Classified Delta IV Rocket Launch Aborted With Seconds To Go

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The NROL-44 Launch for the National Reconaissance Office is carrying a secret payload on a massive Delta IV rocket. After several delays the rocket got seconds away from launching, even creating the massive Delta Fireball, but the launch was aborted with 3 seconds on the clock.

  1. Nathaniel Darien

    Yeah i watch the launch attemp with my friend and the lauch aborted
    We wasting 2 hour of internet data

  2. Rucker

    I remember the fireball and then must have fallen asleep right at that moment

  3. Bob Roberts

    0:25 to 1:00 You know, this really looks like a small model for a B movie. ( Like Amazon Women on the Moon , our would that be Mun? )

  4. Doug W

    Never stay up late to see a Delta IV “Scrubatron” heavy.

  5. Chuck Addison

    Is that Saturn V and Gantry part of the same model? If so who, and where? I want one!

  6. Howard Bond

    Thanks Scott
    I learn so much from your shows. At my age I don’t know how much I retain, but it’s definitely a Disney E Ticket ride. Thanks! Stay Safe

  7. coolboy12133

    Rocket said “No” xD

  8. Adam Harvey

    I’m really excited to see pictures of the DIVH on the pad today, all crispy-looking.

  9. Genghis Khan

    Any system that requires catching everything on fire to light the engines needs to be binned and never used again.

  10. Peter Hamilton

    When Scott says “Huh-low, it’s Scott Manly here” everyone says that back, right? 😁

  11. ImpaledBerrys

    this was my first Delta IV launch, good to hear it was a special one

  12. zebo-the-fat

    “Out of cheese error”

  13. Ed Ki

    “…to pretend they had a real rocket” Very nice xDD

  14. James OKeefe

    Wow, this was quick, I was just watching this live last night :) Awesome job!

  15. iFocus

    I was watching it live I knew something was wrong I was sad.

  16. United

    I stayed up until 2:00 am every day the launch was supposed to launch. I also had to wake up at 6. Pain

  17. Deadly Neurotoxin

    4:24 This tooth whistle has left me scarred and deformed

  18. Jordan Bergstrom

    Scott, ever since the previous abort, I’ve had a question I’m hoping you could shed some light on, please. Since those RS-68As use a type of carbon ablative to protect the nozzles during flight, if the engines were to actually light but then instantly be aborted…how does that affect the ablative? I’m wondering whether or not the engines would have to be swapped out in such a case. I mean, at some point, even with a 1-2 second mini-burn before abort, wouldn’t there be a risk of damage/degradation to the ablative?

  19. SBNR ACE

    Delta IV Heavies are cool but I’d hate to be that guy with a match who has to crawl underneath and light the fuse! 😃😄😁

  20. Peter Hobelsberger

    Damn!! Every time something like this happens I miss the live stream 😓

  21. Bastiaan Cheetah™

    And the 199.000.000 dollar question is:
    Do we really need to keep it vertical anymore?

  22. Osprey Productions

    Question: Where can I go to look up the initial launch direction for any particular launch. I live on the coast of NC and we get to see launches from time to time both from Wallops and Canaveral. Starliner’s test launch was the most recent we were able to see. It would be nice to be able to look up launch direction and orbit inclination. What site is that at 2:35 in the video? Thanks! Fly safe.

  23. Erzgebirge erleben

    Scott: Delta IV from the 90s becomes an old lady by now
    Sojus: Cute 😅

  24. SKilledP0TATO

    I watched it live last night. I’m glad it didn’t end up exploding and ruining the payload.

    P.S. Tory Bruno is the man!

  25. gijbuis

    It’s fascinating that part of the reason that stuff from the 1960’s is still not declassified is that it involves technology that is still being used today….

  26. none business

    Glad they managed abort losing a payload is gutwrenching

  27. Nigel Sadler

    Neat! I love the time and effort you put into producing these.

  28. Kyle Beshore

    I was in a school zoom meeting and when you said killed a I started laughing

  29. Arioch IV

    I do wish the announcers would actually wait to say “liftoff” until they actually see the craft lift off. Rockets still do on occasion fail. :D

  30. Christian Wetzel

    “after it killed a cow, so SpaceX is gonna test this”
    why ?

  31. Dominic Davis-Foster

    “We can’t tell you why we can’t tell you why this is classified because that’s classified too.”

  32. Paul Gemperlein

    I was confused about vertical integration for a long time cause I thought it was the business buzzword definition but no it’s literally integrating the payload vertically.

  33. NeverTalkToCops1

    Secret payload was an armada of sturdy tardigrades upgraded with artificial intelligence to maintain spy sattelites.

