufert

    8:44 Launcher One is essentially bankrupt….you mean One Web?

  98. Eric Briggs

    I’m anticipating some new Virgin Records.

  99. Jaklaffobke

    “…eating everybody elses lunches…” love it… :-)

  100. Liftoff

    You misspoke at 8:40 not Launcher One is essencialy bankrupt, OneWeb is ;)

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