Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein Discovered 6 Years After It Was First Imaged

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The discovery of Comet C/2014 UN271 Bernardinelli-Bernstein was announced just over a week ago, however the first images of the object were taken by the Dark Energy Survey back in 2014. It’s unusually far from the sun and won’t pass closer than 10.9 AU to the sun. Based on the brightness it could be 200km across, but we have a hard time knowing for sure due to the extreme distance.

  1. Colton R. Dean

    Hopefully we’ll have a SpaceX observatory on the Moon in 2032 to watch the comet passing through.

  2. Virgilio

    Welp, I’ll be back here in a few years when it’s called Berenstain instead.

  3. modrá rybí vrana

    always interesting. we need a Starship to deliver a telescope to the moon or several.

  4. Nik Senior

    Miss the old outro music, just listened to it for old times sake

  5. Mel Suarez

    Nice job, as always. Got a glimpse of how this stuff is done. Thanks.

  6. Johan Faul

    I think you’re forgetting that the real purpose of Hale-Bopp was to conceal the space ship coming to rescue the Heaven’s Gate eunuchs.

  7. zoidberg444

    I remember seeing Hale-Bopp as a boy. I was born to late for Halleys comet. I’ll be an old man the next time it comes around. I hope we get treated to a spectacular comet before 2062.

  8. Anton Hei

    Are they sure it isnt called Wolf-Biederman? 😂👽

  9. Small People

    You wrote the name of the star wrong in the beginning, it’s actually bernardelli-berenstain.

  10. jay deister

    “My vision of comet is a gigantic rootbeer float with vanilla ice cream.”

  11. Graeme Brumfitt

    TFS Scott! GB :)

  12. Galactic Rangers

    we all live in one hell of a shooting gallery o.0

  13. Quiver

    We got a good jupiter view pf hail bop

  14. PenileAugmentation

    It it realistic to see what it (or at least the tail) is made of by analyzing the frequencies of light it absorbs? Maybe the equipment available isn’t powerful enough.

  15. DontleaveSayorihanging

    A better title imo would be “Comet Bernadinelli-Bernstein Discovered 6 Years After It Was First Discovered”

  16. Jari Gustafsson

    That’s no comet, it’s a spacestation…

  17. Morgan Johnstone

    I’ve said it a dozen times, astronomy is amazing and scary.

  18. allan churm

    love how you explain everything that we can all understand

  19. problemecium

    I propose “2014 BernBern” as the official unofficial nickname for this object.

  20. Gregg Weber

    At what percentage of the distance from the Sun to alphelion is the equal time closer/further distance?
    Is that a sphere or is it further in some direction?

  21. Otpyrc Ralph Pierre

    Imagine if we could land a Remote Telescope on this object.

  22. Galactis

    I’ve always thought, maybe our math is completely wrong and that dark energy dark matter aren’t really missing or different, we just counted wrong.

  23. Sorin Silaghi

    How cool would it be if we could send a probe to meet it and study it.

  24. awsumguy7680

    I saw in another video this comet might be an actual dwarf planet that is spherical so it could be a rogue dwarf planet from another star and that would be a great opportunity to study exoplanets and shit that comes from the oort cloud by maybe sending a flyby probe or something

  25. Jane Tizzy

    When your day-job contract comes around for renewal, in about ten years, ask for some large telescope time.

  26. Corvus corone

    8:14 min.: This looks like dust in a candle, which comes closer to the wick until it gets flung away again.

  27. Mahan Ehsani

  28. zapfanzapfan

    Closest pass in 2031? Get a mission planned now!

  29. Olaf Klischat

    “potential models of dark energy, dark matter or other theories for that matter”

  30. Tom

    2001 (The book) comes to mind.

  31. Asger Vestbjerg

    Interesting as always
    Thanks for sharing :-)

  32. Floyd The droid

    Thank you Scott, great stuff as always.

  33. MaxiTB

    Haha, Kepler observatory … I actually studied at Kepler university in Linz :D

  34. Arthur Nishikawa

    Shout out to this *wonderful person*, Pedro Bernardinelli, from another Brazilian!

  35. Stefano Caiazza

    @Scott Manley, considering this beastie will be at the perihelion in a decade, do you think is there any chance for a rendezvous?