  34. Adrian Susanto

    Person: “5…4…3…2…1…Liftoff”
    Rocket: “Psyke!”

  35. Mad Cat

    10:27, “…..for those people that don’t speak metric.” LMFAO, Myanmar, Liberia and ‘Merica.

  36. Michael Rutledge

    Hey, it could’ve ‘stalled’ when it was 50 feet off the pad. Then, you would’ve seen a nice fireball.

  37. Cody

    “The Nation’s Proven Heavy Launcher”

  38. Andrew Norman

    “It’s sort of like a drift turn but in a rocket.” This is why I ♥ you Scott

  39. Chace Crowell

    Always blown away how you can release such professionally researched and detailed videos right after an event. As I was watching Everyday Astronaut’s stream in the middle of the night and we were all trying to figure out what was going on I kept thinking “Well surely Scott Manley will come along tomorrow morning and explain exactly what happened like he was there in Mission Control!”

  40. Dark Winter

    Oh, that? It’s a bird that does with a , so they can . 😉

  41. MrBearMan_

    6:37 *sad Kerbal noises*

  42. Reed Bowman

    SigInt from the 1960s “there’s no civilian use for that” … Yes there is. History. Historians are the nosiest, most eclectic magpie type collectors of everything outside the NSA itself.

  43. Bill Kerr

    “Liftoff!…. um…”
    Love it when the PR play-by-play announcers step on their (thingie)

  44. Tuxedo Productions

    The real star was the cricket immediately after launch abort matching the mood of everyone watching.

  45. Benjamin McCann

    Five Eyes Burgers and Spies

  46. AeroCraft

    4:59 It’s less of a problem because, ya know, it doesn’t burn the rocket…as much. 🤣

  47. Jake S

    Vertical = large structures that require structural support, i.e. mirrors.

  48. mike mathews

    Hey Scott could you do a segment on how the Space Shuttle SSME and how over time the engineers eventually figured out how to start them up I saw something from NASA that explains that it took over 2 years to get it to run up to speed in the turbines just to initially get spooled up and burn for under 2 seconds and it took them 2 years to get that far.

  49. J CC

    “… landed on Cuba… international tension… it killed a cow.”
    I’m dying of laughter thinking what the cow’s last thoughts were, “Well… no more milk from me”.

  50. Hans Wurst

    I messed up my sleeping schedule and had like 4 hours of sleep and woke up early for being at the livestream but im still happy the abortion is better than a crash

  51. Buzz Bolt

    The payload is a satellite trying to locate my Hobnobs.
    Shhhh, they’ll never find em. They’re in a tin under the sink…….

  52. Exalerion

    Talks about Falcon Heavy, shows Falcon 9.. lol

  53. Frank Hage

    The NSA reminds us to “Be sure to carry your personal tracking and surveillance device with you at all times”.

  54. Kerry Thompson

    When did the solids light up on the shuttle? Kind of hard to shut them down once they’re lit…

  55. Revert FPV

    I knew scott manley was going to do explanation on that topic i ve been waiting to see it

  56. Heart of Dawn

    I’m I little disappointed that ULA got the lion’s share when Vulcan is still very much in development and is still an expendable vehicle.

    As for New Glenn, is that still a thing? BO have been very quiet over there.

  57. gregs1020

    why did i laugh at “killed a cow.”?

  58. Russky

    “It’s highly classified, but here’s what it is and what it does” :))

  59. snookerkingexe

    can you turn the lego-saturn-v-tower in the next video? I would love to see the other side with the pipes! <3

  60. shaun taylor

    Unfotunately, the Engineering staff familiar w/ launching Delta rockets has been practically eliminated at ULA.

  61. FUCK Google

    I’d be embarrassed by a RUD. Not so much about a 3 second abort…I find it impressive.

  62. tjousk

    Heh, just watched an x-files episode with a 3 second abort of a space shuttle launch…

  63. Agent641

    “Temperamental old beast” TIL my wife is a Delta IV Heavy

  64. RuFo Music

    At least it will give ULA a little taste of how it feels to launch a previously used rocket.

  65. Jonas bauer

    Man, scotts quick

  66. Taylor

    2:30 The cows will be evacuated this time.

  67. Robert Keefer

    Gemini 6 shutdown is the one I most remember back in December of 1965. Very tense situation.

  68. Justin Schiavo

    Scott: “Omega will probably never fly”

    Me: but…what about more boosters :(

  69. Александр Шугаев

    2:26 should we call it “meatobraking”?