  36. Steve Mcgrechan

    hey scott, now that we know where it is and which way it is going, this would know where it has been and where it may appear in old hubble photos or the like. would this be a way to get more info or perhaps a better image?

  37. wayne p

    I bet the moon Hyperion is a captured comet

  38. Boyd W

    Well it was never going to find mythical “dark energy”, so at least it found something. It’s apparent now that there was never any need for dark energy/dark matter theories – just a lot of of regular matter, plasma, magnetism we were unaware of. The scientific establishment of course struggles to admit it’s wasted billions on a wild goose chase.

  39. Rob Bannstrom

    Scott – great video as usual, keep up the good work. One small point: one comet NUCLEUS, several comet NUCLEI – “nuclei” is the plural of “nucleus”.

  40. Samira Peri

    It’s kinda unlikely to hit the Earth then. Good to know. (Can we call comets comatose?)

  41. BibiBosh

    Imagine if a guy called tom manly existed somewhere in the world.
    Imagine that!!

  42. 3800Tech

    I remember searching for Hale-Bopp in the night sky back in the day but never saw it :(
    But at least I got to see McNaught :)

  43. TheArklyte

    >comes in 2031
    >had 3 million years period

    That sounds like something we need to probe and potentially “rodeo” ASAP.

  44. Johnathan Saegal

    Now that you said “Fly Safe”… I’m going to log into EVE!

  45. RAKKAR

    Hey Scott, I don’t think you’re saying Manley quite Manly enough! Step it up my friend! 😆

  46. Dean Ford

    ”You don’t need no PHD when your name is Dr. PHB.”

  47. Bobb Grimley

    Did I hear the implication the Kuiper belt objects could become comets?

  48. Alan Snyder

    So would it be worth it to get make a copy of the New Horizon probe and send it out so fly by this object? Could it even be done?

  49. hawkdsl

    For grim reasons, I always think of Nike Shoes when someone mentions Hale-Bopp. That wonders majesty was sadly stolen by nut jobs.

  50. PalimpsestProd

    time for a speculative rendez-vous video.

  51. Iris Apartments

    Hello Scott, Love your Channel. Must see every time you release a new video.
    Is it possible to put a probe on a comet and use the comet’s energy as a means for travel? Would it be faster than using a rocket?

  52. Pete Quintanilla

    Congratulations to Scott Manley for the best dissemination of this object data by a light year! It’s getting a little too much hype. Fly smart!

  53. Alain Maury

    Will be at it’s brightest (or less faint) in March 2031, will get to positive declinations in February 2034 and in 2048 will still be visible with large telescopes at magnitude 23, so it will be there for us to see in quite a few years in the future…

  54. Paul Walsh

    Comet Hale-Bopp was the first comet I personally observed when I first got into observing…I sketched drawings of it and drew my own personal sky maps with the locations of the main constellation stars and Hale-Bopp…
    … this video brings back fond memories that I haven’t thought of in literally decades…

  55. Probus Thrax

    Scott, unrelated. Can you do a video on the advantages and uses of orbital rings as opposed to space elevators?

  56. Neil Jopling

    A decade from perihelion – is that a coma or an atmosphere? Wow!

  57. domoredujordan

    Someone with significant leverage please get a mission to this thing approved before it’s too late.

  58. Marshall Tucker

    I’m 28, it was before my time, I simultaneously feel old and young at the same time… being a millennial is weird

  59. Just Looking

    Great. More high speed invisible earth ending objects to worry about.

  60. jonas1015119

    5:56 it never occurred to me that the tail of a comet could point in the opposite direction of where its moving. Damn you counterintuitive vacuum of space

  61. Alejandro Alcantarilla

    We need the JWST to have this big boi in its target as soon as it starts to operate

  62. Obi Wan Cannabi

    i always find it interesting that they are all ejected by saturn and jupiter, these highly elliptical dwarves and comets always have that similar story, would be cool to know their history

  63. Cara Miles

    I remember Hale-Bopp sticking around so long that we kinda got bored looking at it.

  64. Neil Jackson

    Anyone who remembers the damp squib that was Comet Kahoutek will never hope too much.

  65. CantankerousDave

    3:00 – proving once again that discoveries aren’t marked by shouting “Eureka,” but rather by mumbling, “Huh, that’s weird.”