  70. Dare Daemon

    I suspect that the strict requirement for orientation has to do with [REDACTED]. At least, that’s what makes the most sense to me.

  71. sixstringedthing

    I was super excited for this one because it was around 5pm on a Saturday here in Australia, and launches NEVER seem to happen at such convenient Antipodean hours! (Or else I’m just not paying enough attention and miss them even though I got the notifications.) Watched about 30mins of the leadup to the big fizz, I thought ULA did a good job with the detail in their coverage considering it was a classified payload, and keeping viewers updated regarding the temp anomaly. Thanks for the analysis Scott, looking forward to your post-launch vid too!

  72. James Fieweger

    I was wondering how long this would take to come out. Thanks for the insightful video Scott.

  73. Vineeth Thomas

    I had a wierd dream two days back that I was being scolded by Scott Manley for not tightening the bolts on a Soyuz’s launch escape system and because of me, two cosmonauts had died. He then tied me to the launch escape system with a loose bolt and said “Hullo this is Scott Manley, Fly safe.”. 😂😂. Love from India ♥️

  74. Ulrich S.

    6:37 a very polite way of saying “the engineers tried to hide they were playing KSP at work”.

  75. Chad McElroy

    I’m starting to believe that GSE is the arch-nemisis of rockets today…

  76. Dieter MacPherson

    3 cheers for hold down clamps!

  77. davekorbiger

    While you stayed up late, I got up early. Greetings from the other side of the pond. :)

  78. Ben Sawyer

    When the Delta IV does a pad abort, does it require any repairs to the tank insulation before they can attempt another launch? The fireball can’t be great for that stuff, after all.

  79. chaos

    You know its super secret when they redact the artist impression lol

  80. Jules E

    Scott Manley, reverse-engineering spy satellite since 2018 xD TY for the high quality content. Can’t wait to see your review on Artemis 1 next year !

  81. C Wel

    I’ve always loved this beast. 3 monster engines and a small ocean of fuel, what’s not to love.

  82. mister kluge

    all of this money spent on intelligence and secret missions means nothing when our president will just call up our chief adversary and tell them whatever they want to know, in exchange for a hotel contract

  83. DutchBlackMantha

    Well, better 3 second before liftoff than 3 second after.

  84. Paul Haynes

    To misquote the old Japanese proverb, “If you sit by the computer long enough, a video by Scott Manley will appear to answer all your questions”.

  85. Srinivas Iyengar

    SAOCOM isn’t delayed. It’s still on as of an hour ago

  86. firstname gklsodascb

    Nobody had a problem with leaking information through symbolism on the patch?

  87. Albert Batfinder

    I was watching through most of the “countdown hold” at the 4 minute mark. I just had a horrible feeling about the launch, so horrible that I switched off. I ain’t no ghoul. Glad nothing worse happened.

  88. D.A. Risse

    Not embarassing.
    The safeguard systems worked as intended.

  89. Kineth1

    Complex, folding (unfolding) antenna structures sound like a good reason for vertical integration; it would require less hold-down complexity for the “loose” ends of the folding structure if they could count on just hanging out (always pointing “down” relative to the payload vs gravity/thrust orientation).

  90. Steve Siegelin

    I know one thing, I stayed up for the darn thing and had to be up really early. I am tired but I saw something last night I’ve never seen. I saw the glow of a rocket and then no rocket in the air 😂.

  91. J Shepard

    Who else remembers the good old days when ULA would diss SpaceX as the unreliable upstart?

  92. Rennie Allen

    I was at Vandenberg for NROL 71. It is spectacular. The hydrolox engines are amazingly quiet for the size.

  93. Andy Brown

    Bunch of solid motors dressed up as a rocket sounds like some of my kerbal carrying projectiles.

  94. Mark zieg

    FVEY wolf? Always knew the “intelligence” agencies were furrys

  95. Transmission Control

    You always say “until then, I’m Scott Manley” yet you always remain Scott Manley.

  96. Alioth Ancalagon

    Imagine being the only company not getting money to develop the solution for a problem, because you have already finished developing it xD

  97. Defective

    To be fair, given the risky business of rockets and the accepted risks of failure, this baby worked as intended. A fault presented, and automated control systems aborted effectively and safely within their window and parameters of operation, and the payload was not lost.

    Embarrassing, especially given the context of the current SpaceX/ULA contract awards, but definitely preferable to a lost payload.

  98. Ingemar Lilium

    Id rather take an abort over a full on destruction.

  99. Gordon McMillan

    Simple enough. Grommit left the handbrake on again.

  100. Scott Manley

    Update: it sounds like SpaceX are going to be able to launch SAOCOM on Sunday after all.

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