  66. Nate D.

    Dark matter telescope: I can’t find dark matter, well, here’s this regular matter instead…..

  67. Object 1-i

    Uhh, any thoughts on the UAP report?

  68. Colin Maynard

    Hyakutake and Hale-Bopp got me quite complacent about comets in the ’90s

  69. Jack BURDETT

    I’m still amazed by the fact that when something is knocked to the inner solar system , its been in a stable for *billions* of years but anything ca still happen to it

  70. Armando Mercado

    Looking forward to seeing a photo of Halley’s comet at aphelion in a few years.

  71. Youtube Vanced

    I really hope someone launches an 8m telescope on Elons superheavy when it’s ready.
    I can only imagine how good the pictures from a telescope that big in space will take.

  72. Dave Williams

    3:17 Benardinelli has one hell of a neck beard. Glad to see it on a scientist.
    6:21 Not me. I saw hale-bop… with a pair of binoculars. I looked just like the Cometmeteorasteroid from the intro of ST:DS9

  73. Chris Musix

    It’s my DoorDash order coming in from Alpha Centauri.

    What? They have really good noodles.

  74. Max

    Someone has to start training Bruce Willis and his drill team already, or they will do it at the last minute again

  75. Deamon93IT

    What an awesome object to stumble upon!

  76. Steve Goodson

    If I’d discovered this I would derinitely have called it Rama.

  77. John Norris

    I imagine the Oort Cloud as being a bunch of dogs playing poker at a table with a green felt top.

  78. SendTheAsteroid

    Oooooooh nice intro!

  79. Some Dude

    8:10 I love astronomy simulations like this, they’re absolutely beautiful to watch.

  80. Old Man Doing High Kicks

    Really feeling that Arecibo absence now…

  81. andylikescandy

    @ScottManley Rocket nerd challenge: Plan a rendezvous launched no earlier than Christmas 2021 limited to the Delta-V of a Falcon rocket

  82. Svetlin Totev

    I started getting into astronomy about 8 years ago and this is the first time I’ve seen this explanation of the Oort cloud. You blew my mind. It all makes sense now. Its weird seeimingly random shape has such a simple explanation and yet I’ve never thought of it before. I always found it weird how the natural solar system evolution would lead to a spherical distribution of orbiting objects because I never considered the possibility for highly eccentric orbits. It’s just stuff that blackboard diagrams don’t explain well…. Youtube is school 2.0

  83. Ron

    I did see the Hale-Bopp comet when it visited us.

  84. Sam Deen

    Wasn’t a discoverer of it, but I was one of the folks who followed it up and accidentally had a hand in publicizing this discovery. If any folks have questions on this comet, feel free to ask here! I’ll do my best to answer.

  85. mjproebstle

    or it’s the mothership of oumuamua coming by to say ‘hi’ and pick up its tic tacs and such it sprinkled thru the solar system recently

  86. Willow Fortino

    I know both Bernardinelli and Bernstein! Bernstein was my undergraduate research advisor, and I worked with Bernardinelli a bit too! They’re both lovely people.

  87. Pronto

    “Hey, I just got a comet named after me!”
    “Cool, when will it next be viewable from Earth?”
    “Maybe 4502021.”

  88. Vicario

    It still blows my mind that we have such detailed pictures of Churyumov-Gerasimenko. When you put them up in the video I had to loop back and look at them again because they’re just so amazing.

  89. Johnny S

    Do we know how fast it is on Aphelion and Perihelion?

  90. Db coop

    0:00 Oh god I felt cosmic rays from that intro

  91. Christopher Van Meier

    Watched the unrolling of the extra solar panels on the ISS. Why leave two sets withou the added portions? Is there a maximum amount of eletricity, or some other reason?

  92. M R

    That’s a freaking entire planet

  93. Tuuminshz

    Would be so amazing if we sent a mission to this once in a 4 million year opportunity

  94. Ray Mobula

    Already put that date in my calendar 😊

  95. public


  96. Thedeepseanomad

    It´s just me practising my favorite spell: Summon greater planetoid.
    Nothing to worry about.

  97. Cylon


  98. nagualdesign

    (6:40) IIRC there was a solar eclipse when Hale Bopp was in our skies. Pretty spectacular if you ask me.

  99. beertime continuum


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